Unlucky, Understrength, Understaffed

So, you’ll already know I am perennially optimistic. Take a look at the squad – lacking, certainly, but sewn with pockets of excitement, talent and an exciting future. I can be optimistic about the squad as it is, despite being dissapointed that we’re so lacking – I have a genuine belief that one or two additions to the squad could make us title winners – we have a good starting 11 right now, but nothing past that. The bench is empty, metaphorically, and we need fresh, experienced blood. We need to address deficiencies certainly, but in some cases the game on Saturday was a game that filled me with hope.

I am able to see the bright sides of Saturdays performance – at the back we were solid, TV5 was fantastic, Sagna was solid in an unfamiliar position and Jenkinson was great – threatening when required yet solid at the back. Considering our back four consisted of two league debutants, we were spectacular at the back. Now consider a third league debut immediately in front of them, Arsenal aquitted themselves fantastically well. Considering 2 of those players are back ups and a third was in the wrong position it bodes well for the future, defensively.

How many times have you seen a corner being lined up and had that sinking feeling that this is the goal the opposition will score? Not on Saturday, set pieces were no problem. There is a robustness to the team in set pieces that is unfamiliar and very welcome – it’s that change that we’ve all been begging for. Make no mistake, there are few teams in the league that will try and exploit the perceived aerial weaknesses in Arsenals game more than a Liverpool team with a solitary Andy Caroll up front – and we dealt with them all.

The game largely passed Nasri and Ramsey by, no doubt due the overwhelming presence of five Liverpool midfielders – however a special mention must go to Frimpong. That he was given a standing ovation despite being sent off tells you everything you need to know. He was solid in the tackle, clever in the pass, had a shot from distance that could have changed the game and generally ran the Arsenal team. He got sent off for a second yellow and despite the first being incredibly harsh, the challenge that saw him walk could easily have been a red, so we can’t have too many complaints. Remember when Jack started out in the Arsenal team and got sent off? He learned. I expect Frimpong will to. It’s a mouth watering prospect, as my Liverpool supporting collegue said this morning “£20m+ for Henderson looks like an awful deal when you see a player like Frimpong – if he hadn’t of been sent off he’d have been MOTM”. Quite.

In goal, with Wojciech Szczeny, Arsenal have one of the best keepers in the league. Commanding, strong, solid decision making and great reflexes – as in the Carling Cup final he will make mistakes, but those mistakes will be more than made up for with his presence in goal settling the team and the saves he makes. Any mistakes will become rarer to.

In some respects the result was flattering to Liverpool – the first goal was just that awful slice of luck that you always get served to you when your down. Face in a puddle, life always shits on your head. Miquel actually had the beating of an offside Saurez, expertly shepherding the ball away from him, only to see his clearance shank horribly of Ramsey into the goal. One down and shit happens.

They were always going to score a second against a tiring ten man Arsenal who were chasing the game – thank god it was fantasy league forward Suarez. I felt awful picking him, but I guess I was vindicated.

Arsenals problems were up front however. Van Persie was off the pace, and with no midfield to speak of with Nasri in Manchester already and Ramsey chasing shadows, Walcott was just not in the game. Two passes in the first 45 minutes outlined his performance – toss. Arshavin was hungrier and got far more involved, tracking back and eventually fashioning our best chance winning the ball in the area (a touch unfairly) and squaring for Van Persie whos shot struck Reina’s leg. Luck would have seen the ball go in, but Arsenal don’t have any luck at the moment. Unfortunately for Arshavin his distribution and passing were woeful. It’s a shame, because he showed everything on Saturday that he lacked at times last season – principally a hunger to be involved.

We created virtually nothing and that was frustrating, because without a cutting edge of any kind, we just wallowed and invited Liverpool onto us.

If Oxo-Chambers and Miyaichi are as good as Arsene keeps saying, why didn’t he throw them on? We’d created nothing, we were down to ten men and we were one nil down. Throw both of them on and let them prove something, shit or bust. Instead we went defensive, removing an attacker for Lansbury to replace the sent off Frimpong. We just wanted to see the game out in damage limitation mode.

And that is Arsenals problem right now.

Kieran Delaney @kieran_delaney

  • piresistible

    Reading the posts on here today, I am even more convinced that Arsene Wenger may be the fall guy in all of this. I think it is the board who are pennypinching and are responsible for the depleted squad. I feel really sorry the Wenger. I have never seen any manager in 40 years receive the abuse this guy is getting from all corners. For christ’s sake, it is only a poxy game of football. The man is a human being, but is not being treated like one. I have been a big critic of him for his tactics, ineffectual defensive set up and lack of transfers, but now, I think we should all leave to man alone. He is one the greatest, perhaps the greatest manager this club has ever had, if he messes up, so be it. He goes in a dignified way, not like public enemy one. Who the hell are we to drive a man to distraction, just because we want to win trophies again so that we can bragg, pathetic. Lets start acting like adults again, all the abuse has gone too far. Our moaning just plays into the Arsenal haters hand, allowing them to have a field day.

  • Henry Hawk

    Very good article and an excellent comment about the abuse that is being heaped on Wenger. We are all in the soup together and nothing is going to change before the next transfer window. The experienced players like Merteseker, are not going to come to the team at this point. We missed the window of opportunities to add to the team this summer so we will have to make do with what we have. As the writer pointed out in his article, we have some serious talent on the team so lets support them.

    Go Gunners…..

  • afc4life

    “£20m+ for Henderson looks like an awful deal when you see a player like Frimpong – if he hadn’t of been sent off he’d have been MOTM”.


    But signings are needed – the board are not holding money – just look at our signings this summer – yes Oxlade may be good – but at £7m – £12m, surely Cahill should have been the prime target or a midfielder such as Diarra or the likes.

    Failure to buy the correct players has cost us year after year and will again do so this year.

  • yemi

    I think we shoul also realise that the wage cap is not helping. We could have easily afforded mata, or cahill but the wage structure will not allow.

    While we can get ox for 12 but not get jagielka for the same price cos the wages for cahill will be higher.

    I think that is why wenger is pushing for the wage cap to be increased.
    My only fear is that they might have left it too late…..

    I hope we qualify for the champs, it will make it easier for us to get some decent players.

  • yemi

    Collection of Quotes/comments from eurosports transfer page

    Eurobot”A lot hinges on Wednesday for Arsenal. If they don’t qualify for the Champions League then the quality of potential recruits in what remains of the window will lower. They simply must get past Udinese.”

    “Is there any truth to Hazzard aggreing to move to Arsenal providing they are in the champions league. Seems a fee of £23m has been agreed”

    “Wenger gets banned for 2 games for using his phone. Mourinho looks like he may get off scot free for a blatant eye-gouge (which in most countries is considered assault). No wonder Wenger thinks everyone is against him and his team.”

    “Arsene Wenger has responded to Arsenal’s troubled start to the season by making a bid for the Rennes holding midfielder Yann M’Vila. M’Vila, who has established himself as a regular in the France team, would cost £12m. The 21-year-old is under contract until 2015 but Rennes have allowed Wenger to talk to him. Arsenal’s manager also has an interest in Sochaux’s attacking midfielder Marvin Martin.” (The Guardian)

  • yemi

    Any truths here ?
    “Arsene Wenger has finally been pushed into trying to make a dramatic splash in the transfer market. Wenger has got bids of £15million and £20m-plus respectively in for Rennes midfielder Yann M’Vila and Lille forward Eden Hazard. And the Arsenal boss is also going back for another crack at Everton defender Phil Jagielka, having already had two bids turned down.” (Daily Mirror)

  • kodjo

    It apears there is an intense battle going on behind the scenes btn wenger and gazidis, kroenke and co. it may explain why potential signings seem to slip thru our fingers after all the hard work. unfortunately wemger has borne the brunt of everything…whilst the board hide behind him.

    think of the subtle messages that he has been sending out of late….i think he is saying that he will not be forced out and the current wage structure shd be busted open….

    surely the next 10 days could define arsenal’s season and wenger’s legacy…i hope he is not tied down to a “no talk/silent agreement”

  • des

    Big week for us on the pitch and off it, if we get the wrong result on Wednesday in Northern Italy & we have no incoming transfers, the manager’s position will be untenable. Up until Frimpong got sent off, i thought the game had 0-0 written all over it. Frimpong will learn his lesson hopefully, 2 ridiculous yellow cards, both were unnecessary. We needed some of our more experienced players to step up, Ashavin was shocking, Van Persie didn’t get any decent service, while Walcott was in Enrique’s pocket from the 1st min to the last. Vermaelen, Sagna & Szczesny, all put in top performances, Nasri proved to me that he could still have a future at Arsenal. Does he really want to goto Manchester? Some on here don’t like Koscielny, but i rate him, i think he’s a good defender & if we can keep him & Vermaelen fit they will improve as a partnership. I’m not sure how much Liverpool have spent compared to us over the last year, they didn’t impress me until Suarez & Meireles came on. This week is pivotal to the managers future, lose on Wednesday & don’t add quality to the squad, he might as well hand in his P45. If we get a result on Wednesday & sign the right players in the right areas, we will go into the ManU game with hope in our hearts, knowing after suspension & injury we will have a squad who can at least compete. I’m desperately trying to be positive, but i need help!

  • Bonathan

    Certainly, wenger is not the only one to bleme here. And maybe he has protected the board to an extent. who knows. but since we have actually spent over 20m, as well as having bids turned down for other players, you have to imagine we could easily have spent 30m. So that much, at least, was realeased to strengthen. If that was to be the only money released despite the sales this summer, then have we got our priorities right with what we bought? Have we really addressed the main areas for concern with the money that WAS

  • Bonathan

    …available. the answer to that is no.

  • yemi

    Chelsea new-boy Juan Mata turned down Arsenal and Tottenham to join the Andre Villas-Boas revolution at Stamford Bridge. The £26million midfield buy from Valencia insisted: “I want to come to England to win trophies – and that’s why I accepted Chelsea’s offer,” he said. (The Sun)

  • yemi

    Chelsea’s latest signing, Juan Mata, says that he has joined the Blues because their sporting ambition was better than that of Arsenal or Tottenham(espn)

  • barry

    When you consider that Ferguson has paid £16 million each for both Jones and Young, they look bargains already. Then look at our biggest signing Oxo at £12-£15 million, unproven and still not had a minute on the pitch and you really start to see the differnce between a pro active manager like Fergie and the sad excuse of a manager we currently have destroying our great club. Fergie has managed to offload much of his deadwood, brought Wellbeck back off loan, signed two quality players in Jones & Young and was able to bring Hernandez, Giggs and Park off the bench. No vidic, no ferdinand but no goals conceded. The thing that really struck me though was the enthusiasm,confidence and energy of every Man u player. Wellbeck and Rooney constantly chased back, the midfield were up and down all night and when they broke, they broke quickly and with numbers. Compare this to our players on Saturday. Arshavin & Theo lose the ball constantly and don`t track back, Ramsey looked tired and laboured. How many times did we cross the ball in to find one or no players in the box. I have for ages thought there was something wrong with our training regime as we appear to suffer far more injuries than any other team in the prem and our players seem to lack legs. Just look at Man u & Barca and the way they hunt down from the front and this can only be achieved by exceptional fitness levels and i don`t think Arsene gives enough creadance to this element of our game. Lets face it, wenger has lost the dressing room and the players, he has lost the majority of fans and he has lost the plot! Time to go Le boss!

  • devday

    @ yemi:
    Don’t you think he has a point? He just saw Arsenal sell 3 of their first team (Cesc, Nasri & Clichy) and not replace them…

  • devday

    @ barry:
    Oxlade cost us £6.5m rising to £12m if we ever win the league or a cup and he players 50+ appearances and gets an international call up… of which we haven’t paid the full amount yet either…

    Jones cost United £16.5m in cash up front and a further £2.5m settlement fee paid to Blackburn – so you’re looked at £19m NOW versus £3.25m NOW, so those two deals are far far apart…

    I agree the squad needs strengthening quickly – and we have to presume there has been a lot going in behind the scenes…

  • Berth

    Dev I thought Arsene knows.

  • yemi

    @ Berth:
    More like “Used to know”

  • yemi

    Honestly, if he doesn’t sign at least 3 players, then i will see the club as one that lacks serious ambition. I don’t care or want to know who is responsible for the demise of the club, but it is glaring that starting from last season, you cannot predict any arsenal match again.
    There were times when the prediction was “how many goals do you think we will score against WBA”, now the case is “We hope and pray we don’t lose to WBA”.
    Our rivals used to be the big teams(liverpool, man u, chelsea) plus the london derbies of Spurs, Fulham & westham.
    Now-a-days, You can’t say for sure who we can beat or not.
    Stoke, WBA, B’ham beating us would have been classified as a major upset some years ago. These days its normal.

  • yemi

    They say chamacks current loss of form is due to the fact that he is fasting !!!!

  • barry

    If Arsenal are going to make anything out of this season, then Arsene Wenger needs to pull his head out of the sand and start dealing with reality. There can be no doubt that the Frenchman is a superb coach. One of the best. But his apparent desire to live his life in total denial of what is actually happening around him is making him and his club look rather daft.

    Up until a few hours before Cesc Fabregas was unveiled as the new Barcelona bench-warmer, Wenger was still saying nobody was leaving the club. The fact that Fabregas was already on his second glass of Sangria at his Camp Nou welcome party seemed to escape him.It seems everybody with even a slight interest in the world of football – and possibly a few of those who don’t even like the game – knew Cesc was leaving.

    Everyone, that is, apart from the man who should have been planning for that very moment. It’s not like this is an unexpected and sudden development either. It’s been coming all summer. For several summers, in actual fact. Pretty much since the Spanish midfielder first pulled on an Arsenal shirt.And that is the bit that annoys me the most about Wenger’s approach. He has had plenty of time to plan for this departure but instead of bringing in a suitable replacement nice and early, the season has started and the club now have a large Fabregas-sized hole in midfield.

    I very much doubt it is a case of Arsenal needing to sell before they can buy, so why was something not put in place before this deal went through?To be honest I can’t really understand what is going on in general at Arsenal. If Fabregas was the only departure then maybe, just maybe, you could understand Wenger feeling he didn’t need to bring in a replacement.But we have has also lost Clichy, Eboue and Denilson, while Nasri and St. Nick are ready to hand back the keys to their company cars.

    Fair enough, the departure of Bendtner would actually be like signing a new player, but it doesn’t change the fact that there have been far more goings than comings at the Emirates this close season. When, if they are serious about challenging at the top, it very much needed to be the other way round.Wenger himself said recently: “Imagine the worst situation – we lose Fabregas and Nasri. You cannot convince people you are ambitious after that. You cannot pretend you are a big club.” So he knew the problem he was facing.However, I don’t actually agree with those sentiments. To be a big club you don’t have to hold on to all your stars, especially if, in the case of Fabregas, they have their heart set on playing somewhere else, and in Nasri’s case, they can’t see further than the end of their wallet.But what you do need to do is be ready, willing and able to replace them. Preferably before they have gone.

    And that is where Wenger has let us down this summer. Not in failing to keep his existing squad together, but in failing to strengthen it to cope with the inevitable departures.The Arsenal team of last season was not good enough to challenge for the title. The one that is starting this season is barely good enough to challenge for a top four place.

    For a man who probably knows he is drinking in the managerial last chance saloon, his approach to rebuilding his squad has been nothing short of bizarre.In the past I have always thought that Wenger knows something we don’t. Right now, however, I am increasingly of the belief that we know something he doesn’t.With 10 days of transfer window activity still to go, there is always the chance Wenger does have something spectacular waiting to be pulled out of the bag. A signing so impressive it will make the football world take Arsenal seriously again. But even in the unlikely event of that happening, there is no escaping from the reality that it should have happened before and not after.

  • Berth

    Is Joel Campbell even qualified to play for Arsenal?

  • yemi


  • yemi

    “Imagine the worst situation – we lose Fabregas and Nasri. You cannot convince people you are ambitious after that. You cannot pretend you are a big club.”

    So the worst situation has come, so now you cannot convince people you are ambitious because you are NOT.
    We have lost 3 out of our BEST players, 3 first team starters,
    I wish you can see the tears in my eyes, Wenger and the board are causing so fans so much heart break.
    I am convinced more than ever that there is a problem somewhere that we are not being told.

    Where is kreonke & KSE doing in all of these ? what are they doing ? DD please come to our aid !!!
    Levy requested a meeting with modric, He said “If anyone can get modric, so can I” so he is not leaving. That is ambition !!!

    I think it is high time i start being a passive arsenal fan !!! I don’t want to die young..

  • barry

    @dev Actually Chamberlain cost us considerably more up front and the fee could rise to £15million, we are committed o at least pay them £12million. The main point here is he will not be a key player for us for some time. Young, Jones and Smalling are playing for Man Utd now, they have a younger side than we do and the difference in class is frightening. Why are we buying yet another player for the future when we need players now. With the money we have wasted on Chamberlain we could have bought Enrique from Newcastle plugging one of our many holes. Wenger will not solve our deficiencies, he will put his head in the sand and say there is no problem. That’s what he always does.

  • yemi

    But Arsene Wenger’s quote from May:

    “I believe for us it is important that the message we give
    out – for example you see about Fabregas leaving, Nasri leaving – if
    you give that message out you cannot pretend you are a big club.”

  • Berth

    @ Yemi That message from Wenger suggests to me that he is leaving too.

  • yemi

    Sometime ago when i said Arsenal has become the academy for man city, my head was nearly chewed off !!!! They have 4 players that would have been starters in our club and they all left when it matters most.
    Not to talk of our own Legend partick viera who i thought would have a Job at arsenal to help the youth !!!!
    I hear the club wanted to open contract talks with TV but he said the should hold a bit. All of our captains end up leaving.
    RVP next in line for next season, then TV.
    Wilshire will not stay at this club longer than a year or two more if we do not strengthen.
    Man U will come knocking…..

  • yemi

    @ Berth:
    You just echoed my thoughts, i know something is going wrong somewhere and we are not being told !!! until it burst loose !!!
    I think there is a crisis between the management and wenger and he is under some kind of obligation not to talk to the public….

  • yemi

    French players have always stabbed in the back!!!

  • barry

    No one really knows what’s going on and the fans should honestly do some sort of mass protest to let the wanker board know that they aint fucking running this club to the ground.

  • Steve

    I knew Nasri was going but still found it irritating to see in the press.

    I think it’s about time Wenger was given some space and the men in the shadows stood up.

    Chairman – Peter Hill-Wood
    Chief Executive -Ivan Gazidis
    Director – Ken Friar OBE
    Director – Sir Chips Keswick
    Director – Lord Harris of Peckham
    Director – Stanley Kroenke

    Are the people who appear to be covering their rear ends and AW is getting the heat.

    The Chairman and CE should be shouldering the load and TBH I wonder if they should go.

    How many people would like to see Ivan Gazidis replaced by a certain David Dein

    As to the other directors………….

  • barry

    ‘Wenger reflects’. Presumably on where did it all go wrong, how did he manage to screw things up so spectacularly. Maybe he reflects on why arsenal and the word ‘titanic’ are synonymous at the moment. Everyone knew Fabregas and Nasri were leaving. It is graceful, negligent and unprofessional of Wenger not to have their replacements ready. Now we do things the wenger way ie: last minute cheap replacements probably. Yes, you were great initially and gave us the best football the premiership had ever seen. However, you are now hurting the team (along with those money grabbers on the board) and need radically change your approach or get out. It didn’t take a genius to realise what to do or where the problems were – Mr Wenger, you have failed spectacularly and miserably in the last few years to take us to the next level and address some obvious weaknesses. I am sick of your excuses. We have given you six years of failure and tolerated every single excuse, while tickets prices have risen and the chances of success have receded. Sometimes people are simply no longer good enough for the job, or stagnate or go stale or become too stubborn and blind to see their own failings. Whichever reason it is, maybe it is time that you considered moving elsewhere. It’s no shame. I have moved jobs a few times either because i got stale or stagnated or felt that i needed a new approach or challenge. Of course, i am not getting paid millions per year for it.

  • Bonathan

    We need some answers. nothing is making any sense.

    If I was RVP right now, i’d be in deep thought about making a swift exit before the transfer window shuts. it’s getting ridiculous. none of us really know who or what is to blame, it can’t go on. if the fans and players cannot trust anything, then this is just the very beginning of a downward spiral. brace yourselves.

    Maybe by the end of the transfe window things may have changed. But somehow i doubt it. even if it does, it won’t take anything away from the diabolical way things have been dealt with, but as i say, i don’t think there’l be much change.

    10 years of domination i have been forecasting for a while now, always having to delay it, but always sure it was still going to come, how wrong could i be? at this rate, it will be 10 years in the wilderness.

  • ZimGooner

    Cesc out, Nasri out and you all wanna burn the house down? Wenger is the best there was, the best there is and the best there ever will be in Arsenal. The young Gunners are slowly stepping up and they need the fans support. Perhaps Wenger has a point in doing things differently. You can buy a player for £250 million but you can’t buy class or talent. Players who are jumping ship in pursuit of glory must first look at themselves for failing to win cups. It’s only fair that AW makes like for like replacements after losing Cesc04 and $amir Na$ri. I still have hope in the current team but also accept that we need the Kakas or Etoos to blend in with the young guns. I have a dream that one day the Arsenal will win the quad and all the mercenaries will want to join the club. Good luck in Champions League. In Wenger we must trust!

  • Mesol

    All that I have said couple of years back, now come true. All peoples condemn me for criticized Wenger. As I said, we need a change. If not a manager, a tactic or a policy in transfer. If we still ‘need’ Wenger, please tell Wenger to change his tactic or his policy. For how many years, he want to build the team for future. He said long ago, he bought Bendtner, Denilson, Fabianski, Aliadiere and many more because he want build the team for the future. What happened? They all failure.So now, I think he didnt want to buy experienced player because he afraid to fail. If he buy experienced player, but he still fail, it will expose his weakness. But if he buy young player, and still lose, he will make it as an excuse such as the player is still young. We still can live without Wenger. Manager is like a player it comes and goes.

  • Mesol

    On Daily Star…

    “Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has told skipper Robin van Persie he doesn’t need to buy.

    The Daily Star says the manager revealed in a meeting with the Dutch striker yesterday that he may not be ready to make any major plunge in the transfer market, despite the team’s poor start to the season.

    Sources in Holland say van Persie – made club captain following the £35m sale of Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona – was left stunned by Wenger’s attitude.

    Van Persie is understood to have asked to see Wenger yesterday in the wake of the 2-0 home defeat by Liverpool, which left the Gunners with just a point and no goals from their first two league games.”


    Good decision Wenger. Of course, you build the team for future!. Lets buy, young player or why not school player. Its good for many many years to come. Arsenal are champ in 2040 or in another century!

  • yemi

    @ ZimGooner:
    Keep dreaming mate !!!

    Others are wide awake and can see the reality

  • barry

    @mesol if that is the case then he is a dead man walking.

  • yemi

    @ barry:
    I know something is happening in the background that we are not being told. I know Wenger is not a fool, i suspect this board of ours are behind our current crisis and it wouldn’t get any better even if we get a new coach.
    I am sure this wage cap thing is affecting us in the transfer market.
    That is why we lost Nasir, that is why no top player will come to our club, when you hear pple like etoo earning 60pounds/sec. why will you want to come to arsenal as a top player and earn less than 150k when taxes will take half of it ?
    The first step to attracting any top player is qualifying for the group stages of the champions league today.
    secondly, announce the lifting of that crazy wage cap.

  • Syah

    Your post made me smile again. Thanks!!

  • db10

    I said it 3 weeks ago, Cesc wouldn’t be sold until the day before Udinese 1st leg, Nasri wouldn’t be sold until day before 2nd leg. Is it a coincidence? No. To get the best deals possible to get as much £ for new players. Would you like to know why Wenger has stalled on more big names? Because the board won’t sanction fees/wages for new players until we get £25 mill from CL qualification. Only then can we maximise the fees/wages. No Champions League guarantee, no new major signings. If we get through tonight, signing Samba or Cahill, Y’Vila, Marvin Martin, Hazard by the end of the transfer window will be certain as the deals will no longer be on hold because we’ll be able to use the £25 mill qualification revenue on top of £60 mill (Cesc, Nasri) to maximise the transfer fees & wages to meet the other club’s asking fee and the player’s wage demands. Tonight may just be the most important Italian Job in the club’s history. So for now for we can say is, COME ON YOU GOONERS!!!

  • Bonathan

    Anyway, what is done is done. It’s been a disappointment as it certainly not what i was expecting at the start of summer. But hey, here we are. We still have a good manager, hopefully he still has all his marbles, we have a great fan base, plenty of money, and great foundations for us to build a long lasting future. There is still one week left in the transfer window as well so perhaps at least 1 player will come in.

    It’l certainly give more opportunities to the likes of lansbury, conner henderson (when he’s back from injury), joel campbell, miquel, etc. Even with what we have left, although i think the title is out of our reach, we should be able to put in a strong fight for the top 4. Who knows, maybe we’ll pick up a cup. It’s all about the fight for that top4 this year though. it’s gonna be one hell of a scrap, but if we can do it, we’l be in great shape for future seasons. Yeah, i’m feeling good again.

  • Bonathan

    I like our line up for tonight. nice looking team.

  • Jeffo

    Mesol/Barry – Bore off, same old crap different day,I’ve said it before on here if you shout your gob off saying Wenger must go put your cock on the block and suggest a better manager.

    Oh and ARSENAL 2 – Wops 1, champions league here we come.

    Come on you Gunners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice blog Keiron and you managed not to insult any other prem league managers – most disappointing.

  • tom G

    Nasri. Fuck off.