When the season ends, there’s always a vacuum of interest to fill. The excitement of 1 or 2 games a week, the build up, the critical analysis, the discussion – it all gets replaced by a massive big nothing. If you can imagine the space inside Gary Neville’s head where is brain should be, and multiply it by 1 million, you get the void in my life left when the football season finishes.

There are still some things ‘footballistically’ to talk about but right at the moment, for Arsenal fans, they’re either not interesting in the slightest (Big Sam “Massive Pricknose” Allardyce being installed as the new manager of West Ham) or depressing (Nasri probably leaving).

Apparently Nasri may or may not have mentioned moving to Manchester United (when directly asked) and the answer he gave was a mumbled maybe (of sorts).

Do I want to go [to Man United]? First, we should see if it’s real and if it is concrete.

I don’t for one second think he wants to go to United, nor do I think Arsenal would let him, for anything short of all the money in the world. No amount of money would see Arsenal weaken themselves and stregthen their domestic rivals. We want to close the gap as a club, not widen it.

However, it does strike me that Nasri knows exactly what he is doing – he’s flirting elsewhere to make Arsenal jealous. He wants Arsenal to be the protective boyfriend, to shower him with gifts and punch potential clubs on the nose with a massive check made payable to S Nasri Esq.

And that’s what’s depressing me. I’m not bothered if he wants to leave, but that he wants to lean on Arsenal and bleed our money bank dry doesn’t really feel all that great. I’m not saying players shouldn’t negotiate for their best deal, but there is an element of bad taste in flirting with your domestic rivals. Threatening to play with Patrice Evra for fucks sake? Have some class at least.

Arsenal should stand firm – show him the door and say “This is a good contract – we have listened to you and met some way toward the middle, with more money. If you don’t like it, fuck off to Birmingham with Hleb, or sit on Manchester City’s bench in Adebayors spot. Or even sit in Kolo Toure’s living room crying with him about where it all went wrong. We really don’t care”.

You see, when a player is the best player in the world, you indulge him. When he’s been your best player, you indulge him. When he has performed consistently for an entire season, provided leadership and held the team up from start to finish, you indulge him. When he has an excellent 4 months followed by a mediocre 6 months…. you recognise he’s not in the best position to be trying to wring even more money out of the tree. For Arsenal to cave in and pile even more cash on him would be a mistake. We have a habit of rewarding mediocrity, and whilst he has had a much improved season and 4 months of genuine brilliance, he needs to sit and think long and hard about all those players who left Arsenal thinking they were better than they are.

But, on a lighter note Mark “I’m A Nice Bloke Really, But Still a Massive Brillo Headed Thundercunt” Hughes has left Fulham! So we can all like them again! And he might even end up at Aston Villa, which means more odd unfounded dislike of them gains some bonafide reasoning at last.

Kieran (@kieran_delaney)

  • sigma

    I don’t blame him in the slightest. He is a quality player (yes I know for half a season) but a quality player that can win you games if need be. He is also the kind of player that should be playing with other quality players and not out of position.

    He should also be in a team that has ambition and a will to win trophies. Not a team full of c**ts, run by c**ts owned by c**ts that is happy to make profit year after year securing 4th spot.

    There is no way players like Nasri would contemplate leaving if we were winning titles (regardless of wages) Trust me I wish my mind could by wiped and some rich fucker tell me to support Manure and I will pay 30mil and give you 115k a week to do so.

    Why should he stay? What great times as he had with us

    Are we trying our best to sign world class players to play along side him?

    Are we ambitious or do we just want to make money for the board and for the old cretin Wenger!

    Players like Nasri know what’s going on, the manager is a joke and that his plans have failed. Just look at the way the media and the rest of the football world talk about us. We are a laughing stock.

    So yeh I cant blame him for jumping ship. Unfortunately for us we cant do that.

  • Kieran

    @ sigma:
    So wages have nothing to do with it? Is that why Tevez left a trophy winning team to join Manchester City? Or the reason Rooney wanted to leave United? Or Ronaldo left United and joined Real Madrid just to win the Spanish Cup?

    No, wages have everything to do with this.

  • mutlety

    @kieran – Give me 3 reasons why Nasri should stay


    Ok I will try…

    He has a good song
    The fans love him
    I am struggling for the 3rd

    Now 3 reasons why he should leave

    We have no ambition
    We don’t sign quality players
    He has never won anything and never will at Arsenal.

    Lets not forget he will get 115k a week if he leaves.

    Not hard choice really

  • yemi

    @ sigma:
    Agree with you all the way. Nasri deserves to play with the best in the world, but when you have in a team of players like Diaby, B52, Denilson, Squilacci, and the likes, then he begins to wonder (Am i ever going to win anything ?).

    Bring in one or two quality players and the players will know that you are showing intent.

    We let our best players leave and replace them with mediocre playeres.
    Djourou is not ripe to be 1st/2nd choice at the back. neither is Kos. They are good players but average. I see Kos performing better in a more advanced/wide defensive role.
    TV is great, but we need someone to head the free kicks and the corners. SOng is great but has no backup.
    RVP is great but not a poacher, More of an assisting striker (he can’t bully any defense.

    B52, Do i need to say anything ? (Apart from the fact that we play him on the right, even when he is top striking, he misses too many chances for comfort.

    Chamack Not number 1 or 2

    Arshavin, What has gone wrong with him ? Shadow of the four goal anfield hero.

    A player like nasri or Jack or Song work their butts off only for our attackers to squander the chances or for the defence to make silly mistakes….

    Wenger should review his policy, Every policy needs to be reviewed after a while especially if it is not working….

    I think the board should come out and let us know what the primary aim of the club is. Is it to remain in the top four and keep a great financial book ?

    The thing is that Top four will even be almost unachievable this term if nothing is done. With spurs and liverpool knocking on the door constantly.

    Like i have always said, We need minimum of four players.
    A CF, A CB, A Winger and a GK.
    All the four players have to be well known and tested and trusted and reliable… Not any new unknown entity.
    If wenger does not reinforce, players will leave again and we will be where we were a couple of seasons ago.
    Remember when flamini and hleb left, we just needed 1 or 2 more players to strenghten the team.
    If B52, Nasri, Cesc, Arshavin, Clichy, Denilson, Alumina, Rosisky and diaby all leave, Then there is going to be a crisis on our hands and it is going to be because of the unreviewed policy of ours.

    By now i expect us to have signed at least one player to show our intent. We should have been in talks even before the season ended. That will show intent..

  • yemi

    @ Kieran:
    Wages have everything to do with it, and so those trophies/medals and so does the team as a whole. Everyone wants to play with the best in the world, everyone wants to earn big bucks while they can and of course everyone wants to win laurels !!!

  • sigma

    @Kieran: The simple fact is that players want to better their careers. With Nasri I don’t think it’s all about the money.

    He played for arguably the top side in France and was a success, so he moved to Arsenal – a bigger club in a better league. But we are not amongst Europe’s elite and never will be until we start winning our domestic league on a more regular basis and stick a European trophy or two in the cabinet.

    So the cycle goes on – he’s done well enough at Arsenal despite what anyone says to attract the attention of bigger clubs than us; of which AC Milan are most definitely one, and Manchester United another.

    Then if he does well there and Barca / Real come calling – who is to say he won’t do the same again.

    Despite what the most passionate of Gooners might think, why should the guy by loyal to a club whose sole ambition is to finish 4th and get to the last eight of major cup competitions, when he can sign for a club that will put medals in his cabinet.

    If Cahill joined from Bolton or Samba from Blackburn…does that make them mercenary c**ts too ??

  • sigma

    PS Tevez yes true – he went for the cash. But Ronaldo had won 3 leauges and 2 champions leauges. Rooney has won just about everything apart from the emirates cup.
    Most of the Chav and Manure first team stayed for years without moving, the usual key players not going anywhere.
    Money plays a part yes, but really he is leaving as he wants to be a winner not a well paid loser

  • Kieran

    @ sigma:
    Oh OK, so you’re saying that Ronaldo and Rooney don’t count because they’ve already won trophies? Why on earth wouldn’t they want to win more?

    I mean, you’re not happy that we won a double years ago, you want more trophies, if trophies mean so much to footballers why don’t they stay where they’ll win more?

    Anyway, you’ve twisted my words, I never said he should stay loyal to the club, just that it’s painfully obvious he’s being a mercenary.

  • Kieran

    @ sigma:
    And no, neither Cahill nor Samba have deliberately run down their contracts and promised daily to sign a new one, before leaving on a massively reduced fee to ensure they get a greater slice of the cash. So that wouldn’t make them “mercenary cunts”.

    I find it intriguing, a player has deliberately run his contract down to benefit himself which will damage the clubs finances – and you think this is fine. Wenger will have less money to invest as a result, and this will be his fault.

    Odd logic.

  • sigma

    Don’t quite get the reasoning on the Rooney debacle, you say he wanted to leave manu cos he had won everything there and just wanted another challenge hence it had nothing to do with money?
    So why did he end up staying?
    Could have been that they gave him a skip load of more money!

    It’s all about money and anyone who thinks different is deluded or a hopeless football romantic.

    Mr. knows empire is crumbling around him and WE are the ones who will suffer.

    I accept this and understand it but you can’t lay much blame on the players IMO, their agents do ALL contract negotiations and give them the interview quotes for tv, radio and magazine interviews.

    If a player really wanted to stay with a particular club and relayed this to his agent then that would indeed make it a far smoother contract negotiation but these agents are far smarter than their clients and will manipulate the situation, after all it’s how they make more money for themselves.

  • sigma

    what about players like Drogba, Terry, lamapard, Ferdinand , scholes, gigs, essien, van da sar , park , evra , Cole , Ferriera? You never see “that many key players” leaving Manure and the chavs?

    We on the other hand have a revolving door of players leaving! If Manure or the Chavs hadn’t won anything the last 6 or 7 years would these key players would stayed and would they have players demanding money on a regular basis?

    If your not winning anything then money is the only thing keeping you! Yes there are c**ts out there that only move for money, but those c**ts are already proven winners that have won it all. Rooney and ronaldo for example. Also Cole when he left us, he is a money grabbing c**t of the same mould, but again he had won so much already.

    Money plays a part yes, but for Sami he hasn’t won anything at Arsenal. If we signed some quality players and was up there with Manure or Chelsea this wouldn’t of happened as Sami would be just starting his winning days.

    And above all If the Nasri debacle does nothing else but makes more people question the manager and his ability to keep our best players, then perhaps something good will come of all this. Remember when we used to be spoon fed the line that “if Wenger goes, then the top players will follow him out the door”? Seems like the opposite is true now. The list of reasons for retaining the services of Wenger are reducing by the day.

  • Kieran

    @ sigma:
    No, you mentioned Rooney winning leagues, I just wondered what you meant by that. The fact of the matter is, he wanted to leave, and only when Manchester United offered him a new contract and increased his wages by 50% did he decide to stay.

    Anyway, I think you’re just arguing with yourself now, nobody has said any different about football being about money.

    Although you did bring up two very good examples of players who have made clear their intentions to move on to bigger and better clubs without trying to fuck over their existing club.

  • yemi

    Guys ! Guys !! Guys !!!
    Lets not argue amongst ourselves…
    I just have 1 simple questions…..

    1. Give One good reason why Nasri should stay on at arsenal

    These players have ambitions, they have goals, they have career paths.

  • sigma

    Wenger’s ‘love-in’ for his players, where there’s never any bollockings, pay rises for winning naff all, playing time even if you’re playing shite…………it’s just not enough to keep the top players happy. All that happens is we lose our best players every other season and are left with the dross.
    You can almost see the signings Wenger will make now –

    CB – Maj. Bougherra (Free)
    Winger – Seb Larsson (Free)
    Striker/Winger – Peter Odemwingie (4m)

    The empire is most definitely crumbling and finally, after many years, this coming season will be the breaking point, even for the board…….in my opinion.

    I do agree with you that Nasri is a c**t for letting his contract run down.

    But I don’t blame him. He cant win trophies here, he is playing in a team with no ambition full of losers with a manager who has fat kid mum sports day mentality.

    The only thing he can do is soften the blow is demand more money as he wont get fuck all else staying. Truth be knows I would prefer him to go as that 115k wage will take money out of our 10 mil transfer kitty this year.

    As I said in previous post.

    Give me 3 reasons why he should stay with us?

    Good song
    ??????????????? oh yeh wenger is like a father and we always finish 4th

    Or go manure.

    Taste real glory
    Earn 115k a week
    Play with winners


  • yemi

    @ sigma:

    How did barca manage ? Their stadium costs almost 2wice ours.

    How much did madrid make from shirt sales for CR7 ? Millions.

    I think the board do not see a marketing strategy in getting the great players. It helps he income also.
    Example… Arsenal Buys Messi for 200M, Imagine the shirt sales, Broadcast income, and so on that would be generated.

    If we are to be honest, the only players that can sell shirts for now in arsenal team are
    1. RVP
    2. Cesc
    3. Jack
    4. Theo (cos he is english)
    5. Maybe TV
    Others may sell a couple. Some none. Why would i buy a Squilacci shirt ?

  • mutlety

    cash in on the cunt while we can – let this whole fucking team go – fucking gutless pricks – thats how you stab a manager in the back eh!

  • Kieran

    @ yemi:
    I’m not really arguing with anyone, I just don’t understand why anybody would attack Wenger so viciously but defend players poor behaviour when it comes to behaving honourably.

    I’m not saying Nasri is awful, I’m not saying he’s wrong, but I don’t understand why anybody would be so quick to defend it when it will have a negative impact on the club. If Nasri had of signed a new contract and then wanted to leave the club would be in a far better position financially and would have been far better of with more money to potentially spend.

    Nasri is behaving just like Hleb did.

  • mutlety

    and Kieran I don’t think there on that much when compared to people like Rooney , Torres and Ronaldo.

    Point is , not many key players leave Manure or the chavs. Even Manures fringe players do a great job and they are not on high wages. They stay as they want to be winners and when given the chance they give there all for the team.

    Since 2005 when the project started how many players have left arsenal. You cant say everyone was about money. They cant openly say I am leaving as I don’t trust wenger or because the club lacks ambition and trophies.

    Most of the players leave for a combination of more money and too become winners.

  • mutlety

    My overall opinion of Nasri –

    – A very very good player at times
    – A very ordinary/ineffective player at times
    – Not a leader
    – Certainly one of our best players
    – Can’t blame him for wanting to move because of ambition
    – Complete Arsehole if he wants to move just because of money
    – One decent half of a season does not make him worth the same money
    as Cesc
    – Total c**t for how he handled the French interview. When asked about Man U he should have said ‘I’m an Arsenal player and am discussing my contract with Arsenal’

    Overall opinion – If it’s down to money, offer him 90k a week. If he says it’s not enough then sell him in the next two weeks so we can go after Ashley Young. If he says it’s down to ambition, then wave goodbye because Wenger will be signing bargain freebies or cheap players again this summer and I don’t blame any Arsenal player for being fed up with the lack of ambition of Wenger and the board.

  • Kieran

    @ mutlety:
    Arsenal have the third highest wage bill in the league. We pay very high wages, comparably.

    And you’re right, a lot of players don’t leave because of the money. Some genuinely want to move to better clubs – but Nasri has deliberately run down his contract – the only reason to do that is to lower his fee and get a bigger signing on fee.

    Arsenal should know all about that tactic as Sol Campbell did it to Sp*rs when he moved to us.

    @ sigma:
    Please don’t copy and post from forums into here – it’s a dead give away when you address people called mike who aren’t even commenting on this blog. All copy and pastes are immediately marked as spam. I do have access to Google!

  • Kieran

    I really hope we don’t try and buy Ashley Young.

  • mutlety

    Why the hell not? He’s a ready made replacement for Nasri just waiting -, a player who is more consistent than Nasri. So if Samir is being greedy, then wave bye bye, sell him for 15-20m and buy Young for somewhere around the same money and I’m sure he would take 90k a week no problem! Totally agree with the previous poster, one good season (or half a season in Nasri’s case) does not make you deserving of being the top earner in the squad. There is no issue in paying top class players 100k a week (as Nasri is probably being offered anyway), the real damage is paying Barry B, Rositsky, Denilsit etc £50k+ a week…….disgraceful.

  • Kieran

    I really don’t rate Young – he never seems to look up. Look at the England game on Saturday, when he should have passed to Walcott who would have ben through on goal and instead scuffed a shot. He puts his head down but isn’t so good at passing.

    Having said that, a player who prefers to shoot instead of pass might do Arsenal some good!

  • si

    Lets put it another way

    Over the last few seasons Nasri has tried to have faith in Wengers crumbling empire. He finally wakes up out of wengers spell and realises that club is going backwards and is fucked off that he has wasted a few years of his life playing for a club with no ambition other than making money for the board and the manger.
    He knows he is better than the likes of denilson, diaby, TR, eboue and Vela so he decides to speak up and demand more money to soften the blow of being a loser.

    He is a c**t ye!!!! I hope he goes so we can put a teenager in his place that will play under wengers spell for the next 5 years until he has 5 good games and then demands a pay rise or he will go to Chelsea.

  • mutlety

    Lets put it another way

    Over the last few seasons Nasri has tried to have faith in Wengers crumbling empire. He finally wakes up out of wengers spell and realises that club is going backwards and is fucked off that he has wasted a few years of his life playing for a club with no ambition other than making money for the board and the manger.
    He knows he is better than the likes of denilson, diaby, TR, eboue and Vela so he decides to speak up and demand more money to soften the blow of being a loser.

    He is a c**t ye!!!! I hope he goes so we can put a teenager in his place that will play under wengers spell for the next 5 years until he has 5 good games and then demands a pay rise or he will go to Chelsea.

  • Kieran

    1 assist this season. Hardly earth shattering.

  • mutlety

    The point is the key players, around whom the team is built around want to leave – doesnt exactly inspire any confidence does it?

  • mutlety

    Nasri put in a couple of months from what I can recall (I’d be surprised if it was 6?) and only played ‘out of his skin’ in a handful of matches. That’s not good enough for an Arsenal player let alone someone who positions himself at the summit of the squad. Did I expect him to maintain it all season, no but certainly for longer than he did and in a few of the big matches when you want your star players to show up. You mentioned Rooney’s lack of form but he often still influences the big games. If you think Nasri ran out of steam so early in the season then maybe you need to re-evaluate. He had the rare pleasure of being rested all Summer as he wasn’t picked for the WC. With a fit again Fab, Jack, Ramsey a new signing if he left….I’m not sure Nasri would be that missed.As for the Eboue’s, etc well if you want to reward half the squad with £110k plus for stringing a few good games together then you’ll have to get used to them, or worse. I hope you didn’t think Bendtner deserved £110k after scoring a few goals in the season before last. There was me thinking scoring/assisting, etc was what players were ‘supposed’ to do.

  • patrick

    wenger i have two words for you about nasri-SELL he wants 110,000 a week for what,playing well for half a season.nasri your a slagged off other players for leaving arsenal for other prem lge clubs and there’s you saying that you would consider utd,you two faced git you. just to let you know nasri,in terms of rivals,and when you look at the history of the prem lge then it as mostly been arsenal,man slagged off cole for leaving arsenal for chelski saying that you wouldn’t do the same,typical bs coming from a pro that.anyway,if you don’t want to be there then get lost because i’m sick and tired of some of the foriegners who want out when it suits much as i would like cesc to stay,but i’m starting to feel that we would be better off now selling him as well. fans come on here and blame wenger,what a load of bs,there aint half some rubbish talked on here.if that was true then why did anelka,overmars & petit leave??exactly.the bottom line is if they don’t want to play for afc then they can get lost,because i want players who are 100% committed to afc,not those who are here just for us to make them and when the going gets a litle tough they want thing i will always do is stick up for afc,and when i see some players trying to take advantage of their own selfish ego’s then this gooner is going to have a pop back at me a favour wenger,just sign british.

  • Kieran

    @ mutlety:
    Now you’ve confused me. Is he a key player or not – you say so but then say he only really played well for a couple of months. He’s either a key player or he’s not. I’m interested to know what you really think.

  • mutlety

    He is a key player because we flipping dont have anyone else who can step up and make a diffference. But that doesnt mean he cannot be replaced.

  • mutlety

    I am more convined that nasri will leave this summer than I am that cesc will leave. We have seen enough evidence in the past that when a player with us runs his contract down within one year of its expiration than odds on he is gonna leave but on most of those occasions the fool that is wenger kept with his blind faith nothing new there Rolling Eyes ) that said player (or should that be said french player) would sign a new deal and then just allowed them to walk away on a free instead of selling him with 12 months remaining Rolling Eyes Mad

    Personally I believe we should make him a final contract offer (not 110k per week though) and tell him to sign it or be sold this summer – the situation is ours to control and rather than allowing him to walk away for free we should try and make as much money for him as possible whilst being mindful of not selling him to a club where it can end up biting us on the arse. In other words sell him to a russian/ukranian or some other shithole club in a shithole country where he freeze his bollocks off for the next few years. If he refuses to leave to the club that bids the most money then he should be stuck into the reserves for the next 12 months to stagnate there and we will see then how many big clubs will chase his signiture then…….out of sight out of mind Cool

    All that being said I dont blame nasri or any of our top players for wanting to leave – I said last summer when talking about cesc, that the thing that seperates the very best players from the rest is the ambition to actually win trophies and even stevie wonder can see that with this board, with this frugal policy and most of all with this outdated gobshite manager we will not see the club winning trophies in the foreseeable future Sad Some fans might choose to believe wenger when he says that success is only around the corner but the players who work with him every single day can see that as the bullshit that it is and if the players dont believe in wenger’s ways anymore then what is the point in keeping him ? Surely in every league, but especially in the english league, teams need to have a solidarity that sees them all pulling in the one direction if they are to achieve success ?

    As long as our top players continue to leave, even if it is only 1 top player per season, then this team and club will continue to be in rebuilding mode and I believe that we the fans will rue the missed opportunity to increase the pressure on wenger by pointing the finger at him in those protest marches for a long time to come………..wenger in charge = no more trophies

  • Berth

    Easy guys; Wenger knows all. Funny how no one uses that phrase. We are in a real kettle of soup if Fab and Nas leaves. But I would rather nas leaves than Fab.

  • mutlety

    @Berth – wenger know what? He’s lost the plot and everyone around him can see it but he cant

  • Kodjo

    Oh boy last time i checked there were only 7 comments. And the on going battle of the key board war between Kieran & Sigma????

    All i’ll say is that the club has reached a psychologicaly low point. Its clear that some key players have lost faith in the project. The fringe player also see no future in the project and want to leave as well.

    My ques is where is the wow factor…the pride to play for the club???

    It is clear that generally the club is not considered a top club …but as stepping stone to clubs like, inter, manure, madrid, barca, ac…bcos the club will give you the chance to develop and when its time to reap the results you move on.

    As Gallas said he tried to cultivate and communicate a winners mentality but he was clumsy…the essence of what he tried to do is correct even if his approach was crude.

    Its a pathetic self-inflicted culture surrounding arsenal at the moment!!! Just to say the least!