True Gooners…

In a vicious world of football, where players seem to be motivated by huge sums of money, status and extra curricular activities… the amazing dedication and loyalty that we saw from previous legends has been
lost in the modern game. The sums of money in football is nigh on ridiculous and £250k / week players like Carlos Tevez, who refuse to play for their team and try and engineer a move every summer. We’ve seen Samir Nasri jump ship for the lure of wallets of cash and we’ve seen Cesc Fabregas “go home” several years before anyone thought he would…

But in this change of temperament, what we’re seeing down at the Arsenal is a crop of new players, dedicated to the cause, with the passion and desire to succeed, and succeed at Arsenal. Players like Kieran Gibbs, Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, Emmanuel Frimpong, Szcznesy, etc have Arsenal instilled in their hearts, their blood, their veins… you name it…

If you’re on twitter, then you may have seen the exchange between Frimpong and Wilshere, when the latter gave Nasri a nice tweet…

Wilshere’s tweet: ‘Good luck to my friend @Nanas08 (mr Nasri) learnt a lot from him. World class player! Will be missed!’ wrote social network heavyweight Wilshere.

Frimpong;s reply ‘Pfffff come on Jack’…

Frimpong showing a classic “club comes first” attitude..

More importantly for us, were the words we heard from Jack Wilshere himself earlier this week…

“No disrespect to Manchester City but Arsenal is the perfect home for me. Some players have got their price, but to be honest that’s not the way I look at the game. All I think about is playing at the highest level and in the top competitions so I can measure myself against the best in the world. I really am happy at Arsenal at the minute. Obviously I want to win things and I want to do it with Arsenal. I have been at Arsenal since I was nine and I have grown to love the club. There are players there who have been there as long as me and I think we are starting to build something special there with the likes of Emmanuel Frimpong and players I have seen in the youth teams coming through. In a couple of years, they’ll be big players for us. Obviously I want to play in the Champions League and that is the aim for Arsenal and everyone at the Club. We started a bit slowly but we still feel we can finish in the top four.”

The way that Bergkamp, Henry, Adams, Bould, Keown, Winterburn, Dixon all loved the club and would put their bodies on the line has been lost in recent years. The likes of Wilshere is the kind of player we need in the heart of our midfield. Someone who’s got Arsenal DNA… In fact he’s already tapping up Cesc in an attempt to bring him back from Barcelona…

“If you look at him now, he’s flying. It’d be nice if he came back one day – the door is always open for him because of what he did at Arsenal. You’d almost say he’s an Arsenal legend now and I think the fans would welcome him back as well.”

Now talking about Barcelona, I’m sure you’ve all heard the very unsavoury reports that Barcelona want our new number one goalkeeper Szcznesy…. he’s been in good form for us and is starting to make a name for himself around the world. We’ve kept faith in him and he has repaid that faith with some match winning performances. The link to Barcelona is annoying and moreover the reports that he is trying to steal the captain’s armband… the Polska Times reported this:

“Yes. I have friends in London, friends, not just in the senior squad, but also the youth team. I cannot imagine a situation where I leave the club for money. I can’t declare that I will spend my entire career here, but if I leave I will have a very important reason or I will go to Barcelona.”

Well our new captain had something to say about that…

“I got annoyed with a few things about myself in the media recently so I’m gonna set the record straight. 1) I never said I deserve an Arsenal armband. I said that I would love to one day take a responsibility of being an Arsenal skipper. RVP is doing a great job as a skipper and he fully deserves an armband. 2) I AM injured and had to be pulled out of Polish national team. Hope to recover asap. (Thats for Polish media) 3) Please continue the “Szczesny to Barcelona” rumours. Makes me laugh everytime I read it haha”

Classic retort!

It may all be a bit tough right now, but there is a definite bond with the current crop of players and the club. A bond that will make them really work for the colours and the badge… I know we all want it to be now, but with injuries to Wilshere, Vermaelen and Sagna, we’ve lost a very active and powerful spine… I know you all hate “putting up with it”… but believe me, no one wants to lose. Especially not Arsene…

The future is bright, the future is red & white… (i.e. Arsenal)…

Til tomorrow…

  • Mikey

    Szcznesy did he not just say if Barca come a calling he would find it hard to say no…….as if Barca would
    Every player no matter who he is has a price bar Scholes,Giggs and Gary neville. all 100% Man Utd. Can any other club really boast such loyalty as these three. Henry i thought was like Ian Wright Arsenal all the way. but when Barcelona came a calling the i stay for love not money dissapeared. Walcott,RVP,Vermaelen,Gibbs and all teh rest will eventually leave if we continue on this downward slide.
    Kronke and Usimov care nothing for the club just the dividend paid for their shareholding.

    I hope we finish outside the top four and get knocked out of the champions league..i say this as it may panic the greedy to invest like Liverpool.

    No player is loyal now….Gerrard twice nearly joined Chelsea and Mr and Mrs Chelsea Terry and Lampard both used the threat of a move to get pay increases.

  • arsenaloudin

    Devday, dont fool yourself. In todays footballing world footballers are ptofessionals. They earn their living by being in a team that they feel happy and the pay is respectable. Nobody remains in a team forever in his career as a footballer. Its a fact of life. Every body will definiteky go to greener pastures. This happens in every field or profession.

  • Malvern Star

    No doubt Bergkamp, Henry, Adams, Bould, Keown, Winterburn, Dixon all loved the club. But in those days were the wages being offered so disparate as today? Perhaps it was easier to love the club when there was less competition between love and money?

  • junior

    I’ll say it again Wenger is 100% responsible for team selection, tactics, and the shambolic state of our defence – could someone else have done better – YES! He HAS had money to spend but chose to do so on second rate players or emerging talents like AOC when we have been crying out for PL hardened defenders like Cahill, Enrique, and Parker – by the way these are not expensive players nor would they demand high wages, and unlike the Panic Buys (Arteta excepted) they are QUALITY. The squad is threadbare because he has persisted with the Vanity Project and refused to blend youth with experience. Ramsey is the new whipping boy after last weekend but what can you expect from a boy being asked to do a man’s job and he’s not the only one. Wenger seems totally unable to motivate players, can you imagine SAF putting up with the likes of Arshavin, Walcott, Rosicky, Denilson, and Diaby – the hair dryer would be on high!

  • pires

    Reading the latest RVP comments it is clear to me that Wenger has lost the changing room. I have the up most respect for AW, but this has got to stop before we are left with nobody. It would be very easy to say it’s the greedy players fault. With RVP I don’t believe greed would be the reason, it is success, I personally want him to be successful at Arsenal and only Arsenal, I’m afraid I just cant see that happening anymore under AW. I really think it is time for a change before it is to late. please be brave Arsenal board and bold, no one person is bigger than our amazing club, and that includes Arsene Wenger. Gunner for life

  • yemi

    junior wrote:

    I’ll say it again Wenger is 100% responsible for team selection, tactics, and the shambolic state of our defence – could someone else have done better – YES!

    Could wenger have done better – The answer is also YES.

    Obviously there are some hidden things we are not being told about the state of our club resources and wenger has been sworn to silence.

    I don’t understand our tactics some times. We put metersacker upfront in the die stages of the spurs game and yet not a single cross came in. We bring in chamack who is known for his aerial ability but we put the ball to his feet. No crosses.

    @ Devday:

    Of all the players we call legends today, none of them would have stayed on till the end of their careers at arsenal if the had to play with a bunch of ineffective youngsters , lazy adults, slow defenders, tall defenders that can’t head the ball, wingers that can’t cross, midfielders that can’t pass, strikers that can’t shoot, or shoot into the stands, defenders that don’t know what to defend means.

  • junior

    Shit team leads to….
    – No Europe, which leads to……
    – Shit attendances, which leads to…..
    – Shit commercial deals…..
    – Which leads to fire-sale of top players…..
    – Which leads to even worse teams…..
    – Which leads to lower attendances……
    – And so on, and so on.

    As someone who can read a set of accounts, I want you to know that a lot of people have been fooled. We DON’T make a profit. Now the property deals are up, the cash has been banked and not re-invested. We now BREAK-EVEN. Our wage bill is a joke. Apart from the players, Wenger is on £7m, Rice on £1m, Gazidis on £1,7m last season. The rest of the Commercial Team are on c. £5m per year. Where is the return on investment for that lot?

    If Wenger clings on to power he will bankrupt us. It might look pretty now, but it really isn’t. At exactly the time we needed to be successful on the pitch, Wenger has failed us. When we become a top-8 side, I don’t want to bear thinking about how far we can fall.

    The rats have already started fleeing the ship…… and we’re headed for a financial iceberg.

    Heard it here last.

  • Kodjo

    Well said Yemi

  • Kodjo

    @ Dev

    Do not be fooled by statements that young players make…the likes of Chezzer, Frimpong & Wilshere are young and just about cutting their teeth in the game so its easy to make statements like that. The realities of life will soon hit them.

    Wait till they hit their early to mid 20’s and see if they will hang around a mediocre team that is going no where compared to the option of joining a winning team that will line their pockets handsomely.

    Its an easy choice if it was me…same for Nasri i suppose. After hanging aroung the summer expecting player signings of intent…he left bcos non was forthcoming.

    Read the body language of RVP he is being loyal obviously for the remainder of his contract… bcos the club has been good to him. Beyond that ….its anybody’s guess hence his wise decision not to commit himself. I’d do the same anyday! We have a top striker who does not get the needed support and service. Why hang around….

    We are now back to square 1 …pre and post midfield era of Rosicky, Nasri, Hleb, Flamini, Gilberto & Cesc.

    Who can build a winning team on a foundation that keeps changing every 2 to 3 yrs. There has been no continuity whatsoever.

    The price for all of the above is higher ticket prices.

  • Pires

    RVP is heading the same way as all our previous captians did. PV, TH, Cesc, who can blame him?

    Play with world class players or dross like diaby an co?

  • Pires

    WEnger OUT WENGER OUT Ancelootii in

  • arsefan101

    @ yemi:
    Henry stayed 9 years, Cesc 8 years, Bergkamp stayed until he retired…

    We kicked out the rest… Vieiera, Pires, Ljungberg, Toure, etc… We sold them.

  • yemi

    @ arsefan101:

    U think henry would have lasted 9yrs if his midfield consisted of denilson, diaby, ramsey and song? Or if his defense consists of jenkinson, squilacci, silvestre, gibbs? Hell no!
    And by the way, asides RVP, cesc was the last world class player we had. We hv talented guys but they are not yet there and the sad part is that they have no mentors

  • ZimGooner

    Great pep talk Dev, however I’m beginning to doubt whether Szczesny is good enough to be our no.1 especially after the 8-2 decacle at Old Trafford then 4-3 and the recent 2-1 against the Yeds. He needs time to develop and perhaps after a few clean sheets he can start to dream of wearing the arm band. If anything Song deserves the armband as he’s been quite solid for a while although discipline has eluded him at times.

  • junior

    it started with Wenger’s ineptitude for the past six years and has been endorsed with ridiculous appointments like the pathetic Gazidis and Dick Law and perpetual failure of owners to invest in the team.Kroenke’s takeover has just been the latest disaster to have happened. However, the origin of all this was the rigid stubbornness of Wenger and his quite laughable project to prove that he could win with inexperienced players. His refusal to build on our 2004 team was criminal and subsequent inferior purchases who are still here and can’t be shifted is down to him alone. All managers make mistakes, but others like Ferguson move people out as soon as it becomes evident that they are not good enough. Wenger’s ego has cost us when bad players’ transfer fees and subsequent extensions eat up our available funds. However, even with this dross, he has singularly failed to address basic shortcomings- how to defend, give 100% commitment, not treat supposed inferior teams lightly, playing people out of position, not varying tactics, bad substitutions etc. This sort of performance should have got him sacked, but the Board were happy charging extortionate prices and reaping in Champions League money. So our expectations changed- from the best team in Europe in 2004(when we should have won the treble) to trying for fourth place. I now believe that as City have changed the landscape of football, it’s convenient for people to say it’s all the Board’s fault, but this does not excuse the awful mismanagement of our club, chiefly by Wenger, since 2004. He had built a fantastic legacy in his first eight years here- it’s unthinkable a man with his ego would simply have allowed the Board to push him around since then. It’s down to him mainly, e.g. Fabregas and Kroenke confirming the former’s sale was his decision alone.

  • Pires

    Gazidis has said we plan our finances based on the precept of not qualifying for the Champions League. This is good…but raises the question if we plan all of our expenditure without CL money and it is therefore considered “surplus” over and above what we spend on wages, players etc then what they hell have they been doing with it all these years ? My second point related to Gazidis’s comment is to ask the pertinent question “yes you plan your finances without the windfall of champions league football but have you taken into consideration that our form is distinctly of the relegation kind?” The way this team are playing we should not be worried about CL football next season but relegation from the Premiership. A struggle to beat a very very poor Swansea side and a win against ten men who happen to be the bottom team of the league. Arsenal fans should be deeply concerned – especially as Gazidis stated they will not spend heavily in January “we have to maintain our stable model and not go over the curve” what a complete tool. Gazidis and Kroenke’s money grabbing, Hill Wood’s senile dementia and Wenger’s managerial ineptitude spell the death of Arsenal Football Club.

  • yemi

    @ junior:
    @ Pires:

    I agree with both of you wholeheartedly. I still maintain that there is something going on in the background that we are not being told. Lady ninas comments when she left show that there is some kind of conspiracy going on.