Spurs v Arsenal: match preview

So that match we always look forward to on the calendar, against Spurs, is upon us again. This time away. With Spurs being our closest rivals, geographically, this has, and will always be, a massive massive match. And we’ve got scores to settle.

I remember a couple of seasons ago on Twitter, when it was getting towards the time for a match against Spurs in the leagu, people tweeting statements starting with “since the last time Spurs beat Arsenal in the league…’, with people coming up with ridiculous (and fabulous!) statements, such as: “Since the last time Spurs beat Arsenal in the league, apple was only a fruit.” “Since the last time Spurs beat Arsenal, Tony Blair was still a toddler”, etc.

But then, we played at White Hart Lane, and lost 2-1. That hurt like crazy! And no, not just because the twitter hastaggy thing was now obsolete. But because well, I never thought I’d see the day!

It then changed to “Since Spurs beat Arsenal in the league at home…” Then they bloody beat us 2-3 at the Emirates. HOW we lost that match, I’ll never know, having been 2-0 up at half-time! We then played them at White Hart Lane, and managed to draw 3-3, after having been 1-3 up at some point before half-time!

We definitely have been indulging them a bit too much, and it’s high time we reminded them who’s boss in North London! We’ve been going a bit easy on them, and you know it’s time to change this, when the media, everybody, has you down as underdogs! Like seriously!? I know we’ve been nowhere near our best of late, but guess what? So haven’t Spurs! Worst case scenario, I’d say it’s a toss-up as to who wins, but there’s no way in he’ll Spurs are favourites, and that’s not just me talking with my Arsenal hat on.

But as my dad said, though, and more important than neighbourhood rivalry, winning this match will show whether or not we’ve finally found our mojo. We’re 3 in 3 in 3, at the moment. 3 wins out of 3, in 3 different competitions. A win tomorrow will show that we’ve finally gotten over the sales of Cesc and Nasri, and we’re ready to press on.

Will it be easy tomorrow? Hell no! That’s why a win will be massive, because it won’t just be handed to us on a silver platter. We also have the added incentive that Adebayor will most likely be playing against us, and we’d like him to remember that how it was when he was with us, scoring against them, not the other way round. Don’t want to give him any satisfaction of any sort.

As far as team news is concerned, we’re missing the usual suspects- Vermaelen, Wilshere and Diaby, with Arsene confirming that Koscielny is out. Theo and Gervinho will be facing fitness tests, and hopefully they’ll be fit. Obviously not ideal having injury concerns, but that’s the nature of the game, and we’ve got to deal with it. Song is most likely going to play alongside Mertesacker in the centre of defence. He did well against Olympiacos in mid-week, and hopefully they can continue that partnership tomorrow. It gives Frimpong or Cocquelin a chance to shine, and hopefully one of them will take it.

I think I’ll stop there. Apologies that it’s not the usual match report. Dev is away, and right now, it’s 2am in the morning, and I’ve had a lot of alcohol down my throat, so my brain isn’t fully functional! All back to normal next game, I should think!

All that’s left to be said at this point though, is Come on Arsenal! It’s high time Spurs were reminded that there’s only one team in North London! Don’t you agree?

  • devday

    Amazing post Miss Debs!!

  • http://- ali fakih

    Its 4am here in the DR Congo, and I can’t sleep, as my thoughts are already with arsenal-spurs! I do believe we can do it today… I just hope the new players realize and live up to the occasion…
    Cheers mate and thnx for the article

  • edison

    Exactly how every arsenal supporter should be feeling at the moment, we are in a better form at the moment and seriously have a point to prove with this game. Whats the point of such negativity going into a game thinking your going to lose it? Arsenal will have to battle for it, but they can do it – even after what the club has been through so far this season. It says ‘Forward’ on our 125th anniversary crest, not ‘Past’.

    Time for everyone to step up, I think we could see a few players earn a first team place by their performance today. – at worst we’l get a draw.

    Andre Santos could be an important character to have on the pitch today, the guy is a hungry player, he’l give sp*rs problems when we go forward, and hes got a goal to his name. I hope Wenger plays him.

  • Berth

    Am really pissed with Ramsey now.

  • salom

    pathetic piece of….

  • salom

    uumm sorry what was that you were saying about spurs? I think the power has well n truly shifted and we are mugs for believing otherwise

  • salom

    I remember the 08/09 season when we lost 5 games, conceded 37 goals & Wenger declared it a disaster, citing our poor defence as the reason we didn’t win the league.

    Well here we are, three years later in the first weekend of October & we’ve lost 4 & conceded 16. Still, as that fabulous new crest tells us, “Forward

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Another loss, another shocking defensive performance and another injured player. I can seriously see us finishing mid-table this season.

  • prime

    ramsey scored but still he is useless. why cant wenger put arteta to support RVP. not ramsey.

  • kp007

    Wenger again I’m afraid, poor team selection, wrong formation and not the faintest hint of any organisation. The only bright spot was Coquelin who was excellent. Arteta is nowhere near the player he was, Gibbs had a good game but positionally he is still lacking, Sagna was all over the place and couldn’t cope. Van Persie played like someone who knows he wont be around long and Szczesny although he played well cost us a draw with his gaff. The Lighthouse is so slow it’s beyond belief and Song has no discipline. I used to thing Wenger had turned is into also rans with his refusal to spend and his obsession with buying from the French League but it’s worse than that. We are actually a poor side. Anyone who still thinks we can finish in the top4 is certifiable, we have no hope and will struggle to finish in the top half. Wenger has a lot to answer for.

  • Pires

    The 5th February 2011 will go down as a noteworthy day in Arsenal’s history and in my life for all the wrong reasons. This is the day a seed of doubt was planted that has grown and finally come to fruition. The fruition is with regard to the managing of our football club. We drew 4-4 to Newcastle that day which was a result of the most shocking proportions. I hate to recount events again but to briefly summarise we were 0-4 up away from home at half time scoring the first 3 goals in the first 10 minutes. Then Diaby (please sell him AW) gets sent off and this is a catalyst for the most ridiculous comeback I have ever seen and statistically the best in Premier league history. This was a telling result in the following ways: 1. It proved Arsenal’s defence, particularly at centre back, was not good enough 2. It proved Arsenal were menatlly fragile despite all AW assertions to the contrary. 3. it proved we were not Premier league title material despite our standing in the table and the fact we had been top of the league. The result of that game were much more significant than most people realise. Arsenal players got it into their mental psyche that they could not win. They lost the confidence and self-belief required to win. They lost the killer instinct that winners have. Following this result we lost to Birmingham in the Carling cup and have had relegation form since then. IF you don’t agree you may be shocked to realise we have only won 3 of our last 16 games. Even more significant is that our side has become seriously weaker. Fabregas our best player by a mile left, Nasri followed at the end of a summer where we had bought a couple of kids but otherwise not invested in preparation for the imminent losses. What is even worse than the foregoing for me is that AW has been negligent with regard to the position of CB for years now. Nothing convinced me more than the Cahill debacle. Even the players brought in (arteta and co) seem to be more about appeasing fans hurting after an 8-2 thrashing at the hands of Manure than actually strengthening the team. I regret saying this but AW needs to go. He has outlived his usefulness at Arsenal Football club. There is no player bigger than the club and same with the manager. The behaviour of the board and owners is what concerns me the most. They have blind faith in a man who would have been fired at any club in Europe for the results Arsenal has produced of late. I get the impression that he does not feel any pressure at all. Todays loss to the scum at Spurs just added fuel to the fire.I genuinely say this with more pain than you can realise but Arsene Wenger needs to go, enough is enough.

  • kp007

    @pires brilliant post. time to get this clown out of the club

  • ZimGooner

    In Wenger we trust’til the end of time BUT Arsenla must adapt to the spending patterns in worldfootball or die as a club!!