Tottz82: Part Two!

[This was meant to be part of yesterday’s blog but due to some technical difficulties it didn’t make it in… Apologies to all…]

The results since then have been nothing short of embarrassing. Without dwelling on specifics, our players have been soul searching and looking at each other. The problem is no one has the answer (or experience) so we stayed within that hollow feeling from that horrible day Wembley.

Wenger went on to add:

“It is the most frustrating season since 2005 because if you look at all the numbers, it is the closest we have been,”

“Just look at the last week. We could have had nine points quite easily against Liverpool, Tottenham and Bolton and in the end we finished with two points. We feel more frustrated than ever because we are closer than ever to winning this league.

“Of the trophies, the most important, above all for me, is the league and this year we have had the quality to win it. The unfortunate thing is that there are plenty of moments to look back with regrets and there is not one opportunity that we missed. We missed many.”

Again, frustration or appreciation of an admission? We will definitely look back at this season with a great deal of regret. The season’s dvd review should actually be called ‘If…’ because the number of times I have started conversations with fans in The Tollington or on Hornsey road with that word is countless. Unfortunately ‘if’s’ don’t win titles, standing up and being counted does.

This summer is the biggest summer in years for The Arsenal, on and off the pitch. There needs to be personnel changes, the board will need to confirm their own direction and support the manager and fans. I feel Wenger has realised the project has worked well in parts but also failed in parts too. With this in mind we will see personnel changes around the club. Maybe not the big names some of you want but I would take 4 new Sagna style warriors wouldn’t you?

Talking about a new signing, Thomas Vermaelen is back! Yes the Verminator has made his comeback. Not only that, he also kept a clean sheet at Old Trafford! By all accounts he actually put in very strong performance. For further detail and also fantastic coverage online and on Twitter of the Reverses and Youth teams, follow YoungGunsBlog. Now it’s time for me to use that word…. ‘IF’ TV5 had been back one month ago,  you can’t help but feel this Sunday’s game against United would have been very different.

The Emirates Cup line up was also announced yesterday. This year joining the Arsenal will be PSG (the Boss’ favourites), Boca Juniors and New York Red Bulls, with some player by the name of Thierry Henry. Yes, the king is back. Games will be played on 30th & 31st July. I fancy our chances of picking the trophy up!!

And finally, congratulations to Prince William and Catherine Middleton on their Royal Wedding. Why? Lest we forget the Royal Family are proud supporters of The Arsenal.

That’s it from me. I hope I’ve filled the big T90 boots left by Dev adequately. Feel free to pass on any comments or follow me on twitter, @Tottz82.


  • Vazy

    apparently fab missing from 1st 11

  • Vazy

    GREAT RESULT! had my heart doing the hummingbird for most of the second half…

    Loving the fact Rambo managed to get us the goal too!

    Never say never!


  • mikeyb

    Can’t help but notice how the media are very blasé about this result, haven’t seen or heard anyone mention how United have failed to take their chance to bag the prem or they are falling apart now, instead, ‘Arsenal have blown the title race open’.

    This was the UTD hot on form and what do the wanker papers say?

  • mikeyb

    The best argument for getting rid of cesc is his gammy hamstrings imo.

    When he hasnt been out injured this season he’s been running at a snails pace to avoid aggravating his hamstrings. I fear he played too much too young and we’d probably be best getting wonga for him this summer and bringing in (imo) a proper centre forward with pace and moving RvP back into the cesc/shrek role.

  • ZimGooner

    Ramsey has just proved that we can do without Cesc & I move that we cash in on him and get an experienced player who will command the midfield.Vermaelen appears to hold it well at the back & should be made captain as it’s difficult for RVP to lead from the front.

  • Vazy

    is there any news of how long fab is out for? seems pretty iffy that he happened to get injured the same time him and his misses broke up

  • fedders

    Excellent result and i am so happy for Aaron, hes a quality player in the making and i am sure he would have been playing to the level of Jack had he not got injured. Its promising for us that when Cesc does eventually go we have someone who has the potential to fill his boots. As far as the title race, i still think we have an outside chance but i fear it may be too little too late. I just pray we don’t do what we usually do and follow up and excellent result with a disappointing one. Stoke at the Britannia wont be a walk in the park.