We’ve got Udinese…!

The draw for the Champions League has been made and we’ve got Udinese – probably the second hardest in the draw. They’re a good side and we’ve got the away leg tie sandwiched between Liverpool (home) and United (away)…

The official site reported:

Arsenal will face Udinese in this season’s Champions League Play-Off Round.

The draw took place in Nyon, Switzerland on Friday and saw the Gunners first out of the hat, meaning they will host the first leg at Emirates Stadium.

The matches will be played either side of the second weekend of the Premier League campaign – the first leg is scheduled for August 16 with the second leg on August 24.

Games to be played as under:

Arsenal v Udinese Calcio
Tuesday, August 16
Kick Off: 19.45 (UK time)
Emirates Stadium

Udinese Calcio v Arsenal
Wednesday, August 24
Kick Off: 19:45 (UK time)
Stadio Friuli

Time to discuss!!

  • agentsmurf

    So another day dawns and I woke up expecting to hear that Wenger had kept his word and had brought in the players he promised would be in place before the Asia tour. Yes the same players Gazidis assured the AST would be signed shortly, how long ago was that now. And what do I see just a photo of a very miserable looking Fabregas at Arsenal non-photo Open Day. Forget the transfer deadline the season starts in 8 days and no matter who we sign, that’s if we sign anyone, it’s too late. We have players injured, we have players suspended in the CL, we have players we can’t sell, we have players who are desperate to leave, we have a manager who prefers to pursue a failed project rather than do what’s necessary, and we have his sidekick who can’t even sit straight let alone be straight. Does anyone, even the most deluded Wengerite, think we have any chance of a top4 finish. We simply cannot defend and given we have not made any serious signings how is that going to change. Time is ticking Wenger, tick, tock, tick, tock. You’re days will soon be numbered.

  • yemi

    I can’t be bothered anymore……

  • Davidinlondon

    Wenger has failed totally to address any of the glaring issues we had from last season. The fact we even in the Champs league qualifiers after letting 3rd place slip should have proved to him that this current squad is not fit for purpose. But now we are in this posistion, and we still havent signed anyone which is beyond belief. Now this could be down to two reasons. One is the club does not have the funds, and if this is the case then the board have lied to us and they must go. The second is the funds are available and Wenger’s vanity has turned into madness and therefor he should go. Either way this is not good and the club is no where being the flagship model sold to us by Dead-Wood and co for justification of the move to the Emirates. I’m not in a million years hoping that we fail, but if we fall out the the Champs league then the fans have really got to tell the club thats it, and either Wenger or the board are out. Its times like these that I wish we’d stayed at Highbury

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Will we go into the Europa league if we lose to Udinese

  • agentsmurf

    I just dont get why we haven’t strengthened yet. It is actually now way beyond a joke. We’re absolutely fucked going into next season and yet still nothing is being done about it.

    WHY are wenger and gazidis pushing the self destruct button? Surely they’re not so stupid and deluded. SOMEONE at arsenal must realise that the fans wont have any more of it and that the backlash coming their way is the most vicious thing Gazidis and his wannabes have ever seen in football.

  • Bonathan

    there was never going to be major investment in the team this summer. it was only said to try and keep the likes of RVP, nasri etc happy.

    we have a really tough tie coming up against a useful udinese side now so we need to start making sure none of this nonsense affects our performances. barcelona need to be given a deadline, the end of the weekend if it were up to me, and if they haven’t came up with the goods, then they need to be told to forget it and fab needs to be told to get on with it and make that the end of it. no if’s, buts or maybe’s. black and white. then we can all get on with it one way or another.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    @ Bonathan:
    We should have slapped a deadline for fab before pre season.

  • Aussie Gooner

    The preseason has been handled appallingly. To think that one of the world’s top clubs has handled the business of transfers in and out so badly says that we are no longer serious about staying in the top echelon of world football. The supporters have never accepted mediocrity but it appears that the management have. Hands up who is excited by the start of the season! Not me.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    “We want to add not quality, but super quality,” said Wenger. “We hope to give you some good news soon. Next week, something might happen.”

    It is the word “might” that worries me!!!