Transfer window. Bloody transfer window!

Apologies for the title, but you don’t know how much I hate the transfer window. The periods when it opens during the summer, and then again in January, are about the worst periods of the year. Okay, I’m being overly dramatic, but I bet I’m not the only one who’s noticed that of late, the transfer window is full of nothing, if not lots and lots of hope, then lots and lots of despair.

You wake up to the “news” (mostly on Twitter now), that the signing of X player is imminent. Cue lots of excitement and discussions as to where X will fit in the team. Wake up the next day to the “news” that X’s agent denies that a the player is leaving the club, and in fact, X has signed a new 5-year contract with its club. You get the picture.

Well, the player X right now is Mata, and we haven’t yet reached the new 5-year contract bit, but surely it isn’t too far away? The latest on the”possible signing” of Mata is from Marca, who are reporting that we have a week to sign Mata, if not, we aren’t having him.

Like seriously, where and why do these so-called journalists come up with all these ridiculous ideas? I wish it was all simple. Well, it used to be, until everyone decided they want to to be the “first” to break the news, so they cook up as many stories as possible, in the hope that at least one of them will prove to be true. And the worst part of it all is that some fans actually fall for it. I won’t lie, I have in the past, but I refuse to anymore, that’s why I don’t bother my tiny head with transfer speculation. What’s the point!? Until I see Player X being paraded in his Arsenal shirt and official confirmation from (whether or not it comes a million years after the signing has actually been confirmed and the whole world and her children know for sure that it’s a done deal), I ain’t believing it. I’m not even going to bother looking for it!

Okay, rant over.

So other than signing Gervinho and Jenkinson, we’ve really not done anything this window, except sell Gael Clichy and loan out Denilson, and it’s ultra worrying. We cannot tell whether Cesc and Nasri are definitely staying, and even if they are, our defence isn’t any better than last
season, if anything, it’s worse, what with losing an experienced defender and replacing him with an unproven talent. The season starts in less than two weeks. Yes, the window is open for a bit longer, but it is concerning.

Ivan Gazidis mentioned that we’re trying to sign players, but I swear I remember hearing that last season. Are we just being bullshitted into believing that deals are trying to be done behind closed doors, or is anything really happening? (Football) Life would be so much less complicated if we’d done all the dealings AGES ago, and all we need concern ourselves with is preparation for the upcoming season. It definitely can’t be healthy having a squad trying to prepare for the new season, but sill wondering if any players will be going or coming. It’s crazy! Yes, they’re professionals and should just get on with it, but I bet if it was me, I’d quite like to know as soon as possible what competition I might be having for my spot in my team. Sort it, Arsenal! As much as I love, you cannot rely on that website EVERY BLOODY TIME, because I bet it will fail you at some point! Sorry, I think I said ‘rant over’ earlier, but I guess I was wrong.

We probably won’t have Cesc or Nasri playing in the CL qualifying round, injury or no injury, because if they do play and we end up selling them, they’ll be cup-tied this season, meaning we’ll get less for them. What was I saying about

I guess I won’t mind if we end up strengthening in defence, and in Cesc and/or Nasri leave, we sign adequate replacements, but I can’t begin to contemplate the fans’ reaction if we don not sign anyone, and we end up losing both Cesc and Nasri, or even one of them! Sure, I’ll still argue that we’ll finish in the top 4, but surely we’re more ambitious than that? Our squad shouldn’t just be capable of finishing in the top 4, it ought to be capable of seriously challenging for trophies. We did that last season, up to a point, but we probably won’t be doing any challenging if we go into the season with a weaker team than we ended the season with. Sort it Arsenal.

But all hope isn’t lost. There are still 3 weeks left of the bleeding transfer window. We’ll be alright, right?

  • Berth

    I don’t know if am the only one. But I keep refreshing web pages; if not worldofarsenal it is goonernews or sportinglife. I think the club has made me obsessed in fact it could be I might have developed OCD. Its so worrying for me because 85% of my thinking is Arsenal. I need help folks am getting obsessed and its killing me gradually like cancer.

    I need advice folks.

  • yemi

    I hear enrique is going to livepool at 8million. I think its time to start thinking like debs and wait till the window closes before knowing who has come and gone

  • Bonathan

    I cn’t help but think 8 mill is a great price for enrique. If he goes for that or less I think we could end up kicking ourselves. I can just about understand wenger not wanting to sign a replacement (although i don’t agree with it) but surely if it seems as though Jose is gonna be moving for a cheapish price then he needs to re-consider.

  • gareth

    Thinking about this transfer fiasco that we’ve been having over the last few seasons, I really do think that Wenger and co throw these spurious low bids in on these players at we’re linked with on purpose so they don’t succeed in them.

    How is it that the bid for Jagielka this season is lower than the bid made last season, it also happened with Schwarzer last season, I bet that Wenger will be gutted if one of these bids actually succeeds because I feel that he doesn’t want these players, but puts bids in just to appease the fans… of course if we do eventually end up with a few additions, I’ll be proved wrong, but our whole transfer policy is flawed and I feel the club is playing a game with us.

  • gareth

    he makes shit bids so that he can say he tried…

    I heard Tom Watt on the radio last week (i hate that condescending cunt at the best of times anyway) but he was in extreme Wenger arse kissing mode saying Wenger will only pay what he thinks is the price and not a penny more and Watt was saying how good that is!!!!!!! The price is what the selling team set not what you fancy setting it at, sometimes you have to pay over the odds for a player thats not saying you have to go bankrupt for a signing but if you bid the same this summer as last for Jag. what do you expect the answer to be??? Wenger is a deluded, up his own arse wanker

  • agentsmurf

    Another morning dawns and it’s another morning with no sign of any defensive additions. I stated back in May before the window opened that Wenger would not bring in the reinforcements we need. If Groundhog Day again, what makes me laugh is that the ‘Wengerites’ on here have been full of Wenger will bring in dozens of players, the window still has 6,5,4,3,2 weeks to go, Wenger knows what we need. All of the usual guff, but where are these signings. We have the African from the French league and another young kid who cost peanuts, we have offloaded one and can’t get rid of the others whilst Nasri and Fabregas have sulked their way through pre-season. Wenger and Gazidis couldn’t run a corner shop, we have Barcelona and Man City taking the **** out of us whilst every other supporter in the country, every pundit, every newspaper is laughing their socks off. Is anyone apart from the 3 stooges surprised. Everyone who supports Arsenal knows this is going to be a very hard season for the fans with a major struggle just to make the top4, even our illustrious chairman doesn’t rate our chances.It’s going to be painful, very painful thanks to Wenger and Gazidis.

  • agentsmurf

    I’ve said it from the start – I don’t really see Fabregas as smelling of roses in this saga at all! He has an agenda, which is to facilitate the move to Barca. The problem is that he doesn’t want to rock the boat here, so he’s perfectly happy for his chums over there to take the flak. I don’t think AFC, the players or the fans can (or should be made to) take this crap for another season, and that is the one reason that I would like him gone. As long as he’s with us, this will always happen annually. We have Wilshere, Ramsey and Nasri, possibly. While he may be nigh irreplaceable as one player, we could do with a renewed tactical gameplan anyway and we will survive without him. Does he hate us that much that he is willing for us to get screwed AND he’s willing to take a pay cut and possibly some bench time just to get shot of us? I’m sorry but I’m not buying that gentleman crap. At least, people like Vieira and Henry gave us their very best until the day they left the club. And say what you want, but at least Nasri has come out and said “don’t believe what you’re reading”. What has Fabregas come out to say to appease the fans? It’s not like he’s busy – he’s sitting at home “injured”, earning HUGE sums of OUR money. Man, forget Fabregas. I just want all our other business to be sorted, and I wish he’d leave soon as he’s fast becoming a white elephant as far as I am concerned! A sad way to be remembered but…

  • Berth

    Arsenal fans re suffering from BLACK EYE SYNDROME

  • yemi

    @ Berth:
    meaning ?

    @ agentsmurf:
    I have always shared the same view, of what use is a player who will not give a 100% ? even if he is the best player in the world ?

    The problem is that AFC is not even strenghtening its team in the weak spots so how do you show your disgruntled players that you really mean business ?

    Every season when asked, who do you think will drop out of the top 4, the response is usually arsenal bcos there is no improvement going on.
    Our squad needed a few additions during/after the 2008/2009 season, it was not done, same as 2009/2010, same as 2010/2011.
    which right thinking Top/Worldclass player will want to join arsenal ? what will be the motivation ? The money ? or the prospect of winning silverware ? those do not exist.
    on the other hand player will want to join man u/ chelsea for the prosepect of silverware/money and man city for the prospect of the money and the intent shown at wanting to bring in big players and win things. on our own part we seem to be comfy with finishing in top 4 season in season out.

    I know it is a great feat to be in the top 4 every season, but we should not remain stagnant. and that is why our players leave. for the fortune and fame, money and silverware.

    Until fans do something radical (not booing the players though. After all what do you expect from 3/4 world class players playing with a bunch of players that are only fit fit to be in arsenal 3rd team. Players that can’t beat ipswich town, or leeds, braga, Leyton Orient, Birmingham , west brom, shaktar !!

  • agentsmurf

    Photoshoot has been called off due to weather could not make all this up

  • lornik

    Everyone is waiting for new signings, and many of us are still hoping that both Fabregas and Nasri are staying. But everyone asumes that if Fabegas and Nasri are leaving, we will sign several players for that money. My biggest fear is that Fabregas and Nasri leaves near the transfer window, and our slow action in the transfer market will backfire and we dont have time to replace them. Then even I will say top four is out of reach. Scary thought……

  • Bonathan

    It’s turning into a bit of a joke i’m afraid. I was prepared to give wenger the benefit of the doubt this summer after a few pretty pathetic summers, and i hope i’m speaking too soon here, but this is turning into the most pathetic and disappointing of the lot.

    First we failed to get clichy or nasri to sign a new contract. Then we are told clichy will not be replaced. This is a LB coming into his prime that we have grromed for years. Ok, not the best there is but to replace him with a guy who has never even had a decent run in the team and has a history of injuries is ridiculous. Ok, so TV can play at LB, but hang on a minute, isn’t he our best CB, another position we were looking to strengthen even with TV. All the while there is a nice promising, probably better than clichy LB on his way to liverpool for a reasonable price.

    The nasri situation is a joke. If we’d offered him more he’d have already signed months ago. We didn’t and now we’re gonna either lose him now for a price below what he’s worth, or take a gamble hoping we can convince him otherwise and probably end up losing him for nothing.

    We have stood and watched as other teams have signed good experienced keepers who could not only contend for the number 1 slot now, but would also help bring our young keepers on and give us the opportunity to loan fabianski out for a year (which he/we would benefit no end from).

    The fabregas saga is a joke. I mean, what is happening? I can’t help but think we should have held a tougher line. Either they pay up or they don’t and we move on and tell fab he’s going nowhere. we’ve let it run on too long. we should be in control of that situation. it’s became a joke. so much so that we have a champions league qualifying match very soon and we don’t even know whether to play our best player and club captain because we are still waiting to see whether barca will offer a bit more so we can give fabregas his ‘dream’ move. Please……it’s pathetic.

    imagine this scenario, which is very real and could well have happened by this time in a fortnight. We don’t play fabregas, or even if we do we get a below par performance because of all this nonsense, we are already missing nasri and RVP through suspension. We could quite easiliy not end up even qualifying for the champions league this season nevermind next season.

    will nasri want to stay then? NO. Will juan mata want to come to us, NO (he’s already indicated he’s not moving anywhere where he won’t be playing champions league football), will fab stay, NO, will a host of players start thinking about the exit door, probably.

    who are we going to blame if all this tansfer fiasco affects our champions league result? barcalona? we will only have ourselves to blame.

    Things are coming to a head and i suspect if certain things don’t happen over the next week, then a line will be drew. it has to be.