Fulham vs Arsenal… The Preview…

Afternoon folks…

Today is the last day of the season, and we have just the one game left today – against Fulham away. There is a still a possibility of finishing 3rd in the Premiership – if Bolton beat or draw against Man City and we beat Fulham… although the possibility of us beating Fulham in our current form is quite slim!

Straight to team news today and there are quite a few “injuries” to certain players. I put “injuries” in inverted commas because both Nasri and Clichy are in the middle of contract disputes and Cesc is potentially leaving us and all three are absent today! Through in the out of form Abou Diaby and mistake prone Johan Djourou (although I do love the boy), the team could well be:


Sagna – Koscielny – Vermaelen – Gibbs

Song – Wilshere

Walcott – Ramsey – Arshavin

Van Persie

With a bench of Lehmann, Eboue, Rosicky, Henderson, Squillaci, Bendtner and Chamakh

Arsene was keen to stress the importance of today’s game and of course, the Bolton vs Man City could go our way – and I have a feeling it may – but do we have enough in our locker to win the game?

“We will try to win the game, it’s as simple as that. A draw could be good enough if Man City lose at Bolton. I do not want to have any regrets now and so I just want to win the game.”

It was interesting to hear Arsene talk about the challenge for next season and he was also keen to stress that we will challenge – he did have a dig at Birmingham on his way – I think he has to realise

that other teams have different goals, but this is what the manager said:

“I promise Arsenal fans that we will give our best to win trophies. Who can guarantee that they will deliver trophies? We will give our best to do it and that is our main target.  And what is a trophy? Is to finish tenth and win the Carling Cup a trophy? No.  What I want to achieve is to keep the consistency in our quality, in our table position and deliver what I call trophies – the Premier League and the Champions League. You can say you will give the maximum to do it but you cannot guarantee that. You can only do that if you are crazy.”

But, why is finishing fourth a trophy for us – and yes, it’s hard to win, but Man United seem to win it, Chelsea seem to win it – they don’t bottle it. Fourth for me, in the manner of which we could finish fourth this season shows a massive lack of mental strength.

Arsene’s job is to challenge for the title, simple as that – and I really want to see him give it a proper go next season – play our strongest team and make it happen…

For those of you who think we’ll still have Cesc Fabregas at the club next season, as captain of our club, shouldn’t he be at Craven Cottage today? No, sorry, he should be at the Spanish Grand Prix with a whole load of Barcelona players.


Big game today. Let’s finish the season on a positive note!

  • http://delhigunner.wordpress.com Shubham Goel

    A win would surely help today.
    My predictions:
    Arsenal 3rd
    City 4th
    Liverpool 5th
    Spuds 6th

    Blackpool 17th

  • Vazy

    1-0 fulham…


  • Vazy

    GO ON VAN PERSI!!!!!!!



  • Vazy

    2-1 fulham


  • Vazy


    2-2 walcott

  • Berth

    Oya Roger Johnson start packing your bag to Arsenal; we need you.

  • Kodjo

    @ Berth

    at least roger johnson has more verve and passion than a number of arsenal players. i doubt bham will sell…or i doubt wenger thinks he is good enough for arsenal…just bcos he is not a ball playing defender.

    the game plan for fulham was easy…why? mark hughes employs the same game plan…and wenger shd know this. hughes gets his wide men to pressure arsenal high up the field. this prevents arsernal from building from the back hence there is no danger at all.

    additionally it forces the midfield players to drop back. djorou kept giving the ball away bcos he cdnt work the ball wide or find wilshere or diaby. neither of them were willing to drop back so as to out number fulham as fabregas was smart in doing so in the past.

    in the end arsenal were not good enough…maybe crashing out of the champs league will drum home the point that no matter how much savings a club makes…ultimately success or trophies is what maintens fan interest in the team….which in turn is the lifeblood of the whole project.

  • dwayne

    Well – an utterly underwhelming season in which our defenders (in the broadest sense of the word) have cost us everything. Wenger has faith in them but then again he had his day six years ago – You will not win anything conceding 43 goals. I believe this is the worst season under Wenger and with the garbage he has been coming out with I expect nothing to change in the summer. 12 points behind the winners – no progress at all. And cesc you cunt go piss off to spain and stop taking us for a ride

  • dwayne

    The guys a joke, he’s Arsenal captain, they need to win today and he’s in Spain instead of cheering them on. Enjoy sitting on the bench at Barca you plank.

  • dwayne

    if only wenger had the guts to stand up to his players like fergy and morinho did then we wouldnt be in this situation. thats why im ven more convinced the guy has past it and the sooner the cesc pissses off the better