Arsenal vs Shrewsbury Town – Carling Cup Preview

We’ve managed our way in Europe, choked our way around the league, but today it’s time for something very different – it’s time for our new batch of young hopeful’s to take on their Carling Cup destinies. The way I look at the beginning is not to look at it – after 8 players out and 8 players in, it will take some time for us to gel. I’m not a Wenger out neither am I a AKB (Arsene Knows Best)… I’m somewhere in between. Yes, we have lost 3 out of our first 5 games, but things will change and we will get better. Simple as. How long it will take us to get better is another question.

For now, we have a rest from the league and we have a chance to see our latest batch of youngsters and fringe players and I for one am very keen to see Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ryo Miyachi and Park Chu-Young. All of whom I hope will start. Although AOC will most likely play right midfield, Arsene Wenger has been very keen to distance AOC and Theo Walcott, insisting both players are very different:

“They are quite similar types of players but Walcott is a bit more a striker and Oxlade-Chamberlain is more a midfielder. He [Oxlade-Chamberlain] likes more to be in the build-up of things and Walcott is more a guy who makes intelligent runs. So they are not that similar as players but they have some similarities physically already. They look the same size, the same type of player. But I believe that Oxlade-Chamberlain could be a central midfielder one day and Walcott a central striker one day. That shows the difference between the two players. I don’t know [if the comparisons are fair] but you can’t stop that.”

Is that the nice way of saying the AOC actually has a footballing brain?

My predicted line up is:


Jenkinson – Djourou – Miquel – Gibbs

Oxlade – Frimpong – Coquelin – Miyachi

Park – Chamakh

I see the mix of players I’ve mentioned playing, because they all need game time – I think 90 minutes under Chamakh’s belt will do him wonders, and a glimpse of what Park can do will do wonders for our squad depth. One thing you may have noticed is that I’ve reverted to a 4-4-2 and why on earth have I done that, you may ask? I’ve been a big fan of the 4-4-2 and despite telling you all that Arsene has been quite stubborn with his 4-3-3 / 4-5-1, rumours are that he will revert to a 4-4-2 against Shrewsbury.

I really hope it’s true…

Time to forget about the silly old league, it’s time to see what our kids & reserves are made of… come on you Gooners!

  • kay

    Hi davday. Your right up is good. I also hope that Arsenal grt back oc track soon. I should watch today’s game and I hope we will score plenty goals with your formation.
    Although our defence was shit against blackburn our attack was sharper than it used to be. I’m very happy with Gervinho as he his improving game by game.
    If Arsenal can win by a big margin at home (which I’m very optimistic about), then …………………………….
    We’ll click this september and the next remark is CATCH US IF YOU CAN!

  • prime

    agree with u dev…its time for 4-4-2

  • ny

    I agree that this is the most probable starting 11 but where is the creativity.Who is going to do the Cesc/Arteta/Bergkamp job? In my opinion Oğuzhan Özyakup should start the game as a creative source.

  • sharad

    In my whole entire stinking existence I have never seen Arsenal involved in a relegation scrap.

    There is always a first for everything I suppose!

    People say Arsenal will find it tough to get into the top four this season.

    Well, at the moment, I’d be happy if we finish outside of the bottom four!

    In all seriousness I am becoming a little worried. And I don’t like that because I’ve always been a glass half-full kind of fella.

    Of course I don’t believe we will be sucked into a relegation battle.

    I’m still very confident of a top four finish too.

    What I am worried about is the fact that we no longer seem to be able to compete with Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea.

    That hurts me bad. Real bad. In fact I’d rather suffer a year in a room with no doors and Harry Redknapp as my only companion than feel this pain.

    I think its time I admit it to myself.

    Arsenal are no longer title contenders but are the best of the rest after the Manchester clubs and Chelsea.

    My ambitions for my beloved club have been lowered lower than Wee Man from Jackass doing the Limbo.

    For the moment our ‘title’ is fourth place.

    Any less and this season will be a spectacular flop. Floppier than a floppy disk with impotence.

    One piece of silverware, and I mean ANY silverware, a place in the Champions League qualifiers for 2012 will be a fantastic season for me now.

    From there we can build, again, and next season actually challenge for the Premiership title.

  • Steve

    After feeling negative and down over the last days and expecting the Carling Cup to do the same I am surprisingly +ve about the match on reading Dev’s post. Really looking forward to seeing the team above play. Although I think the two new defensive signings may play for match fitness reasons.

    Really looking forward to see Oxlade, Rio, Park together.

    The three of them using Chamahk to play off hold the ball will be interesting.

    The other interesting thing is Dev has them in a 4-4-2 a while since I have seen someone put the names down in that order.

  • sharad

    Its the fookin defence that worries me

  • kp007

    Some of the posters here need to take off their rose-tinted glasses when they watch Arsenal matches. The current team is a pale shadow of the Invincibles team and probably only RvP of the current crop would have won a place in it. At Blackburn the defence looked as though they had met for the first time in the tunnel.The blame for the current fiasco lies entirely with the manager, whose refusal to acknowledge his own fallibility is risking the future of the club. Suggesting that the manager should go asap for the benefit of the club does not make me a fairweather supporter. On the contrary, deluded fans suggesting that he should stay, when he has so clearly become the problem rather than the solution, will make the Board less likely to take the positive action that is needed now.

  • yemi

    The morale of the team will be at an all time low by now, so they need someone, something, somebody to gear and cheer them up.
    We have so many leaders in the team and it is a real shame that they can’t do the job.
    Secondly i don’t know why we are still playing with one man upfront. we need to play 2 strikers. RVP drops deep and doesn’t attack the box so we need someone who attacks the box.
    Ramsey and arteta play the same way dropping way deep so sacrifice one of them for chamack or pack and RVP will make up for the lost body.

    Also chamack holds up play a lot so he might be able to bring in other players into attack going forward. I personally want to see park play

  • bergChamp

    If arsene thinks Santos is our number 1 left back, then he should perhaps play tonight as he definitely needs some match practice – he was quite un-sharp on the weekend, playing players onside etc…

    I am very excited to see Park in action – and would love to see a 4-4-2 being played.

  • sharad

    God help us

  • sharad

    he did not suddenly become a bad manager or somebody who became out of touch with the game. That is complete nonsense.”

    That’s right. Wasn’t overnight it has been seven years in the making.
    Out of touch with the game? The man who keeps the same stale as piss number 2 and refuses to appoint a defensive coach, no tactics, no understanding of the modern transfer market, a refusal to pay market value for class players (‘dizzying’ transfer fees) and a guy who thinks you can win silverware without focusing on defence.

    It is clear that Gazidis is just as out of touch as AW is.
    The fans need to remind this c**t who subsidizes his CEO salary.

  • sharad


    “The financial position of the club is strong, that’s the platform that has been created over the years by consistent success, and although we live in a short-term news cycle where every up and down will be reported on as if it is a catastrophe, the truth is that the club has been incredibly consistent and will find its way back to consistency.”

    C*nt. Listen up here.
    This is the whole problem. I don’t give a fuck about our FINANCIAL POSITION THIS IS FUCKING FOOTBALL. If you want a place based on finance then fuck off and go work for KPMG. That is the only fucking thing Gazidis can go on about ‘our financial position’. SO FUCKING WHAT. We could be playing League 1 football and this c**t will still go on about financial position.


    How fucking dare this wanker insult our intelligence by alluding to short-termism? If Gazidis was working at ManYoo he’d have had to fire Wenger in 2008, or he’d have fired himself instantly after the comments he just made.

    It is UNACCEPTABLE that he is continuing to ignore the anger of fans. That is what he’s doing. He’s going on about ‘self sustainability’. In the fact of all facts he is just backing Wenger. Backing AW is not his job, a CEO is there to act as SCRUTINY.

    As I said though. When the manager is the one appointing the CEO as a puppet WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?

    This is sickening and disgusting. Couldn’t be more out of touch and deluded. The fans need to stage a fucking massive protest and let these c**ts know the club is OURS. Not some half-baked South African clown, a silent semen stain who is in to speculate and a retarded chairman who probably thinks there’s an Eton in Ghana.

    Fucking bunch of locusts, this club has become an absolute farce.

    What is worse is that many, many fans who should know better are idly standing by, attending matches, saying nothing and letting this get worse.

    Still. I suppose thank fuck for Red Action. They’ll come out with something interesting and worthy for the club eh? Perhaps they could stage another pro-Wenger march this time hmmm? Pfffffft….

  • rankie10

    No proper Arsenal fan is unappreciative of what Wenger has done for this club. He revolutionized it and I believe in 10-20 years when we have the stability to continue to compete with top clubs, we can look to him for establishing that almost single-handedly. Brilliant man, brilliant manager.

    That being said, in business and especially in sport sometimes you simply need a shake up. It’s not for lack of quality or passion, but complacency and malaise naturally settle in over time. Wenger, unlike some long term managers, isn’t the type to guard against that with stern policies or demanding expectations at all times. And when you go 7 years without winning something, your expensive team is in the relegation ZONE (not even just form) and you’ve failed to shore up the same problem that’s been obvious for 4 years, it all amounts to “time for a change”.

  • Berth

    Sharad easy man.

  • kp007

    fuckn hell shard – i thought i was bad

  • sammy

    1. I’ve followed them for too long to jump ship when things go bad.

    2. Sad to admit but I’ve built a major part of my social life meeting the lads for a gallon of beer before and after the match that it would be hard to give up. Sometimes the football just seems to get in the way of a good drinking session.

    3. The missus would try and drag me round fucking shopping centres on Saturday afternoons or round the houses of people I neither know or care about for “Lunch” on Sundays.

    4. If I did give it up and Wenger fucks off, I’ll be gutted as it will be to the back of the queue and then having to suffer ST in the upper tiers for an eternity.

    This sustainable model bollocks Ivan the terrible spouts off is dogshit. Do you really think UEFA will kick out Barca, Real, Manure, Citeh & Chavs? Will they fuck. Barca are UEFA’s pet at the moment and they can do no wrong.

    I’ve never brought anything in the ground as its over priced crap. I look like some old tramp in a stained white away shirt from 2007 as I won’t buy new merchanise as its a fucking rip off changing it every year now.

    The fact is that Arsenal need that ground full and need Champions league foottball to survive and anything Gazidas says otheriwse is total bollocks.

    For many years now the total ambition of the manager and the board has been to fill the ground with 60K every other week and get in the champions league.

    How much would we have to spend to win the league and champions league? £100 – 150 million? (transfers and wages over the course of the contracts).

    You get an extra £5.7m for winning the CL over getting to the 1/4 final

    You get £10m more for winning the league than you do finishing fourth.

    So you get £15.7m more if you win both rather than “competing” as Gazidis would say.

    We would have to win the league and CL for the next ten years in row to break even. Yes there may be sponsorship money but we’ve shown to be shit at bringing that in.

    Gazidis and Wenger should stop talking bollocks about competing for the CL and league as they will never do it and the likes of Nasri and Fabregas knew that.

    They should be looking at why we fell apart against so-called lower teams last season and have struggled against some complete shit this season.

    I can take the 8-2 as Manure look the part but fucking struggling against Swansea and only winning by a gift of a fuck up and then getting owned by Dortmund for 90 mins and then Pat Rice saying we turned a corner…. My arse.

    We scored 2 goals at Old trafford and didn’t get a point. We scored three at Blackburn and got fuck all.

    Turned a fucking corner my arse……

    “He hasn’t become a crap manager overnight” no fuck-face, he’s been doing it for nearly five years now.

  • vj

    Well the lineup looks like a 4-4-2, but we will have to wait and see whether they play that way. Glad to see Chamakh get a game, he has looked good in the last two games, hoping we get a big win, we really need one. Even if its against Shrewsbury

  • vj

    ” This was 4-4-2 once more.” Quote from, result speaks for itself

  • salom

    Man that was nervy….DEFENSIVE COACH NOOOWWWWWW