Will Arsene Sort It Out This Summer? Maybe, Maybe Not…

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In the last couple of days, it’s been a little confusing to read all the articles on the net and all the newspaper stories about what’s going to happen at the Arsenal this summer. On one hand, you hear that Arsene is going to strengthen and bring in experienced players – something he has repeated several times this close season. Of course, we want to see big experience – we want to world class players – but when Arsene says experience, I hope he is not referring to the likes of Silvestre etc

With Niklas Bendtner and Carlos Vela surely out of the door this summer, it’s time to bring in a striker. Falcao, the 30 goal striker from Porto is mentioned, a costly addition, and unproven in a senior league – kind of reminds me of what Alves did in Holland and then flopped in England. But Falcao has a much better reputation that Alves did and could prove to have the same impact as Suarez, who also came from a lower league. Arsene has also been linked with Gervinho, the Lille striker, but are any of those two really an option?

I have a real feeling that perhaps this summer won’t be the sudden summer of signings that everyone thinks it will be. We’ve been linked with Benezma of Real Madrid but I will tell you now that he is certainly not a player who we will sign. He cost Real Madrid £35m and is on a bigger contract that Cesc Fabregas – even if we bought him for half the price, he would still become our record signing and he’d have to take a wage cut. Would we shell out £15m – £20m on one player, I doubt it. Do we want to sign players who are already at the ceiling of our wage structure, I think not. Out of all the names mentioned, Gervinho at £8m with a £40k a week contract is probably the level we’re aiming at.

But do we have enough within our team to potentially not buy another striker? Jay Simpson, Jay Emmanuel Thomas, Sanchez Watt and even Theo Walcott could play up front as back up to Chamakh and Van Persie – but is that enough? They say you get what you pay for and if we continue to focus on trimming budgets and promoting from within, will we ever be able to compete with the other top clubs.

It’s a tough cookie to understand who we need to bring in – for me, a striker is essential, a marquee signing if you wish – we’ve been linked with Edin Hazard and he would slot nicely on the left of midfield – a talented player – a young player and someone who can really become something special. With Denilson leaving and massive question marks over the fitness of Abou Diaby, a new midfielder is on the cards and something that people want.

We’ve recently got Aaron Ramsey back into our squad and his displays this season have shown that he can make a difference. The question for Arsene is even if Denilson and Diaby do both go, then are the likes of Ramsey, Lansbury, Frimpong and Miyachi ready for first team action – if you add in Nasri, Wilshere, Cesc and Song, that’s a lot of midfielders – but a lot of midfielders without experience. There have been a lot of rumours about us signing Scott Parker. But, despite his POTY award, has he really shown us that he is the one we need. He didn’t do that well at Chelsea and he’s just finished the season with a relegated club. He’s over 30 and he’s not in the same physical league as the other midfielders I’ve mentioned and that makes me think who on earth can Arsene bring in?

I’d love him to sign a strong midfielder to compliment the likes of Wilshere and Song – two players who have played a hell of a lot of football this season.

We’ve also been linked with two defenders – Sakho from PSG and Cahill from Bolton – both players will cost £15m. Both look like decent players – my preference being Sakho – young, very talented, and quite experienced, despite being only 20. The question for Arsene is whether bringing in big centre back to partner Vermaelen is the right decision – obviously it will block the progress of Djourou and Koscielny – who despite the massive amounts of mistakes they’ve both made this season, do look promising.

Which leads me to believe that I don’t think Arsene will bring in a big centre back – Vermaelen will be “like a new signing”.

I can see enough excuses in the squad for Arsene not to buy a lot of players – a lot of potential – but if our current squad has such a soft centre – throwing away leads willy nilly and unable to defend, then something has to change. We need a leader to be added to the squad – we need some grit and determination – experience and spirit.

I don’t know what Arsene will do, but I hope he has a better plan than bringing in more 16 years olds.

Let’s see how today pans out, and whether we’ll hear any more news…

Will Arsene Sort It Out This Summer? Maybe, Maybe Not…

  • Berth


  • Gooner Sam

    Jay Simpson!!! He hasn’t been at the club for over a year!!!

  • http://gmail.com joel

    All noise no buys… spent 30 million on two kids from the barca school … 5yr contract , after 5yrs with us … em same ppl who slod these kids to us will start asking them back ( Just like fabs now). Most ov us will say oh ! let em go they need to be in spain their home .. kids do feel home sick no denying !!! … added rookie frm charlton , positive for the defence but where is our big man ??? No news?? … not any concret news at least .!!

    All this noise about eden and benzeema is making me nostalgic!! and sick !!! Classic wenger … he has decided on or unearthed some french striker some where and wants to creat a distraction !! hence the PR about eden and benzeema !
    Must take notice , ticket sales are on must make most use of the transfer news to make em fans buy the tickets !! Good PR… Infact Great PR!!

    Lastly We need a propper left winger .. !! None one that either !!
    Worried about Nasri , get him on the table speak yo him … what a mess !! Or buy Players that are ment to ploay in their respective places and make em play there winn a trophy or two … make nasri stay !!

    I hope for the best… i dont expect it though !

    Unless Experience comes in!
    Gooooo! Goooooners!!

  • sigma

    Good article, and I agree with a lot of it. The problem is we dont have the money to go out and buy the player and Im not feeling too optimistic come the start of the season as the other clubs will have spent and bought the quality.

  • livestrong

    I know I’m not supposed to get excited about EXCLUSIVE stories that talk about player transfers into Arsenal but gods damnit if the Patrick Vieira to coach at Arsenal headline didn’t draw me in. If it’s fake, it’s an extraordinarily cunning play on all of the Arsenal Nation’s fears and hopes.

    The idea of Arsene Wenger throwing open the doors to one of Arsenal’s greatest ever players and instantly recognizable former leaders is a deadly mixture of nostalgia and personality so powerful it could knock a buzzard off a shit wagon. More that what he did on the pitch, the man is a legend whose stature grows with each day that Arsenal supporters cling to the fading memory of six years gone by.

    Benzema to Arsenal? Meh. He’s a good player but…

    Vieira returns? We’ll win the treble I tell you!

    Please, Arsene, let this one story be true. You don’t have to buy anyone, just bring Paddy back.

  • sigma

    @livestron: Vieira coming in as a coach or motivator would be a great idea but very unlikely to happen under the Fuhrer….
    As has been said a million times before on here, he doesn’t want strong characters around him he wants total control and possible dissenters are a no no….
    So i think we can forget about the likes of Adams or Vieira ever having any kind of coaching role while he is at the helm, regardless of how much sense it makes or how desperately needed characters like theirs are…

  • yemi

    @ sigma:

    I don’t believe we don’t have the money, We need to spend at least 60 – 70 million pounds on established players. Surely we can afford that.

    With the likelihood of some players leaving B52, Vela, Denilson and some others we can surley rake in about 20 Million. Add maybe clichy, Arshavin, Rosisky, Alumina and maybe even cesc into that list. Out of the whole list, only 2 players are our established first teamers.

    How much is gary cahill ? how much is sakho ? how much is samba ? how much is benzema ? how much is baines ? how much is given ? how much is parker ? how much is hazard ? How much is Odemwingie ? We can afford all these players….

    I like wengers policy of using youth, infact i love it !!! BUT there has to be a blend of youth and experience…

    Have you not noticed that when the team is just about blending and maturing, the more mature ones start to move on to clubs where the feel they can win some silverware!!! then we start at square one all over again.

    We need This experienced players for 2 good reasons.
    In the eye of the storm they can motivate the team not to crumble. How in this world can you explain the 4-4 draw at at st james’ park ? or the liverpool equaliser after we took the lead in the 98th minute of extra time in a march that 8 minutes extra time ? or the 3-3 draw at white hart lane ? or losing the carling cup ? A players gallas, kolo and the likes will give their all to make sure such things don’t happen, they got passion and pride ? did you see gallas’ goal line clearance in one of their last matches(can’t remember which) despite the fact that he was playing with an injury !!!!

    Surely we can get 3-4 players in the 15 – 25 million bracket that will play for us !!! We are the Arsenal !!!

  • yemi

    The rumors have started flying around, some interesting, some bizarre, Some disappointing some would be welcome …….

    Some of the players going out this season (most certainly or most likely, maybe and those we would like to see leave)
    1. B52 –> Wants to leave
    2. Denilson –> Wants to leave
    3. Alumina –> Has to leave
    4. Cesc –> Whys was my captain in spain on last day of the season ? Do you see henry, Adams, Kolo, Viera doing that ?
    5. Clichy –> Holding up on contract
    6. Rosisky –> Expired
    7. Arshavin –> Wanted by his old club
    8. Squillacci –> Not good enough
    9. Vela –> Wants to leave

    In that list there are 3 first teamers and if they leave, who are their possible replacements from the rumors so far ?

    1. Cesc –> Rambo ? Nasri ? Parker ? Ricardo? (The guy has an eye for a pass but will he be able to cope with the premiership? He is a player that plays the free role would arsene constrain him to the wings ? Will we know how to utilise him?
    2. Arshavin –> Hazard?
    3. Clichy –> Baines ? luke shaw ? gibbs ?

    We have been linked to many players
    Stewart Downing and many more
    Oh and a whole lot of youngsters

    But you know how it is with arsenal, If you don’t see it on the official website, Then don’t believe it !!! *BIG SIGH*

  • sigma

    @Yemi: well the summer is upon us again and the manager is running his lying mouth again. As i said before there will be no significant changes at Arsenal this summer, i can bet that.
    And there is this talk about that wenger is having a look at Ryo Miyaichi and am sure wenger would prefer to bring him back and not spend a cent (Cheap Skate).

    But let me high light some issues:
    A lot of people are saying we should not sign cahill or samba because there respective clubs have not done well, even fighting relegation, in one of the toughest leagues in the world, BUT where did Feyenoord finish???? They finish 10th with 44 points in a pub league like holland BUT yet wenger will look to bring him back to burden us with more young players. This reminds me of the vela issue he was playing well in spain and when he came to England he has struggled. People are saying he did not get enough chances BUT good players don’t need a lot of chances and to compound that he went to westbrum a supposed lesser team compared to Arsenal and still did not make the grade, that says a lot.
    A mexican bloke posted a blog on one of the Arsenal blogs and he gave some interesting information: He said he saw a lot of Hernandez in mexico and that he had limited ability BUT what he lacks in ability he makes up with tactical awareness and good positioning, he didn’t mention vela BUT he forgot the most important element, the MANAGER and that’s the main difference between Vela and Hernandez, MAU and Arsenal.
    People are also saying Bedtner did not get enough chances, Rubbish!!!!, he got enough to prove himself (good players don’t need many chances) if his first touch had been better we might be looking forward to the CL final.
    When you see players who have been at the club so long and can’t cross, can’t defend, bad positioning, won’t shoot, and the worst of all at this level, can’t trap
    (no excuse) it brings the question of What wenger is teaching these players

    Regardless of what anyone says wenger is running Arsenal he can do as he pleases unchallenge. Most people are blaming the players BUT how could you when wenger bought them, when a child does wrong Who should take all the blame????
    The team has gone way backwards this season when after so long we should be getting stronger, How can people come here and justify wenger’s plans to me he has failed and his plans as well. Now all the best players want out and they are right because MONEY is not all, footballers want to be recognized for footballing achievements and wenger and the board all YES men can’t get that.
    look at spurs Gomez played well BUT he made some bad errors so am sure he is gone in the summer if he were at arsenal he would be given a next chance.
    A footballers career is very short and it is the job of the manager to identify very QUICKLY who has got it and who hasn’t.
    Wenger based on the events of the last six years you should be fired, you gave yourself a long contract and your well payed too, BUT you seem to want to prove people wrong instead of admitting you errors and move on, you bought a whole lot of players of the same type thereby limiting you tactics, Whose fault is that???

    One more year no way you should leave now go back to france or some other club so they can fire you in 2 seasons when you go trophyless.

    You will change very little in the summer and shop in the dumps of france as usual.
    You said we can’t spend 50 mill, who ask you to??? 40 mill can give us what we want am sure so your making excuses, AGAIN
    You also said we would add some players BUT depending on who you buy we could still have a situation of no improvement like bringing back Ryo, what has he done, score a few goals in Rubbish league, leave him for 2 more seasons and hope Feyenord win the dutch league so he can get a winning mentality Because he sure won’t get it at Arsenal under you.
    If i were a agent i would never advise my player to go to Arsenal, look at smalling am sure he now realises he made the best choice and not come to arsenal.
    We don’t pay big wages, BUT we instill a second it best mentality in our players, and don’t win shit, who can we attrack??? not top class players for sure.

    All because wenger is bigger than the club……………………..

  • gooner get ya

    I am worried, if Arsene really thinks that Downing is a good replacement for Nasri, we will drop out of the top 4 sharpish

  • Berth

    Downing is a better winger than Nasri though Nas is a better all round player.

  • jinx

    the common denominator in the last 6 years is arsene wenger. players have come and gone. adebayor, hleb, gilberto, henry, flamini, pires, lgunmberg, diarra, silvestre, eduardo, gallas, toure, reyes, cole, senderos, sol. wenger has been given time and overseen such a great turnover of players. half those players are still good enough for our team and the others are only not good enough because they are too old. scratch that. give me gilberto, henry and sol back tomorrow. im beginning to think we are back in another transitional phase looking ahead with a new team. so did wengers vision come and pass us by with the highest position being 3rd place and no trophies? 6 years in the making and thats it??? denilson, diaby, eboue, rosicky, hleb, senderos, almunia, are the core of players that revieved the batton from the former great arsenal and played part in the era of successive failure. now cesc and RVP aside who were also part of that core. those players mentioned are rubbish. i just what wneger gone. even if he decides to spend money i have no faith in him to undo the loser mentality he has driven into arsenal. we dont not win because we dont spend money. we dont win because we have arsene wenger as manager.

  • yemi

    Anyone watching the match?

  • Berth

    Someone should have followed up Messi the way Koscienly did; that been said its easier to say than to do.

  • edison

    united might be able to batter teams in the bottom half of the premier league table, but they failed to rise to the occasion – only ARSENAL could manage to beat barcelona.

  • tom G

    funny how watching Barca made me feel better about us..

  • Berth

    Wish we could sign Berba now

  • Kodjo

    Funny no one is saying that man utd did not have a plan b! sure after looking at saturdays game i can safely say that over the last 2 yrs only arsenal and maybe inter have come close to matching barca. this does not hide the obvious flaws in our games when it comes to certain match ups.

    it was certainly demoralising for man utd….no one say how terrible the manager’s tactics or his players were. yet arsene is slaugthered for actually beating barca at home and losing under dubious circumstances in the return leg.

    this is where wenger has to sit up and plug the loop holes once and for all. i am not sure about puyols fitness but if it emerges that he was fully fit i’d take my hat off for guardiola for effectively playing 1 centreback in a game of that magnitude. this not to say that mascherano was bad on the day.

    cue did man utd win any corner kicks???? and all the long balls were won in the air by pique…not aimlessly heading them away…xavi and buquest were always on hand to pick up the second ball….cue i hope jack, diaby, cesc, song and co were watching.

    also barca never played the corner kicks long into the box…this ensured that they did not give possession way foolishly.

    if this is the type of game that wenger wants to play he better sit the boys down and use this game as a text book e.g.

    nuff said!

  • Kodjo

    oh and lest i forget evra was made to look like a school boy…or better still an apprentice left back! i have never seen park look so dejected and actually stopped chasing shadows….

  • yuri

    There are several diferences between us and Barcelona Terence, in fact too many to mention, skill on the ball, passing ability, awareness, movement etc. But the main differences are that they grew up together as academy players. Home grown players, predominantly Spanish who have an allegiance to the club. They suppliment this with expensive buys such as Villa who they know will fit in. Messi may be Argentinian but he has been in Spain so long he fits the same bill. truegooner claimed yesterday Wenger does the same at Arsenal which is not the case, Wenger sells most of our youth players and replaces them with cheap foreign imports, that’s hardly the same. Barcelona have approx 6 players in the current Spanish side, and that doesn’t include Fabregas. In 15 years Wenger has produced, or rather Bould/Brady have, 2 English internationals. The other main difference is the work ethic, Barcelona players work their socks of, they hustle and chase and badger until they get the ball back. Remember Rooney’s at The Emirates the season before last, he raced past 5 of our players who were trotting back, that was the game when the ref overtook Denilson. We are lightyears away from Man Utd let alone Barcelona, the comparisons are ludicrous.

  • livestrong

    The reason we will probably never win the league or champions league is the fact we will not spend on proven talent. When we won the league in the past our whole squad was basically proven world class Bergkamp bought 7.5 proven, Platt world class, The defence wenger inherited were world class, Overmars was well on his way regular dutch performer When we bought Henry he was well known maybe not fulfilling his potential but a world renound player Kanu another champions league winner was a well known player underachieving in Italy. the fact remains we need to buy somebody like benzema who is underachieving to a degree that is the equivalent of buying Henry. buying Eden Hazard is the Equivalent of buying Overmars. don’t forget we got VIera from Ac Millan so its not as if he was playing for crewe he was spotted playing for the best team in europe at the time we were lucky with Anelka for every Anelka we have 3 christopher wrehs of Jeramie Aliadiere. Spent 10 million on Franny Jeffers 13 million on Wiltord in 2001 so that must equate to about 18 million in todays money he was 27. so why won’t they show that kind of expenditure has the board lost the confidence in Wenger REyes 17 million he has had so many bad signings now its getting to be like gerard houllier.

  • Berth

    Its no hidden secret that Wenger is really awful when it comes to making big time signings; I know Arshavin did well in his first season , so did Reyes; am pretty much sure Wenger will be trying his bestest not to make similar mistakes. But then players like Benze, Haz and Cahill will all cost close to 20 or 30 mill. I would suggest that Mr gaffer should bury the hatchet and go for the kill, declare an intent – that alone would scare teams away because the man has got style only Barca can match.

  • Berth

    This Scott Sinclair doesn’t look bad at all. And again the shape of his head looks like Thierry’s.