4 Days To Go…

4 days to go until the end of the transfer window… Arsene wants three players…

“I will try to strengthen the squad in depth because at the moment we are a bit short number-wise, but if we get two or three players in we have the quality to challenge.

My maths says that means we will sign a player today, play a game tomorrow, sign a player on Monday and then sign another on Tuesday… job done. Personally, I don’t think that it will happen… that’s way too many signings in such a short space of time… although the boss is right – we do need three players to be signed if we want to challenge and three significant signings. I don’t think I was the only one who thought we’d be close to the end of the transfer window and in desperate need of a signing or two… it seems to be our way of doing things… If previous seasons are anything to go by, then late bids in desperation often lead to disappointment – the attempted signing of Xabi Alonso all those years ago, and Pepe Reina from Liverpool as well as others have fallen through at the last minute and we’ve had no backup plan and going into the season short…

So, we’re four days before the end of the transfer window and we’re sending out bids left right and centre. Yesterday, news broke and was confirmed by both Bolton and Arsenal that we put in a bid for Gary Cahill – we’ve had all summer to do this – why on earth we have waited until August the 27th is beyond me… apparently the bid was £6m in cash now, £4m based on appearances and the loan of Miquel. It was turned down by Bolton and I can see why – they bought him for £6m from Aston Villa when he wasn’t very good and now he is much better….

The question is where do we strengthen and then with who…


Our defence has not been the greatest in the last couple of seasons and at the beginning of the season, Arsene was keen to add “defensive experience” – instead, we’ve sold Clichy, Eboue and bought in a 18-year boy from Charlton – Carl Jenkinson. Not exactly “defensive experience”, but I do like the acquisition and I think Jenkinson has something about him. With Kieran Gibbs injury prone, we have been playing Bacary Sagna at left back in the last couple of games – and for me, this spells it all out – we need a left back. We all know Armand Traore isn’t a very good left back – heck, we’re happy to let him go to whoever will buy him and surely that’s a testament to the fact he is not rated. Will be get a left back? I don’t think we will… But if we get a centre back, then we may have the option of Vermaelen at left back, which may just work…

We have 3 central defenders – Vermaelen, Djourou and Koscielny – all of which are injury prone and all of which have been injured in recent times. Only Vermaelen is really

good enough for a top team and whilst the other two are good, Koscielny looks like he is getting better, they are both learning their trade. A new centre back to slot in with Vermaelen would be ideal and the recent bids for Gary Cahill show that perhaps that is the idea.


With the departures of Cesc, Nasri and Denilson and the long term injuries to Diaby and Wilshere, we are very short in midfield – with Rosicky, Ramsey, Song and new boy Frimpong the only recognised central midfielders – we do have Lansbury too but I don’t think he is favoured by the manager despite being a massive fans favourite. An example of how thin our squad is – tomorrow, when we face Man United – no Song & Frimpong – we can only field Ramsey and Rosicky – the latter only able to really put in 45 minute shifts with any effect – I really don’t have a clue who will line up against United, but our lack of players is surely evident to the manager.

There has been some talk of signing M’Vila, but I’m not too sure, if the numbers quoted are accurate, I don’t think we’ll splash out £25m on any one… Scott Parker on loan for one year? Personally, I am not a fan of Parker, but hell, we’re so damn short, it may be worth a gamble… Who else is available? Will we go for a first teamer, but who? We desperately need a central midfielder, heck, if we only sign one player, it surely has to be someone for the middle of the park, and it’s quite obvious to the whole footballing world that it’s necessary!


With Van Persie named our new captain, we have a gem of a striker – but past that, we have Carlos Vela on loan, Niklas Bendtner on a self transfer request and quest to leave, which leaves the forlorn figure which is Maroune Chamakh as backup to Van Persie and well, that’s simply not good enough. We have signed the 19 year old Joel Campbell, but no one has a clue whether he’ll even get a work permit, let alone play a game…

I’d love to see us sign a striker – someone who can come off the bench and make a difference – I’d be very worried if we didn’t considering – and if Van Persie were to get injured (hell, that’s a certainty!), then we’d be short up front…

Arsene seems to agree (wow) and he said this (the first bit about the African Cup of Nations)…

“We lose Gervinho and Chamakh together so, first of all, it is important to strengthen up front. It is important that we find one midfielder and one defender as well. So we are still short of three bodies. My time has been taken up [by players going out] and it was a very difficult summer on that front because we had to face adversity, negativity, but it had to be done. Overall, we tried to do as well as we could.”

Well, Arsene, 4 days, 3 players… and United away… over to you…

  • Roy

    I think if we can buy one player already very good.. doubt Arsene will have time to buy more than one player..

  • AmriGooner

    I can not see three players coming in just four days.
    We are not used to that.
    Sorry for being pessimistic, but I will not be surprised if we
    ended up with no signings at all.

    And please Dev,
    I’m a big fan of this site but can you kindly update
    the goals and assists chart so it doesn’t include the likes of
    Nasri and Fabregas anymore.

  • alex

    if it so serious that my manager is going to throw in three player in just 4 days why did.nt!:he filed in a complete team for two months?!.if this signing are for sure/hope it wont be another 19 yr player which wil only 1 to 3 milion/arsene please do something

  • vj

    don’t forget about kaka Dev!

  • Bonathan

    It’s really quite extraordinary that we have left it this late to sign 3 players, all of which are absolutely necessary as well now i think of it. It had not occured to me about losing chamackh and gervinho, chances are rvp will be injured and then who do we play up front??

    I think the excuse ‘all our time has been taken up with people moving out’ is absolutely ridiculous. I really have no idea why we have left it so long, yet we were quick to sign players for positions that weren’t as essential. It’s baffling really. nearly as baffling as wenger saying he needs nobody else, then days later saying he needs 3 players!!! I just hope they know what they are doing because I have no idea what midfielders and strkers are being targetted.

    Does anyone have any names for these positions? at least a few rumours to throw into the hat? All i heard was a 16 year old striker (surely not) and a couple of defensive midfielders (of which we already have 2 very useful ones).

    Obviously at CB there have been the same 4 or 5 names been banded about all summer now. which makes it all the more baffling why, up until yesterday, we had only bid for 1 of them.

  • Bonathan

    The gary cahill offer isn’t that bad if it was as stated in the blog above. Obviously bolton are not going to accept having so little paid up front though as they need money through the door yesterday, not tomorrow.

    I think maybe just offering 10m up front, as well as miquel on loan, would be a reasonable offer. i have a feeling we’ll probably need to add some extras into that if we are to land him though. maybe a further 2m in appearances.

    Given that we offeered 10m for jagielka, who is a four years older, you’d have to think we’d match that at least for cahill.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Cm I would go for Montolivio and striker I would like benzema. I am confident we will get Cahill as Bolton have bought his replacement (Boyata) already.

  • Bonathan

    Excitement over guys, park chu young is the striker we will sign! bentner, please stay!!!

  • Bonathan

    oh well, wenger did say we were looking to make arsenal more popular in asia and exploit the asian market. i guess they’ll make an absolute fortune on shirt sales alone. business as usual

  • yemi

    It can happen if d deals hv been agreed prior to now. But if it has, why are d players no yet here to blend with the team?

  • chav

    @yemi what??

  • Bonathan

    you know it’s a worrying sign when wenger says, ‘we are short on numbers, not quality’. in other words he is just happy signing a few second rate players to fill out the squad a little. I predict that he will not sign cahill this window, he’ll try and get him on the cheap in january. Either that or we’ll sign a cheaper alternative, probably scott dann.

    scott dann, park chop suey and a second rate midfielder i think

  • Pires

    Where is the match day post? we are really not looking forward to this match aren’t we….

  • yemi

    The whole WOA team has gone AWOL. Dev, debs, kieran, jat all nowhere to be found