Is the interlull over yet?

Morning Gooners,

Interlull break has left me bored tired and craving proper football. I miss the team news, I miss the need to double check my fantasy league team, I miss reading Mark Lawerenson’s almost never correct predictions on BBC Sport, I miss checking what black players John Terry will have to face the wrath of next, I miss seeing the pre-match twitter buzz from all the usual suspects (esp @10akhil!), I miss my Arsenal!

Anyway, only 3 more days to go and as you’d expect not much going on out there in Arsenal world (or The world of Arsenal as we should call it). The biggest news story since Captain Dev’s blog is that Chamakch may turn down Bordeaux if they come after him. The Bordeaux president said:

“I have left four or five messages on Chamakh’s number in the last two months, I’ve also left messages on Wenger’s mobile, but I have had no response.”

“I wanted to know the position of Marouane. If he is happy at Arsenal, and if he would be interested in a return to Bordeaux,” added Triaud.


The question is if they want him back would they pay a fee given he left on a free or if he went on loan would they be prepared to pay his probably hefty wages given the bosman transfer. Personally, I think he will make way in January and we will buy a replacement. Who? I have no idea so there’s no point even speculating.

The other story from Tuesday was quotes from a player who’s been thrown into the deep end by Le boss but is slowly starting to show signs of quality. Carl Jenkinson was playing non league football a year on loan from Charlton; 2 weeks ago he kept a clean sheet against Marseille in the Champions league.

“Sometimes, I just have to take a step back and really appreciate where I am.

“I have to pinch myself about is that I’m actually playing for Arsenal.”

“For me to come to where I was to playing in the Premier League is obviously a big achievement for me but the main thing I have to pinch myself about is that I’m actually playing for Arsenal.

“I can’t really portray how special that is for a fan of the club and for someone who comes from a family that loves Arsenal so much.

“It’s just a great thing to be becoming a part of Arsenal’s history, long may it continue. I’m settling in better now and I think people are slowly starting to see me as a player and what I can do.

“There have been ups and downs, as you all know. That’s part of life. From the downs, you can always learn a lot. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed it and hopefully there’ll be some more good times to come.”

The fact is the boy is Arsenal through and through. Last summer, a year before he joined The Arsenal , he went to watch our boys in the Emirates cup. He is living all of our dreams and then some. I don’t think he’s anywhere near ready to compete with Sagna for the right back spot but I for one will be getting behind him and giving him the best chance to succeed. We all are happy to give stick to players when they don’t pull their weight or if they disrespect the shirt but I doubt we’ll have that issue with Jenkinson. I’m looking forward to him developing the coming years.

Last week I enjoyed have a chat with a number of you about our best captain under Wenger, so this week I thought I’d throw another question out there for discussion;

Who has been the most underrated player of the Wenger era??

Feel free to suggest below or on twitter @tottz82

Have a top Wednesday Gooners.

  • afc4life

    Who has been the most underrated player of the Wenger era??

    Definitely been Gilberto

  • goonerTim

    I would definitely offload Chamakh to Bordeaux without a 2nd thought – the player simply is non effective in the Premier league – he needs to go back to France where he was playing okay. He is getting paid £50k a week, which is £2.5m a year.

    If we let him go back to Bordeaux for a low fee – then we could bring in Podolski or someone else who would make a difference – even Jason Roberts or The Yak are better than Chamakh!

  • robin

    Whilst I accept Arsenal are now much improved from the early season, the latest comments from Wenger re how the dressing room changed with the new arrivals re emphasises his and the Board’s woeful handling of transfers. His stubborness probably lost us at least 3 of the early games, games we could have won if the transfers had taken place before the season had started.

  • arsefan101

    Robin – I agree with the issues about these transfers effectively costing us points – but I really do think it was related to the money available, the uncertainty about players leaving and the players available up until the last minute

    All things considered – I think we did a decent job – we have to act in the interests of the club!

  • bergChamp

    Underrated player?

    Surely it has to be Alex Song – he is always slated but actually he is one of the most consistent and best midfielders in the land – going forward and coming back to defend!

  • robin

    I keep struggling with this one in my head.. Please give me your opinion, when Wilshere comes back, who makes way? Arteta or Ramsey? Wilshere strived playing in CM battling with song and making late runs and creating with more space around him, so does arteta, Arteta and Ramsey can both finish but Arteta edges that imo, but Ramsey i think is more pro active in attack where Arteta has a more defensive minded game which comes with experience and his Role for Everton. I can’t decide. If i was forced to choose now i would take Ramsey out..

  • Leroy

    During these seven weeks, calls for Wenger to step down seem to have quieted down. Vitriol and foul language between us fans has disappeared. Angry comments aimed at individual players have become non-existent. There will always be skepticism surrounding the Arsenal, and I can speak for myself when I say that even this rich vein of form does not fill me to the brim with confidence that we will finish off teams earlier in the game, or that we turn up to big games at our very best. But at least, it’s a start and a good one indeed.

  • Leroy

    any body been watching the progress of joel campbell? he looks amazing pitty he didnt get his work permit but he look one helll of a player, his goal against spain…….

  • Tottz

    Thanks for all the comments as always.

    For me the most under rated player under Wenger was Gilberto for sure. He only go the credit he truly deserved in his last few season’s. He should have been captain over Gallas.

    Great point raised about Wilshere’s pending return, it’s a good problem to have right now! For me, Song stays in the team. The choice is then between Rambo and Arteta. For me, Rambo is the lead creator while Arteta is playing last season’s Wilshere role, ball retention and grit. I think we’ll see plenty of rotation between all 4 of them which will be good for Rambo especially.

  • Kodjo

    The fact that the names of Gilberto & Song have come up just shows how thankless their role is in the team. As a matter of fact, the defensive mid positon is the least appreciated position/role in most teams. It’s a very cerebral role most of the time and easliy goes unoticed by most fans except keen observers or students of the game.

    E.g Real Madrid thought Makalele was dispensable and consequently sold him off…the rest of the team couldnt hold it together after that…

    Veira, Gatusso and Keane brought panache to this positon/role. Other players have played the same role with probably less physicality and fuss, hence the lack of media attention and sound bites, notably Busquets, DeJong. Others like Redondo,Edu, and other variants (deep sitting quaterbacks) like Pirlo have brought in more flair/finesse…

    Gilberto is nicknamed the ‘invisible wall’ for a reason!!!

    In my opinion Song deserves a big payraise!!!