What can I say?

I’ve been putting up with Arsenal jokes 4-3 weeks. And they don’t get any funnier.

In fairness, you can take the two own goals and the offside goal (Yakubu’s second), give Arsenal the penalty they should have had when Theo was upended, and score any of the chances from the last five minutes and the result might have been different – but in any case you just can’t concede four goals and expect to come away with a point or better.

Song’s own goal was unfortunate, but it happened in slow motion. Why wasn’t he jumping forward to meet the ball and head it skyward? That it dropped in the box at all is an obvious sign of trouble. Unfortunate for Song because up until then he’d been excellent again, but this is a player who occasionally plays at the back. Head the ball. Head the opposition. Head the ground if you have to but do not let the ball bounce. No bounce on the grass and certainly no bounce off your knee into the goal.

Yakubu’s second was offside, but in any case, offside or not, a player in front of Yakubu stops that ball getting to him and stops him scoring. Easy, and if the lino flags then that’s fine and if the lino doesn’t flag that’s also fine because the ball hasn’t got to the striker anyway, because you’ve defended it.

We created enough chances to win the match, that much is true. And we took three of them. But we conspired to concede four, so even scoring three goals made no difference.

I’m actually bemused really – although I said months ago “spending money and bringing in new players won’t change anything” and so far it hasn’t changed anything. Throwing away the lead twice and conceding two own goals? How very Arsenal.

In any case, it could be worse, we could still have Denilson in the squad.

  • kp007

    I am firmly in the camp that says that the Wenger era has come to an end and he should leave the club and not be movd upstairs.I cannot see him leaving or the board sacking him though. If they let him go they would have to pay him a large compensation package(why is it that football managers get a pay off when they get sacked but all Joe Public get is a security guard to see them to the door). The other problem is that any new manager would have the same squad of players to work with so would need to be a great tactician first and a world respected person second as in the transfer window he would need to be able to attract quality players without the promise of European football. Any new manager would want to build their own tean which would mean that money would have to be made available and I cannot see the Board agreeing this to any protential candidate. They would pick someone that was in the Wenger mold and someone who was a yes man to do their bidding. We also have the problem of having two major shareholders who are billionaires but have different attitudes towards the direction of our club. One has the backing of the board but does not want to put money into club and one is offerng to invest but gets shut out. I do not know what will happen to address the current issues but if things stay as they are we will become a middle table team playing in a half full stadium.

  • Berth

    It proves Denison and co arnt the real problem. See Song is becoming Denilson slowly. The blame clearly should go to Monseuir and not players all the time

  • sharad


    NICE ARTICLE in the face of doom and gloom

  • kp007

    lets state some hard facts.our club is in serious trouble and has been for three years now.lady nina who knows jack crap about football says ‘something is amiss’ and i believe her.we are being run by people who just do not care about arsenal and are only motivated by your money.each home game brings in 3 million pounds which goes to pay off kronke’s debts.the board consists of a worthless ceo and two directors who should be on the muppet show.only ken prior is an arsenal man and hill wood unfortunatly looks and sounds like a man who should be at home now.our club is out of control.a manager who has been given too much power because the BOD see him as a money maker and saver .arsene is like a man who still thinks his dream will come true and will not listen to anybody.i liken him to the captain on the titanic.how on earth cannot he not see players like koscelney and djourrou are just not good enough.the opposition must lick their lips when they see them.there is an AGM coming up soon and i hope that the shareholders will have their say and let them know that this club is in the worst crisis it has been in since the middle seventies went we nearly went down.we as posters and fans have been saying on here since the summer began what was required.yes us the lowly supporter what does he know .i will tell you ‘everything’ because we will be here a long time after the likes of kronke and gazidas are gone.i saw this train wreck months ago ..

  • Kieran

    @ kp007:
    You trust and rate “Lady Nina”, a woman who took £200m out of the club?

  • kp007

    Stan Kroenke, What is the purpose of your investment in our club? What is your plan? What are your ambitions? It appears to us, the fans that you do not have a clue about the modern requirements of an EPL football club. Please sell your shares to Alisher Usmanov NOW so he can put a structure and the finances in place to rectify this mess in January. The worst thing is that there wasn’t that many players that had a bad game, maybe Santos and Koscielny, but that makes things even worst when you consider that this might be common place now when Vermaelen and Wilshere are out. The squad looks very inadequate to cope with what we may have hoped for.

  • kodjo

    1. Wenger has been given too much power in the club…as someone put it the BOD have indulged in his genius to the point of losing reality. He makes money for the club so the yes men cant sack him.

    2. Forget about Gazidis bcos Wenger was on the panel that hired him…he had a say in the decision to hire him.

    3. I think the club did not have the money that they claimed to have in the past.

    4. Policy was to play young players who were not ready…with the view that a few yrs down the road they would become world beaters. These young players were paid sums that they would not have earned at other clubs. Thats why you have the likes of Denilson, Diaby, Ramsey, Djourou,Bendtner on ridiculous salaries.

    5. By playing young players too frequently…they’ve become injury prone. Their bodies are still in the developmental stage…hence too many game resulted in muscular injuries. A club the size of arsenal relying on an 18 yr old (Wilshere) for me shows lack of foresight and proper planning.

    6. Clearing the experienced players in the team has bacckfired big time. Case being selling Eboue and bringing in Jenkinson…who can justify that??? The poor boy has been traumatised by the trafford mauling…as such he is now being prepared for lesser fixtures. Shows why Jenkinson wasnt on the bench for the last game. Rather the bench was unbalanced and youngish. Wenger couldnt risk bringing on Coquelin who can play at right back as well. If these kids are not ready why put soo much pressure on them by playing them in such high pressure games?????

    Folks can hate Eboue…but he is better than Jenkinson….at least at the moment.

    7. My biggest beef is that there are players in the premiership on half the wages that these kids are on who would put in a better performance week in week out. To say that these kids are the best that the club can muster is insulting and disrespectful.

    Hate Adebayor for all you want but he had a point when he questioned the attitude of the likes of Bendtner who was playing ******. Gallas was of the same opinion too.

  • kp007

    How much longer will it be before enough of us finally let the manager and the Board know that what we are witnessing is nowhere near good enough??

    This is not about conceding 4 and losing at Ewood Park today, nor is it about conceding 8 and getting humiliated at Old Trafford. This is about months, possibly even years of failure for a club of our stature.

    * Months / years of following a flawed transfer policy.
    * Months / years of failing to hang on to top class players.
    * Months / years of watching directors getting richer but not transferring their wealth into a solid playing squad.
    * Months / years of massively over-rewarding under-achievers.
    * Months / years of fleecing loyal supporters.
    * Months / years of calamitous defending.
    * Months / years of being lied to by the manager and the Board.
    * Months / years of accepting second best and making feeble excuses.
    * Months / years of stagnation with no improvement in sight.

    Come on people – we can’t just sit back and watch this unfolding before us. We were unbeaten league Champions 7 years ago and now we’re a team that anyone would fancy playing against.

    Surely the time has come for us to demand change from the Board and the manager?????

  • ZimGooner

    I’m usually optimistic and believe in The Arsenal but I’m now getting stomach cramps watching the team play. I think we’ll need divine intervention to clinch a top 4 place this season. Our winning mentality and die hard attitude is at its lowest since the 8-2 defeat 4-3 weeks ago.

  • Bonathan

    Haven’t been able to get on the internet since the game, but here goes….

    can someone tell me why wenger decided to give andre santos his debut against blackburn away rather than the ideal shrewsbury at home game?? he played them onside for 2 of the goals. gibbs was coming off the back of 2 of his best games in an arsenal shirt. ridiculous.

    the other two goals were simply individual calamaties. neither had any reason to put the ball in the back of their own net. and before kos did decide to slot one home, djourou should have made sure with his challenge and song let him past far too easily. terrible defending. yes, mertersacker looks slow at the mo as well, but i think he’s being made to look worse by the shambles going on around him.

    andre santos should not have been started in that game. already we have seen evidence of poor defending from him which is what we all feared. why not jose enrique AW? kos and JD simply ain’t good enough. song is very clumsy at times too. individual errors at the mo. but when you have individuals that ain’t good enough, they will always happen.