Arsenal 3 – 0 West Brom… Rising Up The Table…

Our fourth successive win in the Premier League has seen us rise up the table, and despite our awful start to the season, we now sit on 19 points – on par with Liverpool – with the same number of games played. The top 7 in the table is now the top 7 and there is clear daylight between 7th (us) and 8th in Aston Villa. The top 7 will most likely remain the top 7 until the end of the season, and the key thing is to maintain our current run, and slowly but surely overtake Liverpool, Sp*rs and Chelsea.

Arsenal 3 – 0 West Brom

A clean sheet, three goals, and some decent football – a good day in the office.

The starting line up was as predicted:


Jenkinson – Koscielny – Vermaelen – Santos

Arteta – Song

Walcott – Ramsey – Gervinho

Van Persie

With a bench of Fabianski, Djourou, Mertersacker, Rosicky, Arshavin, Benayoun, Park

Having not watched the game at the ground yesterday, my initials thoughts were based on the little mini synposis’ that I was getting from my phone was that our game was very average and that it wasn’t the “fluid” Arsenal we know… but then, when I got home and watched Match of The Day… it was a different story – we played well, we were fluent, we created chances, and best of all, we scored them!

Our first goal came through Van Persie (who else?), a player in extreme form. Part of the build up showed our quick passing and incisive play, when Walcott was set through from the right and shot well, with the keeper saving, but the ball parrying out – to who, to Van Persie, who swept it into the back of the net – how many goals has RvP scored now? It’s hard to keep track… it’s something like 32 goals in 31 games in all competitions in 2011… but it’s 10 goals in 10 games this season, which puts him top of the goalscoring charts.

And the Dutchman was pivotal in the general play and set another up before half time – this time for the club vice captain, Thomas Vermaelen. Some good build up play saw a lot of players forward and Van Persie’s cut back eventually came back to Thomas Vermaelen, who finished
like a forward, a sweet left footed striker – 2-0 to the Arsenal.

Van Persie’s overall play was very good. He plays a free role, to a degree, which allows him to come deep when he needs to and get involved in the build up. Our third was another assist from Van Persie, who found Arteta marauding into the box – a sweet cut back and a great finish from the Spaniard…

The manager spoke after the game and was keen to stress the importance of the controlled manner of our performance:

Overall it was a controlled performance where we had complete domination of the game. It was a good pace in the first half – in the second it was a little bit off –  but we were never really in trouble. We are getting stronger and overall it is a positive afternoon. We scored five goals last week, three goals today and didn’t concede.

It was also very important to score some goals and try and get our goal difference back to positive figures:

Yes. We put ourselves with a good handicap with the 8-2 [defeat] at Manchester United! It’s good but I was not used to seeing that before. It was a shock every time I saw minus in front of our goal difference. We know that can make a difference at the end of the season. Not only is it the first time we have had a positive goal difference but if you look at the teams above us there is not much difference – they are plus two or four maybe. That is catchable.

It’s good to see the catch in fortunes – after the Blackburn result, I really didn’t see how we were going to get better, and how we were going to get back into our stride. But we have done. We have done remarkably well to pick up our form. Our next four games are winnable games…

  • Norwich (away)
  • Fulham (home)
  • Wigan (away)
  • Everton (home)

Another 4 victories out of the above, and we will be in the top four, for sure….

We’ve now been interrupted by the International break and if it’s any time for any manager to fake any injury for any country for any player…. now is the time, Arsene is the  manager, Van Persie is the player…

Til tomorrow…

  • bergChamp

    The next four games are very winnable!!!
    We do have Man City in the Carling Cup sandwiched between all of that… I am not looking forward to that!

  • afc4life

    Van Persie is an incredible footballer – just imagine where we would be / how we would have been if had been fit for the last few seasons….?!?!!?!

  • KeithHenry

    Look how well QPR played CITY yesterday.. Yes they lost 3-2 but they were totally in the game, dominated during many stretches and with the chances they missed they were deserving of at least a tie if not a win over the CITY boys…

    They showed every team in the league HOW TO play CITY
    so dont be so down in the dumps about having to play CITY. Hard work, smart tactics offensive, and defensive; pressure, pressure, pressure on the ball and presto, CITY becomes just another strong Premier League team…

    The boys,under the leadership and positive motivation of our incomparable leader Arsene Wenger, have risen from 17th in the standings to 7th in the past 6 weeks. We have put together a streak of 8 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss in our last 11 games. We lead our division in the Champions League with a chance to clinch our participation in the next round with a win over Dortmond at home.

    Our Captain is on an incredible offensive run with 11 goals in 11 games to lead the league. The new players are settling in to their new roles within the team and with the number of injured players reduced to 4, we are well positioned to continue our strong run up the league standings by the end of 2011. With Jack Wilshere set to return to our active roster in January 2012 and our defence and offence looking better with every passing game we are ready to make ARSENAL
    extend our record in the Champions League to 16 straight annual appearances and a serious threat to capture some Silverware for the first time in 6 seasons…

  • Bonathan

    yeah, great little run. should have diaby be shortly as well which i think is important with wilshire being out so long.

    only critisim i have is the bench selection. i sometimes find that wenger doesn’t cover all bases. i mean, is there any need to have arsharvin, benayoun and rosicky on the same bench? it should be 2 out the 3. how likely is it that all 3 will come on in the same game? extremely unlikely i’d say. even if we are chasing a game, it’d be far more likely that we’d put 2 of them on and park (or whatever CF we had on the bench).

    So, where was the bench lacking? well, no frimpong, that’s where it was lacking. if song had picked up an injury we’d have had to play someone out of position. Why take the chance? i don’t understand. is he just trying to keep these players happy? every other position was covered by at least one player who was at least had experience playing there for us. obvioulsy djourou isn’t a rb, but he’s our next in line given the injuries.

  • piresistible

    The problem is RVP actually wants to play for the national team. i dont think this is something wenger can fake for the player.

  • piresistible

    very convincing victory and the important 3 points were won. We looked very comfortable throughout the game and I do prefer the pairing of Koscielny and Vermaelen at the back. They are both quite quick and are good in the air. Vermaelen had a fantastic game and we clearly saw that he missed him immensely, also a great finish by the Beligian Centre half, almost like a typical Van Persie goal. RVP had another brilliant performance tonight, he was involved in all 3 of our goals and hope he keeps it up and stays fit. Very glad to get the 3 points and hope that we will take these great performance to the next few games.

  • robin

    looking at the league table for pretty much the first time this season. we would need an unbelieveable run of form to get anywhere near top coz city ain’t gonna be dropping many but with the belief we now have (love szczesny, we must never let him go) i can’t see why 3rd isn’t a possibility. Pool look pretty ordinary, as do Chelski, the Magpies drop starts now, it’s just those pesky bloody Scumbags that look alright at the minute

  • arsefan101

    @ Bonathan:
    Agree with you re bench – most areas had been covered except DM – I think Arsene thought he would annoy one of them if he didn’t include them – i.e. the bigger names.

    But he should have not included Benayoun just for the sake of it. Frimpong or Coquelin should have been on there

  • piresistible

    I was as critical of our start as the next man – and most importantly the procrastination in the transfer window that led to it but this team is starting to come together. He may not have the quality of tool in his box that he’s used to working with but the team are playing to a pattern again and, for that, Arsene deserves credit. For all the talent that left in the summer, it really does make a difference when the players with us now actually want to be here. Wenger used to wind me up no end banging on about our mythical team spirit. You know what, when you’ve genuinely got team spirit, you don’t have to bang on about it. Long may it last.

  • ZimGooner


    ZimGooner says on November 4th, 2011 at 8:48 pm :

    I will be at The Emirates tomorrow wearing my red & white as usual. Psychologically we’re in a better position and our defence is quite solid. We’ll definitely break the November jinx but we can’t afford to be complacent. My prediction is that we’ll win 3-0, Van Everyday (yes he scores everyday) will score 2 and Gervinho 1. (Remember last week I predicted a 5-0 victory and that RVP would a hat trick? In my dream I never saw the 3 coming but I was spot on that Walcott would score). I better sleep early to see what’s in store. Come on ye Gooners, you can do it!!

  • piresistible

    So have you noticed our leader’s new plan when the oppo have a corner? It was tried at Chelsea last week and lead to us letting the (alleged) racist score (although I’m convinced that it was an own goal by Mertersacker) and again against WBA. Yep, let’s put one player on one post, normally Arteta, and then instead of letting him stay on the post, let’s have him walk towards the middle of the goal line instead.

    What the fook is wrong with the good old fashioned 2 players on 2 posts? First it was zonal marking and now some wild idea about moving off the post being better than hanging onto it.

    It makes me want to……oh yes…. banghead banghead banghead

    Still Arsene knows…