The Captain’s Curse…

Being captain of The Arsenal used to be the most special thing a player could aspire to. Having seen Alumunia and Chamakh wear the captain’s armband in most recent times, it’s clear that it’s been devalued. But moreover than that, it’s clear that is also holds a curse… a curse of departure…

Patrick Vieira was captain when he was sold for £13m to Juventus, Henry was captain when his £18m sale to Barcelona happened and then £30m later, Cesc, as captain, left for the same Catalonian team. Van Persie has been given the armband this season, and that can only mean one thing – his departure… normally, captains have two seasons before they leave, but Van Persie has 2 years left on his contract and in summer, he will one year left…

I personally think Van Persie will extend his contract and stay beyond his current contract. At this moment in time, he is focusing on his football and his game and that’s what he should be doing. He says he doesn’t want to focus on his contract right now… and that’s fine, and it’s understandable…

Until he says this:

“I have every trust in the things we are doing within the club. There is only a fine line between winning and losing. Just look at our last match against Spurs. We could have won that game with the chances we had. There is no need to panic for anyone. Our start is not good. I would have felt better if we had won the derby. We didn’t and right now there is a negative feeling. But I assure you, it is not all that negative. It is up to us, players and staff, to sort it out on the pitch.”

But the worrying part:

“I am not going to make any statements about my future. Not now, not for a while. I’ve been at Arsenal eight years and that is quite extraordinary these days. Which is why I treasure this. What my future will bring, nobody knows. I can understand people are curious, but I am just dedicated to everything at Arsenal right now.”

And is there a reason for him to talk about the length of his stay or use the classic “nobody knows”…? And when he was quizzed about whether he would join Man City in the summer, he said:

“I do not know what I will do – I cannot predict the future. Everybody makes his own history and only afterwards can you see how that went. For one thing, as an indication, when I came to Arsenal we immediately beat City. But in recent years much has happened in England. Nevertheless, I think the Premiership is still the best league in the world, it gives me everything I want.”

The answer we were looking for Robin… is that “I’d never go to City”… but then again, both Nasri & Clichy have said that previously and they’ve turned up there in the end… For the first time since I wrote the previous article about why I think he will stay, I’m beginning to have second thoughts. I’m now 80:20 certain….!

The problem isn’t whether our captain will be here next season – the problem is that I shouldn’t be writing about this story now – I should be talking about the football, the game, the formation, the goals. But unfortunately for us, football is more complicated.

But on a lighter note… how good does Alex Oxlade Chamberlain look? He was 17 when we bought him, he’s now 18 and he looks seriously good… 5 goals in 3 games for club and country… awesome stuff. He will definitely be competing with Theo Walcott & Gervinho for a starting berth this season for sure…

Let’s hope we can get back into winning ways and let’s hope Van Persie rubbishes the recent stories… We are The Arsenal…!

  • sam

    nothing to do with curse, its the coach making wrong choice everytime. lucky we didnt end up with nasri as our current captain had he stay he wished to inherit everything from cesc including playing position and armband.
    now we have a german in the side and they don’t have reputations of mercenaries. we have few english boys who happened to be arsenal fans as well. most importantly jack wilshere.
    wenger is horrible at choosing captain, patrick vieira comes as our most disloyal captain ever followed by gallas and cesc.
    i don’t question van persie loyalty but i have problem with his leadership. maybe he will get better.

  • Pires

    Fabregas was told that we would be signing “super, super quality players” and he signed a long contract. He was lied to. Nasri was told the same thing and he told Wenger to sign those players and then he would sign, having learned from Cesc’s mistake. Of course, the summer passed and ….NOTHING.
    Van Persie does not strike me as an idiot and will obviously leave as soon as he can. The only thing that will keep him at Arsenal is injury, because then only Arsenal will offer him a big long-term contract (see Rosicky for example). The good ship Arsenal is holed below the water line and so the ship has begun to sink.

  • Pires

    Our form has been or par with the relegation teams and i do not see thus changing. People still back the deluded clown but u will see when he guides this club into the oblivion with our best players gone, undoing every good he has done for this club

  • Berth

    Am really struggling to understand the view point of the board and the manager. I don’t know if the manager sanctions the sale of these players in the name of it shall be well or perhaps the board says you must sell our biggies and bye smallies or newbies in the game.

    Its really difficult to understand where these stuffs comes from, the board or Wenger or whether they just are determined to make us fail by ripping the fans and selling our topies

  • junior

    Wenger has wasted £125million on rubbish in the last 5 years. You try to justify it by mentioning Henry, signed in 1999, and Pires, signed in 2000. Tut tut not even a good try. I see you fail to mention this lot Koscielny £11, Squillaci £7.8, Arshavin £15.52, Bichoff £0.26, Silvestre £0.84, Bothelho £1.06, Eduardo £10.56, Fabianski, £3.83, Diarra £2.55, Rosicky £8.80, Denilson £4.40, Rui Fonte £0.66, Mertesacker £6.00, Gervinho £12.00, Jenkinson £1.00, Arteta £10.00, Santos £6.00. You and your alter ego mightygunner can come up with as much hogwash as you like in an attempt to defend Wenger but it wont wash anymore. The Muppet Man is going to relegate us unless he is stopped, when you start signing the likes of Squillaci, Koscielny, Gervinho, Chamakh, Santos, Mertesacker, Arteta (without a medical 4 yr contract) you have lost the plot. Sack him now before it’s too late

  • Berth

    There is a protest for Saturday guys. Anyone looking forward to it?

  • Yemi

    Berth wrote:

    There is a protest for Saturday guys. Anyone looking forward to it?

    I definitely am. But as usual the chairman will come up with some hogwash about maintaining a self sustaining financial model, backing wenger and all what nots !!!

  • junior

    yes bloody abot time…instead of the phoney’s that keep chanting’there’s one arseol wenger’ when we are beating fucking shresbury town

  • junior

    martin keown has a couple of very interesting articles in the daily mail today regarding Ajax.he went over to watch them train and was impressed by the coaching set up.ajax have the de boer brothers,jaap stam,edgar davids,danny blind and dennis bergkamp coaching small groups of players on a daily basis.thats incredible talent and more importantly its current (in terms of coaching).all of those players know modern football at the highest level and have won an outrageous number of trophies between them.i would really be in favour of a similar shake up at arsenal.move pat rice on and bring the likes of keown/dixon,vieira,dennis/thierry into the coaching set up.i know dennis and paddy are at other clubs but its just an example.we need to bring modern and relevant opinion in and more importantly winners!!!!we have set trends in modern football and have always been ahead of the curve with technology.time to get shot of the likes of rice and primorac and bring in some fresh ideas!

  • Pires

    What Arsene Wenger needs to understand is that it’s not because we are playing bad it’s because selected players are not up for it! Mertashaker has come in, he does not look hungry nor a leader which is what we needed desperately. Squilaci would be good in the championship, enough said on him. Koscienly has had his year to adapt and unless guided by Vermaelen at the back he’s unreliable and inconciestant. Rosisky spends his time in the defensive midfield role when we need him to play in an attacking role great help. Chamakh was never a top goal scorer at Bordeaux and we needed goals so it was a odd signing never the less he had a good prescence up front for his former club but he’s failed to be that guy for us. Benayoun was an ok signing and will bring assits but let’s face facts he couldnt get into the Chelsea team. To turn the club around we need a overhaul on our players. Arsene needs to be decisive. Ship the ones out that don’t make impacts or give everything and replace them with ready made players still with potential. Pato for example, he has said one day he would love to play in the premier league- good goal scorer in an extremly defensive league+assists young and ready; subotic hard as a coffin nail young and hungry to be the best, Hazard proven quality. With Evertons weak financial position why not test them with a offer for Tim Cahill? Dynamic, hard working and amazing in the air. We need players who want to win and be the best and players who will bring something different then the predictable Arsene regime. We need players who think of the bigger picture.

  • Berth

    @ Pires: believe me if Tim Cahill comes to the team he will look so ordinary the way Arteta has been. I could not belief how slow Arteta was in the Olympiacus game; he could not cope with the pace of our pass and movement, I was so shocked. Cahill is better of where he is. If you want to buy players aim for someone much better dude.

  • junior

    Viera lost belief in our ability to win things, was he wrong? was Thierry wrong? or Cesc/Nasri? none of them can be blamed, only the morons driving our club deep into the shadows.