Malaysia XI 0 – 4 Arsenal…

Our pre-season round of friendlies kicked off in style against a Malaysia XI… and we managed to secure a decent victory over a technically apt team. Liverpool take on the same team on Saturday, so we can gage how well we’ve done with them too… Arsene used the game to take a look at some of his “new” signings, and we saw a start for Jenkinson at right back and Miyachi and left midfield – we also saw a start for Kieran Gibbs, who Arsene confirmed will be our new number three this season. The line up was:


Jenkinson – Koscielny – Vermaelen – Gibbs

Wilshere – Song

Walcott – Ramsey – Miyachi


Two new players started the game – our new £1m signing Carl Jenkinson started at right back – contrary to some discussions that Jenkinson would play at left back (probably due to his YouTube videos and the sale of Clichy)…  and our new Japanese attacking midfielder Ryo Miyachi started at left midfield. Miyachi played well throughout the first half and showed that he’s got something about him. Jenkinson also fitted in nicely at right back and was quite good positionally.

We scored twice in the first half – the first from Aaron Ramsey from the penalty spot after a good burst of pace from Jack Wilshere saw him brought down – and it was Ramsey again who sent a nice through ball onto the right straight to Walcott who lobbed the keeper to make it 2-0. Only Ramsey, Miyachi and Jenkinson started the second as Arsene made whole sale changes which saw half the team replaced and also saw Nasri come on which was to a loud applause…

The second half saw a change around of the team… with a new XI:


Sagna – Squillaci – Djourou – Traore

Frimpong – Rosicky

Vela – Nasri – Arshavin

Van Persie

Vela played a lot up front and there was a lot of movement between the front four – Vela finally getting free from a Rosicky pass and chipped the ball over the on rushing keeper – and it was Rosicky himself who got the fourth after good work from Arshavin from the left… The problem with pre-season is that it questions the need for more players as it’s obvious that we have two teams… but against Malaysia XI, we can do well, but can the best of the two teams really be good enough to beat the cream of the crop? Denilson did originally come on at half time, but was substituted at half time – believed to have an injury – he looked disappointed, so we will see soon whether it was for any other reason…

Arsene spoke after the game and I’d like to pick out two sections… firstly on Jenkinson and Miyaichi…

Jenkinson has shown power and good decision-making. Ryo Miyaichi has shown as well good qualities, he is always available, always keen to take people on, he works very hard. Both of them have shown interesting qualities.

He also commented on Samir Nasri and the fans reaction…

He has always had a very good attitude. We are a big club with many good young players so we are confronted with many rumours and speculation. But it doesn’t affect much what’s happening inside the Club. We have to live with that and you could see when he [Samir] played that he wasn’t disturbed by that.

More recently, Arsene also said that the board stand by his decision to keep Nasri despite him not signing a new contract and I’m not entirely sure of the reasons behind it – for me, we sell now and replace – instead of losing next summer and then having to find money to replace – or not replace! Arsene also commented on Man City’s £400m naming rights deal, which he said was unfair and in disrespect to the FFP rules from UEFA…

He’s got a point and everyone in football agrees too – let’s see if UEFA are man enough to do something about it…

Til tomorrow…

  • Berth

    Wenger should mind his on busoiness and see to the improvement od his own team rather than ranting about city. Liverpool re close to getting downing for 2o million. + 20 for Henderson, 23 for suarez + 35 for Carol – 108 million. Manu on t’he verge of making theres 72 million if they get Schneider for 35. And what do we ve, a manager who rants because 4th position is threathened. Wake up fools, you can fool me once, twice I could let you go but for the third time? I dont think so. Fools

  • Berth

    Has for the game Dev. I think de Frimpong needs to be loaned out sharply, we all know Wilshere and Ramsey cant be fabregas, not now any way. And Nasri cannot feel the fabregas role any better than Wilshere or Ramsey, he has less passing ability than those two, what he offers is very good but is not the most needed now. As for the team forget this clitche talks from the manager. Dis team still needs someone to compete with Song, V.P and the defence. IF not the man should go fork himself and maintain his voyerish attitude. Maybe Mourinho was right.

  • agentsmurf

    If we take it that cesc is gonna go before our season kicks off (as most of you believe) then what do we all feel is the best decision that can be taken re nasri – do we sell him for that extra 20m knowing that losing cesc and nasri in the one transfer window could well be seen as catastrophic or do we retain nasri even though in all likelihood he will walk away on a free next summer ?

    This is not a thread for people to have a pop at wenger/the club for allowing this situation to develop but is aimed at finding out what the majority of Gooners feel is the best way forward from here – for what it is worth I would sell nasri cos I dont think his presence will make that big of a difference next season anyway plus there is no way in the world that we should let a player of any value walk away on a free again

  • Berth

    20+20+35+23+7= 105


    20+17+20+35(possibly)= 92



    That sounds like ambition to me

  • JDD

    and you think those liverpool signings are worth 105mil yh?