Xavi Announced as Cesc’s New Agent…

As Cesc’s new agent, Xavi has been in the press talking about the potential transfer of Cesc to Barcelona. Xavi, a current player at Barcelona, has officially been announced as Cesc’s new agent – and will try to secure his move to the Catalan club in the next few weeks.

“I spoke to Cesc in Ibiza and he said he was suffering because he wanted to come. It’s more like, he did everything he could to come and wants to leave Arsenal – although he made it clear that now everything depends on the selling club.”

Normally when I go to Ibiza, I also suffer, but we call that a hangover in Great Britain, in Barcelona, they call it “I want to come to Barcelonism”… Cesc’s new agent, Xavi, was keen to react to comments from our club manager, Arsene Wenger, who dismissed the words from Xavi as

“It seems absurd to me. I was only acting in the interest of Cesc”

And that’s what every good agent does – acts in the interest of his client!

Xavi has a massive insight to the dealings inside the walls of Arsenal and believes Arsenal will sell.

“I don’t really know the situation but it seems they are more disposed to sell this year than last year. Maybe we can be a bit more optimistic [this year] but it depends on reaching an agreement with Arsenal.”

I’m sure Xavi is keen for his client not to lose his “loyalty” bonus – if Cesc requests a transfer, he will lose out on about £3m in cash… and for that reason, Barcelona will want to force Arsenal’s hand – Arsenal aren’t stupid though – they won’t accept a lower bid for the Spanish International – knowing that they’d have to pay him the loyalty bonus for selling him.

Xavi concluded:

“All however depends on the agreement that Barcelona and Arsenal reach, because at the moment Fabregas is a player under contract with Arsenal.”

Yes, you’ve hit the nail on the head dear Xavism, it’s true, Cesc is contracted to Arsenal…

Wouldn’t it be funny if Cesc was sold, it was part-exchange for Xavi…??


For those of you who haven’t guessed yet – Xavi is not Cesc’s new agent… it’s just a joke, but it’s a believable one isn’t it?

Today there have been rumours that Everton have rejected a £10m bid for Jagielka – I for one, don’t believe we have bid for him at all. All the reports I can see (which is basically every news outlet) have this story, but no one has a quote from anyone – not even an unreliable source. Personally I think Arsene has other targets and basically won’t blow his whole budget on a £17m Cahill when he can get a player of equal skill and experience for less. With Man City selling Boetang recently and Chelsea after a new centre half, both Jagielka and Cahill may be involved in huge mega deals, and perhaps that is that is driving the price up and perhaps that is why we’re not in for the players…

And finally, there are rumours of us going in for Frank Ribery for £22m – a serious amount of money if true – Bayern are willing to sell – Ribery has been injured – but would we make him our record signing… or is he possibly a replacement for Nasri or Cesc… only time will tell…

Article by guest blogger, Jay “Gooner For Life” Patel

  • agentsmurf

    Im sorry you really do have to laugh at how DREADFUL Wenger and Gazidis are in the transfer market. They are soooo slow!!!! I generally believe that they dont know what they are doing.. Unless it is a young player for 10mil or below. They give it the biggen in May ‘I will need to strengthen the defence’. We now get to the 21st of July, STILL no signing at the back and we have Wenger trying to intimate that now Vermaelen is back we have a good defense. What an embarrassment. Also I keep hearing statements about Myiachi bieng like a new signing. Im sorry… I almost spat my lunch over my desk! You see this is how we get conned guys. Wenger tells us that we will need 3 or 4 signings. He makes one HALF big sining (Gervinho) One POINTLESS signing (Jenkinson) and then has 2 other players come off of loan and CALLS THEM SIGNINGS. Theres your 4 typical WENGER signings. I am so confused now to wether they are doing this to con us all, or they really do have no idea how to sign players. Look at the facts. Nasri took a WHOLE 2 months to sign, Arshavin: A whole month and was signed AFTER the deadline, Gervinho took forever due to the fact that that bald WEISEL Gazidis messed the paper work up! They then have the GAUL to put in a 10million bid for Jagielka. What a joke. The guys at Everton must all have hernias from the amount of laughing that has probably taken place there this morning. Cheap and cheerful. That is the policy which sorrounds Wenger and Gazidis’ office. O well that is fine guys, but remember this! Come September, when we have lost 3 of our first 4 games, and the myopic one is jumping all over the line, throwing bottles wearing that sleeping bag of a coat remember… This is your fault. When the little weisel is sitting up in the Diamond club, with his cold bald head, long coat and pathetic, mundane expression that we are all used to remember… This was your fault.

  • AmriGoonet

    Arsene Wenger was right. This player is unrespectful.

  • afc4life

    It actually sounds like Xavi is Cesc’s agent.

  • devday

    Thanks to the guest blogger for an interesting article to say the least.

  • rado

    The Arsenal transfew window slammed closed with the signing of Gervinho boys.

    So its Gervinho, Jenkinson, Miyachi and then “like a new signing” duo Vermaelen and Frimpong.

    I’m no closer to being convinced that the gormless joker ‘managing’ our club has changed his ways. He’s back with his squad again in pre-season so the same gutless streak that sees him too scared of dismantling the squad by getting rid of his so called wonderboys like Vela and Fabianski, has come to the fore once more.

    £10m for Jagielka – is the guy off his fucking head. On one hand he gets appalled by Barca’s derisory offers for Cesc then he decides £10m for a guy in his peak years, of proven PL class and three months into a four year contract is a decent offer.

    Has anyone told him it isn’t 1998 anymore ?

    I’ve tried to stay away from all this transfer bullshit rumour stuff as it has driven me insane over the past three seasons, but I know it is eating away at the club we all love.

    Another season of listening to drivel and watching spineless capitulations under the GIC……..we deserve better

  • edison

    basically, the media couldnt find a story on arsenal thursday morning. so they had to make one up. if you look on sky sports now its still there as the most recent arsenal story.

    no source has confirmed this bid actually went on, neither club has either. always look out for where the rumour has come from – the Jagielka one may as well be a complete fabrication.

    i highly doubt Wenger would have bid 10million for him either, hes not stupid, he knows how much he is worth. we made 7 million off of Cliche, so put that into perspective.

    then again 10 million isnt far off a realistic bid. Wenger isnt going to pay 20 million for a defender just because he is english. Jagielka certainly isnt a John Terry / Sol Campbell figure.

  • yemi

    “i highly doubt Wenger would have bid 10million for him either, hes not stupid, he knows how much he is worth. we made 7 million off of Cliche, so put that into perspective.

    then again 10 million isnt far off a realistic bid. Wenger isnt going to pay 20 million for a defender just because he is english.”

    That comment is very true and it goes to show that most english players are over priced and over hyped.
    However they are more dedicated to the game than outsiders.

  • agentsmurf

    The thing Wenger doesn’t understand is Fergie’s ‘Kids’ were backed up by experienced pros like Bruce,Cantona,Gary Pallister who could stabalise the back and let the kids make their mistakes.

    Wenger has a team with no metal or experience

  • yemi

    @ agentsmurf:
    And by the time the start to develop and mature a bit, we sell them or they move on…..

  • Steve

    One comment to that


  • yemi

    Any truth in this news?

    “Barcelona execs in London to deliver third Cesc offer to Arsenal”

    and this ?

    “Arsenal contract rebel Nasri convinced of Man City move”

  • Bonathan

    10 mill for jagielka is unrealistic in that there was no way moyes would let him go for that price with that long left on his contract.

    from a value for money point of view though, i think maybe 10-12 would be jag’s true worth. At the end of the day, he doesn’t have loads of years left in him and he has recent injury problems. Also, he has very limited international experience and no chamions league experience whatsoever.

    i guess its always worth putting the bid in just incase. That’s if it is even true of course.

    My personal opinion on the CB situation, which may be way off the mark, is as follows:

    we want cahill, but since there’s no other big club in the running and he only has one year left on his contract, why should we go paying a ridiculous fee of 17m. Even 15m would be too much for this situation. Bolton are obviously trying to get 15+m for him and they need the money for new players. who can wait longest? well, i belive the samba rumours and this bid for jag (which if it was made, we knew it’d be turned down) are just to let bolton know there are other CBs out there and if they keep messing about they won’t have any big clubs interested in him. That would be a disaster for bolton because he is unlikely to sign a new contract and they need money.

    so, we are playing the waiting game, and we can afford to do it. United, city and chelsea do not need a CB. ok, so spurs and liverpool could come in, but cahill would much rather sign for us. we do have to be careful one of those clubs doesn’t blow us out the water with a bid though, but at the moment , that doesn’t look likely. that might change if spurs sell modric though. I’d say bolton should be very happy with 13m if they can get it.

  • yemi

    Arsenal are weighing up a surprise move for Wigan midfielder James McCarthy. Manager Arsene Wenger is understood to have made an enquiry about the 20-year-old earlier in the summer, but was told he was not for sale. But now with the potential departures of midfielders Cesc Fabregas and Sami Nasri, Wenger is considering going back to Wigan with a bid for the midfielder. (Daily Mail)

    Eurobot: ARSENAL: Cesc Fabregas will be a Barcelona player by the end of next month, insists Nou Camp vice-president Josep Maria Bartomeu. (Daily Mirror)

    Arsene Wenger is close to raising £5m through the sales of Emmanuel Eboué to Galatasaray and Jay Emmanuel-Thomas to Ipswich Town. (The Guardian)

    Arsenal’s miserable summer in the transfer market has continued after the two frontrunners in the race to replace Cesc Fabregas moved ever further from a joining the club. Santi Cazorla, the Villarreal midfielder, will become Malaga’s record signing after La Liga’s equivalent of moneybags Manchester City moved quicker than the Gunners and agreed an £18million deal. Arsenal had hoped to pair Cazorla with Spanish international Juan Mata, using the expected £35m from the imminent sale of Fabregas to fund moves for two of Spain’s brightest talents. However Valencia president Manuel Llorente moved to end speculation over Mata’s future by insisting his club will not sell the attacker at any price. (Daily Mail)

    Alan Pardew wants to rescue Wayne Bridge from Manchester City. Newcastle boss Pards needs a new left-back with Jose Enrique desperate to quit. (The Sun) (on his way to arsenal ?)