“Gervinho is officially an Arsenal player”

Morning All…

Super blogging will be restored as of tonight, but as revealed last Thursday by World of Arsenal, Gervinho is officially an Arsenal player…

Arsene announced it at the press conference in KL for the Asia tour and had this to say:

“Gervinho has just joined up for training today at London Colney. He signed last Thursday, and has just come back from his holidays. He had a medical on Thursday: we sent him back home to sort things out for two days. He has a family with children. He came back yesterday and starts his fitness programme in London today. He is officially an Arsenal player now. I decided not to take him because he had had no training sessions”.

I’d expect an official announcement on the Arsenal.com site either today or tomorrow…

[Update – news article released on Arsenal.com]

Arsenal Football Club announces that Ivory Coast international forward Gervinho will shortly join the Gunners, subject to a regulatory process. Gervinho, 24, will arrive at Arsenal from French side Lille, who he helped to a Ligue 1 and Coupe de France double last season with 15 goals in 40 games. The campaign capped a very successful two years for Gervinho, during which time he netted 28 times in his 67 appearances for Les Gogues. Before joining Lille, Gervinho enjoyed two seasons with Le Mans, also in Ligue 1.

I’ll be back later for some super duper blogging master-piecing…

  • Vazy

    ding ding ding! finally! took long enough to sort out!
    welcome to arsenal Gervinho, do us proud!

  • devday

    I think he is a very good player with a very good exciting game about him! looking forward to seeing him in action…!

  • devday

    As confirmed by Arsenal.com

  • devday
  • devday

    AW confirms he will NOT sign a left back: “We have Gibbs, Traore and Vermaelen who can play at left back so we have what we need.”

  • yemi

    @ devday:
    We all knew he was not going to sign a LB, but is TV but of all those 3, who is as good as clichy in LB ?
    1. Traore good on the break and brings something to attach. But his defending is suspect. Even from his days at pompey.
    2. Gibbs is injury prone and still learning the trade although at a point when clicy’s mistakes were rife, i kinda preferred him to clichy.
    3. Great defender but will he be able to support the attck from the left flank?

  • rado

    I honestly hope we keep cesc and nasri and bring in mata – that wuold just be phenomenal – ATTACK as the best form of DEFENCE

  • agentsmurf

    C’mon wenger make us dream once again

  • agentsmurf

    The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference. — Elie Wiesel
    I’m worried that I’m becoming indifferent toward Arsenal.

    When I watch Wenger’s pre-Asia tour interview and I hear him say that he’s going to add one or two players of top quality but then says that he had to move Clichy in order to make room for Gibbs. And I think about it for 10 seconds before I can drive a semi-truck through the aporia in his logic, I no longer get excited either direction; neither angry nor excited, just resigned.

    I need a break from this insanity

  • Berth

    @ agentsmurf u did hit the nail well.

    Like I said some time either Wenger is a slow learner or he has lost the appetite to compete.

  • http://twitter.com/Leeroycypher LeeroyN

    Wenger seemingly has this need to live through his team. Either how he wishes football is to be played or how it should be played. Transfer Window is one of the worst parts for an Arsenal fan. He loves to have this almost ‘masochistic'(cant think of a better word) hold over the team, its staff and fans. His unwillingness to see it from any other persepective is a bad outlook to have. IMO. Maybe if, and I mean IF, he had more of a challenge and or even pressure from above his pay grade(maybe close around him too) to produce something, with fear of consequence, maybe there would be another path or Plan B to look onto. Most teams have the ability to mix things up. Notably you see it in the Transfer Windows. I have undieing faith in his ways and rarely disagree.. only because I know deep down he really believes he is right. But… 2011/12 needs a change in personnel(somewhere across the pitch) and a new dimension for the seemingly transparent Arsenal. Nether the less. I welcome Gervinho with open arms and hope he has what it takes for the Prem. I hope Wenger does surprise us with at least 2 more signings. We deserve them. COYG!!