Olympiacos and the NHS waiting room

Happy Wednesday Gooners. Champions League Match Day 2 (as UEFA would like us to call it), Olympiacos are the opposition from Greece. Before we launch into a quick match preview, it’s worth recapping on the main story of the last 24hours; the operation of Jack Wilshere. As Dev mentioned yesterday, Jack has had his operation … [Read more…]

Don’t worry about Van Persie… And Let Me Tell You Why!

Robin Van Persie will have one year left on his contract in the summer. The summer is not now – now is the present and now is all that counts. We in the business of winning football matches and right now, no-one should be discussing contracts. I wouldn’t put time into worrying about whether or … [Read more…]

Surely a defensive coach wouldn’t be a bad thing?

Arsene Wenger has been very quick to dismiss the need for any coaching re-enforcements this season and in fact was quite angry at suggestions that he needs a new member of the team, quipping to one reporter: “I have just completed 30 years of coaching. I don’t want to answer this kind of question.” But … [Read more…]

Hit or Miss?

Very interesting post from Tottz yesterday – it felt like we were there with him. Interesting words from Gazidis also, publicly backing the manager which in itself seemed to cause more disruption than it did anything else. Yes, Arsene has been criticised, yes, we’ve had the worst start ever under his reigns – but does … [Read more…]

What can I say?

I’ve been putting up with Arsenal jokes 4-3 weeks. And they don’t get any funnier. In fairness, you can take the two own goals and the offside goal (Yakubu’s second), give Arsenal the penalty they should have had when Theo was upended, and score any of the chances from the last five minutes and the … [Read more…]