Sack Ferguson! Sack Mancini! Arsenal vs Olympiacos CL Preview

Last night, Bayern Munich beat Man City 2-0… and United drew 3-3 with Basel at home. Surely it’s the end of the road for Mancini? Surely Ferguson has lost the plot? Well, that’s the crazyness that Arsenal fans have had to ensure in recent times – after the Dortmund (Champions of Germany last season) 1-1 away draw, I was asked whom I’d like to replace Arsene Wenger with… Time for a little perspective, I think!

We have a huge game tonight in the Champions League against Greek team Olympiacos and we have an injury ravaged team – with a lot of players missing – in fact our injury list looks something like this:

  1. Thomas Vermaelen
  2. Sebastian Squillaci
  3. John Djourou
  4. Laurent Koscielny
  5. Ignasi Miquel
  6. Ryo Miyachi
  7. Jack Wilshere
  8. Abou Diaby
  9. Yossi Benayoun
  10. Theo Walcott
  11. Gervinho

That’s 11 players and 8 of them are first teamers…! The big question is who does that leave? Okay, let’s try and make a team from the remaining players:


Sagna – Mertersacker – Song – Gibbs

Frimpong – Ramsey

Rosicky – Arteta – Arshavin

Van Persie

With a bench of Fabianski, Jenkinson, Santos, Coquelin, Park, Oxlade, Chamakh

There is a case for Arsene trying out a few other faces, such as Oxlade or Park – we’ve seen Oxlade against Shrewsbury and he looked very good – but you have to remember, we’re talking about a league 2 side – which is basically the fourth division – versus a champion of a country in the Champions League.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, tonight’s game will be no pushover. We’ve seen in the two games yesterday, where both the Manchester teams failed to win. Olympiacos manager Ernesto Valverde came out with some fighting talk:

“Every time we have clubs playing against each other the one that will win is the one which imposes its own style of play and who will do it better. Usually the team that has to change its style for the other is the one that will lose. We have to face an opponent who is probably one of the toughest we could find ourselves against. They are a great team, we know that we are the underdogs but we are here to give a good impression and why not take something out of this game.”

I really do think Olympiacos will give us a run for our money and we have to be on top form to get past them – but we do have the home advantage, and we are a strong team and despite the eleven players out missing – to field the eleven that we are fielding show an incredible strength in depth.

It’s going to be a tough night at the Emirates, but we can do it – come on you reds, come on you Gunners!!

  • ziggy

    damn hasn’t Fergie being sacked yet? throwing away a 2 goal lead against a team equivalent to Bolton? no the papers won’t report it. it would be the end for AW if it happens to hid team.

  • Richard

    What a great article! Imagine gooner fans asking Arsene Wenger to be replaced! Instead of sticking by our manager and players who have remained committed to Arsenal, we blasted them. Now is not the time to lay blame but to get behind the team and our manager. Our loyalty must always be to the club and I do not see how we can be loyal to the club by constantly “wacking” the living daylights out of our own players and manager.

  • Enoch

    Let’s go gunnerz this is a game we shud win we’ve had enough of the dissapointment I think the team is stable though there some injuries but still there some many quality players lyk szczseny sagna mertasacker song gibbs arteta rvp arshavin and rosicky,guy i think wat we are lacking from our team is long range shooters.

  • Pires

    eerrmm Noo. The fact of the matter is United have won how many trophies in the past 6 years? and despite the injuries they have or any rubbish results they get they will always turn it back on. Wheras we fucking havent turned it on since the CC final defeat so dont even bother making such stupid comparisons. At the end of the season you can bet your granny dollar that Utd and Citeh will be in more competitions than us