Have you seen my lead?

Morning Gooners,

A quick fire blog from me today, a number of reasons why:

1)      There’s no a lot going on in the World of Arsenal

There seriously isn’t. We found out yesterday that Santos will be out for 3 months with ligament damage, leaving us with zero fit full backs, yikes! It’s a real pity for Santos as he’d started to show signs of improvement on the pitch and on his waistline. A 3 month absence will open the door to almost fit but not there yet Kieran Gibbs. I know what you’re all thinking, but that’s the only option we’ve got as buying another left back will leave us with 3 left backs when they’re all fit, unnecessary. Vermaelen, Mr ‘All action hero’ himself had a fantastic game at left back against Everton and he will deputise in the short term. As the first defender to score 10 goals in under 100 Premiership games, we have an able deputy.

Le boss has joined in the pantomime season by teasing the papers (and fans) in a game of ‘will he spend in January?’ … Oooh yes he will, oooh no he won’t..

“We lose players like Chamakh and Gervinho to the Africa Cup of Nations so hopefully, touch wood, we do not get any injuries to our strikers. But if an opportunity turns up in that department then we will buy,”

“Economically the whole environment has changed and people suffer more. The clubs will suffer more financially and it’s much more difficult. Maybe we will have some opportunities because we are in a good financial situation.”

Those that read my column regularly know that I won’t be drawn into all the rumours as the transfer window draws nearer because we will never be able to accurately call it. The media will attempt to know what we’re up to behind the scenes but I doubt we even know what’s going on behind the scences ourselves!

They say a picture speaks louder than a 1000 words so all I’ll say is this:


2)      I’ve lost the lead to my SLR camera.

I’ve been itching for a reason to take my SLR camera to the new stadium and the 125th birthday gave me one. With new statues, fans in a celebration mood, legends on the pitch and the always beautiful stadium, I was able to get some lovely shots but only to find out I can’t upload any of them as I can’t find the lead. I, like any male in a relationship, have to blame my missus as she was the last person use the lead! Sorry Gooners, I wanted to share them with you but I can’t.

However a friend of mine and a far better photographer, @Jummy_cliff was not only able to capture the moment but upload them too. Check them out > http://t.co/3uzPHlTu

3)      All roads lead to Sunday

Man City’s defeat to Chelski brings an end to their 15 game unbeaten start, not exactly 38 games of invincibility is it?! On the surface it’s not the best result as Chelsea leap frog us to 3rd but I believe we’ve not only got enough to match Chelsea but better them over the course of the season. Avoiding defeat on Sunday to Man City is our first task. More build up to the big game over the next few days…

Have a great day Gooners.

Feedback welcome – @Tottz82

  • JayJayGooner

    Would love to sign Podolski – forgot that BOTH Gervinho and Chamakh were going to the ACN… leaves us extremely short. One injury to RvP or Walcott and we’re filling in gaps inadequately… not good.

  • Vazy

    now id love to get even half the players that are being touted by the press as targets for arsenal but honestly almost everyone is out of our price range and the over inflated prices for most people will undoubtedly put of le prof! as sad as i am to say it, i have a feeling it will come down to a player + cash trade to get someone new in.. im looking forward to the rest of the season .. though i have no doubt in my mind that it will be without the Mario Götzes or Neymars of the world (though please Mr Wenger prove me wrong!)


  • KTbird

    Such prose!


  • eric

    The January transfer window is about to open and I don’t think we need a crystal-ball to work out where Arsenal has been weak so far this season, and areas that have cost us in the past six seasons. Assuming we draw Barcelona in the Quarter finals of the CL, what do we have now that we didn’t have last season? NOTHING. So, how can we hope for a different outcome? WE CAN’T. That is what really annoys me about what Arsenal have become: A PREDICTABLY SOFT-TOUCH TEAM. We face Manchester City next week and already we know we would require a miracle to get anything out of that match (thankfully, the same applies to most teams in the Premiership this season and I expect Tottenham, Liverpool and Chelsea to drop several more points in unexpected fixtures). I don’t agree with blaming any particular person for our dilemma; be it Wenger or Gazidis, this is a problem that Arsenal as a club needs to work together to deal with. Someone needs to tell us what the long-term plan is, because – at this point – I can’t seem to see any. I don’t see players coming in during January to fill the obvious areas of weakness, and I don’t see any preparations in place to ensure that: we thought they had a game plan last summer, but it turned out to be a deadline day capture of Benayoun!

  • bergChamp

    I heard Podolski wants £100k a week.
    That would be too much for a non-first XI player.

  • devday

    Great post Mr. Tottz!!

    @ bergChamp:
    @ JayJayGooner:

    The rumours about Podolski are interesting.
    He was very impressive during Germany’s international’s games.
    Can he cut in the Premiership though? That is the big question…

  • eric

    dONT be silly boys we’ll get another young french or african

  • yemi

    Is it true that chelsea is willing to let torres go for 20M ? if yes, i’d say buy !!!
    Chelsea does not play the kind of soccer that suits Torres. The way chelsea play is that all their midfielders like to chelsea midfielders usually fancy their chances at goal, so they take shots. They also like kicking the ball up field to drogba.

    We have a midfield that can pass the ball to him. (My thoughts)

  • eric

    150k a week is what he earns. so the answer is NO

  • yemi

    @ eric:
    Of course he would have to take a wage cut to move ! Only chelsea, man city and probably united can pay him that much

  • yemi

    @ eric:
    Of course he would have to take a wage cut to move ! Only chelsea, man city and probably united can pay him that much.
    Else he can rot on the bench for all i care. But a great player doesn’t turn bad overnight

  • Kodjo

    No to the cash that Torres is on…and a big no to what Podolski is rumoured to be asking/on.

  • ZimGooner

    seems AW is more interested in balancing books than silverware unless if he poves me wrong

  • eric

    £250,000 a week, 4 year deal and a bronze statue next to one for Bergkamp as well, bring Bergkamp in as the number 2, retire Patrice and its job done. The worrying thing is that the club captains usually leave soon after being appointed, Vieira, Henry, Fabregas………Why not make Squillachi, Fabiankski, Almunia, and Chamakh joint captains.

  • edison

    Podolski – great international player, shit in the league. He impressed clubs around the world because of his performance in world cup 2006, Bayern snapped him up and hes bombed ever since. he’s still young through, so it’d be a gamble – maybe Arsenal could reinvent him.

  • eric

    if van persie gets injured then were unlucky, if van persie gets injured and we only have chamakh and park to call on, then were dummies. wenger sign a striker. if wenger doesnt sign a striker and van persie gets struck down after january. he will look like an idiot of monumental proportions. why does he do it? why did he sell diarra in january 2008 when we were leading the league? why did he gamble on almunia coming good for 4 years? why are we gambling our season on one players fitness? if van persie gets injured what happens? by god we cant play chamakh as his scared of the goal. park isnt as good as park ji sung. arshavin is currently hapless. theo, gervinho? simply put we dont have a striker to call on. is he too proud to buy players? if he signs a striker is it a de facto admission he dropped the ball signing chamahk and park in the first place? i believe wenger will do nothing in january and i believe he will gamble our season on van persies fitness.

  • eric

    What a pathetic, outdated draw format

    So the ex-captain of Bayern Munich stands there and is able to see exactly which ball they are when it goes into the pot……and surprise, surprise they get FC Basel

    Where as Chelsea and Arsenal get the Italian clubs.

    Honestly it wasn’t hard to keep your eye on which ball you wanted and to pick it out – a bit like which cup is the ball underneath !

    This is 2011 and the draw is made this way. Unreal. What a total fix