Let’s do some maths (Nasri + Cesc = Scott Dann)…

It has been a busy day in the world of Arsenal; we’ve heard rumours from all news outlets that Cesc and Nasri will depart by tomorrow.

Both players have been linked with departures to Barcelona and Man City respectively and with Cesc, we’ve always known that he would one day go back to his boyhood club; with Arsene Wenger so adamant that Cesc was staying, he’s made us believe that it wouldn’t be this summer – unfortunately for all of us, it looks like within the next 24 hours, Cesc will be sold. With Nasri, the departure is a bit more forced, Man City have increased their bid weekly and Nasri has a massive intent to leave and will not sign a new contract.

Both players have been amongst our best, and it’s definitely a loss to lose both of them. Yes, we have talent coming through, but Cesc, for sure, is in the top 5 players in the Premiership and you can’t lose that sort of quality and not replace it. Nasri, last season, showed signs of why we signed him, and really came of age – for about 4 months – but regardless of the feelings we have against Nasri & Cesc for their desire to leave, we need to understand that we are losing quality players and also need to understand that we need to replace them with quality players.

[Update: Arsene commented on Cesc & Nasri]

Media reports in the past 24 hours suggested that the destination of the Arsenal captain next season would be determined by the start of the Premier League this weekend – whether it be Emirates Stadium or Barcelona. On Thursday afternoon Arsenal Player got the latest from the manager.

“That is completely the truth,” he said. “We hope it will be sorted out very quickly one way or the other.  We’ll know very quickly.”

Meanwhile the future of Samir Nasri is also under the microscope. Once again his manager wanted a speedy resolution.

“The Nasri situation is stable,” said Wenger. “Again it is very difficult to speak about possible transfers but we are in a situation where we have to make decisions one way or the other. Ideally you want it to be sorted out before the season starts.”

If you throw in the sales of JET (£1m), Clichy (£7m), to the proposed sales of Nasri (£23m) and Cesc (£37m), and throw in the original £30m kitty that the manager and chairman supposedly had at the beginning of the transfer window, that’s a whopping £98m, of which £10 we’ve spent on Gervinho, £7m on Oxlade and £1m on Jenkinson. If the two sales

went ahead tomorrow, that would leave us approximately £80m in our transfer kitty and release another £12m on wages from the transfer kitty too.

With that amount of money, we have the ability to replace the two with quality, quality replacements – the Mata’s, the Ribery’s and the lark. Yes, we have Ramsey, Wilshere etc coming through,  but we need to have a big game player, a leader amongst the revels… and if we were to sell Bendtner, Eboue and Vela, then we’d be able to afford a Cristiano Ronaldo at today’s prices! No more 17 years please, experience needed!

Hayley Wright on Twitter reminded us of something that Herbert Chapman once said:

Chapman on the integration of youth players: “I am convinced that it is a mistake for the two classes to mix. [Older, experienced players] have only to keep fit, and their example is not beneficial to a youth who has to learn his job. They should be trained to think not only for themselves but for the side generally.”

And we have adopted a different culture now, where no longer are there layers of heirachy and a fight for the first team – nowadays, our first team is a bunch of hopeful, promising youngsters, with a very low amount of experience and a massive lack of leadership…

With the first part of today’s article, yes, I have exerted some negativity – it’s frustrating as an Arsenal player to see such transfer dealings. But it’s not all doom & gloom – we have a group of very talented kids and if we buy the experience we need – and that’s a massive IF, then we can still challenge. It was a little shocking to hear the very strong rumours of the potential signing of Scott Dann. I really don’t rate him at all – they always say it’s never a good idea to buy defenders from a relegated team. I don’t know if it will happen, or really why it’s in the papers, but perhaps the lack of signings, and overlooking of Cahill, Samba and failed bids for Jones and Jagielka mean we have nowhere to go?

I’ll review the injuries tomorrow and look at the team line up, but the news I’m hearing isn’t great – it looks like Gibbs, Vermaelen, Wilshere, Cesc, Nasri, Van Persie, Bendtner, Eboue & Vela are all set to miss the Newcastle match…

We have a 9am press conference with Le Boss, so we will all find out what’s in store then for sure…

  • senham

    Wenger in Kicker today: no interest in Mertesacker. “We have four central defenders, no need for another one”

    Can someone kill him already.

  • cegimet

    I keep saying, with the money of our sales (don’t even thinking about the Kroenke’s or last seasons money)we can afford the buy of Mata + Hazard + A great defender (Jagielka, Cahill or Mertesacker)
    That’s my last tweet at @Gooners_Cali

  • Paul Murphy

    Cesc wants to play for his boy hood team you cant blame him for that, nas is a fickle shit we can do without in our dressing room, he was one of the sulkers that cost us the title, scott dann wants to play for us and is a good back up and not a replacement for either of above

  • JayJayGooner

    That article was from last summer! The quote in kickerr!!

  • Bonathan

    Cesc was no captain anyway.

    Please make Vermaelen captain. I rather think he’ll go for RVP. This would be a wrong decision, and a weak decision in my view. leave rvp as deputy and give it to TV. always better to have more defensive players captain. they do the organising.

    we let jose enrique slip off to liverpool, liverpool will be thankful to us for that. let’s hope they aren’t the ones pipping us to 4th come the end of the season. already it looks as though armand traore will get a game this weekend. maybe even for udinese! not clever.

    scott dann isn’t as good as JD so let’s hope that’s some sort of joke. we already have good back up, we need top quality first choice material.

    as for juan mata, well, if we don;t sign him by next wednesday, and if we then don’t win the first leg against udinese, then he probably won’t bother coming to us.

  • AmriGooner

    @ Bonathan:
    Jose Enrique to Liverpool?
    Is that true?

  • vj

    Focusing on the league now that it starts tommorow! my team I reckon will play


    Sagna Vermaelen Djourou/Koscielny Gibbs

    Song Wilshere/Frimpong Ramsey

    Gervinho Van Persie Arshavin/Walcott

    Subs: Fabianski Djourou/Koscielny Jenkinson Rosicky Walcott/Arshavin Chamakh Vela/Miyaichi/Ox

    Obviously if nasri or fabregas situation is sorted and either one isn’t leaving then they will slot slot in to the team hopefully (unless cesc is injured) otherwise, I pray new gunners (Dann? Mertesacker Mata and Fabregas 2.0 arrive soon….) come on RVP ur gonna have to score 5 this time!

  • sharad

    I warned about this after the Emirates Cup; no need to look at Kicker, he said in our own matchday programme – his one mouthpiece directly to the fans of this club:

    “We’re always under pressure to buy centre-backs, but we have four already and Carl can play there too. Of course we are always looking to strengthen the team, but it’s not an area in which we are especially short at the moment”

    This is my problem. The guy sees sorting the defence as a secondary issue…..as has been proved so far in his signings in this window. Over £20m spent on forwards, £1m spent on the defence and we’re one day from the start of the season. I think he’s only buying Dann reluctantly to appease fan & board pressure……I just can’t see him spending £15m+ on a centre half so Cahill or Jagielka will not be coming along

  • sharad

    wenger really wants to take the wrath of the fans dont he? I mean saying he expects nbody to leave – WTF. who are you fukn kidding?

  • gareth

    In spite of Wenger’s unfounded assurances that Fabregas and Nasri would not be leaving Arsenal they are. Once again Wenger has made himself and the club look silly, does this man ever tell the truth about anything. And what are we going to get to replace these two, Jadson. Yes you might say Jadson who but that’s the best Wenger can come up with. Scott Dann was injured for most of last season,he’s better than either Koscielny or Squillaci but he is not the central defender we need. We have needed a central defender who can dominate in the air, Wenger refuses to accept this and is obviously determined not to bring in the sort of player we need. The Sun seems to think van Persie will want out next season and to e honest who could blame him. The club have handled this season’s transfer window in the same incompetent manner they always handle the summer and January windows, Wenger has got to be sacked, the man has totally lost the plot and is now so embarrassing he makes me cringe every time I see his smug face on TV. His appointment the hapless Gazidis has also got to go, he is nothing more than Wenger’s yes man, Wenger vetoed the BofD preferred choices and it has now backfired on him. And finally there is Silent Stan, what a total waste of space he has turned out to be, we need Usmanov to take the club over, sweep the current BofD out and bring in new blood together with a new manager. We will drop out of the top4 this season and it may well be some time before we get back into it, how much will that cost the club. It’s all a false economy don’t spend big on quality but lose the £25million per season from the Champs League. It’s madness. By Christmas I expect to see Arsenal in midtable and I hope the club wake up and sack Wenger and Gazidis, the sooner the better.

  • yemi

    I think people should stop hating or blaming players leaving. What has nasri to gain in arsenal ? you score 2-4 goals and your defenders let in the same number.
    Remember that this guys are doing their jobs and in your job you want promotion, you want motivation, you want a good team to work with.
    If Nasri does not leave for the money, he will leave for glory.
    Arsenal is not showing ambitions at all in any form. Why couldn’t we buy enrique ? why can’t we buy benzema ? Mata? alvarez ?
    What will it take arsene wenger to see that squilacci is surplus to requiremnet ? that TV will be out frequently due to his long lay off with injury ? why cant we lure a player like hangeland to the emirates ? or players like smalling, jagielka, baines, hart, .

    All we hear year in year out is that “i could have”, “we wanted to”.

    Mr wenger buy a central defender quick!! At the moment we do not have any defender apart from sagna and TV that that could easily break into the first team of our main rivals…..

    Our main man upfront is injury prone, yet we do not have a suitable backup or partner. *hissing*
    Oh, and we have not yet done anything about the truckload of deadwood in our team up till this moment !!!
    Nobody wants overpaid underachieving players !!! (apart from arsenal) The good ones will always find clubs

    On a lighter note, did anyone see the highlights of cote d’ivoire vs isreal ? Our Gervinho was instrumental to about two of their goals and was a thorn in isreals flesh. however just like arsenal, they gave up a 2 goal lead and the match ended 4-3 (even though they won), so much for a shitty defense !!!

    fingers crossed….

    Like i said at the beginning of the transfer window, it is when the window closes that we would know who has come and who has gone. all these speculations are killing….

  • gareth

    The moment Fabregas and Nasri leave will be the demarcation point that marks the point when we changed from being a club with ambition to just a feeder club – I await it with eager anticipation because I want to see what Mr Arsenal Arsene Wenger does. My opinion is that he will either 1. Do absolutely nothing and sit on the money until it vanishes into thin air like the adebayor/toure money did or 2. Invest it in little schoolboys as he always does. He will fail next season regardless what he does – the football landscape has changed whether he recognises it or not and it really is quite simple – he who has the money wins the big prizes – Arsenal are very poor due to the board grabbing everything for themselves and will therefore win absolutely nothing – unless you consider 4th place a prize.