Bank Holiday Tuesday… I wish…

Morning All…

It’s been an eventful weekend of football, but nothing much Arsenal related. Despite the fact that I don’t really like Barcelona, I did want them to win on the weekend, and when United started so well, I thought it would be much tighter… but Barcelona cranked up the pressure and really put United to the sword. In fact, it was pretty embarrassing for United and this season, Barcelona have really come of age in terms of their overall play.

The immediate reaction is to question why we’re not as good as Barcelona – and that’s been the reaction throughout many fans. But the reality check is not why we aren’t as good – it’s how to we get better – Barcelona have formed an incredible team, a team that play for each other and they’ve assembled it over many years. Barce didn’t win anything for 6 years or so before their first trophy and in a league where there are rarely winners outside of Real and Barce, that’s much worse then our plight.

Barcelona have also spent some considerable money on players – Dani Alves joined for €30.5M, rising to €36M for bonuses, David Vila €40m, Mascherano €22m, Adriano €13m… the list goes on. We’re nowhere near spending anything remotely near that in a summer, let alone one single player – and even further – we’re handicapped by a £400m stadium. God knows how Barcelona can afford the massive amount they’ve spent – nearly €700M in the last 11 years – of course, some players going out as well to balance the books. So, when I look at our current situation, then how on earth can we be so angry and upset that we haven’t managed to compete – in fact, out of all the games I’ve seen, we actually played better against Barcelona than any other team.

The main reason that I’m so upset is not at the fact we didn’t beat Barcelona; it’s because we somehow finished fourth and were the laughing stock of the Premiership when in March, we had a finger on the Premiership – of yeah, and of course, the fact we self imploded in the Carling Cup final, that’s why I’m upset!

Arsene can make it right this summer. We don’t need a huge change, but key signings in key places will make a huge difference and re-invigorate some of the existing squad to new levels. We have signed three players already this summer – two sixteen year olds from Barcelona’s youth academy and perhaps Carl Jenkinson from Charlton – a player we’ve been heavily linked with – and very recently the Finnish FA announced he was our player. Apparently he is very classy – has pace – and can play anywhere at the back.

“I’m surprised the Finnish FA have done that. We have been in dialogue with Arsenal but until everything has been sorted out I can’t officially say it has been done and dusted because it hasn’t been announced yet. I’m sure Carl, if nothing goes wrong, won’t be our player any more. That is a shame but if it all comes off then it is a wonderful opportunity for him.”

Those three players won’t make the difference that we want, but they’re a start. Now for real signings… and where do you go to find out close to happening transfers? Betting sites, and betting odds… and this is what Private Eye WOA has found out…

Cesc to Barcelona, odds are 4/6 – Shay Given to Arsenal, odds are 4/6, Chamberlain to Arsenal, 1/3… those three odds are interesting. Those types of odds normally means that deals are on the cards – the betting sites must be very certain that they’re going to move. How much do we read into it? I’m not sure, but the Chamberlain deal looks like it will happen…

Now that the Champions League final is over and considering that it’s June this week too, I think the transfer madness will really kick off…

Just before I go, congratulations to Swansea for reaching the Premiership – it’s strange to have a Welsh team in the league, but hey, something new – Swansea seem like a football playing club, so will perhaps be the new Blackpool…

Adios for now… speak tomorrow…

  • livestrong

    This bias shown towards United across all the media is unreal. This morning it’s in all the papers that Gerrard got caught celebrating United’s loss to Barcelona. Are you surprised? Liverpool fans have been getting stick for losing out to United on titles won, with this particular t-shirt being held up on United’s team bus and this deemed ok, Where as Gerrard gets caught putting 5 fingers up to celebrate their European cups and apparently it’s stirring trouble. I HATE UNITED more and more every day. I wish the media would get their tongues out of Old Trafford’s ass.

  • livestrong

    If anyone thinks Arsene Wenger would suddenly forget what a real football player is, you need to take a look at this: He knows what we need and let’s trust him to bring it in.

  • Berth

    Wenger is retaining Lehman for a reason and that reason is to enable Schezn grow; so Given isout of the card.

  • Bonathan

    We’ve all talked for the need of a CB and our defensive frailties. But thinking about it today, i don’t think wenger will buy a CB. TV will be back, he’ll be expecting more from squillaci and Kos in their 2nd season, and he’ll have been encouraged by the performances of djourou (not including his last few games) couple that together with him not wanting to put too many obstacles in the way of the highly promising bartley and miguel (or manuel, whatever he’s called), and i’m starting to think its unlikely.

    Certainly, if he does, i think it will be someone oldish (over 27) who possibly wouldn’t be in the way of the youngsters for too long. That would rule out sakho and cahill anyway. certainly , i think he still has a lot of faith in TV, KOS, JD and the 2 youngsters. I guess the question is whether he’ll stick or twist on squillaci. If he twists, i’m thinking he’d be unlikely to look outside the premiership as he’d be taking the same chance of them not settling in. That leaves the likely contenders to be samba, hangeland, jagielka.

    Jagielka has been bidded for once, i think he may try again. samba says he nearly joined us in january, and hangeland has forever been linked. I don’t think any of these 3 players are of an absolute world class standard, but hey, at least they are tried and tested in the premiership and someone we can depend on to do a job if and when required, whilst also helping the others to improve.

    Who would i prefer? If i were to put them in order of what i’d prefer it would be:

    1. Jag
    2. Hang
    3. Samba

    order of what is most likely:

    1. samba
    2 hang
    3 jag

    what does everyone else think? I know most would like to see a cb come in, but do you think one actually will?

  • Kodjo

    I’ll go for this order as well

    1. samba
    2. hang
    3. jag

    I have my doubts if arsenal have the resources to spend more than 12 million on a defender plus a 3-5 yr contract.

  • sigma

    oh wenger. oh wenger. after being totally sure about nasri committing. wenger is now saying he could be sold due to diffrences. not surprising really as wneger gets most things worng these days. theres a 5 year deal on the table at 90,000 a week but apparently nasri wants 110k a week. here is the diffrence between big clubs and weak clubs. you have to keep your top players happy otherwise they leave. if we dont give him it someone else will thats the reality and that modern football. the strong eat the weak and unless we get with the times some other club will take nasir of our hands. wenger is the highest earner at the club. earning 6.5m per year at 125k per week. amazing how wengers wage limit is above the set limit for the rest of the players. thats another thing about wenger that makes me want to vomit. so we going to sell nasri or give up 1.5m per year??? wenger out!!!

  • sigma

    Why is it that when big players are at United and Chelsea they don’t seem to want to move on? (Ronaldo the exception and Rooney’s threat was all played out to get more money). Terry, Lampard, Drogba, Rooney, Vidic etc have all been speculated about with big money moves abroad for the last few years yet never materialise. Any time there’s any remote hint of interest from a bigger club abroad for an Arsenal player, said player seemingly can’t wait to leave. Flamini, Hleb, Adebayor, Cesc, Nasri. Where does it end? This is all down to ambition of the club. The way I see it, the only ambition of our club is to remain a solid business model to clear our debts and worry about the football aspect later, as long as Wenger manages to keep us in the top 4. If we made more marquee signings the likes of Nasri and Cesc would see we mean business and wouldn’t be so keen to leave as they believe the club wants success. God knows the fans do.

  • jamessssb

    agree with the above comment but the nagging thing is that we are SO CLOSE ! clearing the dead wood and bring in 30 mill of proven talent and we are looking at prem title and far in the champs league …

  • yemi

    How much did bayern get Neuer ?

  • jamessssb

    not sure … but i wish arsenal would buy lukaku … buy hazard and buy samba … lukaku looks incredible and would be given playing time but hazard looks like someone who is suited to arsenal ! I dont know why wenger isnt going for lukaku …