Henry (Emirates) Cup.

So the Emirates Cup was on this weekend, and with Henry’s team, the New York Red Bulls playing, the tournament had that extra special feel to it. Couldn’t watch the matches in Saturday, because ESPN and I aren’t friends, but I was at the Emirates today. There was a rumour going round Twitter that Henry … [Read more…]

Are we actually resolving the problems from last season?

The question that is evident in my mind… is… Are we actually resolving the problems from last season? Or are we just trying to “survive” another summer, improve a little, try not to sell players… Now I know we have not yet completed our summer spending on transfers (well, let’s hope not), so perhaps there is … [Read more…]

Should he stay or should he go?

The question of course is who is “he”… It’s been a summer of change at the Arsenal, to a degree, and we’ve seen a few players move on. Two in particular, Denilson and Clichy have left, and with fans questioning both of their abilities in the last couple of seasons, surely it was the right thing to … [Read more…]

Xavi Announced as Cesc’s New Agent…

As Cesc’s new agent, Xavi has been in the press talking about the potential transfer of Cesc to Barcelona. Xavi, a current player at Barcelona, has officially been announced as Cesc’s new agent – and will try to secure his move to the Catalan club in the next few weeks. “I spoke to Cesc in … [Read more…]

Gervinho Speaks, Gazidis Speaks & Arsene Speaks

Arsene Wenger was in full voice today and he spoke a lot about a lot and Gazidis chipped in too with some early words this morning on Sky Sports News… Let’s start off with Arsene, who commented on the arrival of Gervinho… “Gervinho is a player that can play in a number of positions up front.  … [Read more…]

PV4: A Legend Retires

In times like these it’s easy to get caught up in the furore surrounding players leaving and players joining The Arsenal. Cesc is going, Nasri too. Cesc is staying, as is Nasri. The former is suffering at Arsenal, the latter wants more money and trophies elsewhere. The reality is that we don’t really know the … [Read more…]

Malaysia XI 0 – 4 Arsenal…

Our pre-season round of friendlies kicked off in style against a Malaysia XI… and we managed to secure a decent victory over a technically apt team. Liverpool take on the same team on Saturday, so we can gage how well we’ve done with them too… Arsene used the game to take a look at some of … [Read more…]

AST Survey Results 2011… Let’s discuss…

Morning, afternoon, evening, where ever you are! The Arsenal Supporters Trust Survey 2011 was released yesterday and it’s time to have a read through the report… I haven’t commented on anything yet, the following notes are completely from the survey – my thoughts will come soon! Ownership Stan Kroenke will soon have a majority holding … [Read more…]

“Gervinho is officially an Arsenal player”

Morning All… Super blogging will be restored as of tonight, but as revealed last Thursday by World of Arsenal, Gervinho is officially an Arsenal player… Arsene announced it at the press conference in KL for the Asia tour and had this to say: “Gervinho has just joined up for training today at London Colney. He … [Read more…]