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In the last two days, I have many questions posed my way about the much hyped Arsenal Exodus – many people asking me why I refer to it as an “exodus” as it’s clearly not. Why am I bothered or worried about Clichy leaving, after all, he’s error prone right? He’s made too many mistakes and cost us too many points. That is the opinion of many and furthermore, many people think the former Arsenal left back will be rubbish for City.

Let me remind you of something Arsene Wenger once said…

Apart from the special talents like Messi and Fabregas, the majority of players learn their trade from 20 to 25 and reach their peak between 26 and 30.

For the last 8 years, Clichy has been playing for us – over 250 appearances, a host of great interceptions, and quite a few mistakes. Well, Clichy is 25 now and according to our manager, he will now enter the peak of his playing abilities. For that reason, it’s very confusing to see everyone so happy about his departure.

We’re going to replace him with our next in line youth product, Kieran Gibbs, who will surely going through the same learning process as our dear Clichy did. Don’t forget our dear Ashley – we dealt with his mistakes and we put up with his inadequacies and right about when he become the best left back in the country, we sold him on to a title and top four rival in Chelsea.

The problem with a youth policy which is not supplemented with a experienced title winning mentality and players to go with it, is that the club becomes a feeder club for all the big clubs in and around Europe. We took Adebayor, who was absolutely rubbish when we signed him, and polished him into a decent player and then sold him on. We did the same with Toure, Vieira, Overmars, Petit, Anelka… the list goes on. If Cesc and Nasri do leave, I really think it will be a massive statement to the world that we are in fact a youth academy for top European clubs.

Alex Ferguson managed to win the Premiership with kids at a time when the gap in quality was much bigger. Nowadays, you can’t win anything without experienced players. At Barcelona, for every Pique, there is a Puyol, for every Pedro, a Xavi and for every Busquets and Iniesta – quality youngsters, supplemented with experienced players.

And the problem will only self-inflict – if we continue to not invest in our squad and we continue to sell our best players, then we won’t win anything for a long time. Nasri summed it up last week, when he talked about not signing his contract – it’s clear that money is everywhere for you if you are a decent player – but trophies aren’t.

“The priority is to make a big career and to win titles. This is more important than everything else. With no titles under your belt, you can’t be in the list for the Ballon D’Or. I came to England to get trophies because I haven’t won anything in my career, apart from an Under-17 European Championship in 2004.”

Arsene has played down the need to win trophies and that 4th is like a trophy. Maybe that is true for the club, but it is certainly not true for the players.

“Trophies are one way to judge a club. They’re not overrated as it allows you to say you have won a trophy, but would you swap winning the FA Cup for playing in the Champions League?”

For a player, knowing that the mentality of the club is not to win titles, but to be all right, is not the motivation you need or want. I am sorry to say, but any player at Man United, Barcelona, Real Madrid or Chelsea goes there thinking they will win a trophy and if they don’t they’ll be sold.

Down at Arsenal, we reward mediocrity, and do not demand excellence  – we need change, simple as.

I’m not a doom and gloomster (check out previous “Why it’s not all doom and gloom”)… but certain things must change soon for us to stop collapsing every season and being the laughing stock of Europe.

  • Kodjo

    @ Dev

    When you mention change what sort of change are you referring to????. Change starts from the top… not from the bottom…in my opinion

    As such, until the current Board are completely replaced Board or “born again” …Wenger told win a trophy immediately or we tear up his contract and then go ahead and sign 4 “champion” players…i’d say forget it.

    The current mentality starts from the Board and has filtered down to the squad. A few fans have wised up and said no more! Cesc, RVP, Nasri, Walcott do not want to be infected by this disease any longer.

    When the manager comes out and says that he cannot find players better than the one’s at the club…that is disrespectful and disingeniuos. It has been quite clear that when it comes down to the crucnh half of the team were not up to it. If it will take B52 another 3-4 yrs to improve his terrible 1st touch, which cost us a place in the champions league semi final…God help us!!! I know a few sunday league players whose 1st touch are a million times better than B52.

    If you ask me the only thing that will pump some sense in the Board is when fans dump their tickets and do not show up for games….

    Sure, only 1 team can win a trophy but no one critisizes a team that falls short but puts the effort in. This not the case at Arsenal. Cesc summed it up in his interview….any top manager who goes 6 yrs without winning a trophy is SACKED!!!

  • Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    Totally crap………..

  • afc4life

    Great article… I wish that Arsene and the board would read it!!!!

  • devday

    @ Kodjo:
    Yes, change has to happen at every level. With our millionaire CEO at the helm, Gazidis and more millionaires like Fox etc, all we see is increased ticket prices and increased tours around the world. Basically increasing revenues.

    There is a bigger picture here and the board need to understand what it is. Until the board puts pressure on the manager to win, we won’t win a thing.

  • devday

    @ Kodjo:
    The bigger questions is whether the board actually care about winning anymore?

  • agentsmurf

    @dEV – SPOT ON. 100% agree with this post. I personally think the board and management are happy to see us sign these half breed greedy french/africans who we can pay low and if they turn out to have one good season they’ll piss off somewhere else. Hence I cannot disagree with what Lady Nina had said the other day about our sub standard board – Wenger is a muppet as he claims winning a trophy is not everything – shame you deluded cunt thats why your players want to get away from the club – because of shitty mentality like that.

  • yemi

    How many left backs in the premiership are better than clichy ? Out of the 20 teams. After you mention evra, cole, how many comes to mind ? Baines ? you can’t name 4 or 5 that are better or even at par !!!

    My real problem is not clichy leaving but even if you sign cole or evra, they will have the same problem clichy has. Absolutely no cover !!!
    Secondly If arsenal think gibbs is the replacement for clichy, then some pple must be clowns..

  • yemi

    By the way @ devday: Your post is spot on. @ Kodjo: I agree with your point made too.
    But having said that i would like to ask. What is the stand of KSE and kreonke in all this happenings ? The guy but majority shares and went silent. He hasn’t issued any statement on his plans for the club.

    I said a while ago. We build a team, when they are mature enuff and need just a few additions to start winning, we start breaking the team again by selling off the best in the team without replacing them.
    It happened with Hleb, flamini. It happened with adebayor, kolo, gallas now we are selling again. When will we sell diaby ? Squillacci ? Denilson ? B52 ?

    Oh and i heard ricky Alvarez is signing for Inter.

    “Inter have completed the signing of midfielder Ricky Alvarez from Argentine champions Velez Sarsfield for a fee of €12 million (£10.8m), according to La Gazzetta dello Sport.” Goal.com

    The silence kept by the management or arsenal seems to tell me that they are in a fix or confused or to proud to admit they have failed and need to change. Forget what lady Nina said, she was part of that group for a long time and didn’t say anything so she should keep quiet.

  • yemi

    any truth in this news from twitter?
    *Nasri joins Man City and gets £150,000 a week. #money #money *#money”

    If this is true, then it means Wengers bunch of french players are paying him back big time !!!

  • afc4life

    Is it true to say that the following players are better than what we have:

    Gallas (free) – Toure (£15m) – Clichy (£7m)
    Vieira (£15m) – Flamini (free) – Diarra (£6m) – Hleb (£13m)
    Adebayor (£25m) – Henry (£12m) – Eduardo (£7m)

    How on earth can Arsenal maintain that they’re not a selling club?????

  • yemi

    BREAKING NEWS: #Gervinho arrives at #Arsenal for medical ahead of £10.6m transfer from #Lille

  • yemi

    Why can’t we buy Asamoah Gyan from sunderland ? I heard he is leaving.

  • agentsmurf

    Where on earth are man citeh going to keep this players playing week in week out. But it seems they have literally bought a like for like in every position. How can that cunt nasri do that to wenger> fucking french scum bag. no loyalty in the game anymore

  • agentsmurf

    As for Cesc and Nasri, every time I imagine our squad without them all I can think of is Rosicky starting.

  • Berth

    Wenger and David Dean. Can someone read meaning to dat.

  • afc4life

    @ Berth:
    Please explain why DD and AW are hanging out. His son is trying to take all our players away!!!!

  • Berth

    @afc4life – Who does the son work for?

  • Bonathan

    I couldn’t agree more about clichy. Basically we’ve groomed him for 8 years for man city. Same with fabregas. We basically just seem to groom players for other teams. if we were winning things then yes, we may have been set for domination, but we ain’t won anything so they keep leaving. It’s a cycle we can’t get out of because it takes time to groom the new wave each time. By which time more have got fed up and left. There has been a couple of vital times, last season being one, where had we shelled out the money and got the right couple of players instead of buying trash, it could have been majorly different. As the old saying goes…..’you buy sh1te, you buy twice’, and we should have learned this by now.

    If we are lucky, and if we pay the money for the quality required, we might have one last bite at the cherry this year. Basically, this depends not only on our signings, but on the decisions of fab and nasri. If we are lucky anough to get the chance, and we don’t take it, we will never have any sort of domination, not only be that, but we’d be lucky to be any sort of real force for a long while.

  • Goner Get Ya

    Surprise surprise Arsene’s replacements are French, does he not realise there is a big wide world full of players.

  • divyes

    We should not be too excited for signing Gervinho,I think he is a direct replacement for Bendtner who obviously should find a new club. We must strengthen our Squad and strengthening the squad does not mean selling one and buying another. Wenger should not fool us and i hope all Arsenal fans should understand this. There is this news going around about Fabregas and Barca, I want to ask have we set a price tag of £40m for Fabregas? All these news about Arsenal valuation of Fabregas at £40m i want to know if we already set a price for him. The real problem we have now is in midfield is obvious that Fabregas and Nasri will determine what Wenger will do in that Midfield, but then does it mean if they stay he will not buy another midfielder? As for Defender i am certain Wenger will buy Cahill and not Samba which i think will be a good deal.Arsenal Fans we should not get too excited wenger and the board are taking us all for granted, and we must not allow these things to happen.

  • yemi

    @ divyes:
    Gervinho a direct repelacement for Bendtner ? Please !!! B52 can not dribble a statue !!! B52 ball control is wack.

    Even if gervinho is amongst the best player in the world, he is miles ahead of B52

  • yemi

    *Even if gervinho is *NOT amongst the best player in the world, he is miles ahead of B52

    My bad