The Exodus Gains Pace…

Welcome to a brand new week, a brand new summer’s day (hopefully) – the only thing that will stay the same is the crazyness surrounding the Arsenal team and the transfers in and out of the club. Which at the moment is seeing a massive list of players leave and hardly anyone come in… but of course, one thing to remember is that this is all speculation. A lot of speculation. Some warranted, some not.

Arsene Wenger always says the most important thing to do every summer is to keep our existing players. Every year, the boss says it’s the most important thing and if he can add to it, he will. But we always think that it’s a bit of a rubbish transfer policy just to try and keep what you’ve got – this year, however, it would be the ideal policy. If rumours are true and we do see the departures of Nasri, Cesc and Clichy do happen – then we lose three first teamers. Three players that we don’t want to lose and three players, who in all honesty will be very tough to replace.

Arsene has always adopted a policy of “no more than 3 changes per summer”… and if the aforementioned three do leave, then it may be a massive change of personnel this year – more than any other summer under Arsene Wenger. Through in the also very possible departures of Denilson, Vela and Bendtner and we’re shredding quite a lot of the playing staff. Rumours around Van Persie, Arshavin and Walcott are also rife, but I think the latter three are just tabloid rumour mill stories…

ESPN reported this a while ago:

Gael Clichy’s transfer from Arsenal to Manchester City has moved a step closer after the left-back travelled to the north west to undergo a medical.

The fee is quoted at anything from £5m to £10m but I don’t think anyone really knows – people are settling on £7m as the kind of “makes sense” fee. A lot of people have said that Clichy is error prone and it’s good that he’s leaving – but I don’t view that way – for me, it’s very disappointing that he is going. He is our best left back out of the three we have (Clichy, Traore & Gibbs). He is the most experienced player at the club in terms of PL appearances for Arsenal and he’s one of the very few who have won any silverware – at a time when we need experience, surely his departure is a step in the wrong direction?

Fellow WOA writer, @j1mm7t said this morning:

Thanks for everything Clichy. Part of the greatest PL squad of all time in 2004. Now we need to buy a LB – Gibbs and Traore still not ready!

Do I think Arsene will buy another left back? No I don’t. I really don’t think he will.

Nasri is a player who I will also be saddened to see leave, and we all have read what he said in the papers, which from any Arsenal fan or even a neutral is also a sign of intent to leave.

“I don’t want to sign for a club where I wouldn’t be playing the football that I like, where I wouldn’t feel happy, just for the sake of money. We already earn huge wages. The priority is to make a big career and to win titles. We all need to get out of our comfort zone to grow up and test ourselves. I am hungry for titles. I play football because I love this sport and want to feel the emotion of winning.”

The bid from Man City, which I think Chelsea are also matching is around £19m – and if Nasri refuses to sign a new contract, then I suppose we’ll have to sell, right? But to sell to a Premier League rival will be painful. At the moment, there is a massive feeling that Arsenal are becoming the youth team for the “bigger” clubs – which seems no longer to be us. We’re training kids and then selling them on after they’ve had their educating, after they’ve made their mistakes – and often we don’t get what they’re worth either. I mean, next season, Man City will possibly have a team including Toure, Clichy, Vieira, Nasri and Adebayor! That is just plain ridiculous… the amount of players we’ve sold to Barcelona is just funny, and Cesc is a player who will only get better. The two 16 year olds we’ve signed from Barcelona youth will only want to eventually return, surely?

If we do sell these players, based on the record of the last few years, can we really trust Arsene and the board to get in quality replacements? Gallas and Toure were replaced by Koscielny and Squillaci (and Sol Campbell for a while too), I mean, what the hell is that about? Adebayor was replaced with Chamakh, and Eduardo and Henry haven’t ever been really replaced, have they? Even Vieira hasn’t been replaced, Cesc, Wilshere and Song have just been promoted from the youth team…

We’ve been in for a few players, but we’re unable to attract the top players… we can’t even attract the random unknown players that no-one has ever heard of – such as  case of an unknown South American called Ricky Alvarez has been cleared up by the same source that broke the news… the chairman ofPalermo… It’s a very strange series of comments to make from the chairman

We were close to signing [Ricky] Alvarez for half the price they will now pay for him but my colleagues took it easy and no agreement was reached. Where he will go? He was going to sign for Arsenal but Inter Milan made a move and that is where I believe he will go.

Yes, the random players from the Championship and League 1 will sign (Jenkinson and Oxlade-Chamberlain), but they’re rubbish and have zero experience in the Premier League.

At a time when Arsene wants experience, we seem to be selling our best and replacing with randoms from the lower league and rubbish teams like Blackburn (cite Samba)…

And let’s not get started on Kevin Doyle or Stuart Downing… that’s just a complete joke I think? Like a media funny one… right?

  • afc4life

    Clichy out for £7m is a good deal for Man City and for Arsenal. He’s run into a dip of form for us and can’t seem to get out of it – also, we recoup some money for him. For Man City, he is better than what they’ve got.

    Nasri to Man U or Man City is a completely different story – I would definitely hate that to happen. In fact, Nasri to top English team would probably see a massive fan backlash.

  • devday

    If Nasri leaves, he will have to go abroad – but are any teams abroad even interested? I heard Milan may be – surely Real Madrid are!

  • madin

    if Nasri joined a rival team, i’d gladly see him get ripped into for doing EXACTLY what he slagged off Gallas for.

  • Berth

    Arsenal is getting poorer daily in our own eyes. I wander how a king will allow his empire crumble when something could have been done. We still have the chance to better our position before it rottens to beyond fixing

  • agentsmurf

    Lies, Broken promises. There are so many words that sum up this club right now. I dont think i have ever felt so DOWN about things as now. This club has taken the fans support, trust and loyalty and smashing it to pieces!! Thats fine. They can do that. Just realise Arsenal FC and Mr Wenger, come December when Arsenal are 8th or 9th, out of the Champions League, dont you DARE DARE moan when the stadium is half full. You have had plenty of opportunities to sort out this mess and have dodged it to make money for yourselves. Arsene Wenger is on 6 million a YEAR!!! and he doesnt even have the ability to construct an able defence and make key signings in the areas available, let alone even hold onto his OWN PLAYERS!! O dear o dear.

  • agentsmurf

    I am delighted that the players are jumping ship only to show this old deluded out of touch of manager in his fucking fanatsy youth project – even the players have ha enough you loser – so now get the fuck out.

  • kronke

    @agenstsmurf – Just wondering: if Wenger has no transfer kitty then that means his replacement will have no transfer kitty. Is there anyone in the world who you trust more to run a club with no transfer money?

  • agentsmurf

    do you know what folks,and this isn’t an immediate reaction because i said what i’m going to say a few years.the biggest problem we have at arsenal is an out of date board who are so far back in their views that they HAVE FAILED TO MOVE WITH THE TIMES.let’s take our chairman peter hill-wood,a man who hates to pay the going rate for a player but when it comes to arsenal selling a player he demands the top dollar.he has questioned players wages on many occasions,the gallas saga springs to mind.for me he is way too much old school in his views.wasn’t it lady bracewell smith who said recently that we need a new vibrant board who can take the club forward.dein was labelled a trouble maker,why.was it because he could see what was going on down the line(manc,chelski &manu)buying all the best players and the facts speak for themselves.the biggest spending clubs win the prem lge titles,is this what dein envisaged and DID NOT WANT ARSENAL TO BE LEFT BEHIND.let’s be honest,does it matter who is the manager when you analise the club as a the 30s we were the bank of england club,but since i’ve been a fan(1977)when have we spent big,when have we broken the british transfer record,when have we competed for players that the likes of the other top clubs have.when have we made a statement of intent,well,never. yes we do things differently but at what price???it’s no wonder we have a majority owner of the club who is known as “silent stan”,sums it all up don’t it.

  • kronke

    @dev – Kevin Doyle plays up front on his own for Wolves, and with the terrible service he gets from his midfield (mainly defence actually!), he works absolute wonders. HIs head’s in the right place,he would walk over hot coals for his team, and he’s a very decent footballer. That said, we play possibly the polar opposite style of football to Wolves, and I’ve no idea if he’s capable of the necessary change up. I cringe seeing a Blackburn fan telling us that Doyle would be a good signing and getting 19 thumbs down, as to me it smacks of uniformed decision making. Are we in the market for the Benzemas/Agueros of this world? If we were then we’d have bought one by now. If not, then we go for Adebayors/Nasris who see Wenger as a turd polisher before they movve onto ‘bigger and better things’, or do we go for a hard worker like Doyle who may not have the skills of a Nasri but 4x the work ethic. I’m not sure what the answer is, but I do know that in a very successfull team you’ll have both sorts of players, and so I for one would be happy getting Doyle onboard (without being ecstatic) for that bit of British Isles grit as long as we also looked on the otherside of the spectrum as well for a Nasri/Cesc replacement. Hope that makes sense

  • agentsmurf

    Let’s just wait for the numpty sheep to pipe up now with their predictable, boring insults. Yawn. Wenger is the Cancer, aided and abetted by Kroenke and Gazidis and the disguting liar on the board who have let the club slide thus. Every year Arsene Wenger is manager is a write-off until 2014. Your club has won nothing in six years and you think GERVINHO, some piece of trash French African with less international pedigree than EBOUE, is going to make a blind bit of difference??! It’s a joke. No wonder our policy is such a joke: Cesc and Nasri want out. Denilson and Bendtner spoke a big game about leaving but NO ONE has made any offers for them as they refuse to match their stupid salaries….so they will remain at Arsenal, content to pick up their wages for nothing. It’s a joke, and I’ll have no interest in this club until Wenger goes away

  • Bonathan

    I’m afraid we could well be headed up sh1t creek, and unfortunately, we may have lost our paddle.

    are we really thinking of signing the likes of doyle, o shea, downing, samba??? If so then we could well get dragged into a relegation scrap in a couple of years time.

    I’m afraid, if we lose fabregas and nasri now, we are gonna find it extremely difficult to finish 4th (which would definitely be the best we could hope for without them). We finish outside the top 4 and you can say goodbye to RVP, sagna and arsharvin straight away. Of course, others would follow if we never turned it around. We could be looking at a 5 year stint without champions league football at least. it happens. quite easily.

    thing is, the snowball may have already gathered too much momentum to stop already. I guess we’ll find out over the next few weeks.

    so much for running things as a business! we’re getting less for our players than they are worth and are going to end up paying similar amounts to get inferior replacements. What’s more, we could miss out on an hefty sum of money if we do slide out of the big time.

    has the damage already been done? just how much has that loss in the final against birmingham cost us? how much money did we really save by not getting schwarter and a better defender last summer? At the moment, it’s looking like it’s gonna cost us a fortune. things could have been oh so different.

  • devday

    @ madin:
    It’s amazing to see how players say one thing and then do another… Where is the loyalty in the game?

  • devday

    @ Berth:
    Someone once said to me that Clichy was the best left back in the Premiership, that same someone said to me today that “good riddance”…

    No matter the mistakes he made, Clichy was Arsenal through and through and the most experienced player of our group. Big loss.

  • devday

    @ kronke:
    You know I actually think he’s a very decent player – Doyle – but for £12m? I’m not quite sure… But one thing Doyle does have is the right attitude and work rate which would go down a treat!

  • arseneknows

    @ devday:
    Sorry fella, I don’t agree with you.

    Clichy was an experienced player making too many mistakes…

    For me, this is a very positive move by Arsenal (as long as the replacement is better!!??).

    We need to improve defensively, obviously, and Clichy just didn’t grow and develop into the sort of rock we could rely on.

    There is loads and loads and loads of crap written every day about Arsenal – So far I am very happy with their dealings – keep going Arsenal! – now show us who you are going to bring in – loose a few more weak links and we’ll be ready to roll!!!


  • arseneknows

    @ Bonathan:

    your words;
    “are we really thinking of signing the likes of doyle, o shea, downing, samba?”

    No mate – you’re just rising to the hype – chill out until the truth outs!

    So far so good as far as I can see……

  • devday

    @ arseneknows:
    We will only tell if we do sign a new player – but at the moment, I’m not sure if we will…!

  • Derek

    we need to calm down a bit
    first of all, I check the rumours every day, and there is nothing about anyone but Cesc, Clichy and Nasri. Clichy is gone, and that is not a bad thing, he has been playing badly. I do no expect Wenger to buy a new LB, he may sign two new CBs (and switch Vermaelen to LB)- Samba and Cahill, and whilst we may differ on opinion, I would love to see them at the club. Our defence becomes taller and tougher. Secondly, we cannot assume that Nasri and Cesc will leave. the comments both make sugest something natural for sportsmen, a desire to win, and both seem to think they can do this at Arsenal, but want reassurance. Nasri wants the boss to sign some good players, and Cesc seems more content to wait and see. Nasri’s first preference seems to be us, at least according to his agent, and if I’m honest I don’t think he would be allowed to leave to Manchester for less tha 35 mill. And if he did, what say use the money to sign Eden Hazard?
    Cesc will leave if Arsenal and Barca can agree a deal. I will miss him loads of he goes, but he is not irreplaceable. watch him against Barca and in other games, he was terrible, Alvarez or others can replace him. However, firstly he seems in no rush to leave, and the good thing is we may get a good deal out of it. Wenger will not budge for less than 45 mill and that will probably include a swap deal, I read reports we get a choice of two players (iniesta and Xavi?) obvs that would not happen, but we could get Thiago Alacantara, who looks amazing, maybe Mascherano, who knows (i don’t want Bojan).
    So There is still a compelling argument that Nasri and Cesc will stay, and that we will sign many decent players. Gervinho and Cahill seem iminent, Mata, Alvarez, Samba et al seem likely to arrive as well. our team could well be
    szcezeny – Vermaelen, Samba, Cahill, Sagna – Song, Wilshere, Fabregas – Nasri, RVP, Walcott
    Subs: Mata, Gervinho, Alvarez, Koscielny, Arshavin, Fabianski, Ramsey
    sounds good to me
    All hope is not lost. Nasri and Cesc are not irreplaceable, and the team still ahs many a bright spark. keep the faith

  • Goner Get Ya

    Good luck to Clichy, shame he couldn’t go abroad but hey it’s 7m in the kitty (that’s how the board will see it). What makes me laugh is that when Nasri and Cesc get sold everyone thinks the board will reinvest, their track record suggests otherwise.

  • Bonathan

    i must admit, i’d be highly surprised if we are interested in those players, sorry if i’m scare mongering a bit.

    That said, this is a worrying time.

    As for clichy, well, he ain’t the best LB in the world, he has made mistakes, and it isn’t a huge loss. There’s no doubt he was arsenal through and through though, and he was one of our most experienced players. A player that will probably come into his prime in the next few seasons, and may well become one of the best LB’s around.

    I guess the question is now though is who will replace him? How big of a loss clichy is will be determined by how well he is replaced. Will wenger actually even sign anybody?? My personal opinion is that we’d be taking one hell of a punt hoping that gibbs is up to the task. He still has plenty of question marks over his defensive ability and also over his injuries.

    There ain’t that many great LBs about at the moment. The names mentioned have been baines (too expensive) and enrique. Certainly enrique is likely to move club this summer, so you’d think that could be easily achievable if we wanted him. We’d be likely to get in a bidding war with liverpool if that were the case though. I think he’d rather come to us, but could we match the liverpool bid. We could, but would we?

    The other option is vermaelen, but that would likely mean signing a further CB.