Olympiacos and the NHS waiting room

Happy Wednesday Gooners.

Champions League Match Day 2 (as UEFA would like us to call it), Olympiacos are the opposition from Greece. Before we launch into a quick match preview, it’s worth recapping on the main story of the last 24hours; the operation of Jack Wilshere.

As Dev mentioned yesterday, Jack has had his operation and now faces 5 months out of action. With the medical team under growing pressure given the recent lengthy injuries of Vermaelen, Rosicky and the never ending saga of Diaby, Wenger was inevitably asked questions regarding Jack;

“It’s unfair because the club medical staff haven’t made any mistakes on that front,” he said. “It is unfortunate and we are all very sad at the club that it has happened to such a young boy.

“We were even more worried as it was a complicated procedure so it was a big relief yesterday for everybody at the club that the operation went well. I am convinced that the medical staff have not made any mistakes on this case.”


Some people need a scapegoat in every scenario. Whether it be an incompetent defender, a Russian winger or the weather, someone needs to have the finger pointed at them in today’s Arsenal world. The reason Jack has had the operation is due to a stress fracture in his ankle. What is a stress fracture?

A stress fracture occurs when muscles become fatigued and are unable to absorb added shock. Eventually, the fatigued muscle transfers the overload of stress to the bone causing a tiny crack called a stress fracture.

In other words Jack was over worked and over played in his first season, 44 starts in total. So who’s to blame now? The fact is it was our over reliance on a young gifted player and not letting his body recover. No Ramsey and Cesc in and out of the team, Jack was often ‘the first on the teamsheet’ due to a lack of options. We wish Jack a speedy recovery but suitably timed recovery.

Hurry up, they need the bed.


The RVP contract ‘drama’ rumbles on but for me we need to win games and get back to form, the contract can wait. Simples.

Olympiacos come to town tonight for our first home game in the Champions League. I’d like to tell you a load of facts about them and do some fancy analysis but I don’t know anything about them! What I do know is that Mellberg plays for them and that c*nt got the first competitive goal at the Emirates, so lets smash ‘em!

Team news is that our NHS medical team have informed us that Gervinho (muscle injury), Koscielny (ankle) and Walcott (knee) are all out and are currently sitting in A&E waiting for treatment.  Djourou (hamstring) and Benayoun (thigh) are both still out. The boss hinted that Song could play in defence so the team could look something like this:



Sagna – Song – Mertsacker – Gibbs

Coquelin – Ramsey


Rosicky   –  RVP  – Arshavin


I expect us to win at home but as the United game proved last night, take a team lightly at your peril in the Champions League. Plus I really hope if we need Chamakh (a barn door) to come on he doesn’t refuse. That would be really embarassing… ! Oh City, you can buy all the players in the world but you can never buy class.

Till the next time. Enjoy the game all! RED ARMY!!




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  • ny

    I strongly believe it will be 4-4-2 and this will be the


    Sagna – Mertsacker- Song/Miguel – Gibbs

    Rosicky–Coquelin – Frimpong–Arshavin

    ———-RVP – Chamakh

    RVP will be replaced about 1 hr mark by Park and RVP,Arteta,Ramsey all will have fresh legs against Spurs.Sagna will be replaced by Jenkinson as Bale is waiting for him.

  • ny

    Santos may start ahead of Gibbs

  • http://worldofarsenal Josiah

    i say play AOC

  • Karl

    A wise and knowledgeable man once said.
    “Yes it is true, every team will have their run of bad luck, where many players will have injury problems. Yes it is true, every team will have their unlucky players who are injury prone. It is also true, when a team has a run of bad luck, with many players having injury problems and that run spans across many seasons, there is more than just bad luck to blame.”

    That same man aslo said.
    “It is rather odd that Arsenal seem to have nobody who has had the curiosity to investigate other teams, from their own sport and others, and see that similarly “injury prone” clubs, who did not dismiss their problems as bad luck, managed to solve them. Those clubs investigated their ways and realised that their “bad luck” was actually caused by certin aspects of their everyday training and also aspects of the way they went about readying their players for such a long strenuouse season. Once they fixed those problems, all of a sudden their “bad luck” vanished and most of their “injury prone players” were now just know as players.”

    It is a pity that, to my knowledge, a man of this nature has not been found, down at the Arsenal.

  • kp007

    I think we will qualify via the Fair Play league. Don’t laugh, I am well aware of our red cards to date but you see, those were ‘special circumstances’.

    I feel with a little bit extra quality, that we will not use the handbrake for our discipline and you will see our spirit and determination to win the FPL. You can see that Sonia Tatar was a little bit physically jaded after our spanking session but that with extra rest she will be ready to dominate. You also need to remember I have Abou Diaby out and he will be back soon. Thanks for reading.

    There are no food shortages, definitely no Yank Tanks near Baghdad

    Comical Arsene

  • Av – Physio (nhs)

    Another great blog, good read. However, I don’t agree with it all. I think your description/definition of a stress fracture is a little too simple esp in this instance. I’m sure bone formation (osteoclasts) and the mechanism of injury had more to do with it than just him being overplayed. Also, I feel the medical team needs to be looked at-esp with our recent record of injuries. Is the current physio a relative of the ex-physio? I don’t think this necessarily means he is the best man for the job. Medicine changes with practice and evidence, our current medical team seem to be a little static. Anyway, I hope I’m wrong and our ‘luck’ with injuries changes quickly. Wish Jack a speedy recovery.

  • devday

    Starting line up tonight: Szczesny; Sagna Song Mertesacker Santos; Frimpong Arteta; Arshavin Rosicky Oxlade-Chamberlain; Chamakh

  • edison

    Are we the only english club who managed to win their CL group game this week? YES

    Did we manage to defend and shut out olympiakos for a whole 45 minutes? YES

    Should Alex Song and Per Mertesacker be our defensive pairing from now on? YES

    Is Oxlade-Chamberlin faster than Theo Walcott? YES

  • yemi

    Zonal marking was our problem yesterday. It is not the way for us.

    The goal we conceded was just really painful. The reason being this, When you mark zonally, there is the high probability that noone takes responsibility for anything. When you mark man-on-man, your man is your responsibility and it makes it easier to detect any unmarked players.

    The goal came from a short corner routine involving 2 players.

    Mistake 1: All arsenal players were in the box waiting for the ball to come in thereby giving the opponent enough time to pick a perfect spot.

    Mistake 2: After the corner was taken, on 1 arsenal player tried to run and make an interception. Who in the world defends by playing one defender against two opponents ? Easily beaten.

    mistake 3: The player that scored was about a yard or 2 away from Mertsacker. Why was the tallest player on the field (a defender) not attacking the ball ? because each arsenal player was managing his zone and whatever happens outside the zone is none of his business.

    Zonal marking for set pieces more often than not doesn’t work.

    By the way song did a great job and had to play 2 positions. Santos was almost never around.
    Frimpong was my man of the match.

  • yemi

    Oh lest i forget did arshavin get any shot at goal yesterday? that is apart from the toe-poke towards the goal keeper!

  • Pires

    Get ready to be walloped by spurs

  • yemi

    @ Pires:
    We are not getting walloped by spurs, we will come out with 3 points…

  • Pires

    hahah @yemi: whatever it is you are smoking come off it. Spurs have been superb offensively and I dnt think we have been anywhere near their standard. Thedefense is shambles and only God fortune saved that 2nd goal from going for the Greeks.

    Spurs will piss on this team you watch.

  • kp007

    agree with pires … be lucky even if we get a draw the way we are playing

  • yemi

    y’all will be surprised. I will tell you i said it !!!