Arsenal vs Liverpool – Match Preview

It’s time for the second round of Premiership games this weekend, and the mighty Arsenal take on the mighty Liverpool… in what is a key game for supremacy and a real test for both teams to see how far they have both come…

In summer and January, Liverpool have spent over £100m bringing in players like Suarez, Carroll, Henderson, Downing and Adam, whereas Arsenal have done the opposite and sold Cesc, Eboue, Clichy and most likely Bendtner & Nasri, whilst loaning out a few players too…

Down at the Emirates, we have some serious injury concerns and some serious suspensions too, meaning the following players will miss the game:

  • Djourou (injury)
  • Gibbs (injury)
  • Traore (injury)
  • Song (suspension)
  • Rosicky (injury)
  • Wilshere (injury)
  • Gervinho (suspension)

If I said to Kenny Daglish at Liverpool that he’d face Arsenal on the 2nd day of the Premiership and they wouldn’t be able to field Song, Cesc, Nasri, Denilson, Diaby, Rosicky or Wilshere – I’m sure he would have bitten my hand off…

And coupled with the Arsenal exodus this season, a likely line up could well be:


Sagna – Koscielny – Vermaelen – Jenkinson

Frimpong – Ramsey

Walcott – Miyachi – Arshavin

Van Persie

With a bench of Fabianski, Squillaci, Lansbury, Nasri, Chamakh, Oxlade, Bendtner

Although, Nasri & Bendtner won’t play – that’s for sure, and I doubt Oxlade will get any game time either…

Arsene spoke about the team news:

We have Song and Gervinho suspended. Diaby and Wilshere are injured. Djourou and Traore will not be available and Gibbs will not be available. Apart from that, the moral is strong and the belief is strong. I believe we have had a decent start. We will give Rosicky  a rest tomorrow. It is not a bad injury and he should be back with us on Monday but he is rested tomorrow. Miyachi came back from Japan yesterday and is in the squad. And Nasri – He is in the squad tomorrow and available to be picked to play.

The Nasri inclusion is a strange one, as we all thought he was close to being sold and perhaps, by now, we thought he would be sold – questions are raised – is there a possibility that he will not be sold? Is Arsene playing hard ball? Will he will sold before the game… will he play?

In my first eleven, I’ve tipped Miyachi to start – he was quite good in pre-season – although I don’t know whether he will start in the middle or the left – Arshavin can come inside and play in the middle but Miyachi’s energy may make for better tracking back…

It’s a tough one for Arsene, with key players out and sales to key parts of the squad… The Liverpool game will be a big big test, and I really do hope we come away with the three points…

  • Pires

    If Nasri do play, please please please do not boo him guys!!!

  • des

    The man is officially insane – have you guys read his latest sermons on bringing in players. God Help us.

  • des

    The man is officially insane – have you guys read his latest sermons on bringing in players. God Help us.

  • yemi

    Wenger is killing me this “we are ok talk”

  • ZimGooner

    Come on Arsenal!!! Let’s rally behind the boys an d give Liverpool a run for their money. That team looks good enough although some star players are missing. I’m sure we’ll all hope for the best and avoid booing the boys or Wenger. Gunner 4 Life.

  • Bonathan

    I must admit, i was convinced we’d be signing cahill this summer, and thought him and TV would make a partnership to rival any team in the premiership, possibly even europe. and we’d still have KOS and JD providing decent cover whilst pushing for a 1st team place. that’s the kind of competition you need to win titles. I am exceptionally disappointed that it is looking increasingly unlikely that we will sign a CB, but who knows, maybe it will still happen.

    Anyway, enough of transfers for now, it’s time to go head to head with a team after our place in the top 4. A team that hasn’t beaten us at our home ground for a long time. here’s hoping it continues.

    I’m looking forward to it, despite a depleted team, as we get to see frimpong start a premiership game. also, there’s a good chance arsharvin may get a run out from the central area. as far as i can see, it’l be either him or lansbury. i can’t see any other option. and arsharvin has scored a few against liverpool in the past. liverpool have had a pre season about as bad as us, and also got off to a disappointing start. so it should be interesting.

    if arsharvin does start in centre, then it’l be likely we see either myichi or AOC. i am keen to see both of them also. the options i see for tomorrow, are as follows:

    the back 4 will be either:

    sagna kos TV Jenkinson
    sagna kos squillaci TV

    think i’d probably go for the top option.

    ahead of that, i see Frimpong and ramsey, with these 3 options ahead of them:

    Walcott Arsharvin Myichi/AOC

    Walcott Lansbury Arsharvin

    or there’s always the option of playing RVP in his old position:

    Walcott Arsharvin RVP

    the 3rd option is unlikely, but might have been a good one if chamackh was playing well, but since he definitely isn’t, it probably isn’t worth considering.
    i won’t mention the option of playing bentner out wide! wonder if nasri will play one last game??

  • Truegooner

    This is bullshit lads how can we expect to challenge for anything with a squad/team like this?! I mean it’s the second game of the season and we have hot injury problems! We need a left bk,cb,solid mf and not 10th olds!!!!!! We are in serious serious danger of falling behind! Please wenger spend some money!!!! Gunner for life!!

  • piresistible

    I like the enthusiasm (above) for Ox and Ryo, but, as promising as they are, they are not expected to make an impact at the highest level. Let’s re-visit them in 3-5 years. Or let’s re-visit them tomorrow, or during any number of matches this season when they’ll be thrown to the wolves.

    I feel for our young players. Jenkinson, Ryo, the Earl of Oxford, Campbell, even Wilshere, Gibbs, and Ramsey. By not adding experience to those positions, Wenger is robbing these promising players of the guidance they need from experienced, proven talent. Worse, it leaves them open to the derision from fans frustrated at the lack of proven quality in the side. They can hardly be expected to tell themselves that the boos and general tension amongst fans is not really about them. It’s not, of course, but they’ll absorb it like it is.

    Wenger has let down the side again this summer. After today’s press conference, I’m more convinced than ever that our summer business concluded with the acquisition of Campbell.

    It may be Wenger, it may be the board, it may be a refusal to spend, or it may be that we have no money to spend. But whatever the reason for our persistent dismantling of the squad, only to pin the hopes of the club on the shoulders of youth and inexperience, is a disaster waiting to happen.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    @ Bonathan: his name is Miyaichi by the way :-)

    I think will see him on the left wing for sure at some point. My guess is the midfield will include Lansbury in the middle and Arshavin will play his usual left wing role until 65-75th min then Miyaichi will come on, then AOC will come on for Theo.

  • Syah

    I’m so sad. Wenger is not convincing me at all this season. It’s sad that the leader of the team is not having a conviction in managing the team.

  • Matt

    I’d say after today performance, I’m actually happy with our defence at the moment. Although in need of some backup players we don’t necessarily need first team replacements, even Miquel did well when he came on.

    What I would say we are in need of is 2 creative players for the midfield. Even if as was being suggested on BBC 5 Live during the match Nasri does stay, I’d say one attacking mid for the centre of the park and one for the right. Walcott is just too unreliable yes he has some brilliant moments (look at the goal against Liverpool in the champions league a few years ago, it was blinding) but can we honestly say we can trust him for form?

  • prime

    stubborn old wenger. this is what u call quality team? frimpong out. kos injured. so whats next? tv injured? rvp injured?

  • Jeffo

    yeah thats right Prime, stubborness is what causes injuries???????

  • yemi

    The darkest hour is the hour b4 day break!

  • Bonathan

    Well, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. there was a lot of positives. but were some very worrying things as well.

    It all comes back to the signings, or lack of. probably liverpool’s best player. looks as though he might go on to be the best LB in the premiership for seasons to come. You have to ask the question, should we have signed him?? 5.5m pound wouldn’t have broken the bank would it. we didn’t and he went to our biggest rivals for 4th place. I can understand wenger not wanting to put too many obstacles in front of the youngsters, but at the same time, you can’t make it too easy for them to get in the team. And at the end of the day, if they’re good enough, they will force their way in. Gibbs hasn’t done enough for me to be handed the 1st choice LB role on a silver plate. 2 weeks into the season and he is injured and jose enrique is on the winning side against us.

    And to the CB situation… is now obvious to me that the reason we are not interested in CB’s any more is because he wants to give miquel the chance. Now, i realise that this guy is promising, and who knows, maybe he is ready. But how many times have we been down this road?? He hasn’t even spent a season out on loan. surely that would benefit him more at the moment. I just feel, if things were going well, then ok, let’s roll with it, but they haven’t been have they? they haven’t been for a while now in the CB area because we’ve been gambling on youngsters and players new to the prem and have been left regretting it time and time again. If ever there was a time to just make sure, and sign someone tried and tested, surely to god it is now. I hope wenger is right, and i hope he is ready to play a big part this season, but it’s another big gamble at a time where we really shouldn’t be trying to gamble.

    Just like poker, there is a time to gamble, and a time when it really isn’t appropriate, and I can’t help but think this ain’t the time. People say about clubs like spurs gambling by spending lots of money and then maybe struggling if the gamble doesn’t pay off. I can’t help but think we are just as bad at the moment for not spending. We are high risk takers because of what we are risking losing by not spending when we have it. Taking risks when they aren’t needed ain’t big and it certainly isn’t clever.