Arsenal Exodus: Clichy Signs For Manchester City

At the beginning of the summer in 2010, Arsene said a bold and important, key statement about transfers and experience…

“If we bring some players in then they have to be experienced. I think we have been in the race this year with the team we had. We will be stronger next year just with the internal improvement and with the experience these players will have. The additions will be minimal but if there are some they have to be really top class.”

We didn’t add any experience – we didn’t add anything of notably quality – Kos, Squillaci and Chamakh have proved pretty useless this season.

This summer, Arsene has said this:

“We have shown that we have the technical quality to win the league but certainly not the defensive solidity to do it. We have learned that we have the quality, despite what everybody is saying, but of course we need to gain some experience in some areas of the team.

The “experience” thing has been talked about time and time again. We’ve lost Vieira, Gallas, Toure, Adebayor and now Clichy – there’s a fair amount of experience right there – Ramsey, Jenkinson, Koscielny, Djourou, Chamakh have replaced the former players (in terms of numbers) and they’re quite the opposite of experience!

What I don’t understand is how the move came about – Arsene was keen to keep him a couple of weeks ago (hold, on, a week ago), but perhaps that was just a lie?

On the 26th June, Arsene said:

“We have started talks with Gael and want him to stay.”

On the 4th July, we sold him and the gaffer then said this…

“We would like to thank Gael for eight years of terrific service to Arsenal, during which time he gave absolutely everything for the Club. He has grown and developed so much since joining us in 2003, and has been a crucial part of the team over recent seasons. Gael leaves with our respect and best wishes. We wish him the very best for his future career.”

So what do you think? Did we want to keep him? Did he want to leave?

We all remember what Clichy said in 2009 about Manchester City – it’s hilarious to hear it again, considering his recent move…

“I really believe if you are a player who thinks only about money then you could end up at Manchester City. You have to think if you want to play for a big club and have your image or if you want to play for a good club and earn big money. When you ask someone to move for something like £300,000 a week it is just crazy.”

I believe in the life of culture – if no-one ever transferred away from your club, players would find it less easy to do so… we went through a period where we hardly sold anyone of any stature and then in more recent times, we are starting to sell more and more players. For Clichy, when Ade, Toure and Vieira all leave and are doing all right somewhere else, it makes him think, “yes, I can leave, it will be okay”… and it contagious – I really think it will continue. Nasri will leave – I’m pretty sure of it. I just hope we get a decent fee and he doesn’t go to a title rival..!

Clichy has always been a decent player for us – his work rate has always been high, and for that reason, you can’t fault him leaving and can only wish him luck… If you asked me in 2008 if Man City would have Ade, Toure and Clichy on their books in 2011, I would have bitten your hand off – but hey, what can we do? It’s the football life…

Fingers crossed we don’t sell anyone today – have a good ‘un!

  • Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    Devday…………stop with the hyperbole already…..the Exodus happened in Egypt 2800 years ago, there is NO Exodus from the Arsenal, but a leveling out by Wenger and the management. One foreign player gone from the 25 list, two or three in (most being British)and we have almost no problem in the team, a lower wage bill and the opportunity to start afresh.

  • Aussie Gooner Dave

    Sign of things to come. Get ready for a relegation battle next year, we’re kidding ourselves if we believe we can challenge. 2 world class stars out & Clichy, one or two BOYS in, doesn’t add up for me. We are officially a SELLING CLUB. Oh the pain.

  • kronke

    For years a part of the fans have been yelling that we should get rid of Clichy. They have their wish and still they are unhappy. I kinda liked him for his attitude. He had his moments of madness, as most players have, but he always gave it all when on the field. He now wants to go away and I wonder if the lack of support he felt from a part of the fans had anything to do with is. The usual platitudes of wanting to win things could also be a way in avoiding having to say that he didn’t feel the support of a part of the fans.

    But now that Clichy is gone I wish him all the best of the world in his personal life. For his football career I wish it continues like he did the last 6 seasons at Arsenal.

  • yemi

    Quote from @TheArsenal_ on twitter

    “What’s the bigger #Arsenal crisis; not winning anything for 6 years, or the breaking up of the team that hasn’t won anything for 6 years?”

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    @ kronke:
    please dont copy paste the stuff from other blogs

  • devday

    @ Domhuaille MacMathghamhna:
    Speak to me again at the end of summer my friend…

  • kronke

    come again?

  • agentsmurf

    The players that leave saying that want to win trophies seem to have no sense of responsibility in that they were on the pitch when we won no trophies.

    is spot on. It is interesting that few players have done particularly well since leaving Arsenal – and rarely as well as the buying team expected. There’s a little piece on the Arsenal History today that I put together on players after they have left – Hleb and Flamini both failed to live up to their potential, Vieira got it horribly wrong by signing for a club deeply involved in match fixing, and even Thierry only really had one very good year.

    The assumption everywhere is that Nasri and Cesc will leave and be brilliant, with us being all the poorer. But…

    it could be that both will be less wonderful having left us and/or that we have someone lurking who can really step up.

    I have gone back through the records and I couldn’t find anyone saying that Flamini was going to be excellent next to Cesc in that final season of his – and clearly Wenger thought it was a one-off – which more or less proved to be the case.

    I would not be surprised if either or both Cesc and Nasri follow Clichy out. I would also not be surprised if all three of them quickly fail to live up to their potential, or have injury problems.

    And I wouldn’t be surprised if one or two admit (as Hleb has done with much honesty) that leaving Arsenal was the biggest mistake of their lives.

    Of course, it doesn’t always happen – Cole (or all people) has done quite well – but generally life after Arsenal isn’t that good.

  • kronke

    “I really believe if you are a player who thinks only about money then you could end up at Manchester City.”
    Words of wisdom?


    These words were spoken by Gael Clichy when Emmanuel Adebayor left us for Manchester City in 2009.

    “I really believe if you are a player who thinks only about money then you could end up at Manchester City.”

    “You have to think if you want to play for a big club and have your image or if you want to play for a good club and earn big money.”

    “When you ask someone to move for something like £300,000 a week it is just crazy.”

    In the next few days I fully expect to hear how ‘excited’ he is to be part of Manchester City’s crusade. Like a knight.

    I just hope Clichy doesn’t bad-mouth us in the future. It would be surprising if he did, but it wouldn’t shock me.

    I guess it just shows that money is the be-all and end-all of most footballers these days.

    Even someone like Gael Clichy, someone I thought was loyal.

  • Kodjo

    @ Dev

    I do not agree with you when you write that Chamakh is useless. He held the line and did all the donkey work in the absence of RVP…he got some goals as well. Sure he is not prolific neither is he experienced. In addition he is certainly not a replacement for Henry or Ade… but useless??? I beg to differ.

  • Kodjo

    My biggest fear is that the Board and Wenger have lost the plot pschologically…i could yet be proved wrong but the way the club is conducting business does not inspire confidence in the team and for fans as well.

    Could Lady Nina’s assessment of the Board be correct??? or simply a overreaction???

    You’d think that Gazidis would come out and issue a statement of affairs of some sort.

    The depatures of Cesc and Nasri would confirm how low the stock of the club and its policy has fallen. Not to talk of the nonsense of the self sustaining model when fans pay the highest ticket prices to fill the pockets of a host of average players at the club.

  • kronke

    If we let Cesc and nasri go I fully expect us to be a mid table team at best. And there is only one person to blame for that.

  • Steve

    @Dev I agree with @Kodjo re: Chamakh

    When RVP came back in the new year Chamakh was relegated to warming the bench and from a manager point of view the correct decision as RVP proved by scoring as he did. However this was within the system that was being played. It was disappointed that AW was not flexible enough to be able to play them both together but then again this was probably to please Cesc.

    Chamakh from a new signing point of view had a very effective first half season, I’d like to see how many other new signings come in a PL side and score as many goals as he didin their first 5 months

    Cesc he has a contract – he should see it out / the set price should be paid. I honestly think with the injuries etc. it might be the right time to cash in. At least we would not have another transfer window disharmony. Whatever happens Barca / press will be rocking the boat in January and then next may. If he is that set on leaving perhaps he could buy out the difference between Barca’s price and our’s or even buy his contract out. Cannot see he 20% man happy with that but I’d admire him more.

    Nasri – this needs to be sorted – he was good like Chamahk was at the beginning of the year but failed later when RVP & Cesc where getting a lot more time. He was inconsistant but was this like with Chamahk the system being played. Cesc and RVP must have the ball.
    If he still wants to go I’d take the 20M

    After I have mentioned the system being played and who it has not suited we have to mention who is did – which is Jack – he really did make his mark. I still feel he needs a big brother in there – or someone who is considered a bigger danger man than him next year. The season after he will be the danger man. Even though Cesc & Jack are both young there is a lot of difference between their experience. Jack needs another season to gain that. When Cesc was out at the end of the season Jack tried and put his heart into playing for Arsenal but I do not think others did or followed his example.

    I’ve not commented on many incoming players but the Kevin Doyle comment I have read around the boards was interesting to say the least. He is playing PL football, he is committed, and plays with passion. He may not have Cesc/Nasri close ball control but what lost us games at the end of the season was what he has a plenty – heart and commitment.

    With all my comments about re: Cesc/Nasri and with Clichy going that should be £65M + the £40 that is supposed to be there. Ok we may pay “over the odds” as Red and White holdings would want us to but it’s money to spend and as everyone keeps reminding us in the next few years the new rules kick in. Or perhaps that was the idea, if we do not spend big now we will have the financial set-up to spend then! 10 years without a trophy will hurt big time. Bit that makes me laugh is it’s always fans of the sides that have not one a bean that have to point that fact out.

    Whoever we buy can I suggest we check that Dein junior is not the agent!

  • kronke

    Think we’ll only see 2 transfers. A new Defender and Gervinho.

    Cesc will be replaced by both Ramsey and Jack
    Clichy was replaced by the end of the season by Gibbs and with Traore back I can’t see Wenger replacing.

    3 out 2 in.

  • agentsmurf

    I have to say this is the first summer that im actually worried about the state of our first team squad!! Having said that, Clichy leaving isnt a worry, i think we can do better, IF we replace him

    At the start of the summer i felt we needed about 3 or 4 which would have really improved us, we could still get those 3 or 4, whoever they may be, but if we lose Clichym Nasri and Fabregas then its all back to square one and we will still be left short when we get the inevitable injuries.

    I know its early July but i really think we should be bringing a couple in, we dont know what reports are true and which ones arent, but its certainly frustrating to hear the same names banded about and no actual bids being made. Mind you, as bdb says, we dont actually know whats going on, 5 players could be at the club today having talks….doubtful but we just dont know!

    Say Fabregas and Nasri go too, along with Denilson and Bendtner who i fully expect to follow, that will be 5 players gone that we really could do with, so who do we go after to replace all of them? Cahill and Samba would be good….but they dont replace any of the departing players, they were needed anyway….say we get a keeper, same situation, that would be 3 in and none of the players leaving have been replaced. Gervinho could be a start, but then who? I really think Baines would be an excellent signing, could get him for about 10M? Do it Wenger!!

    Where have the days gone where you pick up the paper and all of a sudden we have signed Henry and Suker? i loved that, or when Campbell just strolled out at the press conference, from no where… lets et some of that going, its been ages since i got really excited by a signing, come on Arsene, surprise us

  • Steve

    I think AW has already signed a full back that can play both sides. Any co-incidence?
    Yes young but capable of an understudy role or more. And this was done early.

    AW is not the kind of person who thinks he’ll win the lottery ever week or play russian roulette although considering the Russian’s recent performance maybe he did play that one.

    Gervinho in – Bendtner out hmmm

    Think this is more AW

  • yemi

    Source (

    Inter sign Arsenal target Ricky Alvarez from Velez Sarsfield – report
    The Argentine playmaker will seemingly ply his trade in Serie A next season after speculation suggests that a five-year deal with the world champions has been agreed

    5 Jul 2011 10:45:00

    Photo Gallery Zoom
    Ricardo Alvarez – Velez (
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    For all the latest reports and transfer rumours, visit our dedicated section here.

    Inter have completed the signing of midfielder Ricky Alvarez from Argentine champions Velez Sarsfield for a fee of €12 million (£10.8m), according to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

    A report last week suggested that both clubs had reached an agreement over a transfer fee, and the world champions have now agreed terms with the player over a five-year deal worth €1.8m (£1.6m) per year.

    Inter will reportedly pay Velez Sarsfield an initial fee of €5.7m (£5.1m), while another €3.5m (£3.1m) will be paid after Alvarez has made 15 appearances for the club – €1m (£900,000) after five games, €1m (£900,000) after 10 games and €1.5m (£1.3m) after 15 games – amounting to €9.2m (£8.2m) in total. The remaining €2.8m (£2.5m) relates to taxes that the Italian giants have agreed to pay.

    The 2010 Champions League winners have been eager to add some creativity to their midfield ahead of the 2011-12 campaign, and new head coach Gian Piero Gasperini appears to have landed the reinforcement he was searching for in the form of Alvarez.

    The 23-year-old, who has also been linked with a move to Arsenal, made his Velez debut in 2008, helping the side to the 2011 Clausura title with a number of impressive performances. Both clubs have yet to confirm the transfer, but an official statement is expected to be released shortly.

  • yemi

    Are we seeing another barca tapping up players happening in Man united?

    Paul Scholes dismisses ‘pointless’ Arsenal and says he hopes Samir Nasri joins Manchester United

    ‘Samir Nasri could become an Old Trafford great’ – former Manchester United defender Paul Parker

  • yemi

    Arsenal’s Invincibles: Where are they now?