“Can I promise I will be at Arsenal forever? I can promise that, yes”

That’s a direct quote from Jack Wilshere.

We’ve heard it all before in terms of the future – Nasri, Cesc and Van Persie speak in riddles – statements like “I am committed, but who knows what the future holds.” or “I love the club, but cannot say where I’ll be in 5 years.” – some players have their visions of the future and if Arsenal isn’t in it, then they are cagey….

But not our Jack Wilshere – he is a Gunner and wants to be one for life!

“Can I promise I will be at Arsenal forever? I can promise that, yes”

Now that’s exactly what we want to hear – but more importantly, that what we want Jack to feel. He is one of our most talented players, he’s been at the club since a young age. He loves the club like any fan and wants to be the Arsene Wenger on the pitch – and by that, I mean, he wants to stay and make a difference. Yes, he could get paid more elsewhere, that is obvious. With moneybags City, Chelsea, Madrid & Barcelona able to easily pay any wage or transfer bill they’d like, that’s a known fact. But Jack knows that it’s Arsenal all the way.

“I’ve been at the club since I was nine and I’ve learned to love it. From the [Patrick] Vieira days, to [Dennis] Bergkamp, [Cesc] Fabregas, I’ve watched them come through and move on. But now there’s a crop of new players, [Aaron] Ramsey, myself, Kieran Gibbs, hopefully we can really create something special. I love the club and I want to be part of its future.”

Dennis Bergkamp didn’t really “move on”, he stayed with us to the end of his career, but I see what Jack means – he’s seen the club grow – and he is keen for it to grow further.

The team has come together quite well in recent weeks, Arteta and Song creating a decent partnership as a midfield duo, with Ramsey or Rosicky playing just ahead of them. Jack’s position is currently filled by Arteta and when he is back, I think, or hope, he will be played further forward – i.e. in the Ramsey position. He used to play more forward than he currently does and that is his best position. Jack should be back for Christmas – the best Christmas present ever, hey? And he recently tweeted:

“As I said had six week X-ray earlier and all going well. I can start to work a bit harder now.”

The question I’ve been asked several times, is whose position he’ll take. Personally, it’s not a question about whose position – but the fact that we’ll have him in the team, playing anywhere in the central part of midfield. It allows us to rest & rotate to a better degree and it allows us him to rest a bit more – something he simply couldn’t do last season.

Exciting times that lie ahead… especially with Jack Wilshere in our team!

  • alun

    Lets hope he is still saying this in 10 years, loyalty to one club is a very rare thing. Watch out for your agent he might have other things on his mind.

  • Kodjo

    We’ll see in 10 yrs time…there are several things beyond his control…as we’ve seen, there were a few players who wanted to stay at the club, but were sold by the manager.