Arsenal tie up new feeder club deal…

Ivan Gazidis once said he was keen to get Arsenal back on track in regards to their global appeal, hence organising the tour of Asia this summer. Another area, he looks like he is sorting out is the feeder club program. Wikipedia outlines which clubs have affiliations with other clubs in Europe and around the world

Whilst Arsenal only have official links with Colardo Rapids (whom we’ll never find the new Messi at)… Man United have stolen a march on the world and have a huge list:

  • Manglerud Star Toppfotball[12]
  • Parramatta Eagles[12]
  • Connah’s Quay Nomads F.C.[12]
  • Desportivo Brasil [13]
  • Fluminense Football Club[14]
  • IF Brommapojkarna[12]
  • Livingston F.C.[15]
  • Newport County A.F.C.[16]
  • Royal Antwerp FC[2]
  • Shelbourne F.C.[12]
  • Walsall F.C.[12]
  • Western Province United[17]
  • F.C. Twente[18

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Man City are now rivalling their city rivals with a massive intent of a new feeder club…

  • Arsenal

Yes, it’s all but official now, we’re now a feeder club to Man City.

What is the arrangement?

Over the next few years, this will see our best players being sold to Man City for varying fees. Some above the market rate, some below the market rate. In return, we will get payment up front, in cash with options to loan a few players if we deem necessary.

How long has the arrangement been going on?

The arrangement has been going on for two years now and will most likely continue until Arsenal have paid off their stadium debt or the current board is replaced with a more ambitious board.

Which players will be sold, have been sold and which players do we expect to see?

The following players have arrived at Man City from Arsenal, either directly or via another club:

  • Patrick Vieira
  • Kolo Toure
  • Emmanuel Adebayor
  • Gael Clichy

And in addition, the following players may make a move this summer:

  • Samir Nasri

How far in advance can deals be struck?

Deals can be struck in advance, or during the transfer window. There are several rumours than Man City are trying to negotiate a deal to take new Arsenal recruit Gervinho to Eastlands next summer for £28m and new defender Carl Jenkinson up north for about £15m. These deals may be put in place for a transfer next summer, 2012.

What do Arsenal get in return?

Arsenal have various options to sign players for either extortionate fees or loan them for super high wages. Previous candidates have included Shaun Wright Philips and Micah Richards, but due to the inability to afford such fees and wages, such deals did not go through.

Much maligned, ex-Arsenal striker, Ian Wright gave his view on the deal…

“Gael Clichy’s move to Manchester City wouldn’t bother me much in normal circumstances as Kieran Gibbs is coming through nicely. But now it looks like Samir Nasri is set to join him. “Since when did Arsenal become Manchester City’s feeder club? With Cesc Fabregas looking a goner to Barcelona too, it’s very, very sad to see. How on earth will Arsene Wenger attract any top players to Arsenal? It’s come to something when a player like Clichy feels Arsenal is not good enough for him any more. He can see that Man City is going to be challenging for top trophies next season. Arsenal are being left behind. And the trouble is, when all the top-class players have gone, it becomes extremely difficult to lure other top players to your club. Wenger has put his faith in picking up little gems from abroad, little-known players who he can nurture and develop.”

Major players and pundits in the game have questioned whether Arsenal will ever be able to mount a serious title challenge or European challenge with this feeder club program in place – but due to the profit they will receive due to it, it may be in place for years to come.

  • Harry

    Nice article. Sadly, it’s true. We need to step up, buy someone big and let Man City know who is boss. And then give them the big player in January.

  • 9icekbee

    What an insult this is! It sound like a joke but to me its the actual fact.

  • EssexGooner

    Quite appalling you would come up with a write up such as this. A total disrespect and disdain for your club (ie if you are truly a gooner)

    If you have no ideas or you get the little you have from the gutter press, I suggest you do something else with your spare time.

  • Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    Devday you are a total asshole of the basest sort! first off Viera left Arsenal for Italy of his own free will and out of respect for him Wenger let him go, despite his best efforts to keep him here.Adebuywhore was ,like Flamoney, eager to cash in on the Shitty gravey train…look what situation he is in now. Toure left after he realized that Wenger wouldn’t give him more than a one year contract. Clichy wanted the money, the talk of silverware is all smoke and mirrors.
    Fool that you are you’ve bought into the media bullshit about Arsenal being a selling club for ¨big¨teams like Barca,Real and Shitty. What would you call the other EPL clubs like Villa and Sunderland who have sold off their key assets?
    Get real and come out with the truth…you’re a Wenger-hater and a Gloom and Doom Gooner with nothing positive to say so you spout your crap as if it were the truth. Go back to your sad little life and stop pissing over the Arsenal, a team you don’t deserve to follow!

  • John

    I wish we were a feeder club; I’d like to feed some of our so called supporters to other clubs or, if they don’t want them, the Lions. Arsenal supporters need to have a very good look at themselves; is it a coincidence Arsenal had an appalling home record last season? 12th man and all that.

  • tom G

    Domhuaille MacMathghamhna, i think Dev is being ironic. And anyway aren’t you even a little bit worried at the way the club’s being run? Being concerned doesn’t make you a bad fan, it makes you a good one.

  • edison

    gervinhos 3 day medical is really taking the piss.

    charlie adam was in for a medical and signed minutes later…

  • Berth

    @ Domhuaille MacMathghamhna:

    ?You sound like u ve been on a buzz or something.

  • Steve

    Liverpool and medical……

    Gerard is all I can say to that

    Would never pass one at any other club any week

    If Gervihno is travelling to the far east then he’ll be announced before they leave.

    Mind you I do not understand Malaysia when China and Japan must have the biggest markets in terms of revenue. As AW has managed in Japan I’d have thought the advertising/marketing would take care of itself – a game against his old club etc.

    Mind you China would be the money mans choice – 1/4 of the world population. Does not matter if other clubs have been there. The numbers scream.

  • agentsmurf

    Liverool have made the right noises in the transfer market – kept the good players and on top have signed up some additional steel. Meanwhile at the Emirates – whilst Wenger is sliding into swimming pools we have our good players wanting to leave – if the media reports are to be believed and the dead wood back in training – Dear God save us from next season – it will be an utter humiliation.

  • devday

    @ 9icekbee:
    It’s a joke my friend, a bit of light hearted friday entertainment!

  • EssexGooner

    oh….you call this a joke???? Some inventiveness from you and smart critique would have been nice.

    You call it a joke cos all your readers have lashed out…I bet when you sat in front of your laptop, you felt you were doing up a masterpiece.

    Kid yourself not mate, you cocked up!!!

  • Kodjo

    Take it easy on Dev…its all humor and light hearted…sure we have our problems…but a feeder club???? i do not think so…all the players mentioned left for a variety of reasons…that is not to say that cash was not an underlying factor in the end.

    In as much as i have disagreed with Wenger over a number of decisions …he is not a fool. Is the Board struggling yes partly bcos they are cash strapped and the performances by the team last season has threatened to undermine the self sustaining model and fan confidence. The Board know that the whole project will crumble when fans begin to dump their tickets. As such they’d wise up by doing the right thing…find money somewhere to invest in new players.

    All in all i expect the club to bounce back….in a positive fashion.

    Forget about the gutter press!!!!! I’d say that Arsenal is vying with NOTW for bad press right now…although the latter outfit may have overtaken arsenal in the last couple of days.

  • yemi

    I haven’t seen our squad being strengthened in any way yet !!! Not even with gervinho. I think arsenal fans should stage a peaceful protest or a boycott.

    Lets say the team is not properly strengthened (with quality), then everybody should boycott the first 1,2 or 3 home games.

  • EssexGooner

    @Yemi….sorry, it won’t happen!!!

  • afc4life

    @ EssexGooner:
    I think it’s obvious it’s just a little joke mate.
    Obviously we’re not a feeder club!
    Just taking some heat out of the situation with some light hearted creative writing!!

  • yemi

    @ afc4life:

    How are we not ? We seem to sell our best players at their peak to rival clubs, the list is unending

    Cashley –> Chelsea
    Hleb –> Barca
    Toure –> City
    Clichy –> City
    Adebayor –>City
    Gallas –> Spurs
    and more that come back to haunt us
    Bent can’t stop haunting us, Anelka has always been a thorn in the flesh for us right from bolton , Aliadiere was a thorn at boro etc

  • afc4life

    @ yemi:
    Just because we sell players, it doesn’t mean we’re a feeder club. We made rational decisions to sell those players at the time for either financial reasons or because we wanted others or for the sake of the team!

    To say we are a feeder club for Spurs because Gallas played for them last season is not true!

    Toure, Clichy and Adebayor were passed it – Toure & Ade haven’t done anything at City and Clichy was a liability for us, so he’s gone for that reason.

    Cashley is a piece of turd with no respect and wanted to go for more money!

  • yemi

    @ afc4life:
    I didn’t say we are a feeder team for the team, i just said we act as if we were by selling of the best. It is disgraceful to Arsenal for anyone to be bidding for players like RVP, Nasri or even theo. Or any team apart from barca (cos the player want to go there ) bidding for cesc.
    Can you see any team really bidding for rooney ? or Nani ?

    I don’t have a problem with us selling, but why would you sell the best you have ??? or even sell them to rivals ? We got old gallas for younger Cashley

    “Toure, Clichy and Adebayor were passed it” So who have you replaced them with that is better than them ? Chamack/B52 for Adebayor ? Gibbs/Jenkinson for clichy ? Squillaci for Toure ?

  • agentsmurf

    Apparently Nasri has signed a new bumper deal (which i think is bolloks) and yet according to the BBC, Times and Telegraph – United have bid £20 million pounds. Sky said he was on the way to City 8 days ago – the Guardian say a bid has been turned down – Star says he has demanded a move, the now dead NOTW say United have asked and will get him – basically everyone is throwing a dart and hope they hit the target – at the same time getting everyone watching their channel and buying their papers. Only time will tell and Sky have so far been unusually inaccurate so far this transfer window. Oh I haven’t even started on Sanchez!!!

  • Vazy

    just picked up an evening standard in london, back pages state that Arsene Wenger will offer Nasri £110,000 a week to try and ensure he stays with us.. first piece of news i have read that isnt 100% against us

    also what the f**k is up with all this anti dev crap? if you read this blog often you see that no one who writes on here is anti arsenal, its a light hearted blog that i enjoy and even if its all gone tits up, go somewhere else, and read something else!

    im sick and tired of doom merchants, with it being against individuals in our squad .. or even WISHING we would do badly.. how can you call yourselves fans if you wish ill on the club you support!? this transfer window i do admit though has me down so far, but see how it goes come September!

    keep up the good work Dev + co.
    much respect

  • Vazy

    i think i saved up that rant .. after reading some of the comments on here from a few months ago!

  • Dan

    @Dev – The article gave me a chuckle as i nestled into the couch with a can of fosters after work! 😉 But even more humorous is the predictable back lash from a collection of readers haha

  • Vazy

    @Dan agreed!

  • Bonathan

    Well, it’s official i’m afraid. Nasri will be leaving this summer. He has officialy asked to leave, and only has 1 year left on his contract, so our hands are tied. What’s worst is that chances are he’l be playing against us next season. I’m absolutely devastated.

    Would it have made a difference if we’d given him what he wanted earlier in the summer?? I think it probably would to be honest. We didn’t, we’ve gave him too long to think about going somewhere else, other clubs have put ideas in his head, and here we are, he’s off. Hard pill too swallow.

    Just been showing clips of him and reminded me of just how good he is. gutted.

    Basically, we have no option but to stand in fabregas’ way now. Whatever happens, we simpply cannot sell him. Who knows, if we can keep hold of fab and add mata, we might still be ok.

    the damage was already done over the last few seasons. Wengers failure to sign decent players has come back to haunt us. We should have given him what he wanted at the start of the summer i’m afraid. the longer this went on, the more likely it was that his head was turned. only managing to sign jenkinson and gervinho was never going to be enough to persuade him otherwise.


    can I just say SOME of yall stupid

    quite obviously Dev is joking

  • Goner Get Ya

    @ Bonathan:
    Do you know something we don’t?? What is your source? No mention of him leaving, in fact I have heard that we have offered him £110,000 a week.

  • Bonathan

    brown sauce, nothing but brown for us now. Everyone will be well aware tomorrow.

  • Goner Get Ya

    Bonathan wrote:

    brown sauce, nothing but brown for us now. Everyone will be well aware tomorrow.

    As I guessed, bullshit. Unles you believe Sky Italia

  • Bonathan

    yeah, hope you’re right. it was all over sky sprts news last night. Mentioned again this morning.

    Also, wenger quoted saying one, possibly two players coming in. Let’s hope it’s 2!

  • Bonathan

    Quote from wenger…..

    “The reasoning is that Kieran Gibbs, at some stage, has to get a chance to play.

    Gael had only one year to go, I rate him very highly but I rate as well highly Kieran Gibbs and he is now at an age, as an English hope, he has to play and that’s the main reason behind that, was to give an opportunity to Kieran Gibbs to play.”

    Doesn’t sound like we’re in the market for a LB. I just hope that gibbs can keep himself injury free. Also be helpful if he can defend a bit better as well but we certainly need him fit at least.

  • Jeffo

    With regard to Nasri, was listening to BBC 5 live today where it was discussed that even though Nas is all over the papers and web, none of the guests could remember at any point Nasri himself actually saying he wants to leave. My thoughts on a peaceful summer is to not believe anything you see or hear unless it is a video quote or on the AFC web-site.

    Fuck all this negativity, we fell away badly at the end of last year and that was without Verm all season, Fab being about as affective as a chocolate fire guard after his injuries, RVP being out half the season, Denilson and Bendtner playing for us.

    We will be there next year!!!

  • edison

    @jeffo exactly mate. The press, as every year, have a field day this time of year. Theres no point buying into anything the papers write because they only know as much as we do ! And thats a fact.

  • yemi

    I just looked closely at the list for the Asia party below. I can’t see Alumina, Fabianski or Diaby. I can see Squillaci, traore. Does anyone think arsene will add to this defense ? 2ndly i noticed that our midfield and defense (apart from djourou is filled with players with average height or short players





    Walcott–van Persie–Chamakh–Vela–Arshavin