Strikers on form… as Jack’s ruled out for 2 months…

Over the years, the modern International breaks have acted as annoying halts in otherwise good form. But this season, with the two Manchester teams hitting the road with their guns blazing and our beloved Arsenal starting the season in a very bad way, the International break has been just the tonic. As we all know, the boss bought 5 players on the cusp of the close of the transfer window and the break will give him the time to work out how and who will play – as well as the players time to gel. The three players who will go straight into the first team are surely Mertersacker, Arteta and Santos, filling in the back line and the midfield.

The International break has also given our players an opportunity to find some form and Robin Van Persie has just done that, with 4 goals against San Marino…

It’s interesting to see Van Persie play for Holland, as he plays a different role for country than he does for club – on the right of a front three – I’ve not been convinced that Robin is an out and out striker and I do think he’d benefit from playing with one for club. If Park is a proper player and works his way into the first team, then Van Persie could drop deeper. If not, Arteta could the Cesc role, allowing Van Persie to concentrate on scoring goals – from what we’ve seen of Park’s YouTube, he looks a decent acquisition, but more interestingly, he scored a hat-trick against Lebanon

Jack’s out until Christmas

Jack confirmed on twitter earlier today that he will be out for 2-3 months.

“I can confirm I will be out for around 2-3 months! I am working hard in the gym to stay fit and I am gutted but I will be back stronger!”

News came out from the papers over the weekend that he would be out for some time and Arsenal had confirmed it on Saturday. The injury is to his right ankle and we’ve all seen him in his protective boot. There is no surgery booked for Jack and the ankle will self heel, but time is necessary. Apparently Jack will be reviewed again in 6 weeks and if better can start light training at the mid to end of October. If he doesn’t recover, then he will need a metal screw inserted into his ankle which could see him out of action until Christmas.

I think we’ve all thought Jack would be out for a while and the acquisition of Arteta and promotion of Frimpong are suddenly now very important. With Ramsey and Song definitely starters, a mix of the aforementioned will be our midfield from now until Jack’s back.

Jack – get well soon lad, we’re all waiting to see you back in an arsenal shirt!

  • kiki

    Sad to hear that Jack is out for a few months. I wish him all the best so that he comes out guns ablazin’! Awesome news about our on-form strikers as well. I know we’ll produce a good result against Swansea with two on form strikers and a more mature side as well.

  • vj

    With Kack missing, it is a big oppurtunity for Ramsey to prove himself, if we start winning games, and Arteta, Gervinho shine, he will have less pressure on him to create goals and may start playing better.

  • yemi

    Many of our players were on form ,RVP, Park, Gervinho, Rambo all scored

  • parth

    Most of us I think will agree that, on paper, the current Arsenal squad does not match up to the Manchester or Chelsea squads. And yet despite that, I believe that most of us are very optimistic about this season. Why is this? The answer, in one word, is Wenger. No matter what, Arsene is still one of the great managers, Arsenal’s best-ever. Okay, his pet project is ditched after years of near-success and no, he still doesn’t have big money to spend, but deep-down we sense that he can mould the players he has into a team of winners. Freed of his total commitment to youth, to evolving players, he can buy experience, short-term players who can bring immediate success. No more idealism about the ‘beautiful game’. Winning, that will be his sole priority.

  • afc4life

    @ parth:
    Agree with you – the current additions are not youth – some are short term gap fillers too – something which AW has previously failed to do.

    Also, the experience factor is very important – it may just make the difference compared to what we have been missing before.

  • yemi

    @ afc4life:
    The thing is that, those players should have been added wn it was really needed. If wenger had signed a defender in january, i we might have won something

  • Berth

    @ Yemi. No time is ever late. Sometimes we juxtapose the years of drought with our ageing; look at things in long term it can heal.

    Spot on Parth.

  • devday

    @ Berth:
    I watching some clips of Arteta yesterday – he will definitely add maturity to the front line – Benayoun too.

  • Berth

    People underestimate the buys easily Dev. But in truth with the ability of the coach (spot on parth again)we can get even better than we were with Cesc and Nasri. But for this to happen we have to encourage the Arteta’s and co to bring their own game while we bring our Arsenal way and try to blend the two to perfection.

  • yemi

    @berth I agree totally. What I just meant was that we should hv bought earlier.

    I also like d fact that parks goals were 3 different types of goals

  • pires

    I and most of our support on here and the rest, while not happy at the way things went in the last week of the window, where prepared to try and get positive energy behind our new players and actually praise the signings of several new players.

    Well now as it turned out, predictably so, we have mugged of once more by club/manager/board.

    We now know that:

    1 – Arteta was signed only because Wilshere is injured, for fuck knows how long. The new year is the estimate I read. Best player gone.

    2. Mertesacker was signed, because Vermaelen was crocked once again. Best defender gone.

    Lets not kid ourselves, whilst with our two best players available the team looked on paper to be fit to challenge for 4th and ultimately finish 5th or 6th.

    I think its safe to say that with these two guys out for a big part of the season, we are in serious trouble.

    We can look forward to shit like Djourou, Diaby, Rosicky Song and Koscielny playing every week. Van Persie will probably not last long now and then we will proabably be treated to Chamakh as our striker.

    We are in serious trouble.

    I foresee 4 wins and 2 defeats to Dortmund and Blackburn in September. And possibly Bolton if we arent careful.

    I think we may lose every game in October, barring the CC 4th round depending if we win and who we get.

  • afc4life

    Well said Berth

  • Berth

    Ramsey dominated midfield…

  • piresistible

    Wenger brought to Arsenal a style of football that had never been seen before at the club, or indeed the top flight of English football, and every fan should be happy for that, however, he has also taken them from the near pinnacle of World football to the brink of mediocrity in the last 7 years. The signings made leading up to the end of the transfer window were last minute panic buys, I don’t think Mertesacker or Cahill were anywhere near first choice, and as for Santos, I think Wenger realised that Gibbs was going to be injured more than not, and Traore is shocking. I think the best we can hope for is better injury luck and less suspensions, this might lead to another 4th place in the league. Until Wenger gets hold of players like Goetze, Cahill (Gary), M’Vila and Hazard, we shouldn’t expect anything better