Time to finish the job… Dortmund (h)

Morning Gooners,

The champions league is back and it’s a big match day too. At stake tonight is qualification to the knockout stage and a win would mean we go through top of our group. You’d like to think we’ve learnt our lesson from last year about why topping the group is slightly advantageous. The task at hand is by no means a formality as we face a Dortmund team full of confidence after beating the Bayern Munich 1-0 in their own back yard. Dortmund need to win their two remaining games to qualify for the next stage so expect them to be ready to battle for their lives.

Right enough worrying about ze Germans, we’re not exactly in the worst form going into this game. 5 league wins in a row but more importantly we’ve got our mojo back. We’re now watching at Arsenal team who are more direct in attack, not afraid to use very competent and pacey wingers; a central trio who are working in tandem with each other in front a stable line and a striker who’s not playing too bad right now I must say. The negative amongst you (and there are a few out there!) will point to the Mertesacker mistake versus Norwich as proof we’re defensively poor, not true. Mertesacker made a mistake, caught in two minds and got punished. Sky would have you believe he’s the new Bramble but for the rest of the game he was calm and controlled. With Vermaelen back and Santos growing in confidence in every game, the team can trust this defence.

My personal favourite man, Szczesney agrees:

“I can feel the improvement in defence. I think it has been the defensive work from the whole team; starting with the strikers, midfielders, defenders and myself.”

“Being vocal is my job, my job as a keeper is to talk to my defenders,”

“I feel like they trust in me, and when I say something they listen. I am just doing my job.”

Dortmund won’t come and sit deep waiting to attack us on the break, they’ll close out build up play down like Marseille did but when they have possession of the ball, they come at us.  We need to make sure we’re careful in possession and ensure Gervinho and Walcott are always exploiting their pace in behind their defence. I wrote a couple of weeks ago on here that the balance Gervinho and Theo offer gives us a far greater attacking dimension than we’ve had for a couple of years. They both switch wings with comfort and are a real threat when they pop up in the centre forward position. With Ramsey’s confidence growing in every game, I’m looking forward to a game of real quality. I think we’ll be unchanged from the team that beat Norwich with Diaby on the bench for the first time this season, great news for the big man who’s got the talent but cruel luck with injuries.

The Dortmund danger man, Gotze, has been our papers recently with The Arsenal apparently pushing for £30million move in January, mind games or some truth? Who knows.

Enjoy the game everyone… feel free to post score predictions!

Robin Van Deadly


Come on The Arsenal!


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  • salom

    After the departures of Fab and Naz, there is concern that RVP will follow suit. Forget it, Robin will emulate Dennis, he’ll still be playing for Arsenal in his mid-30’s. He loves the Club. So did Fab, of course, but the circumstances were different: he started as a kid at Barca, Messi is his mate, and the club is a symbol for Catalonia. Naz gave his best for Arsenal but he never showed an emotional attachement to it – nor will he to any club. The press fed off the ‘imminent’ departures of Patrick and Thierry and Fab for year after year. We ought not be surprised they are at it again

  • bergChamp

    Dortmund will be dangerous

  • yemi

    We had a nervy game, but the defence looked solid. Koscielny has again shown that he can be one of the best defenders in the world.
    Gervinho was off color.
    The problem seems to be in the midfield now.
    Dortmund were all over us, closing us down and giving no room for our passing game.
    Great assist from song. Captain vantastic to the rescue again.

  • yemi

    We were suppoosed to be the english team that will struggle but we are thru and on top

  • salom

    I love all this “we’ve turned the corner” optimism like we havent won a few games on the trot in the past only for it all to go tits up It is no coincidence that our recent good run of results happens to be at a time when we have had largely an easy run of fixtures

  • yemi

    @ salom: Very correct, easy fixtures like chelsea away, marseille away etc