A Highly Uneventful Weekend… (Gervinho, Samba, Cesc & Jack)

Morning, afternoon and evening to my fellow Gooners…

It’s been a highly uneventful weekend to say the least – the only major event being the failure of England to beat the Czech. Surely Stuart Pearce has reached the end of his tenure as England Under 21 manager. He has been completely useless and really failed to organise his multi-million pound stars into any sort of organised team. I’ve had a lot of “well, if Jack Wilshere had gone” – and I don’t buy it for one minute. Why is there so much focus on Jack Wilshere? If he had gone and had been under Stuart Pearce’s instructions, then nothing much would have changed. But why pick on Jack Wilshere when there are a plethora of younger players who could have gone?

It was interesting to see Henri Lansbury – an excellent young player whose appearances this season and yesterday show why we don’t need to splash out £20m on an unproven kid in Jordan Henderson when we have a better prospect in our own youth ranks.

Outside of the England mess, there have been further developments in the potential signing of Gervinho…. we’ve been told the transfer will conclude in the next 48 hours… hold on, that was on Wednesday last week, oh, and on Thursday last week and oh yeah, on Friday… basically, no-one knows when it will happen, but most establishments think it will happen… eventually. Gervinho has always maintained that he wanted to join Arsenal and just as a reminder, the striker did say this back in 2008…

“I need to keep working and Arsenal will open the door for me. I have dreamed about that club. To play for them will be the best day of my life and I will do anything to play for Arsenal.”

Yep, it was his ambition to always play for us… if we do sign him (I hear it’s less than 48 hours away), then we’ll have someone who wants to play for the team and not for the pay check. It’s unusual to have a player who wants to play for us. Normally they all want to play for Barcelona!

Talking of which…. Peter Hill Wood did update us about the Cesc situation…

“Yes, they have spoken to us about Cesc. They have been in touch. But so far they have not made a bid and we do not want to let him go. But he comes from Barcelona so it is understandable if he wanted to go back. However, they have not made an offer so far.”

A little bit of nonsense if you ask me – PHW should be saying something along the lines of “we’ll do our best to keep him at the club”, not “it’s understandable”… but then again, we don’t need to bother with listened to PHW, do we?

And there is one final piece of info to update you on – Blackburn chairman said this yesterday:

“We don’t want to let Chris go. I’m confident that we can keep him and I hope he’ll stay. I know he has an ambition to play for Arsenal but I hope we can keep him for another year at least and prove our own ambition.”

Interesting news – Samba is keen to come to Arsenal, and I believe we’re keen on him too. Blackburn don’t want to sell and with the millionaire backing, perhaps they don’t need to sell either – I know that the Phil Jones transfer was perhaps triggered by a clause rather than the money, so it may be a struggle (Schwarzeresque) if we did try and sign him…

We’re now in the middle of June and we’re hopefully going to sign at least two players this week…

As the week gets more interesting… I’m sure I’ll give you my opinion on it all…

  • iffy

    Would rather have Cahill..anyday. Sign Joey Barton too

  • yemi

    Is KSE/stan kroenke saying anything abt our transfer plans ?

    For now we need a player like samba more than we need a player like gary cahill. Samba is a motivator and would be an asset at both ends of the pitch when it comes to set pieces.

    Gary is a ball playing defender and we already have that in TV and KOS, He would be a good addition if we are moving TV to the left.

    Lastly i hope we do get 2 players by this week as dev has said.(2 experienced players

    Get etoo for 2 seasons, get gervinho then play a 4-3-3, or 4-4-2.

    We could have a great rotation upfront/wings with gervinho, etoo, arshavin, RVP, Theo and chamack.

    Midfield would be Song, cesc, Nasri, Jack and a new player (hazard?)

    a defence of sagna, samba, TV, clichy, djourou and KOs

    plus a GK dept with schezney, 1 new snr GK and fabianski.

  • devday

    @ iffy:
    Mate, I would hate to have someone like Joey Barton at the club. He is the absolute image of a bad player – a player who goes in studs first with intent to injure. He’ll probably end up signing for a championship club!

  • kronke

    Was in sunny spain and didnt see cesc 😉
    good that wenger has held his ground over cesc – to be honest he piss off if he wants – but make sure we dont let him go for some crappy price

  • kronke

    seems like there could be some developments on the LB front.plenty of reports yesterday to suggest roma are going to offer something in the region of 8 million for clichy.i think considering his deal is running down 8 million would be a fair price considering how poor he has been of late.this morning the times are saying we have started talks with jose enrique about a move.i would prefer baines to be honest but looking at the LBs in the premier league there arent many exceptional options but enrique is certainly one of the best.alan pardew has been quoted as saying enrique wants champions league football and has turned down a very good contract from the toon…..

  • kronke

    I was even talking about this point the other day. If we’re able to hang on to Fabregas for the next couple of seasons, stop this perennial media circus and get him playing for us again with passion and purpose, then I will eat my words. But I think we’ve kept him one season too long already! It happened with Henry – we had good money offered for him in 2006 after the CL final, but decided to keep him one more season. But he was injured for a lot of his last season and didn’t contribute as much as he could’ve. I remember his last CL match for us (when Alex singlehandedly dismantled us with his set piece goals) when Henry came on as a sub with all our hopes on his shoulders. It just broke my heart to see him simply unable to perform like he used to. We ended up letting him go for a lot less that he was worth… Anyway, Arsene has a decision to make – and it shouldn’t be one made solely with the heart. It sounds nice if we can keep Fabregas, but what’s the point if we’re not getting the best from him? As good as he is, we need his best consistently to help us push on as a team. Otherwise, we should thank him, wish him all the best and send him on his way.

  • steve68

    ere we are four weeks after the season ended and our most important summer in the market and what do we have .surprise surprise the same old.as i have stated this guy could not do a deal in a sweet shop.like all the fans i am keeping in touch with newsnow but i know this is going to be a carbon copy of last year.if we really meant buisness we would have signed somebody big by now.ivan read my lips if you think the arsenal fans are mugs your misguided. .if august 30th comes and you have not done the deals the fans backlash will be enourmous.if the board thought the booing was bad at the last game wait until you hear us if nothing happens.it is qutie unbeleivable at the moment.because this guy has no real contacts in the soccer world here we are going to be put through the ringer by all and sundry. the fans need a deal so that they can believe something is happening.lastly the new shirt is awful.it looks like an olympic games motif.it must be the worst shirt there has ever been.funny that ivan did you approve that.

  • Kodjo

    Regarding the U21’s it’s the same old story…

    There was little imagination from the midfielders in orchestrating attacks. The players’ couldn’t keep the ball and were bent on playing at high speed.

    Back to the point instead of lauding Wenger for being brave enough to develop players who are comfortable on the ball… he gets slated.

    Also ball playing players are not protected by refs in the premier league…maybe bcos they do not play for Man Utd…players like Wilshire get kicked all over the place game in – game out. I’ve witnessed Wilshire kicked several times after the ball has been played…with refs and linesmen just waving play on.

    Until England understand the importance of such ball playing players and ingest it into the fabric of play they will keep getting the same results. Because England cannot simply compete on field on the international stage and the refs do not tolerate the kind of reckless tackling witnessed in the premiership.

    I now understand why Wenger let Muamba go…the likes of Henderson are clearly overrated.

    In the end Wenger has to augment the team with a few tough nuts. The current team has the basis to succeed in Europe but not in the premier league.

  • http://saniamaja.zoomshare.com amajanarsenal

    Gervinho! Good singing.
    Samba? sign cahill instead.

  • http://talktalk.net goonerbaz

    if rumours are right wenger as only been given 20mil to spend
    by the board so we will all be calling for his head for not buying players this will be the third year he as no real money to spend remember last year he told french press
    he only had limited money hear we go again its time the board answered forthere lack of financial suport

  • Bonathan

    if we sign samba, then we’ve gone for the cheap option, same as last year. he isn’t top class. he’d be handy for set pieces no doubt, but we still need quality. i’d take jagielka, hangeland or cahill any day. Also awesome on the air, but have a lot more to offer.
    plus, if we are to sign gervinho, which is looking likely, samba would be another african nations player leaving us. i must say, i’m not convinced by this gervinho to be honest. he looks pretty basic. athletic, decent finisher on his right foot, and doesn’t mind a dribble. i do hope there’s more to him than that.
    no talks of a keeper. midfielders have been linked, but lets face it, if your looking to win a premier league, you don’t sign players like scott parker or joey barton. yes they have qualities that our team miss, but they are not good enough. there’s players playing sunday league who could add plenty of grit and determination, but they simply do not have the quality we should be looking for.

    if our signings this summer include barton and samba, then i’ll be extremely worried about where we’re headed. both players are players you’d expect someone like spurs or even sunderland to sign for god’s sake.

  • kronke

    We are not going to sign anybody – jesus christ on a bike has history not shown you anything ? The last five seasons have been equally disastrous as this one and Wenger did nothing – nothing will change this year. Come August 31st you will be praying that the likes of Barton would sign just so you can say we have signed someone. We are screwed with this manager and board. They just tell you what you want to hear – and people like lap it up and take it as gospel….

  • Steve

    I’d be interested in Drogba considering Villas-Boas is at the bridge and comment is he will bring Falco with him also comments about Eto as well 9 they have the weekely wage budget). Seems to make a striker or two over there surplus to requirements

    Ex liverpoo flop – name has escaped me 😉
    Anelka ever thought about him doing full circle

    Seems crowded to me considering a 25 man squad

    Crazy having Drogba as your 4th string striker……….definate improvement on B52

    According to BBC we are top of the league!

  • steve68

    Media hype i think

  • steve68

    ps when the season is in full swing it wont look the way (the pl table) 😉

  • Steve


    Think Anelka would be first out with Kalou but if they brought in another striker. Would Drogba just sit there?

    1) Torres
    2) Falco
    3) Drogba

    Got a feeling that the Russian will not be happy if VB demoted Torres. Mind you Drogba was almost 3rd striker this season. Doubt if our wage structure would be anywhere near anyway

    There is a plus though that most would not see:-

    The Centreback’s would get a good work out at London Colney against him and may be better suited for the PL standard. He single handedly destroyed Senderos’s confidence.

  • Berth

    looks like Clichy has signed for PSG for 10 mill

  • Kodjo

    @ Berth

    any source for clichy’s move to psg?

  • Vazy


    whered you hear that? i cant find any new news for clichy!

  • Bonathan

    what does everyone think about the possibility of clichy leaving?? i was thinking it was just paper talk but there’s more and more rumours.

    personally, i don’t think he’s great, but he ain’t bad. in fact, who would you sign to replace him. cos i struggle to think of anyone who’s better that we could realistically get. He’s probably at the age now where he should be at his peak, so i say keep him.

    i know there’s been rumours that TV would go to LB but i can’t see that being the case. for a start, i think we’l be signing just the one CB, and we don’t know how effective he’ll be from there. yeah, i know he’s played plenty of games there for ajax and belgium, but still.

    also, the sum of moeny that is being talked about isn’t as much as we’d have to pay for a replacement, who might not even be as good.

  • terrencetg

    I was taught to never show any man more respect than he shows me… or yet, any more respect than he has for himself. The next few weeks will dictate how I and my fellow Arsenal fans will regard Cesc Fabregas and/or remember him when he’s gone. We have seen Barcelona try every trick in the book to land their man. They have openly disrespected our club in how they’ve handled their interest in Cesc. They know that Cesc wishes only to go to them and the only offer that matters is THEIRS. So they choose to quote to us what price THEY’re willing to pay for him, seemingly ready to wait until his contract runs out. They have openly disrespected Cesc by continually undervaluing him as a player and a person, making derogatory comments about him (the wear and tear comment, among a few others), and rubbing salt in the wound by expressing more desire for an unproven player in Sanchez. Basically, they don’t want him as much as he does them. Carl Jenkinson really impressed me when he expressed his desire to join us, BUT wanted to look after Charlton’s interest by making sure they received adequate compensation for him. I foresee nothing of the sort from Cesc. Rather, he is forcing the club to take into consideration his selfish interest in Barca, putting us in a terrible situation of having little bargaining power over the monetisation of our prized asset. The mere fact that Cesc is encouraging Barca to continue in this underhanded manner means that he has little respect for himself, and no respect for our club. And as a result, I’m quickly losing respect for a club I enjoy watching, and a young man I once held in the highest regard imaginable.

  • Vazy

    i swear… is anything happening with arsenal at all? lots of speculation of ins and outs, but seriously most of it has dried up and is recycled, then theres going for barton.. i hope this was never more than agent talk, there seems to be nothing going on!!! its doing my head in!

  • yemi

    Where is the whole WOA team ? Dev, Kieran, Debs, Jat ?

  • Steve

    Think they are reflecting the Arsenal transfer policy – say nothing ;D

  • yemi

    @ Steve:

    Yeah right !!!! Say nothing until u see a new post !!

  • Vazy

    Breaking news

    Arsenal just reject a verbal bid from Barca

  • Vazy

    oopse.. for Cesc

  • Vazy

    27 mil rejected.. what a joke… 27mil!?

  • steve68

    Same old, same old….. Wenger continues to do nothing when it comes to the use of the transfer windows to strengthen our team. Instead he sits in silence while Man U, Chelsea and now Liverpool and even Tottenham make notable additions to their teams while we, the long suffering fans can only look on in total frustration. Worse, our much despised ManU tell their supporters who they intend to acquire before the window opens and then busily go about signing named players to long term deals. What a novel concept!

    No one associated with Arsenal however, either players or the increasingly ignored fans, have any idea now as to what Wenger is planning to do or when it will happen this summer. All we know is when the season will start (mid August), when training camp will start (3 weeks) and the fact that it is now June 23 and NO ACTIONS OF ANY SIGNIFICANCE have occurred. NASRI still has not extended his contract. Non performers such as Almunia, Denilson et all are still members of the team and NO EXPERIENCED PLAYERS have been added…

    The Board continues to dither providing little apparent direction or motivation to “the boss” to inject some sense of urgency and direction into his deliberations on the many issues that need immediate action.

    We need “somebody to do something” ! ! !


  • hariwool

    Arsenal need to just sell Fabregas once an for all. Think a few others need showing the door too. A rebuild. I know i’ll get slated but possibly a new manager, everyone has a shelf life in any job. . . I’m ready for the thumbs down. Arsenal used to be a great team, loved watching them while growing up, but feel they need a fresh start

  • Steve

    27M for Cesc – Barca having a laugh – tap up – set their own price ………… put what you like – they are bankrupt

    UEFA just turn a blind eye – anyone who can fill a brown envelope with enough will be left to last – FIFA UEFA what is the difference.

    Barca should talk real cash or the offer + decent proven players.

  • Steve


    Mind you there’s nothing to say at the moment – as Steve68 says same old same old

  • Bonathan

    Well, bit of a joke bid for fabregas. Looks like they aren’t going to get serious about that. I mean, how can you expect to sign one of the best midfielders in the world, who is still only 24 years old and still has 4 years left on his contract for 8 million pounds less than Andy Caroll!!!! wtf.

    ok, so there’s no way AC is worth 35 mill but still, its ludicropus when you say it out loud. They say he’s worth less than last year, well that may be so, but he wasn’t worth 35 mill last year! more like 50. I just hope man city slap a real bid in just to shut barca up if nothing else. obviously i don’t want him to go to city.

    Alvarez is back on the radar. In fact, i read today it was a done deal. Where does he fit into things, i’m not sure. I believe some sort of wide player would be a good idea, but according to reports, alvarez and chaimberlain are done deals and gervinho also sounds like more than just strong rumours. I can’t see all 3 of those players coming, surely. Ok, so gervinho can play up front as well, but he’l be behing RVP, leaving a lot of players fighting for the 2 wider slots. I’ll be surprised if all 3 come.

    Still not much talk of a CB apart from the samba rumours, and a link again with the unlikely to move jagielka.

  • Vazy

    slow week in arsenal news.. and in world of arsenal!
    hope all is well guys and look forward to some good news

  • Bonathan

    Just been reading some stuff about this gervinho and i’m really not sure about him. Apparentely he never plays through the middle for lille, even when there number one striker is injured. So we don’t know if he will be an option for our central strikers position. And if he is, we don’t know if he’ll be any good there. Don’t get me wrong, we need a wide player as well. But trying to fill two voids with one player who still hasn’t really proven anything doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. if we are signing him to give us options for both, then i’d say it’d be more important that he is able to play down the middle than out wide anyway, since we are likely to sign chaimberlain as well.

    I might be wrong but he looks to me like a typical guy with a bit of speed, skill and power who doesn’t get his head up enough and forever runs down blind alleys.

    how about vucinic. we’ve been linked with him before. might be a possibility.

    I’m really not convined at all about us next season now. At first i thought we’d cope ok without fabregas when i was thin
    king we could put nasri centrally and the likes of hazard were being mentioned. now though, it’s looking like barca might actually get there man now, and who will we sign?? not hazard or anyone of that quality, that’s for sure.

    there won’t be any signings of real attacking quality this summer i don’t think. maybe we might splash out on a really good centre back. i hope so anyway. but looking more likely that we’ll go for the cheaper and inferior samba there as well.

    at the moment i’m thinking its gonna be:

    out- fabregas, denilson, bentner, squillaci

    In- Samba, chaimberlain, gervinho, alvarez

    if that’s the case, then you would imagine that nasri will be on his way as well. because that is pretty pathetic. if nasri goes, then clichy as well may follow. what’s to stop them? they can walk for nothing next year. they are just waiting to see if we are serious or not. We have to block all bids for fabregas whatever, because if he goes, i think nasri will go also.

  • bhalu

    The departure of Fabregas seems inevitable but if the loss of his playmaker persuades Arsene to adopt a more direct and less predictable style of football, then it may well turn out for the best. Also AW appears to have given up on Nasri: it seems more a question of how much money he can get for the guy. Without them, Wilshere and Ramsay (and even Diaby) may well blossom. The crying needs are two or three defenders, an out and out left-winger and a proven goal-scoring striker. To get the best, AW will have to spend big money, and to acquire enough he will have to sell a lot of players, probably Fab, Naz, Bendtner, Clichy, Arshavin, Denilson, Djourou and Eboue.

  • yemi

    Pre-Season games start on the 16th of july, no player sold, no player bought (ignoring jenkinson).
    Not good enuff !!!

  • yemi

    Source: ESPN: Gunners launch Mata bid
    Arsenal have reportedly put forward a club record £18 million offer for Valencia midfielder Juan Mata after the Spaniard impressed manager Arsene Wenger during the recent European Under-21 Championships

  • Berth

    Wenger is just buying second rate midfielder cos he knows we don’t stand a chance to win the league

  • Steve

    BBC newsflash – matter of price for Cesc

  • kronke

    45mill and he’s yours you losers