Silly Season

If there’s one part of the football season I hate, it’s the off-season. Not only do I not get to see my beloved Arsenal play, I also have to contend with numerous rumours about our players- from the probable to the absolutely ridiculous. That’s why it’s otherwise known as ‘silly season’. And I absolutely cannot stand it!

You hear from everyone. From the highly informed to the ill-informed, either on Twitter, on blogs, or newspapers. I hate talking about them, and I’m not even going to mention any of them on this post. I never believe that we’ve signed or lost a player, until they officially sign for us or another club.

But one player who we’ve definitely signed is Carl Jenkinson, and you can listen to his first Arsenal interview here, if you’re an Arsenal member or an Arsenal Player (formerly ATVO) subscriber. I think you can even get as day pass for £1.50! Not bad. Dev already talked about Carl here, so you can find out more about him. But yeah, we’ve made our first signing of the season, so at least we’re active. Carl’s 19, and hopefully the next signing we make will be older than him!

I’m already looking forward to next season, and who wouldn’t, given how last season ended?! I’m not one for being harsh, but last season can only be described as a disaster. It says it all, that our best performance of the season- at the Emirates against Barca- was in effect meaningless, as we lost the tie! And the most spectacular match of the season was the 4-4 Newcastle away loss (it was a draw, obviously, but it sure felt like a loss that day!), and that will ofcourse always be remembered for the wrong reasons.

But that’s all in the past, and we can only look forward. We’ve GOT to improve the squad. Or rather, whichever players are on the squad list from the first day of the season had better give us 100%, 100% of the time. At present I can honestly say that I do not care who comes or goes, because you can have the best players in the world on your team, but if they do not want to play for your club, or don’t care about giving 100%, they’re pretty much useless. I’d rather Wenger signed someone who WANTS to play for us, than someone who has a huge price tag. I certainly won’t mind if both were in one and the same person, as that guarantees a squad improvement!

I think one of the most disappointing thing about last season was the fact that at certain times, it seemed like some of the players just didn’t care. We all know how good that team is, but it takes much more than skill to win things. You’ve , got to want it. Not just the type of want you have for ice-cream on a very hot day, but the type of want that says I’ll do ANYTHING, just so I win that trophy. We got that from some of the players last season, but just not from enough players. I’d quite like to see a change next season. I wouldn’t even mind (well, I’ll mind a little!) if we didn’t win anything next season, so long as I get the impression that the players gave it their all. What I’d give to see that!

But yeah, onwards and upwards. Can’t wait to see which 11 line up for our first game of the season. I’m sure there’ll be a few surprises. Hopefully of the good kind!

Oh yeah, if you’ve got football withdrawal symptoms, the U21 euro championships started today, and it’s on Sky Sports. I’m not sure we’ve got any Arsenal representatives, or at least as far as England is concerned, with Theo and Jack (thankfully!) not included in the squad, and with Gibbs pulling out through injury (isn’t Gibbs the most unfortunate player when it comes to injuries? But I guess it’s to be expected. He does play for Arsenal, afterall…). You can find the upcoming fixtures here.

Already counting down to the first pre-season match against Malaysia XI, just over a month away. Hopefully we’ll have signed a non-teenager (or two!) by then.

Have a good weekend, guys.

  • kronke

    Nasri contract issue has shown how much Agents are influencing the game and players. Nasri has stated openly several times that he does not want to leave but yet we are this position. We need Dein back – this sort of thing never happened under Dein. Clichy tried the same but unlike Nasri was deemed surplus to requirements and is now leaving a club he did not wish to leave – to who as well – very possibly Liverpool. A club he has no connection with and has openly spoken out against. It sad really but sort of serves him right for wanting an extra 10 grand a week.

  • yemi

    boring times are here

  • steve68

    You would think its Armageddon or something at least we have a manager who has built various succesful teams and is the man who can stear us out of these stormy waters. What is his crime playing by the book living within our means. Next years rules will be like a football recession and all those who have begged, stole and borrowed will be crawling around looking for spare shillings under the floorboards, yet people treat Wenger like a criminal for playing by the book. What will city do when this years big 35 milion transfer turns out to be worse than Dzeko they wont be able to spend 40 on another one 6 months later so who do you need the skills to buy well and play it straight because there is no one better than La Professeur. I know its bl@@dy frustrating but you cant buy outside your means when the banks aint lending and where one of the top four earners in the world so there are better days ahead.

  • kronke

    Well I think Wenger will give in to Nasri’s demands sooner rather than later. The idiot media are hyping it all up as usual

  • edison

    The media always has and always will run riot during off-season. Its not worth taking seriously what you read, let alone believing it. What was our trusted sports columns for 3 months turn into something more gossiping than your annoying sisters tatty copy of ‘hello magazine’.

    Debs is absolutely right, its not worth buying into anything you read until its announced on the official arsenal website or you see an Arsenal bound player flying over for a medical.

    The usual suspects come up same as last year – melo? matuidi? sahko? honda?

    its fun to speculate and hedge bets on who might be leaving or coming to arsenal
    but its just a waste of time – then again the media need to think of someway to sell the papers.