It’s happening… Mertesacker, Santos & Park Chu-Young…

Less than 36 hours left in the transfer window and it’s official… Sky, Twitter, Facebook and all blogs are going into over-drive… but this is a good kind of overdrive. It’s the kind of overdrive that we want… Arsenal are signings players…

Andre Santos, £6.2m

Yes, finally, a left back… considering Arsene’s excuse of letting Clichy go because he wanted Gibbs to have a chance… I suppose you have to say one thing to the media and do another, or perhaps Gibbs’ recent injury and the sale of Traore mean that it’s out of need rather than desire – or perhaps it was always intended… Santos looks like a proper player, someone who likes to play the game. He’s got a bag full of tricks (and more), and certainly falls into the mould of a typical Brazilian…

I couldn’t see any defending in that last video, but at least the boy looks like he offers a lot going forward. As Fenerbache aren’t in the Champions League, I believe he is eligible for the competition too, and at £6.2m, he looks like a very good acquisition… although only time will tell.

Per Mertesacker, £8m

News coming in from Sky Sports News is that the tall German defender is having a medical at Arsenal right now… A lot of fans would prefer we opted for the Englighness of Gary Cahill – but one thing to be aware of with Mertesacker is that he’s got 75 appearances for his country and is captain of Weder Bremen – a leader… and that’s exactly what we need.

Mertesacker and Vermaelen will be the obvious partnership with Koscielny third choice – but with the number of games we have and the amazing injury problems we’ll always have, I’m sure Koscielny will still play a vital role in our defence. The great form of Johan Djourou last season has completely disintegrated now and that means that he’s now fourth choice – but in all honesty, when you look at England vs Switzerland a couple of months ago and the games he’s played this season, that does make sense…

There is possibility that Samba or Cahill may also come in, but at this moment in time, perhaps the boss just wants to keep as many options open as possible – let’s hope

Park Chu-Young, £3m

The Monaco number 10 was on his way to Lille to replace Gervinho, until we swooped in… Although you should never judge a book by it’s cover, one does presume that a £3m transfer in this day and age won’t give you much in return…

Although Robin Van Persie did cost £3.5m and he’s not bad… But then again, why would Monaco sell so low if he was any good?

The signings are required, for sure, whether or not, they are adequate for us to compete will remain to be seen…

If indeed these three players come in and we can add one or two in midfield, we should have a decent squad… 34 hours to go…

  • Kieran

    Dev, Monaco sold Park Chu-Young for £3m because they’ve just been relegated and had to remove him from their wage bill.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    @ Kieran:
    Also he will be called up for national service before he is 30 so we may only have him for 2 years.

  • devday

    @ Kieran:
    Thanks for the heads up on that! Makes sense, let’s hope he can contribute!

  • devday

    @ Gooner Get Ya:
    I heard about this – amazing hey?

  • Gooner Get Ya

    I like this new cut throat approach that AW is using.

    Traore was crap, gone.
    Eboue was not good enough, gone.
    Nasri didn’t want to play for us, gone.
    Cesc wanted out, gone.
    Clichy didn’t want to play for us, gone.
    Bendtner wants out, going.
    Denilson not good enough, Loan…hopefully permanent.
    Vela not good enough, loan…probably permanent.
    JET had a bad attitude, gone.

    That just rest of the dead wood to cull.


    He just needs to buy a world class midfielder

  • Kodjo

    I hear we offered 22 million for M’villa (i hope i got the spelling right) but Rennes are holding out for 30 mill. I hope we can persuade Rennes to lower their asking price.

    I expect Samba or Cahill to come in…bit of brinksmanship purchase esp with Bolton knowing the he would walk for free at the end of the season…maybe arsenal should get into a pre-contract agreement for Jan transfer at a lower price or better still for free at the end of the season.

    Offer for Gotze turned down…i do not think Dortmund will refuse if we make a 30 mill offer. Given the boys talent, i believe arsenal could triple his value in 2 years if they get him.

    Time for Kroenke to pump in some cash!!!!

  • Kim

    Park is good player.
    he’s often amazing pass, heading, shot
    trust him

  • arsene

    well. Arsenal offered £ 26 million to M’Vila… And hazard not gonna come… I dont know why we r buying benayoun… I want arsenal to sign arteta, instead of benayoun

  • Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    I’ll believe it when I see it on AFC website….otherwise rumour mongering and shite premature speculation…all of it! Park has been confirmed on the website but nothing else yet…..I don’t doubt that we,ll bring in others but who is a total guess!

  • lien

    so it looks like santos,park & mertesacker are all imminent signings with strong rumours about malouda & alex as well joining afc.i really hope wenger does sign two centre backs because whoever we sign can be no worse than squillaci or djourou and has man utd proved the other day,you need 4 top notch defenders.although i would prefer wenger to sign cahill over alex because i think we need a more british hardcore to the team,but i won’t be too dissapointed if we got alex.a four of vermaelen,mertesacker,alex, koscielny sounds very decent and will make us a lot stronger defensively. the biggest regret i have like i said last month was not getting these players in before pre-season so that they could settle in before the season started.we have given the other top clubs a huge start on us and while we can only worry about getting 4th at present,but if 4/5 top signings come in then at least we can start from scratch.don’t know much about santos or park,just hope that wenger has pulled another few jems out of the,the fans could surely do with a lift and only wenger and the board can make this happen.all i hope is that all afc fans will support all new players and give them the chance,cause in truth that is the arsenal way.c’mon you reds.

  • Bonathan

    well, i’v been looking forward to seeing cahill in an arsenal strip alongside TV5 but unfortunately that probably won’t be happing now.

    It does seem likely that wenger would have preffered cahill or jagielka since he bid for them first. so it’s maybe a bit disappointing that rather than shell out a little more, he went for someone who he considered next in line.

    That said, this is a guy at a good age, still plenty of years left, bags and bags of experience, as tall as the emirates stadium, and a captain. It has to be said, he does tick all the boxes. What would be great is if we signed cahill as well and binned JD off, but that’s unlikely.

    The LB, santos, is a strange one. no experience from a top league, but he has been around a bit. probably not very good at defending either. but hey, he’s got to be better than armand traore was. Dissapointing that we got this guy, and paid more, rather than enrique, but maybe wenger thought we could do without and has now seen the light. better late than never i guess. Looking at it though, it may be in wenger’s thoughts also that this guy may be useful for playing further up the pitch as well. he certainly has an eye for goal.

    The Korean guy looks absolutely class on the videos, but let’s face it, these type of players always do on these clips. The main thing is that he needs to be better than bentner. as long as he’s better than him then at least we’ll have improved the squad. There’s no doubt that it will improve our brand over in asia anyway if nothing else! can’t be bad for business but let’s just hope he can play his part as well.

    Midfielder??? any names? only really heard benayoun. i’d like benayoun instead of rosicky, but i’d prob still want someone else. i think this needs to be our marquee signing. mertasacker is a big coup, the other two are squad fillers. i feel this midfielder needs to be a big signing. i don’t think it will be though.

  • Bonathan

    i wouldn’t get too excited about any rumours of £20+m signings. i really cannot see that happening at all. i’d be highly surprised if a second centre back comes.

  • Kajmad

    To those who do not see this. Arsenal will be a force to reckon with. With completion of new signings and return of the first eight missing due to injuries and suspensions Arsenal will be strong. It will be a matter of time for the gunners to settle down but I am assured of the champions league next year. Believe this or not

  • Bonathan

    it’s a good reaction. i must say, i was only expecting 3, but it looks like 4. this santos might be useful. this defeat could end up being the catalyst we needed.

    i’d love us to really make a mark with this midfield signing.

  • ZimGooner

    Per Metersacker, Santos, Ju Park and hopefully Malouda and Benyoun… Now we’re talking & just wonder if it took AW and the board a humiliating 8-2 defeat for him to smell the coffee. All the same there’s still work to be done coz that table aint looking good.

  • yemi

    Midfield please


    just disgusted we had to get whooped 8-2 to get this done

  • piresistible

    Reports coming out from France that we’re about to have a 25m bid accepted for M’villa pretty pricy for a defensive midfielder but I reckon we should snap him up, from what I’ve seen in many international games he looks like a real class act and maybe what we’ve been missing since good old Paddy left. Ahh too many rumours! Expecting a marquee signing of some sort though.

  • lien

    Why not offer Lille £20m and a choice of Bendtner, Arshavin or Chamahk for Hazard, same package deal to Everton for Arteta and Jageilka (+ Scquillaci or Miquelon on loan)? What about 15m and Chamahk for M’Villa?. Surely on of these options is worth a try…

  • jermy

    – Keisuke Honda, CSKA Moscow’s Japan international playmaker, is trending on Twitter with speculation building he is on his way to… Arsenal. We’ll keep you posted.

  • Vazy

    off topic but its interesting Lille went for a loan move for Joe Cole..

    and back on topic..

    COMON ARSENAL! bring us in some good news on new signings!

  • jermy

    So after a summer of complete inactivity spent telling everyone who was daft enough to listen that Fabregas and Nasri were going nowhere Wenger has hit the panic button. When will he learn, you get your players in first like Man Utd did. Forget all of this hogwash about Wenger not having the funds, complete and utter tosh. Wenger had £40million to spend before Clichy, Nasri and Fabregas jumped ship citing lack of trophies and lack of signings as their reasons for leaving. Wenger has gained an additional £75million from transfers out and if Bendtner leaves today that will shoot up to £85million giving him a total fund of somewhere in the region of £125million. So how many marquee signings will Wenger bring in? Answer, non. We have a German central defender who is as mobile as a lighthouse and isn’t that good in the air, always claiming someone fouled him. We have a Brazilian left back who can’t defend, he’s 28 and messing about in the Turkish league. If he was any good he would be playing in one of Europes better sides, even his advocates admit he can’t defend for toffee. And finally we have a striker from South Korea who Monaco are giving away because they know he still has to do National Service in the not too distant future. Didn’t Wenger learn from last summer when he signed the 3 stooges, Koscielny at best average and that’s on a good day whilst the other two proved useless. Once again he has gone cheap, cheap, cheap. You pay peanuts and you get monkeys. Appalling panic from Wenger, an increasingly desperate man so out of his depth our ex-rivals now feel sorry for him. Ahh, poor Arsene, he’s not been well. Humiliated 8-2 and he comes up with rubbish like this, well when we slide down the league to half-way (although we have to climb at the moment) and the ground is half empty maybe the powers that be will realise they should have sacked this has been 3 years ago.

  • Bonathan

    No strong rumours today thus far. i think everone is expecting a midfielder, but no runours yet. I think we all want a marquee signing but my money is on yossi benayoun.

    mertasacker does tick most boxes we were looking for in a cb, but there is one big box that still needs ticking, one big question mark over him……….can he hack it in the premiership?? this time last year we had signed sqiallaci, experienced international cb, but could he hack it? an emphatic no was the answer.

    Due to our penny pinching ways we are in the same situation with mertasacker, but surely he can’t be as bad as squillaci. can he?? one things for sure, he wasn’t our 1st choice, but because of our penny pinching ways, he’s what we have, so fingers crossed we are not saying exactly the same thing this time next year.

    one worrying thing is cahill going to spurs. so by not signing him, we have given them the initiative. will we end up regretting that i wonder? that is two players this summer that we could have (and should have IMO) signed but we have not only not signed them, but watched on as they move to our main rivals for 4th position. not only would they have arguably been better signings, but it would have effectively weakened our competitors. enrique to liverpool and cahill to spurs. i’ll be praying cahill doesn’t move in case.

    Like the post above, i am also pretty pessimistic about the LB we have signed. mainly because he was behind gilberto (remember that LB that couldn’t get a game for spurs a couple of season ago, not gilberto silva) in the pecking order and so didn’t make the world cup squad. maybe he’s a late bloomer.

    No doubt, the summer has been a shambles, but i guess we can’t contiue to dwell on it and it is bette late than never.

  • Bonathan

    mikel arteta. good player. probably past his best now. injury prone. probably overpriced………..bit of an anti climax. i may even prefer banayoun. who knows, we’l maybe get both. doesn’t sound like there’s gonna be any major signing anyway. dam, i made the foolish mistake of getting my hopes up again. anyway, let’s see what happens.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Arteta deal looks off, Benayoun is main target WTF has happened to M’vila? I don’t want fucking Benayoun if he can’t get in a rivals 1st team then he is not good enough for us either. Arsene…we are the 6th wealthiest club in the world… Start acting like it and buy sOme decent players!!!

  • Bonathan

    i didn’t think we’d match evertons valuation for arteta.

    is there a rabbit in the hat? have we withdrew interest because we have someone else? it seems unlikely as there is no one even being rumoured.

    well, midfield was sighted as being the main area we needed someone, we have let lansbury go on loan to west ham for a year, leaving us even shorter. it’s gonna be pretty disappointing if that’s it. i’d be surprised if we let lansbury go out on loan if we didn’t have something lined up. sounds like yossi to me.

    just flashed up that we are trying to get benayoun on loan. wow. what an anti climax.

    i can’t beleive spurs have turned down 40m for modric. idiots. i can’t beleive chelsea bid 40m. barca got a bargain, so did city.

    oh well, if we get bennayoun then we should at least have the numbers to put up a decent challenge for 4th and compete in the champions league. we’d have struggled to do both with the thread bare squad we had.

  • vj

    well its looks like benayoun deal is wraped, him. Yossi saying on twitter “I am staying in london and will sign soon” Redknapp confirmed Sp*rs are done for the summer, meaning it could only be us. Still Yossi was a good player for Liverpool, how good he still is though… I don’t think he will start when Wilshere comes back, but he is a great back-up. Was hoping for Arteta though, he is a good player and would have been a good signing. I think that’s about for Arsenal as well as a fan going in to our next match we would only get Park, Cahill, and M’Villa. Now we have Santos (much needed), Mertesacker (better than Cahill I think), Park, and Benayoun (who may or may not be a flop.) Here’s hoping for a late,late Marvin Martin, or Kaka signing!

  • vj

    Hearing Sp*rs rejected a 40m offer for Modric, and we accepted 25M from Man City for Nasri! Wenger you could have got at least double

  • Bonathan

    arteta back on! well, bit of good news. arteta and bennayoun on loan wouldn’t be too bad. not awsome, but not bad.

  • ZimGooner

    <3 Szezny
    Dos Santos
    van Persie
    Subs: Fabianski Koschieny Djouru Gibbs Frimpong Rosiscky Young-Park Ox-Chamb Diaby Arshavin Benyaoun <3

  • vj

    @ ZimGooner:
    Don’t forget Ramsey, Chamakh, Jenkinson

  • kuka

    Arsenal FC official website just crushed….(webmasters cant handle the traffic)

  • kuka

    Arteta deal seems done (various sources). down at the moment

  • mohammed asif

    I feel now we have a decent looking squad common Gunners get back on top ASAP

  • mohammed asif

    Just 2 games have goneby still a long way am quite sure gonners will be on top