Time for…. …Blackburn…. let’s get it on…

Let’s get it on… Well, let Arsenal get it on…

Blackburn away is the next stop for the boys in red & white and it’s time to get groove-riding up the Premier league table. No time for half hearted performances, it’s time for a 110%, to the ball first, winning the second ball type of performance. In our last game, Dortmund put us under tremendous pressure and were first to every ball. We need to do the same thing to Blackburn and if we do, we will definitely go on to win the game. We have the ability, we have the skill, but in recent seasons what we have lacked is the desire, grit and commitment.

Well, from what I’ve seen in the last two games, there is a new level of grit – a new level of determination and perhaps, a new desire – Arteta, Mertersacker and Ramsey stand out as players who really want to make an impression this season and we all know what we’ll get from Vermaelen, Wilshere and Van Persie. New signing Gervinho looks quite promising too, but perhaps a little inconsistent, but on the whole, the squad is good enough to beat the likes of Blackburn.

Team news sees Ramsey return to the squad, with long term absentees, Vermaelen, Diaby and Wilshere missing… the predictive line up could well be:


Sagna – Mertersacker – Koscielny – Gibbs

Arteta – Song

Walcott – Ramsey – Gervinho

Van Persie

With a bench of Fabianski, Djourou, Santos, Frimpong, Benayoun, Arshavin, Chamakh and Park

Arteta has now played two games in a row and I expect him to get better with every game, so against Blackburn, I expect to see him start really taking control of the game. Blackburn aren’t the same Blackburn that they were under Mark Hughes or Sam Allardyce and that could play into our hands. They don’t have Phil Jones anymore – who was their stand out player last season. Arsene spoke about the test we face, and said:

“I’m not sure that Blackburn is the team now that goes for high balls,” he said. “It’s more Stoke where you get this kind of typical old-fashioned English test. Blackburn have gone more different but it’s a big test for us. It’s a massive test for us. First of all you know if you want to play a good role in the Premier League, the way you go from the Champions League to the Premier League is important. And playing away from home after a Champions League game is vital as well.”

Of course it is – we’ve had a minimal amount of time to recover, but that’s what is expected of you in the modern day. Van Persie likes Blackburn and if I’m correct, he has scored more against Blackburn than any other team – so let’s get behind the team and hopefully we’ll Van Persie will bag a hat-trick…

And don’t forget it’s a 12.45pm kick off…!

  • http://Arsenal.com Rabson gunners

    We will surely win our tomorow match in sha allah.but pls dont even think of putting chamakh at dat game pls d new signing park.tanx i wish us winning tomorrow.

  • Truegooner

    Morning fellow gunners!! Teams looks good and I the when TV and JW are back we can really push forward and get a top four finish this season!! Good look to the gooners and let’s get a few goals and get the confidence flowing again!!! COME ON ARSENAL!!!!

  • Danny

    Any ideas on a stream, guys? I’m stuck at work today!

  • vj

    fuck sake’s not again

  • Danny

    Jesus, I wish I never found one, ha!

  • Pires

    2 OGs + 1 offside, what are you gonna do?

  • Zaheer

    FFS. Seriously WTF is going on at Arsenal? Wenger and the board better get their act together if they plan on qualifying for champs league next year. I dont want Arsenal to become a middle table team, but i fear that may be the case this season.

    I’m raging so hard right now!

  • Pires

    if you look at the starting lineup today, apart from Sagna, Song, Walcott and Van Persie, the other 7 are not the usual first team players last season. So the team has been through a lot of changes, even if the quality is here, we need time to glue….

  • mesol

    As said last week, We must play 2 striker at front..stubborn stupid oldman still dont want to change the tactic..sack Wenger!!Bloody fool!

  • Sammy The Snake

    Europa League: Here we come? Can we manage that?!

  • kodjo

    Look stop blaming Wenger for this defeat. Its was down to moments of stupidity by Gervinho for not passing the ball to RVP who was unmarked and the unecessary foul by Arshavin leading to the equalizer.

    For me its unbelievable that established international players would be soo naive for such schoool boy errors. Arshavin cost us last seasons game at Stoke with similar unecessary foul playing into the hands of our opponents. What was the point of Djourou’s slide tackle at almost the half way line…when he was already on a yellow.

    My beef is that Wenger has brought in too many players who are very technical but have low IQ and are pathetic at reading the game and taking personal responsibility.

    I’ll say that the players have let Wenger down …but then again he brought these players in!!!

  • kiki

    Mmmm… diasappointing result needless to say against a team that is/was struggling. It’s true, I think we need some time to gell, but these players are already skilled so the problem shouldn’t be how we hold a clean sheet, but how we score more goals in my opinion. But that’s not the case as I saw today. Basically inject some massive confidence into the players.

    I still think we need more quality defenders preferably young ones like M. Sakho or Santon from Inter, not saying that will happen, but it would be nice to have those defenders, especially to take over Gibbs, but I’ll have to see how Santos plays/defends. It would be great to have some consistency in this team no matter what game we are in… but I guess that will take some time or major spending.

  • pilan

    quite unbelievable!first 20 mins it looked like an arsenal of old.the arsenal we love.bossing the game and looking very dangerous.then 2 things happened….firstly we forgot how to defend again and secondly we stopped creating anything at the other end until we went 4-2 down.first goal was a combination of no communication and lack of playing time together.kos and per need to decide who calls the shots back there.defending is about one person organising the back line ala tony adams and for me it has to be the experienced player,mertesacker.he calls the line and people step out with him.time after time he would step out today and kos and santos would be still lagging 5 yards behind.not good enough.probably offside for the second but it was very close.third goal was comical.the most harmless free kick ever floated in and not one arsenal player moved.yesterday wenger said we had changed how we defend set pieces.well whatever he has done still isnt working becuase we looked shambolic everytime the ball came into our box.lost count of how many times we just didnt bother marking samba!seriously?it really is beyond belief how poor we are at the back sometimes.we are seriously heading for a very average league campaign at this rate.thanks to everyone involved for crapping all over my birthday!

  • hem

    Nothing has changed at all with Arsenal. Two own goals and a pathetic excuse of a back four. This is all of Wenger’s fault. The truth is that if Vermaelin had not been injured he would not have signed the useless German. I am sorry but Wenger has not addressed anything. He has simply got to go – Five games played – three defeats, one draw and one win against a very poor Swansea side. He has GOT to be fired. This is just NOT tolerable anymore. The club comes first not the manager. For once Wenger put your ego aside and do the honourable thing and go…
    Who honestly can say they give their full support to this man without laughing ?? A man destroying our club with his piss poor transfer dealings and lack of tactical knowledge and ambition. WENGER OUT !!

  • pilan

    When you look at our transfer dealings – Chamberlain £15 million, Gervinho £12 million, Arteta £10 million, Mertesecker £8 million, Santos £6 million, Park £3.5 million and Jenkinson £1 million and what we made on sales with Fabregas going for £35 million, Nasri for £24 million, Clichy for £7.5 million and Eboue for £4.5 million the Arsenal board has not spent one penny of its own money this season. I find this so disappointing considering the hike in prices that they imposed and leads me to one conclusion and that is Arsenal will NEVER grow – always having to sell players to buy new ones. Kroenke is a disaster for this club. He should have been thoroughly means tested before he was even allowed to make bids for the major shareholders stakes. The guy is penniless and will never have the funds to ensure we compete. With the situation in the premiership regarding money being spent on the kind of players that are being bought we simply have no chance at all to compete for the Premiership title or the Champions League. When a club like Arsenal has reached this situation we need to say that the current board are not the right people to be taking us forward – they are parasites and should be hounded until they get the message and get out. Kroenke is sucking the life and support out of this club.

  • mesol

    to kodjo…go to hell with wenger, u still defend him…its his responsible arsenal in this situation..stupid tactic, stupid policy, stupid excuse, stupid attitude, stupid mentality, pure moron..i think the morale of the player are down..we need new manager..new thinking, new tactic, new policy, new idea, etc…i sick of this kind of old man..sack wenger..or if the board still love him, just give him position that focus in youth player