Transfer Merry Go Round Starts as Bendtner, Van Persie and Nasri steal the headlines…

The transfer merry go really got started yesterday with a Germany and specifically Bayern Munich leading the way… Manuel Neuer and Rafinha both signed for Bayern for some serious cash. Neuer is an excellent keeper and will be an excellent signing for Bayern… not as good as our number one Szcznesy though! Rafinha has always been good in Championship Manager, but how good he really is, I don’t know! There was a lot of hype of Neuer going to Man United, but most people think or know that they’ve targeted De Gea for about £16m… some good keepers there…

For us, we’ve got more problems with players going out, then players coming in. At the moment, there are huge question marks over Bendtner, Nasri and Cesc as well as Clichy and Denilson. Bendtner was in the press saying that he is definitely off… 100% he said…

“I have decided 100% that I must leave. I’ve considered this for a long time and was quite clear when I arrived at my decision.”

I understand that it must be frustrating sitting on the bench and I hope that he gets his move, hopefully to Bayern, and continues in his career. Niklas kind of falls into the same category as Senderos – an excellent young player – but mentally scarred by growing up and learning his trade under the spotlight. Yes, some young players can play at the top level at a young age, but at the same time some need to learn their trade outside of the limelight. I think Bendtner will go on to have a decent career, and perhaps the German league is suitable for him.

Closer to many people’s hearts is Samir Nasri, and things are a little dubious with the Frenchman… we didn’t think this could happen, but apparently, he’s not keen on signing his new contract…

“One thing’s for sure: we’re not selling him to Manchester United. Are we still in discussions with Nasri? Yes, but we are still in disagreement over the financial contract on offer, which we haven’t settled. We are trying to extend his deal.”

He’s been offered a rise from £60,000 to £90,000 but apparently he wants £110,000 – baring in mind that he has been anonymous for quite a few games, baring in mind we haven’t won anything, why one earth does the player deserve to virtually double his money? We, the fans are paying more, but for what? Arsene mentioned that we’re after a striker and a defender too, which is interesting – what will happen to Djourou and Koscielny if Vermaelen and new defender are first choice? Do we worry about that or just worry about how to improve the first team.

“Everyone is looking to reinforce their attack as it’s always important to improve in that area of the team. We’re also after an experienced defender, maybe one who is already used to life in the Premier League. That has been our weakness.”

For me, we need a winger too, we lack a proper winger and we lack width because of it. Is Hazard still on the cards, I doubt it – it would have happened by now – it looks like we’ll go for the Championship players we’re after… and bring back the likes of Wellington and Miyachi, perhaps…

Finally, Van Persie has been in the news talking about the nonsense that referees get when they surrounded by players, taking time out to talk about Spanish players in particular and even had a little dig at Chelsea…

“They [Spain players] always go up to referees in an attempt to get an opponent booked,” Van Persie said. “They are trying to screw colleagues! That kind of behaviour really annoys me. People who are watching the game on television and fans really do not want to see these kind of things. If you want to witness a lot of complaints, you should go to the bakery or something. There’s always people nagging there as well. Chelsea players are always bitching against the referees. I really cannot understand that. Just shut the f*** up and focus on playing football.”

That comment hasn’t gone down too well with Chelsea supporters, but hey, it wouldn’t would it?

Adios for now amigos…

  • TheRantDFW

    I’m happy to see Bendtner gone for HIS sake. I agree with you in that some players just can’t handle the big stage. Personally…I see Vela’s career really kick-starting outside of Arsenal as well.

    On Nasri…it’s insane he’d double his money. He had some spectacular goals this year, but did nothing for most of the 2nd half of the season.

    Interesting position here too b/c if you extend him and Arsenal WINS a trophy, he could be a big piece of it. If you don’t extend him and Arsenal go ANOTHER trophyless season…adios Samir…on a Free Transfer. We’d get nothing WHEN he left. That would be brutal.


  • Braulio09

    Where exactly did you hear that quote? Hard to believe.

  • Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    Devday..the European transfer window opens on July 1st…so no continental transfers until then, but AW is looking at British options since that window opened yesterday.
    Nasri is waiting to see what happens to Cesc…if he goes, then Nasri expects to get the salary that would have been spent on Cesc (who is the highest paid Gunner)…if he stays, they’ll reach a deal since Nasri wants to stay.

  • Askhat

    If we lose Cesc and Nasri we won’t get any closer to our next title we can forget about that for at least 2 more years if not more. The team is build around them. The replacements will need time to adapt to EPL and nobody can tell exactly when the replacements will start to deliver. WE MUST KEEP THEM!!!

    We are linked to Odemwinge! I say if we get him then we won’t improve the situation. I think he is no better than Bendtner! Besides he will be off in January representing Nigeria in ACN!
    One of Benzema, Higuain, Falcao or at least Gameiro would be perfect.

    We also need cover for Song. Somebody who is a real DM not CMF. Tall, agressive and experienced who wouldn’t mind sitting on the bench if needed. I think Alou Diarra ticks all the boxes here.

    And of course we need CB. Mertesacker would be perfect but he is injured seriuosly and it is a gamble to sign him. Samba would be aa good addition if we can get him.

    What do you think guys?

  • Berth

    I think we either get a DMF or a CB; no chance we are getting the two. And Odemwinge is quality and can be a very good buy; he aint scared be it Stoke or United or even Chelsea; he is classy too. Cescy will go but nasri will stay; my opinion anyway.

  • Askhat

    I have seen Odemwinge play million times when he was in Russia! He is crap. Has attitude problems and he is no better than Bendtner. And losing Chamakh and Odemwinge (if we get him) for the whole January is a suicide as RvP cannot be trusted for being fit

  • livestrong

    wenger is a twat and no decent player wants to be a part of the sinking ship – good riddance to all the fuckers that want out.

  • yemi

    So spurs have signed friedel ?

  • yemi

    @ Askhat:

    I disagree about odemwingie !!! It is an abberation to group him and bendtner on the same level, His first season the the EPL and he has done wonderfully.

    I prefer him to Arshavin on any day, He is miles ahead of walcott, infact in our who;e attack line, only RVP can stand above him.

  • Kodjo

    @ Yemi

    are you being sentimental here???? bcos he is Nigerian??? just kidding!

    Odemwingies’s numbers are impressive…good runner on and off the ball. I am not sure about his heading ability which is what we will loose when B52 moves on.

  • yemi

    @ Kodjo:
    Not at all !!! (Sentimental). I have always wanted arsenal to get him. Since he was in lille.
    If i were to be sentimental about any Nigerian, i would have asked Arsene to go for Ikechukwu Uche instead. The guy is really good.. But i am not sure of his injury records. He has scored 5 in his last 3 games for nigeria. I would also love arsenal to go for Vincent Enyeama.

    Ikechukwu Uche is very good on the ball, very creative.

  • yemi

    @ Kodjo:
    Although i don’t think Uche is the kind of player we need anyway

  • Kodjo

    @ Yemi

    I just think that we need a big target man upfront for tight games. Odem is very mobile without a doubt and could play on the left side of the mid field…probably better tracking back than Arshavin. But you cant take away Arshavin’s intelligent spontaneity as he is able to create out of nothing.

    Yes i’ve always thought tha Uche is a very good ball player and has good speed as well…but not the type of player arsenal needs at the moment.

    I think arsene may go for Gervinho just bcos he has a lot more to his game and can play on the wings.


    I wouldnt say senderos and bendtner were simillar- I never really saw Senderos play good, he got dominated by Drogba once and then after that just never really did anything

    as for Bendtner well we’ve seen flashes but when your 6’2 and playing right wing when your not particuarly fast or can cross, plus your always on the bench I can see why he wants to leave. I think he’ll be better than Senderos

  • Berth

    B25 is crap

  • Bonathan

    odemwingbe is definately not the answer if we want to be serious about bridging gaps. i’ll be surprised if that’s anything more than paper talk.

    Well, wenger’s came out and said that we’re in for an experienced cb who knows his way around the premiership. so, as far as i can see, that’s 4 options; samba, hangeland, jagielka, cahill.

    my preference would be jagielka. i think this would be wenger’s as well since he made a reasonable bid last year. trouble is, chances of signing him are limited as moyes doesn’t let his players go easy and i think he’s happy with life at everton. there’s no doubt he’d seriously consider if moyes gave him the chance. but that won’t happen and jag is unlikely to come out and demand to leave. i think it’d be a great move for him, and perfect for us.

    My second choice would be brede hangeland. Again, at a good age and has played a big part in some good seasons for fulham. he’s sustained great form for a while now and is handy with the ball at his feet as well which would help him bed into our style. With two good managers leaving fulham lately, and given his age, this move could come at a perfect time for him. surely this transfer could happen, it’s just a question of wether we want it to happen.

    other choices, that have been mentioned a lot more lately, are samba and cahill. i really haven’t saw loads of these two. both are known as solid players. big things are predicted for cahill. but i think, given our situation we should be looking at one of the other two. samba hasn’t achieved a great deal other than avoiding relegation, and cahill hasn’t yet proved his worth over a long perdiod of time.

    we need to make sure with this one, and we have plenty of younger options already, so i’d vote jag or hangeland.

  • Bonathan

    actually, i think hangeland is my first choice anyway. i can’t believe he’s even still at fulham

  • will

    Nasri is a idiot for wanting that much. Who the hell is going to pay him that much?

  • Bonathan

    I can’t help but think we’v missed a trick by not going for brad friedel either. The guy would be an awesome role model for our young keepers with heaps of experience, and not only that, but could compete for the number 1 jersey. He’s not guarenteede first team football at spurs, so you’d have to imagine he’d be content on the bench if he didn’t get on. That would have been ideal for us. At the end of the day, lehman is never realisticaly gonna contend for the number 1 jersey now, and most other keepers would demand it.

    Yeah, he could well have been the perfect signing for us in that department. For nothing as well.

  • yuri

    a few years ago we were 1% away from dominating europe. thats what arsene said. now we are only at 95%. so is 96% the benchmark to dominate? or have we fallen 4% in the last few years? or do we have 5% more to go? or is arsene wenger just blurting out rubbish trying to sound more intelligent than those aorund him? when a football managers gives his opinion on the oil gulf spill you know his beyond saving. the clip of wenger trying to force himself into conversation with nickolas sarkozy and david cameron was cringeworthy. the fact that arsene thinks he can join in a conversation bewtween world leaders highlights his arrogance.

  • Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    Yuri….You have about 95% to go before you can write an intelligent article! Ask yourself what right you have to proffer your opinion about what Wenger says or what opinion he holds on any topic that is not Football related….your criticism is the height of arrogance far more egotistical than anything AW has ever said. If you’re a Wenger-hater then shout your hate to the rooftops but do it at midnight in your neighbourhood and stay away from blogs like ours!