Transfers, Transfers, Transfers…

Another passes and more transfer crazyness has happened, with Sunderland’s Henderson moves to Liverpool for £19.25m, Sunderland closing in on a trio of United players, Jones having already joined them and Ashley Young the next one in… Of course, the rumours regarding Arsenal are mega-rife… we’ve got Gael Clichy off to Liverpool for £5m, which would never happen… We’ve got Samba, Cahill and more coming in and of course, Cesc and Nasri off…

In reality, nothing happens at the Arsenal until it happens… as fans we’re kept in the dark until the contracts are all signed and sealed – and in business, it’s the best way to do it… With Phil Jones going to United, I really doubt Samba is coming to us… Blackburn would have no defence…! I know you read the Samba news every day, but I just don’t think it’s going to happen… For us, we’ve got a Clichy, Eboue or Squillaci replacement in Jenkinson and I do think another centre back is on the cards – I just don’t know who!

One player who is very likely to come is Alex Oxlade-Chamerlain, another Walcottesque kid from the Southampton Academy – his father said this yesterday:

“Considering where he was at the beginning of the season and end of last season, to have the clubs we’ve been hearing about looking at him, he’s made great strides. But watching him and watching his performances I think it’s well deserved. He’s only going to get better. A lot of people speak to me and say ‘Maybe it’s too soon, look at Theo.’ But for me I think Theo’s doing fantastic, he’s developing as a player, he’s still developing and he’s only young. To develop at a place like Arsenal can’t be a bad thing. In my eyes, I’d like him to go there as soon as possible, and continue his development.”

He is fast and a winger / striker, so the similarities to Theo are much more real than his background…

Is Chamberlain the answer?

I don’t think so – but he could be part of the puzzle, the solution to the future of Arsenal. Having signed one 17-year old, another one, with similar potential, although welcome, will not win us the title. But the one thing to remember is it’s only early June – we have the whole of this month and next month and hold on, even August – to buy who we need. Yes, it’s annoying that Liverpool and United seem to be more on the case than us – but Arsene and Arsenal have a different style. I just hope it’s not the style that we’ve been like in the last couple of signings – which has basically been bargain basement and a lot of failed transfers.

A lot of this summer will depend on outgoings – players like Denilson, Bendtner, Clichy and Eboue could be off, which will raise a certain amount of cash – and perhaps the likes of Cesc and Nasri may be sold too – no-one knows at the moment – the players nor the club have said anything. I think Arsene should really have a plan around this, so no matter who goes, we have a plan to bring people in. I know we were close to Jones and we missed out, so it’s a good sign that we were willing to spend the money. But Arsene has to act fast and I’d like to see a big name, high profile player come in soon.

Lille striker Gervinho could be on his way in and so could Gary Cahill – I suppose we’ve got to remain patient… easier said than done though, isn’t it…

As I write this, I’m watching Djourou on Sky Sports News… and he thinks we’re on the verge of something big.

“You expect better for Arsenal, of course, but I think that when this long run ends it will just go crazy and we will win everything that is there because this club’s got so much potential. It has been six years, but I am just waiting for the moment. I wanted to win something so bad to say to those people ‘shh, that’s it, it is finished with and we have won something’. Unfortunately I can’t say that now because it is not the case, but it is not even to say that people are wrong, it is for us to show that we are good enough because we know in ourselves that we are good enough.”

The unfortunate thing though, is that Arsene Wenger has been telling us this for years. Looking at the availability of some of our fringe players and looking at how we go about selling players, I often wonder, as an Arsenal fan, if we are a little blind-sighted. Do I think we have a lot of good players because sometimes they play well? Do I think they are amazing and full of potential because Arsene Wenger keeps on telling me? Watching Djourou against England was embarrassing – watching Diaby for France last night wasn’t that different…

But, as soon as the season starts and the transfer window closes, whoever we’ve brought in or not brought in, I will back them 100%.

Today is Friday and we’re one week into June, I know it feels like we’re half way through the window already, but I have to remember that patience is a virtue….

  • JDD

    people need to calm down about ‘our rivals’ going out and splashing the cash needs to be reminded that the window for clubs to sign players from abroad does not open until july 1st and we know wenger isnt a fan of buying players from other prem clubs because of the stupid prices e.g henderson 19mil(this makes cesc and nasri worth over 100mil), jones 16mil,carroll 35mil etc.although for once i expect us to sign an established player from another premiership club.its clear that a centre-half or two will be bought and its likely that they will be players with premierleague experience.

  • AmriGooner

    Hi Dev,
    I’d like to know what you think about Nasri’s situation.
    Do you think he is going to stay or leave?

  • kronke

    Nasri scuttling off to United for as little as 8m, Clichy off to Liverpool for 5m and Cesc finally away to Barcelona this summer for whatever they can afford. In short, we’re screwed! Because 1. Wenger won’t spend sufficiently to replace them and 2. Which top target will want to come to a club where they see their top players deserting. And please By God NO to gervinho – another bloody african/french money grabbing mercenary

  • kronke

    @Dev – there have been people on here for the past six years telling us that our squad is suddenly gonna gel while those of our rivals are gonna fall apart. It hasn’t happened. The sad fact is the gulf is just as wide now as it ever was (apart from the time we finished 20pts off the top but we won’t mention that!). Yes, our rivals’ squads may need some overhauling over the coming years but they have the money and the will to do that. I also think you’re overlooking the huge, inherent flaws within our own squad. We’re not poised to capitalise on any weakness in our rivals. On the contrary – given half the chance, we are ready to capitulate when the going gets remotely tough. We lack the basics: mental strength and the will to win. That’s down to the manager and the type of player he brings in. And those qualities are not magicaly gonna appear just because our opponents wobble. Look at last season. Both Chleski and Man U had ropey seasons by their standards. Could we capitalise? I honestly admire your optimism, marcelle, but your naivete is breathtaking and the weight of evidence over the past six years certainly ain’t on your side.

  • Steve

    Just seen this on the BBC – taken from a Spanish paper

    1010: Barcelona have offered 30m euros plus striker Bojan Krkic and midfielder Thiago Alcantara to Arsenal in exchange for skipper Cesc Fabregas.

    What do you all think? heard of the Krkic link before so the other guy’s a make weight? If that had of been €40 million I think a non brainer.

    Mind you even €30 would pay for Cahill/other & Oxlade-Chamberline (saw this one somewhere last night)

    Without touching AV’s transfer chest + he must dump the fringe guys as stated before this will pay for the wages of Nasri

  • Steve

    Not that new seems same deal offered for Sanchez when I search more. And statement about Thiago Alcantara not leaving. Mind you 30m Euro’s Thiago + his brother and Krkic would be a deal.

    Add this to the Ajax players mentioned by Kronke yesterday – that’s a team overhaul all within budget

  • Moses

    Pliz suck wenger so that Arsenal can win trophies! If not, we will remain in pain and stress will keep Hitting Us as fans. Please suck the man. Arsenal has money that can buy good players. We are tired of good playing skills. What we want are trophies now.

  • JDD


    are those players gonna solve our problems though?i dont think so id rather get 60mil and spend it on players we need.and wenger should ask for ibrahimovic if they havent got the full amount of money to offer.

  • JDD

    both players are young and ones for the future and they are also relatively small

  • Steve


    I’d agree on the Barca side. The Ajax players where Kronke’s comments yesterday.

    My comment was more targeted around the buying power that AV has if he wants. Even without Cec fee known players are available.

    The other clubs are stocking up due to the new UEFA rules.

  • yemi

    has KSE UK Inc said anything about this summer ?

  • Martin Keown

    @ kronke:
    You make a good point about not signing Gervinho , He has pace , He assists and He scores goals , But I have got a feeling he’ll be just another Adebayor/KoloToure or Nasri .We need loyal players goddammit , Even Totenham players are loyal , We have like six player wanting out ,WTF!!!