Blame Vish!

You can blame my best friend Vish for no post today!! I’ve been up all night re-writing his best man speech for his wedding this Saturday and it’s eaten into my blogging time!!!

  • AmriGooner

    No problem man. In fact nothing is going on in arsenal world right now. So, enjoy the wedding and congratulations.

  • Steve

    Same enjoy 😀

    Perhaps after the wedding all Gooners will get a present in some form of real news of incoming players.

  • kronke

    Here is the official position of FC Barcelona with regard to transfers this summer, as stated by Sandro Rosell in a recent televised interview: Barca’s maximum transfer budget this summer is 45 million euros. However, Rosell stated clearly and unequivocally that Barca WAS NOT willing to spend more than 40 million on Cesc. Unless Arsenal is willing to sell Cesc for less than 40 million, he is NOT going to Barcelona. End of story. Also, while Rosell did appear to confirm that Barca was in negotiations over certain other players, he claimed that he had “no idea” whether or not the club might try to sign Cesc this summer. Personally, I would read that as “no.” However, if Barca IS in negotiations to sign other players, that would take an even bigger chunk out of the 45 million before Barca would have money to spend on Cesc. Reading between the lines of Rosell’s interview, I don’t think that Barca is even planning to make an offer for Cesc. Finally, I want to address the issue of Cesc’s supposed “dream” to return to Barcelona. I have heard Cesc state publicly on more than one occasion that he is happy at Arsenal, and does NOT want to leave Arsenal to go to Barcelona. All he’s ever said is that he would enjoy having the chance to play at Barcelona SOMEDAY, but he has no idea whether that will ever happen. But he’s perfectly happy at Arsenal. Personally, I would suggest that you take Cesc’s word on this, as opposed to the words of various “others” who have attributed to him this supposed “desire” to leave. Ok, that’s the end of my “Cesc transfer saga” rant. In truth, if you don’t believe me by now, you probably never will, so I’ll leave you to it. Cheers

  • kronke

    Oh, and on a related note to the above post:

    I would also like to make it clear that Barcelona DID NOT make a 27 million euro offer for Cesc, as was reported last week. If Barca had made an offer, it would have been formally announced by the club, which has not happened. We’ve also had no official statement from Arsenal about any “offer.”

    In fact, the whole story emerged from an EXTREMELY dubious and completely unsourced claim in the Sun that Sandro Rosell had called up Ivan Gazidis and made a “verbal offer” of 27 million, which was immediately rejected. Personally, I don’t believe it. And in any case, a “verbal offer” isn’t really an offer at all. So, Barcelona has not made any offers for Cesc this summer, and I don’t expect them to.

    Think about it. If Barcelona is so short on money that they can’t afford to make color copies, then surely they don’t have enough extra paper lying around to be sending it straight to the rubbish bins in the Arsenal offices. It doesn’t make any sense

  • arron

    Lille signed winger Dimitri Payet. Deal for Gervinho done?

  • devday

    @ arron:

  • devday

    Fifa rank England 4th in the world – above Brazil, Italy, Argentina, France, Portugal… Not sure how we did it!!

  • Berth

    FIFA are playing baby politics; just to appease the English FA,even tapping UEFA to host another Wembley final. All these is to appease the English because they are too valuable to be alienated.

  • steve68

    Is there a real possibility that both Fabregas and Nasri will leave, all three wantaways Bendtner, Denilson and Clichy will stay, and that the only signings will be Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jenkinson and Gervinho? If that were to happen I wouldnt blame any Arsenal fan for throwing their replica kit in the trash. What is happening to us, seriously? We have money, it must be the management right?

  • Steve

    UEFA & FIFA = Brown envelope merchants.

    Main problem is in the western finacial World brown envelopes and the like are being monitored. ENRON, financial collaspe etc.

    Before this monitoring I expect all football associations where all on push me pull me of finance but nowdays certain ones of them cannot have it any more, so decided to make it known to the world so none can have it.

    Maybe not baby politics but certainly child politics

  • yemi

    Where my man kodjo at ? I know there is absolutely nothing to talk about in the world of anything called arsenal, you should drop in once in a while to say hi !!!

    Back to arsenal, I think it is time we stop assisting the media is spreading their rumours. I have grown to hate speculative news…. Wuth arsenal you get disppointment. How many players have we been linked with ? Apart from the players released and the youngsters signed, what have we done in the market ? Where are all the outgoing players ?
    Where are we ? Man u won the league and have still gone ahead to strengthen their squad, Chelsea has started by getting a new coaching crew, city already have a bloated team, l’pool did theirs in january,
    We finished 4th depite challenge for the title for a long while, we dropped out effectively from 3 competitions in 2 or 3 weeks yet no news !!! The way man u goes about their business shows focus. They know who they want and the deals are already in place or ongoing even before the summer begins. Why can’t we do such ? How come even the so called smaller teams can afford players yet we can’t ? Noone fears arsenal any longer, after all they are just some bunch of kids who have won nothing and who have been made to believe that finishing in top four year in year out is good enuff!!!
    I am so angry

  • arron

    If one can believe the translated report from AS in English it seems that Cesc said he has nothing to say about a possible transfer. He then added that when a player is on the market it is because his club wants to sell him and dont want the player. He said he has no problems. So if I can still rely on the translation (Anne anyone&) it seems that Cesc doesnt want away and that Arsenal dont want to sell. I think that if AS is correct in its report it shows that Cesc has nothing to say and that it is up to Arsenal to make a decision if they want to sell him or not But the interesting part is that AS is pointing at a report in the Guardian where they come up with the nonsense we have heard in the last days. So my conclusion is that Cesc said he has nothing to say and that he has no problem with whatever Arsenal will decide and that the press is running in circles with pointing at others to report &.nothing.

  • arron

    Who the other day said we wont sign anyone till 1st of July due to the European transfer window opening Question Question Question

    Anyone see the photos of De Gea with Ferguson yesterday? what a load of old bolocks. I said we would sign a max of 2 players in May and i stick by it
    In Arsene we rust

  • steve68

    What in the world are the idiots on the board of Arsenal doing? Financial responsibility means not spending? By the time they decide to spend, they will probably only get Joey Barton.. Man U has signed three new players and they are the reigning champions!

    Wait for it – It gets worse:
    From Sky Sports and Denilsons agent.

    He told “I know nothing of AC Milan’s interest. I think at the moment these are only rumours.

    “The only certainty right now is that Denilson will be at training with Arsenal on July 7th.

    “Are Spanish and other Italian clubs chasing him? Currently there are no negotiations.

    “With Wenger we often talk about other issues, but we have never touched on the topic of a possible departure for Denilson.”

    Its looking more likely that this useless c**t will still be here next year!

    I said at the time its a contract negotiation bollocks statement from Denil-c**t.

    He will be at Arsenal next year on a new improved 5 year deal

    With the money Denilson, Rosicky, Almunia etc are on, they wont go elsewhere for a big drop in wages, so will sit out on there fat contracts, at our club.
    The only ones leaving are are best players. Says it all really.

    I can actually see a situation next season where our regular starting line up will be;

    Comedy Eboue

    You know, looking at that line up one word comes to mind; mediocre.

    I have not seen such a mediocre team since the days of Hillier, Selley, Jensen, McGoldrick etc

  • steve68

    if people cannot be worried about our upcoming transfer dealings based on what has happened in every other transfer window for almost half a decade then I don’t know what we can worry about.

    Do you honestly believe this one will be different to all the others? Honestly?

    I would say it is totally acceptable to be worried based on historical repetition.

  • Kodjo

    @ Yemi take it easy!!!!

    I have been quietly watching the media outlets making a fool of themselves…with all the stupid and baseless reports.

    I decided ages ago that until i read news about transfers on the arsenal website…there is no point debating the bunch of rumours.

    Yes, i will debate probable signings but will not comment on the nonesense spun by the media outlets…who are bent on potraying that arsenal is in crisis….ala latest comments from Lady Nina. On that note, if she had such negative vibes about the Board why did she sell her shares to Kroenke and not to Usmanov. As the latter based only on the noice he is making may have forced the Board to try new things with regard to player transfers, sponsorship and the general management of the club.

    Without a doubt, Wenger will penny pinch (in the name of fiscal prudence) this transfer season…with probably just 1 marquee signing plus i’d say 2-3 regular signings.

    I noticed that the so-called marquee signing has changed over the last few weeks from Benzema to Eto’o and now to Mata. Ha ha ha!!!

    For sure this transfer period will be critical since it would probably be the last time that the club spends big b4 the UEFA rules kick in.

  • arron

    Clichy on twater saying thanks for the memories but i am leaving.

    Seems real as Jack is chatting to him asking how he has been.

    Will be leaving within 2 weeks.

    “I am leaving Arsenal within the next two weeks. Thank you for all your support and great memories. You all will always be in my heart.”

    “I will announce the club im joining once the deal is officially confirmed.I wouldn’t want to say anything now in order to avoid disruptions.”

  • Bonathan

    Wow, wonder if that is definitely true. Bad times.

    If we keep nasri, fab and clichy and add the right signings, we’re in an awesome position. Has the damage already been done though? looks like it.

    If clichy leaves, we need a LB. To get a better LB than clichy we’ll need to spend more than we get for him. If fab and nasri go, well, where does that leave us. we wouldn’t be able to replace them with the same quality since we simply wouldn’t have the pulling power. Also, to get the quality of nasri and fab you’d need to spend more than we’d get for them.

    personally, i don’t think clichy has tweetered anyhthing. there’s no doubt that this situation of losing all 3 is real though. very real. we have little power over nasri and clichy. fabregas is the only one we have any power over. I just hope we don’t feel the need to do him any favours by selling him for cheaper. At the end of the day, he’s got 4 years left. You wouldn’t have seen united selling ronaldo for anything cheap if he had 4 years left. 80 million they got for him. And while that’s unlikely for fabregas, anything less than 50 should be flat out rejected.

    At the end of the day, fabregas is the only one we can really do anything about, so i think we stand firm. because if we lose all 3, then we are looking at finishing outside the top 4 for CERTAIN. And i don’t use that word lightly. Others would inevitably follow and it might be a long way back.

    We therefore need to stand firm over fabregas and hope nasri signs a new contract.

  • arron

    Everyone who believes Cesc wants to leave Arsenal for Barca:

    Since I can see that people are still banging on about Cesc wanting to leave, I’ll show you how the press has reported Cesc’s most recent alleged statement about wanting to return to Barca, and then show you what he actually said:

    Here’s how the media is reporting it (this particular example is from footylatest):

    “Even Fabregas is optimistic about Barcelona deal

    The Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas is looking more and more likely to realise his dream of moving back to Barcelona, as even Arsene Wenger seems to have accepted that his captain’s heart is no longer with Arsenal…

    Fabregas himself is calm about it all, but “optimistic” and he even hinted that if Arsenal are willing to sell him, then Arsene Wenger doesn’t want him at the Emirates any more!

    The Spaniard said when asked about the rumours yesterday: “There is nothing to talk about. I’m calm. If something has to happen it will. I am always optimistic.

    “If a player is on the market it’s because a club doesn’t want him. I have no problem.”

    Are there any Arsenal fans left that still thinks Fabregas will still be at the club next season?”

    Ok, on to what Cesc really said. Madrid-based tabloid AS actually provided their readers with an unedited video of Cesc’s comments (for once), so here is how it all went down:

    Video begins, Cesc is walking into building, reporters swarm in on him and impede his progress.

    Cesc: (as reporters close in) I’m very well, I’m very well, I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine…(tries to keep walking but is blocked).

    Reporter: You can’t talk, can you?

    Cesc: No, no, no, no…

    Reporter: [couldn’t hear question]

    Cesc: Right now, there’s nothing to talk about or to say.

    Reporter: Something like “Are you well physically?” [couldn’t hear entire question]

    Cesc: Yes, I’m going to begin, for my part, working on my form, which is what I need to do now.

    Reporter: Is everything calm?

    Cesc: Yes, I’m very calm… Very, very calm. (note: Cesc actually looks far from calm at this point in the video. In fact, he appears to be fighting the temptation to rip out his own hair in frustration :) ).

    Reporter: [couldn’t hear question]

    Cesc: About the market? What?

    Reporter: [couldn’t hear follow up]

    Cesc: No, no, no, no…Where it comes to the market, whatever happens, happens, and that’s the way it is. If a player is on the market, it’s always because his club wants to sell him, and because, because… that’s the way it was. And I, I don’t have a problem, I’m very calm.

    Reporter: Are you optimistic, Cesc? Are you optimistic?

    Cesc: (with a wry smile) I’m always optimistic about everything.

    Cesc then proceeds to shove reporters aside as he breaks through the crowd and leaves.

    So, it sounds to me like all Cesc did was refuse to make a statement. However, unlike the article above, I would personally read Cesc’s comment that “I don’t have a problem, I’m very calm,” to mean that, unlike those other players who are on the market because their clubs want to sell them, he personally doesn’t have any problems in that area.

    That’s just how I would read it, but I guess the rest of you are free to interpret it how you want. Oh, and just one other thing. As you can probably see, I had a little trouble translating this video because of the audio quality. If anyone else who speaks Spanish wants to double check me on this one, I’d be interested to hear what you have to say. Here’s the video:

  • agentsmurf

    Im actually starting to get scared now. Cesc, Nasri and Clichy probably leaving, Denilson, Bendtner and Rosicky all probably staying and Wenger is still letting his stubborness get in the way of whats best for the club. The board of dinosaurs seems happy to cash in when ever they can to make a quick buck and silent Stan does nothing, which makes me think he is taking Arsenal’s funds and using them to support him American sports teams. I hate being so negative, I really do, but it seems that most of our problems could have been fixed early on in the piece, but they were left to snowball into near catastrophic proportions. Nasri and Clichy should have been re-signed at least a year ago, and Wenger should have splashed some cash on a marquee signing or two, to show his intentions of winning something. Fabregas was always going to leave, in which case he should have been stripped of the captaincy, because the captain is responsible for team morale. Ive heard people say that its not the end of the world if we lose Cesc, Nasri and Clichy, but what about the other players’ morale? Would you be happy if all of your best colleagues left your workplace? No, you would start questioning yourself, where you are going with your career and if the management really has the best interests of the business at heart.

    If these three did leave what would happen? Although Jack and Aaron are developing into top players, they are still not ready to run things by themselves. Would Wenger go out and buy players of the same calibre of Cesc and Nasri (Sneijder, Pastore etc)? No he would spend one tenth of that on a couple of kids that might do the job eventually, but will probably end getting in Jack and Aaron’s way, eventually forcing someone to leave. Will Wenger spend money to replace Clichy with Baines, Enrique, Coentrao? No he will use the injury prone and inexperienced Gibbs. Would he move Verm out to the left and bring in Samba and Cahill? No because apparently even they are too expensive for a club that is amongst the top 10 best in the world. No matter what, there will always be an excuse from Wenger and the board. They are both equally guilty of putting us in this horrible situation and being too stubborn and greedy to get us out

  • jermy

    Im a season ticket holder and have been for the past 16 years not to mention a regular since 1983 on general admission and I lost my faith in Wenger a while ago.We act like one of the smaller clubs in Europe when it comes to transfer dealings and im not very confident that we will bring in whats needed this summer.The pressure is building on Wenger and the board day by day and now if we dont sign anyone or should i say people of quality and experience(not the usual unknown french/african cheap options) then we know Gazidis was lying aswell.All it will take is a few bad results at the beginning of the season to see things like the black scarf march resurface and things will get a lot nastier.I thank Wenger for all he has done at this great club but unfortunately believe he has become too stubborn and naive to ever take this club to the great heights he once did. –

  • edison

    Im pretty sure both fabregas and nasri wont leave arsenal this summer, most of the momentum behind either player is all conjecture and rumour made by the media.

    even if they both left, and even clichy did. people might argue with this, but we still have a strong squad indeed.






    Its no worse than last season really. If we keep Fabregas even better, RVP has been playing a deeper role and is more than capable of sitting behind two strikers.

    Presuming we dont JUST sign Gervinho either, we should expect a world class central defender and winger in July.

    no reason to fuss really is there?

  • Jimmy

    Your team has 12 players

  • edison

    sorry obviously I meant gervinho or chamakh

  • Bonathan

    It’s tough to know what is really going on. But one thing’s for sure, there’s been no statements from arsenal denying anything to quash any rumours. Are they sick of saying noone is moving, or are the wheels in motion. Certainly, the strong arm tactics seem to have worked for now for spurs with modric. But we are quiet. to quiet for my liking.

    So, according to the latest rumours, it’s clichy that seems the most likely to leave at the moment. So let’s talk about him. Who would replace him? Would we seriously look to replace him with the still very inexperienced and very injury prone gibbs?? I don’t think he’s done enough to convince anybody that we shouldn’t sign someone else. I’d be asking questions if that was the plan. Leighton baines would cost too much and is of inferior quality IMO. How about Jose Enrique, he seems the most likely to me. Haven’t saw loads from him but from what i have seen he looks pretty impressive. After that, i’m struggling. TV to left back?? not AW’s typical full back.

  • Goner Get Ya

    What is going on in Arsene’s head, just fucking spend some money. Stop dragging your heals!! It’s not hard. You need a CB bid, 17-19mil will land Cahill, even less to land Samba. 10-12mil for Gervinho. I heard that we are interested in John Oshea if we buy him, I am never watching Arsenal again.

  • Steve

    Just been watching some 501 footage on Ray Kennedy & and Woooh Malcolm McDonald.

    I know it’s a montage of the career but was thinking – would you take a either of these in the 2001/12 team.

    From what I saw (too young to have seen Ray play and only just say Malc) my answer would be yes. It was add a dimension to the team. Trouble is who would fit the bill?

  • merakis

    Every year Arsenal Football Club are written off and every year Arsenal Football Club challenge for the title and qualify for Champions League football. I don’t understand why jealousy is driving fans to hate what Arsenal Football Club stand for which is success through means (ie not running millions in debt) Is this not a good thing in socity? No it obviously isn’t. The press jump on the ‘hate Arsenal’ band wagon and make up viscous untrue transfer stories for those Arsenal hating fans. Can’t people appreciate that if you don’t have money don’t spend it? With regards to Samir Nasri if he leaves it will only be for Inter Milan he has said this many times over the last 6 months. They were the team he supported as a child, he wont be moving to City of United and that is very definate

  • agentsmurf

    Cahill in the next two weeks providing no other club bids for the centre back. Once again, we’re only able to acquire players if we’re the only club involved. Other than that, there isn’t really much going on. Preseason training is due to start next week and so far, all we’ve managed to do is land one player in the shape of Gervinho… and to my knowledge, that hasn’t been officially announced.

    People can keep on saying that we’re only a week into the transfer window, but I’m sure I remember Wenger telling us he’d get his business done early. Once again, that appears to be something of a lie. We’re not talking about bolstering the squad this summer are we? We’re talking about bringing in at least 3 first teamers. They’re going to need time to bed in, there is not point in bringing them in in August is there?

    Still, we’ve signed Barcelona youth product Bellerin. Thank god for that. I can’t wait to see him leave for a £1million in 5 years time.

    Benfica have moved for Nik B, about time too… he’s the greatest player everyone seems to have forgotten. What are his agents doing? Mind you, finding someone £50k a week when they’re the equivalent of a failed graduate must be tough going.

    So while Rome is burning, Wenger is sitting there with all the clubs who are actually in poverty waiting for the others to move. The guy is ridiculous…

    Still, we should be thankful for a wonderful sunny day. That always excites me. Beautiful sun!

  • arron


  • Vazy

    well looks like a done deal clichy is having a medical in the north west.. 7m to citeh looks like it

  • agentsmurf

    He’ll probably be a better player with the cover he will get unlike at our place.