A tale of two captains…?

So another interlull break is underway, I’d be lying if I hadn’t checked who Holland were playing (11th vs Switzerland and vs Germany 15th!). I’m sure our other players also have tough friendlies but I just happened to check the Dutch ones first, no idea why!

The media are already clearly bored in the interlull break having already published transfer stories including; M’Vila to Arsenal or Real, RVP to Inter, Javi Garcia to Arsenal.. *Yawn*. There isn’t any real point about talking transfers yet at the beginning of November and also no one ever has a clue about what the transfer policy for any window is going to be. I’m still waiting for the ‘imminent’ arrivals of Samba and Cahill from the summer.

What I will comment on is the team’s steady improvement back to acceptable performance levels and the weeks ahead.

Repeating what I said a week ago, the Marseille draw was a typical ‘after the lord mayor’s show’ performance and the team got back to ways with a comfortable win against WBA. The fact is the journey from 15th to 7th will be far easier than the journey from 7th to 4th due to the consistency involved to move the form teams above us. Just have a look at the weekend results around us to demonstrate this. While Arsenal picked up a comfortable win, other winners included Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea and Spuds. The losers of the weekend were Liverpool who were only able to pick a point. Arsenal will need to provide a base of three point consistency to take advantage of drop points around them to climb closer to the top four. Three point consistency does not always require top performances but the ability to get the points by hook or by crook.

The next five fixtures; Norwich (A), Fulham (H), Wigan (A), Everton (H), City (A). 13 points anyone? Yes please. We need to look at the season as small battles rather than a marathon with dreams of titles and cups.

To win these battles we’ll need character on the pitch to lead the team and one partnership is forming on the pitch that I discussed with my sister (@averz86) a few weeks back.  The conversation came from ‘is RVP a better captain than Cesc?’. My opinion was not necessarily but what RVP has is the chance to have his cake and eat it too. The partnership I meant was that of RVP and Vermaelen. On Saturday I kept an eye on this partnership, RVP leads the forward line by example by scoring and setting up goals while Vermaelen could be heard from the stands screaming at the defensive line to pick up their players and get back into position. To top it off RVP set Vermaelen for his goal too. For me the leadership and spirit of these two, either end of the pitch, will form the basis to how the team performs through the upcoming battles.


Enjoy your Wednesday.


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  • arsefan101

    I think RvP is a much better captain than Cesc – Cesc never performed like a captain, whereas RvP gets around, talks to people, leads by example too…

    Actually, I think Song when he was captain earlier this season was very good.

    The Szcznesy – Vermaelen – Song – Van Persie back bone = 4 captains!

  • bergChamp

    Love the article Tottz.

    Question – who has been the best captain under Arsene Wenger?

  • Tottz

    Thanks for the comments.

    Given our/and his current form, I think it’s very easy to say RVP is the better captain. In the end Cesc left under bit of a cloud and a tarnished reputation. RVP’s 28yo now and a good age to lead by example, Cesc was 23yo and almost a lone figure in our team. I could and should have written more but I feel the longer Vermaelen stays fitter the easier it will make RVP’s captaincy.

    BergChamp.. best captain under Le Boss? I’d have to say Paddy. I loved watching Vieira in his prime, bossing and bullying teams. But look at the players around Paddy; Henry, Dennis, Sol, Bobby… made life a bit easier i’m sure.

  • bergChamp

    @ Tottz:
    I was going to tell you mine but wanted to hear yours first – my favourite captain under Wenger was also Vieira – a proper captain, a box to box player who lead by example in both attack and defence!

  • afc4life

    Definitely Vieira – Henry, Cesc, Gallas were circumstantial captains. But Paddy was the MAN! He was our best captain in the Wenger era

  • goonerTim

    What about Tony Adams? He was captain when Arsene took over and was amazing – although, from an Arsene appointing a captain, Vieira was probably the best

  • Tottz

    TA6 was more Graham’s captain as opposed to Wenger’s but still did a job under him.

    I’m still upset about Vieira sitting on the staff at City. The biggest signing we never made was him 3 years ago. City reaped all the benefits and he’ll attract players to them too.

    For me Vieira is the ideal Pat Rice replacement when he choses to retire.

  • robin

    are u wenger in disguise

  • ny

    Dont let Coquelin go.He will be better ‘Cleverly’ in 2-3 yrs

  • robin

    yup another 2-3 yrs in transition –