Should he stay or should he go?

The question of course is who is “he”…

It’s been a summer of change at the Arsenal, to a degree, and we’ve seen a few players move on. Two in particular, Denilson and Clichy have left, and with fans questioning both of their abilities in the last couple of seasons, surely it was the right thing to do. We’ve also seen the departure yesterday of JET – the talented forward, whom I personally thought would make it – although talented, he is very lazy and I suppose his departure to a non-Premiership team is testimony to where he is in his career.

“Obviously it came to the stage in my career at Arsenal where I needed to be playing games.I had a decision to make and Ipswich seemed the right place for me.”

So, outside of those players, we’ve got massive question marks over Nasri, Eboue and Cesc.

So let’s start with Nasri…

The ongoing debate within the Arsenal fan-world is continuing… should he stay or should he go? If Man City are really offering the numbers that have been touted in the press, such as £25m – for a player who could leave for free next summer, then I think we are mad to turn down the bid. If the rumours are true and Ribery or Mata are available and can be bought for £18m – £20m, then losing Nasri now for £25m and replacing him with a similar player is good  business. Losing him for nothing next summer and not replacing him is very bad business and borderline negligent. So the question is – what is going on? Either Arsene thinks he will sign – which is looking incredibly doubtful – especially, considering his words in the Sunday newspapers about not being offered a contract at the right time… or the offers so far have been so wide off the reported figures, that it’s not worth it – or a sale is imminent and Arsene is just not telling us. Last season, people close and a far commented on how good the player was getting and how he could be an Arsenal legend, but now, the bridges are burnt and most fans want to see the back of him – is it as simple as this? Or is there more to it?

And Eboue could be off too

Reports yesterday claimed that Arsenal had agreed to sell Eboue to Galatasaray – he didn’t feature much last season but he’s become a bit of a cult figure. Arsene obviously lost faith in the player at some point, hence the lack of playing time through out the season. The moment of truth came when we played Barcelona in the Nou Camp… yes,  I was there… and we saw Rosicky start on the right of midfield – a player who looked well off the pace… whilst Eboue – a player with an abundance of pace, which we all know Barcelona don’t like… was on the bench, twiddling his thumbs. Surely at that point, the player must have realised that the manager didn’t trust him and it could have been the turning point.

Eboue has always been known as the joker – the funny man of the squad – if he does go, he will be surely missed. £4m is not bad for a squad player who doesn’t get many games and with the arrival of the promising Jenkinson, perhaps his days are numbered!

I have sad news direct from twitterer and good friend, Tottz82, also head of the Eboue Appreciation Society…

“If Ebby does move, The EAS will unfortunately make the decision to close. ‘He comes from Africa, he’s better than Kaka…'”

Sad times my friends…

What about Lansbury?

With Denilson having left and potentially Cesc off, and with the recent transfer of Jordon Henderson to £20m, there has been an increased excitement to what the young midfielder could bring to us this season. Most people rate Lansbury as better than Henderson and for that reason have realised that we’ve got quite a player on our hands. There have been rumours that he will be sold – and further rumours that he wants to leave to gain first team football. I would hate to see him leave – he’s a local lad – he loves the club and he is coming along nicely.

Of course, I have to trust Arsene on the matter, so let’s wait and see where he is at the end of the transfer window….

And finally Cesc!

He was in the news today hanging out with the Spanish Prime Minister and the British PM, David Cameron, for the launch of Street League Football – Cameron getting in a cheeky reference to the ongoing tug of war between Arsenal and Barce…

“We’re now going to see Cesc Fabregas – one Spanish tourist who I hope isn’t returning to Spain.”

The whole Cesc thing has turned into a very long two year saga, and at the moment, the Barcelona tapping up process is in full swing… the question is now, who out of the whole Barcelona team hasn’t said something about Cesc joining them? Their manager has been in the press again and the Spanish PM has been whispering in his ear… this has turned into Country vs Country now… Do I believe Cesc will go? No, it’s not 100% – do I believe he will go? If Barcelona offer upwards of £40m, then maybe yes.

When will we know? Probably not until August the 31st…

And finally…

On a separate note, Bartley who performed quite well at Rangers last season, Miquel, who we all saw in action last season for a period of time or Squillaci, who may not be the best player in the world, but is our most experienced player… Bartley didn’t go on the tour, but has the fighting talk:

“I am a little bit different to the other centre-backs. I like the physical side of the game and I see myself as a leader. If Arsene decides that he wants me in the first team, that will be fantastic.”

Who would be your pick for 4th choice? Or 5th if we sign a defender!

Over and out… I’ll be back very soon boys & girls…

  • rado

    All this talk on here about Wenger buying cheap imports is not as true as it first sounds. The reality is far worse. The recent track record on signings has been very, very poor. We are paying way over the odds for foreign imports. £10M for Kos was too much (don’t get me wrong I think he could turn out alright); £6M for Squid was a joke that I still don’t get; £16M for Arshavin has not worked out. It’s weird because sometimes I worry about some of these targets that we are linked with – good on paper but from inferior leagues and like someone said the cost of Kos and numbnuts could have got us Cahill. Even when you look at players like Song – good solid player but does not set the world alight. So even that can only be considered OK business (I think we got him for £3.5M which is about right). I think the only 2 decent signings we have made since moving from Highbury is Sagna and Verm. Still – I’ll be interested to see what happens when Cesc goes.

  • agentsmurf

    Looks like wenger is waiting for the Fabregas and Nasri SAGA to play out before he makes any transfer decisions and this was the summer we were going to invest. You just have to liten to Gazidis and Wenger to realise that we are not going to sign any notable players and clearly we are going to cope with what we have plus one or two to replace Fab or Nasri. Our wonderful CB’s are gifted left back our experienced goalkeeper our injury prone striker and our midfield prodigy oh what a wonderful season is instore for us this after I renewed my club season ticket for 12% more ………………………

  • agentsmurf

    If we are being offered 25m for Nas then I rekon we should let him go and go in and get a like for like replacement. Robben would be excellent but he’s too injury prone.

  • yemi

    @ agentsmurf:
    Taht is the problem, we never replace our players with better ones. We always look for the cheap options or the future talents (who by the way move on as soon as they beging to mature)

  • agentsmurf

    I can honestly see this season as wengers last – it’ll go either in favour or down so hard that all the good he has done for this club will be washed away.

  • agentsmurf

    From Sky Sports and Denilsons agent.

    He told “I know nothing of AC Milan’s interest. I think at the moment these are only rumours.

    “The only certainty right now is that Denilson will be at training with Arsenal on July 7th.

    “Are Spanish and other Italian clubs chasing him? Currently there are no negotiations.

    “With Wenger we often talk about other issues, but we have never touched on the topic of a possible departure for Denilson.”

    Its looking more likely that this useless c**t will still be here next year!

  • agentsmurf

    I was prepared to give wenger one last chance to actually start investing properly in the team but like the last 6 years he has failed. Every season what we see on the pitch is getting further diluted while this man gets away with it scott free. Another season of possibilities shot down in flames around march due to injuries and poor form. Will this be wengers last year? Many of us think that his removal is long overdue. Starting the season on a downer….u bet.

  • yemi

    @ agentsmurf:
    Denilson is on a season long loan in sao paulo and has already played for them.

    “Denilson made his debut for Sao Paulo on Saturday as the Arsenal midfielder’s new side drew 2-2 with Atletico Goianiense. The 23-year-old joined the Brazilian outfit last week and went straight into the starting line-up for the Serie A game at Estadio Cicero Pompeu de Toledo. He started the game and completed 67 minutes before being replaced with Sao Paulo leading 2-1. Denilson is on loan at Sao Paulo until the end of the season.

    ” hxxp://

  • agentsmurf

    @yemi – you do know he’s coming back

  • yemi

    @ agentsmurf:
    At least he wont be here for a year.

    On another note, i hear walcott has done his ankle again.

  • rex

    Hi all. Nice blog here. I honestly think we are in for real tough season. God help us

  • agentsmurf

    Conor is injured, Theo takes his usual sabbath, RVP will have his infamous and mysterious breakdown soon real soon, Cesc the bearer of the team is soul-less and unwilling to punish himself for nothing passing the mantle to Nasri who offers his service to the highest bidder arsenal not included rightly so. Vamaelen cannot strike and defend at the same time. Arshavin is a lazy git, Leaving Arsenal to stand on Vamaelen, Jack and Gervinho as the spinal. Panic! No just more intricate lies?