Alexander Oxlade-Chamberlain is the new [………….]

Morning fellow Gooners…

Yesterday was a strange day in London, the riots, acts of violence, arson and general unrest continued throughout the day and evening. It’s incredible to see such an event in one of the safest cities in the world. Read more here. I just hope that no lives are taken in this and injuries are few and far between.

[Update: All football games in London called off tomorrow (Carling Cup), the England vs Holland game to be decided in the morning and discussions on whether the weekend’s football should go ahead]

In footballing news, we signed the Southampton youngster, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain – a surprise signing in one way, as most people were expecting a central defender. In addition, there is a question of what type of player we need right now. Arsene has admitted that we need experienced players, players with defensive attributes and those who have played in the Premiership – Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is none of those.

Oxlade Chamberlain is a promising player – I think we all need to reserve judgement on whether he’s the right player for us at another time – we all need to see him in action. The reported fee of £12m is actually more like £7m now and the rest when we win something…

Let’s take a closer look:

He actually looks like a very good player!

Arsene was very pleased to bring him to the club and at 17 years old, if he can do what he can do in the Championship, then you really have to think what he can do when he’s a bit older!

“We are delighted that Alex has decided to join us. He is an exciting young player who will provide us with creativity and offensive quality. Alex is a versatile player who can play in a number of positions. He can play as an attacking centre midfielder, or wide left and right. Alex is a perceptive passer of the ball and has a great understanding of the game and looks to be a very good team player.”

If Arsene manages to complete the transfer of a defender and striker in the next couple of days, then maybe we’ll all be a bit happier when we kick off the season next weekend…


  • yemi

    A defender and a striker? U wish dev. A defender might still come in though but not both

  • devday

    If Bendtner and Vela both go, then surely a striker is a must?

  • fan

    agreed! if rvp injure, surely he will, we can’t rely on chaMEH to step in.

  • haggai

    Please if Nasri wants 2 leave for money which he pretends nt to be da issue, let him.£25m is ok and bring in Mata for £20m!!!

  • http://Arsenalfc Kabiru musa kafi

    Welcome to ARSENAL FC,the world home of football,bravo once againt.CHAMBERLAIN try to fight for your possition in Arsenal shirt to be come in the gunners.I hope you will do better at club.SIR KBO2 M.SHINKAFA,BAUCHI-NIGERIA.

  • http://Arsenalfc Kabiru musa kafi

    Wenger,release VELA,BENDTNER,DIABY,EBOUE,SQUILLACI,ROSICKY,ALMUNIA,FABIASKY,DENILSON,FABREGAS,NASIR and replace them with the following players like CHAMBERLAIN,JAVIER MATINEZ,MARVIN MARTIN,OSAZE,REMY,EMMANUEL RIVIERE,ALVARO FERRIRA,HAZARD,CAHILL,SAMBA is ok and we will be better and win the champions league,premier league,carling cup,fa cup and super cup.SIR KBO2 M.SHINKAFA,BAUCHI-NIGERIA.

  • rado

    I’m really hoping we get a hold of Cahill to shore the defence up. Is anyone else worried about Vermaelen’s fitness in general after coming back from injury last season? I hope he pulls through and shows the solidity he did in his first season. However, my main issue with Arsenal is replacing Clichy. Gibbs can’t string any number of games together and Traore hardly featured for Juventus, nevermind Arsenal.

  • agentsmurf

    I wish him all the best but this is simply not what the Club needs right now. We need experience, leadership and proven quality – not another kid. Yes he may be one for the future – but as Arsenal fans we have seen the future under this manager and it never arrives. Just another example of how Wenger has lost the plot and is no longer the man to take this Club forward.

  • yemi

    Chamberlain was signed at a very wrong time. A good signing (for the future), but not now.

  • Steve

    If Cesc, Nasri are on the way we need experience in the midfield and with TV5 injured a solid defender as well – premiership experience in both positions is preferable.

    Problem is who does that leave us with a choice of?

    CB – Cahill, Dan, Samba, Jagielka

    Midfield – Parker, Barton, uh hmmmmmmmmm

    if we include European experience we could add

    CB – Merksacker, Vertonghen

    Midfield – Sneijder, Mata

    If Nasri & Cesc where to go the money is there for Sneijder. I think he would silence the critics!

    I’d like to see a double dutch signing but unlikely

  • Steve

    Just searched Vertonghen and the online Daily Heil has a peice on him. Pity the England v Holland is cancelled AV could of tapped him up.

    Mind you we could have offered the training ground to them for preparation.

  • afc4life

    @ Steve:

    Is Vertonghen dutch?

  • agentsmurf

    BELGIAN not dutch

  • Steve

    Oh well – can’t get them all right – would probably work better with TV5 then when he is not crocked.

  • rado

    Expect to see a defender this week – either one of these – Cahill, Samaba or Merte – you heard it here 1st

  • agentsmurf

    He is being offered more than double in wages. His argument about winning trophies is a false one, albeit he must find it frustrating. Arsenal should recoup what they can and use it for what is blindingly obvious, a central defender and a strong holding midfielder. Parker or Barton would be ideal in this role. I would also let Fabregas go and take Thaigo as part of the deal, this lad will be a big player in the future but is already showing signs that he can hold his own in the Barcelona team. At the very least they should buy Mata. It’s no use fans complaining about the wages, the fans are just as responsible. The current Premier league deal is worth 1.7 billion pounds from Sky alone, add overseas rights, highlights and merchandising and still the majority goes directly in wages. Fans are considered last. Ticket prices have escalated over the same period, pricing grass roots followers out of the game. Strange, all this money and clubs still have massive debt.

  • agentsmurf

    Think he’s going to be a good one. I doubt he’ll much of an impact this season, will probably mainly be a Reserves/domestic cup player (may even head out on loan for the spring), but 10 goals, 9 assists, and making the team of the year at any professional level is very impressive as a 17 year-old.

    People are going to complain. Then again, at this point, people would complain about Wenger announcing that he had discovered cold fusion, a cure for cancer, and solved the conflict in the Middle East if it didn’t also mean he was spending 20 million on a defender. And I understand that people want a more established player. But looked at in isolation, I don’t understand how anyone isn’t excited about this — this is an excellent young player, one of the brightest young players in England, who really, really wants to play for Arsenal, and we beat Liverpool and Manchester United to get his signature.

    His YouTube highlights are worth a watch. I say that knowing full well that if I played a full season, you could cherry-pick 3 minutes worth of highlights, lay some shitty techno music on top of it, and people might think I was a half-decent player. But he really does seem to have an aggressiveness that we could use — he seems to love running at the goal and at players with the ball, and a couple of those long loft/chip goals from the flank are pretty outstanding. Seems to be a lot more than a bundle of speed, has some skill and flair on the ball as well.

  • redondo

    Can’t see it being samba, he’s just a big lumox. No mention of hangeland this summer but he ticks all the boxes and is superb.
    I have no problem with signing oxalde as long as we address the main areas for concern, cb.and lb.
    Please wenger, sign a left back. Hubbard can’t be relied on soley. Tv is needed in the middle and has his own injury probs, and traore is absolutely shit. Sell him.
    make Tv captain as well!

  • yemi

    @ agentsmurf:
    Everyone knows he is a good player, all we are saying is his signing was announced at the wrong time. If he had come after an established defender, he would have been appreciated more.
    I have watched his highlights and it is impressive. I actually see him overtaking theo unless theo is moved centrally

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Miyaichi has been granted his work permit :-)