The season starts with a bang…

Indeed, the season started with a bang down in Tottenham, with riots & fires kicking off on Saturday night – when the news broke, everyone thought that the riots were down to the club, but that’s not true, although the majority of rioters were Sp*rs fans… it was down to other reasons. If you’re interested, read more here.

Personally, we live in a society where that kind of behaviour is uncalled for – many innocent people have been hurt, many shop owners and innocent parties have had their premises vandalised. What was achieved by such a act of rage and violence? What kind of a message does that send out to the rest of the world? London is supposed to be a safe city and is with the Olympics coming to our capital next summer, what damage has it done to our global appeal and is London actually safe any more?

Back to all things Arsenal, and we lost 2-1 to Benifica on the weekend. It was a game of two halves with the first team doing a decent job in the first half, with another goal from Robin Van Persie putting us 1-0 up and a failing in the 2nd half which saw us ultimately lose 2-1. I haven’t had the chance to watch the game yet, but you can read the fans reactions in the comments section on the previous post here.

We do have a few injuries in key areas at the moment, and we’ve got a little injury crisis going on. The game saw Van Persie, Vermaelen and Gibbs all ruled out through injury and the preparations for next weekend look ominous. With Cesc & Nasri also “injured”, Diaby, Walcott and Wilshere properly injured, and Bendtner, Vela, Eboue & Almunia also absent due to possible departures, as things stand, our strongest team on Saturday will be:


Sagna – Djourou – Koscileny – Traore

Rosicky – Song – Ramsey

Gervinho – Van Persie – Arshavin

With a bench of Fabianski, Squillaci, Miquel, Jenkinson, Frimpong, Lansbury and Chamakh

Miyachi hasn’t got a work permit yet, so he can’t be included at this stage…. We have the midweek Internationals, so let’s hope the XI mentioned above don’t get injured too!

[Update: Jack Wilshere has withdrawn from the England squad due to injury]

Arsene was quizzed on the Van Persie injury and said:

“It is an ankle problem, I don’t know how bad it is. Gibbs has a muscular [thigh] problem and Vermaelen has a slight back problem. The situation is not sorted out with Cesc but, as I said yesterday in the press conference, there is nothing to add.”

Personally, it’s clear that Cesc has played his last game for Arsenal – he’s not included in the Spain squad on Wednesday due to injury, but ultimately the player is not happy, he wants to move and he’s unable to play for Arsenal. I would be surprised if Nasri stayed too, considering the money we can get for him now.

Arsene did confirm we would be making a signing very soon:

“We have to stay focused and confident. I don’t think there is any reason to have a bad mood. All we can do is prepare well. Yes. We will [be in the market for new players before the season starts].”

Fingers crossed, eyes peeled, come on Arsene, get those signings in!

  • Berth

    Medicals for Chambarlaski

  • yemi

    whose that?

  • agentsmurf

    chamberlain – another world beater joining us woo hoo

  • agentsmurf

    I would normally be happy over such a signing but I really can´t. He is signing players in areas that isn´t urgent. Wenger and the board are complete tools at the moment

  • yemi


  • yemi

    We are conceding goals left right cntre, from set pieces, open play, unforced errors, forced errors etc and yet we are buying chamberlain !!!

    Somebody is certainly toying with fans emotions/hard earned money.

    MR ARSEN WENGER —– BUY A DEFENDER!!!! BUY BUY BUY A DEFENDER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • agentsmurf

    look the myth of our great football is caused by ‘neutrals’ and many akb’s only seeing us on match of the day etc, which obviosly shows the choicest bits. those of us who have to endure watching arsenal every home game, know that our football is unexciting, and far too slow, and not a patch on the henry days of fast breaks. obviously our method is still better than lump it forward stoke…but who gives a shit what kind of football you play if it doesnt bring success…spurs argued this for years, yes we are shit but we play good football. we are them now.

    a lot of the slowdown is due to cesc himself as thats his style and hes the playmaker.

    utd, spurs, played far more exciting football than us last year as did chelsea on many occasions.

    regardless of goals scored (which is always going to be high because we attack most of the game then get killed on the break) our football is not wonderful or exciting. it can be on occasion, but the norm is now slow tippy tappy build up, looking for the killer pass as its passed from side to side constantly.

    we used to play fast one touch flowing football with pires, henry, viera, wyltord, ljunberg etc.

    still akb’s will never admit it so theres no point even trying to argue it.
    fatty’s fucking catch

  • Bonathan

    well, a lot is obviously thought of this chamberlain. we already have the promising miyichi coming through and we all know the other areas we need to strengthen but we’ve still pushed for this signing so hopefully he’ll be worth it.

    A CB has got to be a priority now. Personally i’d like to see hangeland, cahill or jagielka (and that’s my new order of preference as well).

    For me, we should be signing jose enrique as well. None of this nonsense of playing our best CB at LB or relying on gibbs to become a world beater who never gets injured overnight. And as for armand traore, well, if he ever gets a run of games again then that just speaks volumes for where we are headed. they are only talking between 5 and 10 million for a guy who will be spains first choice LB for the next 5 years. For god’s sake, why take the chance?? sign him wenger.

    If we sign a either of those cb’s and JE, s well as mata…..then bin off fab and nasri, then i’ll be happy. arsahrvin to take over from fab in the middle, with mata taking nasri’s role. arsharvin could end up being better than both of them if we give him the chance in that central role.

  • http://worldofarsenal Josiah

    vermaelen called up to his international squad so he cant be injured nasri has been called up to his international squad so he cant be injured so count vermaelen and nasri in the line up on saturday

  • yemi

    @ Josiah:
    Wilshire is called up too but is injured so that is no real true picture. I just hope they don’t aggravate their injuries on intn’l duty.

    And who is in charge of organising friendlies few days to the start of the league ??? bunch of misfits all around the place.

  • Bonathan

    ridiculous time to have a freindly

  • Bonathan



    if chamberlain is the big signing that wenger was on about then i am grossly disaapointed

  • yemi

    @CON-MAN is there a transfer window in recent times that we have not been dissappointed?
    We need defenders on the left and centrally, we need a STRIKER, we get another 17 year old midfielder! JOKERS? All a dem.

    Where is the super quality promised by wenger?
    We can pay 15m for chamberlain but can’t pay 17m for mata/cahill. If arsene doesn’t get defenders then brace urselves for a heart breaking season. Arsene used to know best