• moza

    i can’t believe people are actually comparing cesc to the likes of jack wilshere and Ramsey!(both totally overrated)
    people are forgetting what absolute pure class Cesc is when he’s not injured!we should not sell him but if it comes to that we HAVE to buy an imposing creative midfielder.the young guns can’t fill the void! i think the best circumstance would be selling cesc to Madrid for a price of 30 + Ozil.then leave Madrid and Barca bitch slap each other all day!

  • Berth

    Our best player is Van Persie and not Fabregas. If the boy wants to go let him go; in truth our style with him has been found out and am more worried for Nas than fab at the moment.

  • Olami Naija

    We honestly can’t continue like this. For the past few seasons, it has always been stories and rumours of Fabregas staying or leaving. He’s no doubt AFC’s best player but lets not wrongly forget that Cesc’s not bigger than d club and that some player (Vieira) left just so d team or game plan would be built around Cesc. As a gunner, I’ll certainly miss him but lets give JW an attacking midfield chance, please.

  • terrencetg

    I blame the cunt wenger for everything – the miserly git if he had showed even an ounce of ambition by bringing one quality player then this all could hav been different. But now here you go you dumb fuck – this is what your loyalty had brought out! Nasri the dumass wants to go too. What a laughing stock this club has become.

  • terrencetg

    What is even more alarming is the fact that not too long ago, Arsenal were sitting safe in second spot, but this quickly turned into falling down into fourth and staying there until the end of the season, meaning that the club will now have to qualify for the group stage of the Champions League this season.

    There have been many excuses for the club not achieving in the last few years, but it now seems like the time that there have to be some major changes of personnel in the squad. There’s no question that Arsenal play some of the best football in the Premier League, but this clearly isn’t good enough for success. The team play the same style of football in each match and even when it’s clear that they should change this style early on in a match, they not only don’t, but are probably unable to do so.

    This is down to the fact that Arsene Wenger stubbornness and that they have too many players who play the same way. You could argue that Barcelona are like this, but a counter argument would suggest that the Barcelona first XI has far better talent in it than Arsenal’s does. So what changes are needed?

    In my opinion, Arsenal need much stronger players in their side (both mentally and physically), so that the side are better equipped to cope with the rigors of the English Premier League. Although this won’t be able to happen now, could you imagine the current Arsenal side with a few Manchester City players such as: Vincent Kompany, Nigel de Jong, Yaya Toure and Carlos Tevez in it?

    These were players (possibly minus Tevez) that Arsenal could certainly have afforded to purchase and who would have given a different dimension to the side. There have been too many times away from home to sides like Bolton and Stoke over recent seasons that Arsenal have been beaten quite comfortably because they couldn’t cope with the physical presence of these sides.

    Teams like Manchester United and Chelsea are able to cope with pressure from teams that have different styles, but those wearing Arsenal jerseys are unable to do this, especially at crucial times in the season. This will not change unless changes are made and here are a few that could potentially happen this summer.

    It does appear as though there could be several players leaving the club this summer including: Abou Diaby, Tomas Rosicky, Denilson, Andrei Arshavin, Emmanuel Eboue, Marouane Chamakh and Nicklas Bendtner. Cesc Fabregas is also linked with a move to Barcelona again this summer, which if completed could represent a significant sum of money for the club.

    There have been rumours that Arsenal are looking to bring Blackburn’s Christopher Samba to the club. Although he is possibly not the ideal candidate for the role, this could be a step in the right direction and having a huge physical presence in defence, who is a no -nonsense type of defender. Scott Parker has also been mentioned as an Arsenal target and once again, you could see this being a possibility. Both of these players have a lot of experience in England and will give Arsenal added aggression into their side.

    There are other areas in which the team could improve, but I definitely think a new striker is required. Once again, they need a player with good presence and goalscoring ability. Arsenal have been linked with Porto striker Falcao, who has had a fantastic season and is highly rated.

    I understand that this article has been very critical of the current philosophy that Arsenal are using, but ultimately, they haven’t won anything for over six years now and many believe that things have to change in order for this to be turned around.

  • divyes

    @terrebce There’s a ready made replacement for Nasri just waiting – Ashley Young, a player who is more consistent than Nasri. So if Samir is being greedy, then wave bye bye, sell him for 15-20m and buy Young for somewhere around the same money and I’m sure he would take 90k a week no problem!
    Totally agree with the previous poster, one good season (or half a season in Nasri’s case) does not make you deserving of being the top earner in the squad.
    There is no issue in paying top class players 100k a week (as Nasri is probably being offered anyway), the real damage is paying Barry B, Roshitsky, Denilshit etc £50k+ a week…….disgraceful.

  • divyes

    Thanks to that french prat that we have in charge of the team (an by the looks of it our finances too) his lack of signing top players and addressing key issues on the defensive side of things now means that our best players want to leave. The manager has let sooo many people down he really has, and i fear it will only get worse. He has managed to turn arsenal into a team of losers, a team that doesnt win anything. The biggest joke to most football fans in england. The reason Cesc and Nasri are leaving isnt wholey down to money. 80% of reason is that they have lost faith in the manager and his INSANE nature of running a football team. They are young and wish to go and win trophies and be successful. Unfortunately we need to be realistic here. We are in for a summer of losing our best players, and to top it off we wont sign anyone of any quality what so ever. Thanks a lot Wenger. You kno i have really put my time out for this guy and really put all of my faith in him and the board for a long time now and they have smashed it to pieces. Arsenal wont finish in the top 4 next year and i believe will even have Spurs replace them. CMon, already they have signed a top GK and now look like they are going to sign Shawcross. Two players that we really need and spurs are doing their business with efficiency. There lies a team with ambition unlike our pathetic bunch of old fashioned dust ridden corpses that sit in their boardroom counting their money. It makes me want to VOMIT just thinking of it. I have lost faith and trust in this club and quite frankly i couldnt give a monkeys about them anymore.

  • edison

    Van Persie isn’t our best player, sure he is a fantastic striker, can make goals out of nothing and has undeniable talent, but he isn’t enough of a leader and cant pick the team up and call the shots like our CESC FABREGAS does.

    Losing Cesc could be really damaging to the club, and I can see Nasri leaving if cesc does.
    But in my opinion I dont think either player will leave Arsenal before next season.

    Bendtner has been quoted saying he is 100% out, so we can 100% expect a new striker next season. FACT.

    Mark ‘Brillo Pad’ Hughes has left Fulham – so Arsene Wenger needs to sign Brede Hangeland ASAP – he belongs at a top four club – and we dont want it to be manchester united or chelsea. Hangeland and Vermaelen is a pairing of centrebacks not a lot of strikers would want to fuck with.

  • yemi

    @ Berth:
    @ edison:

    Neither Cesc nor RVP possess the leadership qualities needed in a team, they are both fantastic players but they are not leaders…. For all gallas’ faults, he is a better leader on the field of player leading by example. Terry is a great leader on the pitch, Vidic, Rio and many other players. SOme players are not even captains but they motivate the players around them…