Don’t worry about Van Persie… And Let Me Tell You Why!

Robin Van Persie will have one year left on his contract in the summer.

The summer is not now – now is the present and now is all that counts. We in the business of winning football matches and right now, no-one should be discussing contracts. I wouldn’t put time into worrying about whether or not someone wants to talk about signing a new contract when the club haven’t even offered him one yet and we’re in the middle of a period where nothing is more important than the games we play.

The reason some supporters are maybe a little worried at the moment is because of the Nasri affair. But let me tell you one thing – Robin Van Persie & Samir Nasri are two different players and two different people all together. Nasri has had a trademark journey of not signing contracts and moving clubs – that how he left Marseille and ended up at Arsenal anyway. Whereas Robin Van Persie has joined the club and stayed for 7 years – through the hard times of when we haven’t won anything. He’s 28 and if he stays until the end of his contract, then he will play with us from age 21 to age 30.

But do I believe Robin Van Persie will sign a new contract? Yes, I do, but I believe it will be in summer, not now.

When asked about his contract Van Persie said:

“I still have almost two years until 2013. So, for the moment, that’s fine, but I don’t know. We will have to look. I’m happy with my contract, I’m good. That’s how it is, I can’t say much more. I can’t look into the future.”

And following on from that, he was asked whether he would prefer to sign now or later and he replied.

“Maybe leave it because the main thing for me is the team and that we play well. I do believe you have to look for a right moment to sit down and speak about your own stuff. It’s not only about me, it’s about the team. I don’t want to give the wrong message to speak about my own stuff while the others are a bit more
important, especially now. I can’t see we are talking now because we are so busy. We have games every three or four days. I don’t think it’s clever to do that during the season. We have to see, I don’t know.”

Van Persie is our current captain and I believe he has a different mental make up than Samir Nasri – I think he has a closer relationship with the gaffer too. I really don’t think he will be sold next summer. He has had opportunities to leave when he wasn’t playing and more recently, I think his words throughout the summer and way in which he has carries himself. You can see him out there on the pitch – it’s clear he loves the club.

When he was handed the number 10, he said:

“I have never stopped believing in Arsenal. I love this club, this is my seventh year now. Arsenal gave me a chance to develop into a good player and I want to repay the Club and the fans and everyone with trophies. I love the way of thinking at Arsenal, the way of playing really stands out. I know two teams who play similar football; they are us and Barcelona. Some teams are trying but not really coming close. I speak to colleagues in the national team from different big teams which have a different way of thinking. But I prefer our way of thinking, very much. That’s why I believe and I don’t stop believing when things go against us.”

I’m convinced he will re-sign when the time is right. You can remind me that I’ve said this too…

And it’s fingers crossed time for Jack Wilshere – he had surgery on his right ankle and is now in a period of recovery. The BBC claims he will be out for 5 further months, but I think he will be back a little sooner. The statement from Arsenal read:

“Under the care of two world-renowned surgeons, Jack has had the stress fracture of his right ankle repaired. The initial indications are that the surgery has been successful and Jack will now undergo a prolonged period of rehabilitation.”

Good luck Jack…

  • Pires

    Henry wanted out, he got his wish.

    Clichy was surplus to requirements, many fans wanted him gone, the club wanted him gone and so he was.

    Cesc was always going to go back to Barcelona at some point, am amazed he stayed as long as he did.

    Nasri was in it for the money and silverware, he has higher wages at City and more chance of silverware and owes Arsenal absolutely nothing.

  • Bonathan

    No-one could blame RVP if he does decide to leave at the end of the season. He is not getting any younger and he deserves trophies. If things don’t improve and we are no-where near challenging for honours this season then I would expect him to leave and there would be absolutely no hard feelings on my part. on the contrary, i’d wish him well. You can’t hold players like that back. Sometimes they gotta do what’s best for them, not us. Hopefully we can turn things around and that’l persuade him to stay but if not then I think he’d be better trying somewhere else.

    Yes, the nasri situation was different, and money was definitely a factor. But I don’t think it was the main factor to be honest. I mean, if I was in his position, with one year left, and saw no investment being made in the club, and I had offers coming in from clubs that were going places, then i’d have done the same. If you can double your money at the same time, then that’s even better, but the bottom line was, he didn’t believe we were going in the right direction, and he’s been proved right.

  • kp007

    He will be off as soon as he can,closely followed by Wilshire!!!
    There is no loyalty in football anymore.
    They will come out with the same shit that Fabregas and Nasri did,ie:We don’t have a chance of winning anything at Arsenal,(while coveniently overlooking the fact that they are the fuckers who are failing on the pitch!!!).
    Fuck them!!! Go now!!!

  • arsefan101

    Guys – there is loyalty in football. Van Persie has been loyal.

    Toure, Adebayor and even Vieira were pushed out by Arsene – remember loyalty goes two ways.

    The club have been loyal to RvP and he has been loyal to them.

  • Bonathan

    Of course there’s loyalty in football. But these players are top players who should be at top teams. If we are not a top team anymore, then they need to be loyal to themselves and move. This has always been the case. generally top players want to be at top teams. If we had won trophies over the last few years, these players would all have singned new contracts by now. These players would all have prefered to do it at arsenal, that’s loyalty, but if things are going the way they have been, then that’s the fault of the people running the club and you can’t blame players for watning to leave. It’s highly fustrating for the fans so imagine how fustrating this shambles has been for the players.

  • Bonathan

    Just a note to the editors that Gilles Sunu also left the club in the transfer window. To lorient, 4 year deal.

  • devday

    @ Bonathan:
    I think Nasri was lured away from really really high Man City money, whereas Cesc went for other reasons.

  • arsefan101

    It will be interesting to see Bayern vs City tonight!
    I think Bayern will win!