Blame Vish!

You can blame my best friend Vish for no post today!! I’ve been up all night re-writing his best man speech for his wedding this Saturday and it’s eaten into my blogging time!!!

Where Have I Been For The Last Week?

Indeed, for the first time in World of Arsenal history, I had officially been knocked off the radar for the best part of a week… you can blame Fahreen and Tal for that! Two great people and dear friends, who’ve now tied the knot! Being an Indian wedding, it lasted about 7 days… hence, no … [Read more…]

A Highly Uneventful Weekend… (Gervinho, Samba, Cesc & Jack)

Morning, afternoon and evening to my fellow Gooners… It’s been a highly uneventful weekend to say the least – the only major event being the failure of England to beat the Czech. Surely Stuart Pearce has reached the end of his tenure as England Under 21 manager. He has been completely useless and really failed … [Read more…]

Cryptic Words From Cesc…

Afternoon All… So, we’ve finally heard from our beloved captain Cesc Fabregas on his future at Arsenal. There were some interesting quotes yesterday, so first thing’s first, let’s see what he had to say: “Barcelona are the best team in the world and going there guarantees titles. Any player who says he is not frustrated … [Read more…]

Silly Season

If there’s one part of the football season I hate, it’s the off-season. Not only do I not get to see my beloved Arsenal play, I also have to contend with numerous rumours about our players- from the probable to the absolutely ridiculous. That’s why it’s otherwise known as ‘silly season’. And I absolutely cannot … [Read more…]

Transfers, Transfers, Transfers…

Another passes and more transfer crazyness has happened, with Sunderland’s Henderson moves to Liverpool for £19.25m, Sunderland closing in on a trio of United players, Jones having already joined them and Ashley Young the next one in… Of course, the rumours regarding Arsenal are mega-rife… we’ve got Gael Clichy off to Liverpool for £5m, which would … [Read more…]

A Little Less Boring as Walcott Speaks…

Morning All… Theo Walcott has re-invigorated my daily blog today and made this week potentially much less boring… He’s given us an insight to what the players feel and what they want from the manager. It always seems like the fans are the ones who want new signings and marquee signings. Yes, that is true, … [Read more…]

Still Boring…

Morning fellow Gooners. Kieran Delaney sparked the debate yesterday with a nice Boring article…. (And by that I don’t mean the article was boring, just the title)… and there is quite evidently a view from the fans that Nasri is a money hungry individual, who has no reason to stay at the Arsenal and should … [Read more…]