Sorry, Excuse Me, What? What is happening to our Arsenal?

That’s the question on everyone’s lips. When you’ve had caviar every day for many years, it’s very hard to start eating brussel sprouts. But what do you do? Sack the chef? But isn’t he doing the best he can do with his ingredients? Brussel Sprouts with garlic, doesn’t taste bad, but just doesn’t satisfy does it? But what if Brussel Sprouts is all you can get, what if there was no supply, what if all you could afford was Brussels? What if all the caviar was bought up already?

Man, I’m hungry now.

It’s quite heart wrenching to see and experience the demise of your club, but as fans of the Arsenal, that is exactly what is going on – how long it will last is the key question… will it be a short period. Will our players gel in time? Will they turn the corner? Arteta and Benayoun are no Cesc and Nasri, that is for sure, but what exactly did Cesc & Nasri win when they were with us? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not having a go at Cesc or Nasri, but the issues at Arsenal didn’t start this season.

It started a long time ago when we starting selling off our prize assets. When Vieira was sold in his prime, when Henry left to win trophies, when we told the world we were a selling club with the departures of Overmars & Petit. Why have we been selling? Why have we lost our mojo?

The answer is the Emirates.

Arsenal have a proud history, but we’ve had to work our way up to the Elite. We’ve had to make it happen, we were a mid-table team when Arsene took over (well, a little better than that), and we must not forget the leaps and bounds we’ve jumped with him. The move to the Emirates – in the short term – may feel sour, it may feel like “why did we bother” as all we have had since the move is a painful amount of decline.

But, we must look at the longer term. We must project ourselves 10 years into the future, when the debts have been paid of and the revenue the club earns allows us to compete at the highest level. It’s hard – as a fan – to accept, but we must accept and understand that long term prosperity is far better than short term gain. Arsene Wenger hates losing. He would have hated to lose to Sp*rs this season. He would have hated the Old Trafford incident. But that’s where we are. The one he would have hated the most is surely the defeat to Blackburn. 2-1 up at half time and ready to win – wins breed confidence.

I know you’ve heard it before, but we have to give this squad some time to gel. If things haven’t significantly improved by January, then we can dip into the market. In the new year, we will have the likes of Wilshere, Vermaelen and Sagna back. This season, we have to aim for 4th – we can do it – Sp*rs, Liverpool and the other contenders will drop points and as soon as we get on a roll, we need to climb the table. Despite recent results, I do have some admiration for Alex Song’s latest comments:

We don’t have any choice now We just now need to take the good things and win every single game. We just need to be more focused now, try to defend together and try to attack together because the fans need it. We need just to make them happy. We need to win our games now. The fans did very well today and we didn’t do very well for them. The next five games are very important for us. We need to win every single one to come back and show the fans that we are ready and that we are tight to fight for the league.

He still believes we can win the title…

I know it’s a pain in the proverbial butt, but we must stay together and support the manager and team. The team will gel, it will get better. Let’s not over-react.

It won’t be our best season by a mile, but what can we do? We need to eat and if it’s Brussel Sprouts on the menu, then I’m going to learn to like them…

Til tomorrow…

  • oussama

    well said we need to support the team to get well soon anyway i think we should buy some players in january to compete for 4th place Come on you Gunners

  • AcGooner

    I agree with the most of the post. BUT. It’s difficult to see from outside, but I think the atmosphere in the Club is too relaxing. Players are not pushed enough. I’m making that conclusion seeing as Theo is turning into some demanding premadona, writing books, not realising that maximum he can give to the Club is being a super-sub (a great one by the way). Seeing as Jack from the hardworking kid becames some Suturday boozer.

  • arsenaloudin

    Go ahead, eat your Brussel sprouts because after this you have to get used to eating grass. A great team like Arsenal shouldnt be languishing in the bottom five for too long. It just doesnt sit right for professionals in the Arsenal team to perform in such a haphazard Dr Jekl and Hyde way! There is something very wrong in our spirit and application which the Professor should have dealt with. It has been lingering around for many years. You are asking us to wait for another ten years. This kind of statement or vision is for clubs languishing in the bottom half of the table. Come to think of it, Arsenal is perched nicely on the bottom half of the bottom half of the table. I HATE PEOPLE WHO DONT WANT TO DO SELF SCRUTINY BUT INSTEAD LOOK FOR EXCUSES. A GREAT COACH DOES NOT LOOK FOR EXCUSES. A GREAT COACH PUT A HIGH BENCHMARK AND DOESNT ACCEPT ANYTHING LESS

  • arsefan101

    Great article – this season is frustrating of course – the worry is that our debt is still very high and not decreasing.

    Are we really going to be debt free in 10 years?
    We have spent £50m this summer of several players – did we buy the right ones? Cahill was available (although he has been less than impressive), so was Ashley Young (who has been very impressive)…

    Although, the 4-3-3 is an interesting one too, it doesn’t work!

  • yemi

    @ arsenaloudin:
    Well said , No matter the situation, we should not be languishing ion the bottom half of the table.
    How many games into the season and we are already talking of fighting for fourth spot !!! That is totally unacceptable and pitiful.
    As dev has rightly stated, this mess started when we began to sell players. I still maintain that if we had added one or two players to the squad before hleb/flamini/henry left, we would have been better off.
    We have a long list of defenders that should never have worn an arsenal shirt like silvestre, campbell (part 2), Squilacci. All these when we should have strengthened. If we had gotten a decent defender in january, we would have ended the season on a high but we were hoping TV will be back and djourou will be fine. No sooner than the january window closes, TV is not back and djourou gets injured.
    It might be early days, but i don’t think it took us 10 or 15 games to see how good TV was, i haven’t seen anything in metersacker that impresses me apart from his height (which he doesn’t make use of.)
    Our midfield has become mediocre. It is true that we didn’t win anything when nasri and cesc were with us but that still boils down to not strengthening the team in the right places. Man u thrives on the ability of rooney or giggs or park or sombody to give a killer pass. Noone does that for us and even when we get a pass, noone is there to take the chances.

    A blind man knows that theo has peaked as a winger, nothing extra can come from him playing on the wing. The boy is a forward not a winger, he can’t dribble a stationary object.

    RVP is more of a supporting striker than a top 9, He drops deep a lot and when he does, nobody takes the initiative to attack the box.

    Because we don’t have proper wingers, it is easy to defend against us cause every ball is coming thru the centre. The goal we scored against spurs came thru the wings from a very unlikely source.

    For me song and coq were standout players in the match.

    When will Arsene start playing park ?

    The questions that keep bugging me are these
    1. What is arsenals ideal starting eleven in the current squad ?

    2. What is the ideal formation ?

    3. Why do our players always have injuries and mostly long term ?

    4. Are our physios good enough ?

    5. What is missing in the coaching crew ?

    6. What is wrong with the Board ?

    7. What is wrong with kreonke and KSE sports ?

    8. are the fans too passive ?

    9. Do we need a change in the coaching crew and backroom staff ?

    10. What is happening to our Arsenal?

    A hypertensive person should not be an arsenal fan.

  • yemi

    salom says on October 2nd, 2011 at 6:02 pm :
    I remember the 08/09 season when we lost 5 games, conceded 37 goals & Wenger declared it a disaster, citing our poor defence as the reason we didn’t win the league.

    Well here we are, three years later in the first weekend of October & we’ve lost 4 & conceded 16. Still, as that fabulous new crest tells us, “Forward

  • kp007

    I have been supporting the gunners for the past 22 years and never see the team in such disarray. Pathetic at defending, no creativity in the midfield, wasteful and blunt attack. During the Graham’s 1-nil to the Arsenal era, the team is poor attacking-wise but they are darn solid at the back. Even during the “turmoil” period of Stewart Houston and Bruce Rioch, we ain’t this poor. Sad to say, the relegation battle is on

  • kp007

    Bad procurement, bad players, bad strategy and bad vision = nr 17. Meaning 8 to manure, 2 to L/pool, 4 to Blackburn, 2 to spuds. So whats next? how bad will next week be and the following week and the one after? Wenger will this season be his Monaco? Will this season be the season spuds do a double? Its certain that manure, chelsea and mancity will have their field days. Will this season be a dog fight down under? Who will leave and who will come if any January. What wenger could not be bothered to fix in the summer will he fix it Jan? Boys the heat has just started more will come.In arsene we trust!

  • Pires

    I’ve really had enough!
    (surely we all have?)

    Why do we have so many gutless supporters?

    Fer fk sake even Blackburn can rouse up a demonstration.

    Our form is disgusting – and it has been for far too long.

    Even me a Rose tinter has given AW time, then more time, then more time.

    So, post here if you are genuinely up for a peaceful but noisy demo for AW to resign.

    * 2 weeks to get a demo together for the next home v SUNDERLAND *

    would be nice to have a thousand on here – then we can arrange it

  • Kodjo

    @ Dev

    Yes make projections for the future…but you still need the now to make the future meaningful. What is the point of planninng for the future when what we are doing is destroying the very foundations that the future is supposedly built upon.

    The problems are there for all to see…at some point we neeeded to gamble to mainten a strong and competitive side. As Yemi and others have said we were short by 4 players…

    I will not belabour the point but it appears until performances deteriorate and attendance at the Emirates dwindle…the Board will not take any action.

    The basis of any project or projection is having a competitive team and winning games. This is a fundamental as it gets. Until someone in the club is brave enough to stick their boot where it hurts….it will only get worse.

    Nuff said!!!!

  • Kodjo

    Less i forget…Mr Wenger enough of the handbrake cliches…if the handbrake is a problem rip it off!!!! Use the floor pedals.

    Actually it takea lot of effort to apply the handbrake.

  • devday

    When we do take the handbrake off… boy it’s going to be mental…

  • kp007

    @Dev – it aint happening mate. not with this squad and the manager.

  • Kodjo

    Frankly i’d be happy with a Europa place….hopefully that will take us out of the limelight to enable us rebuild.

    But once you slip out of the top 4 the champion mentality/edge goes out of the window as well. It is extremely dificult to cultivate the mentality that we’ve been craving for.

    the likes of Arteta, Ramsey, Gervihno,Gibbs need to look hard at themselves.

    I feel sorry for the poor lad Jenkinson…now he has become our main right back he is just going to be roasted through no fault of his.

  • Pires

    anyone else sick of wenger, gazidis and co telling the world what a great job they are doing because we turn profits? heres arsenals “sound” business policy simplified. sell players for max profits and invest a smaller fee on a replacement, charge the highest football ticket price in the world (true). thats is. our shirt sponsorship rakes in less money than tottenham despite us being a CL club (who brokered that deal?). the highbury flat are stop start and overall have failed (who brokered that deal). the naming rights for the stadium are below par (who brokdered that deal). our commercial side are doing a rubbish job. the club turning a profit depends on selling players and replaicng them with inferior ones (hence the decline) and robbing the fans by charging the highest ticket prices in europe to watch a dodgy consistantly average team (taking advantage of the support and passion arsenal fans have for the club). so the self appointed blue print of football club running involves – charging the highest ticket prices in the world, and being unable to avoid a continuing and steady decline. at this rate unless change is made, in a few years we will be a true mid table team (im serious).

  • junior

    February 1st is when I will worry about relegation.

    That is when we will know to what extent the squad has been strengthened for the second half of the season.

  • arsefan101

    @ Pires:
    At the time when the deals were brokered, they were good – in fact, they are still in bracket with all other clubs except United & City.

    Also, they allowed us to move to a new stadium as monies were paid up front.

  • jethro smith abara

    I think Arsene Wenger made a massive mistake delaying his transfer dealings till dead line day.That was so stupid of him regarding is a world respected coach. Why on earth would u run a great Arsenal club like that??
    He wasn’t decisive, he was always speaking to the media, saying we are not selling our best players…but sorry he did.
    Alex ferguson did his transfer business real quick, took them to usa for pre-season and the rest is history. The only 2players wenger got that looks good is probably gervinho and may be chamberline.
    Am so disappointed in Wenger. I believe when u see the players u want go for him no matter what. I bet u Chris samba is far better than Mertasacker. The inability to pay good money for players is also costing us this bad results. Cos truth be told, if you wanna get quality, spend the money.