The Future Of England…

Writing blogs during the International break is a difficult task most of the time – but this season has been a whirlwind season, starting very badly down at the Arsenal, dropping to 17th in the league, but then turning it around to win 9 out of 10 in all competition to end up 7th in the table, closing the gap, virtually through in the Champions League and into the quarters of the Carling Cup… And after such an eventful start to the season, I’ve taken a mini-break from the blog to reflect on season so far…

Over the course of this week, I’ll take a look at certain players for club & country and how they’ve faired and where we are this season. For the moment, for today’s blog, I’d like to talk a little about England and the future of the England squad. For many years, I’ve been quite annoyed at the England national team. The quality of players hasn’t been the best in the world, but the way we’ve played has been the biggest let down of all.

Yesterday’s performance showed a different type of England team, a more cohesive and more trusting team. We didn’t see a fast flowing attacking performance and of course, we wouldn’t against Spain – but what we did see what a number of players who had confidence in themselves and confidence in their team mates. Players like Adam Johnson and even Stewart Downing know their potential and can come onto the pitch and make a difference. First team choices of Walcott, Lennon, Milner and others show a different level of strength in depth – something that Spain have shown in the last few years. With players like Wilshere and Gerrard still to come back to the squad, the depth is definitely evident now.

Theo Walcott spoke about the England team and echoed the thoughts of the squad depth…

“A lot of players got who came in all took their chance. But that’s what we’ve got in this England team. We’ve got so many great players in each position now. Tournament football, it’s very important to have 23 very physically fit players and the players that came in did that and everyone’s got to stay on their toes now.”

Rodwell, Henderson, Lansbury, Cleverly and Oxlade Chamberlain offer a group of young talented players that have a lot of potential too. And the difference between the England squad now and that of previous generations is that all of the players in the squad play at a high level of football, in the Champions League, in the Premiership and they play in a better style than previous squads.

The style of long ball has gone and now the play is more expansive. The only area that the I feel is weak, is the striking area – apart from Rooney, there is nothing obviously world class – but we have players like Bent and Ashley Young who are currently doing it for their clubs and also performing well for their country – Young a prime example of how hard work and tenacity can pay off. And on another note – maybe not in time for the current England squad, but Frimpong will be a big player for club & country very soon – and in Kieran Gibbs, we have a natural replacement for Ashley Cole at country level.

For the first time in years – and not because we won against Spain – but genuinely looking in from the outside – we look like we have a decent squad.

Til tomorrow, over and out…

  • JayJayGooner

    The future of Arsenal is in safe hands and there are lots of young English players coming through, like Frimpong, Eastmond, Lansbury and of course Jack Wilshere & Gibbs… Great news for England – reminds me of where Spain were 8 years ago!

  • JayJayGooner

    And of course Oxlade & Walcott!

  • SpeedDemon

    Jenkinson – x – x – Gibbs
    Walcott – Frimpong – Wilshere – Oxlade
    x – x

    We could have 6 players in the first team!

  • Jeffo

    Ummmmm apart from the fact Frimpong has stated he wants to play for Ghana and would ride there on his bike if they picked him. Good player for the Arsenal though until the ACN.