Bank Holiday Tuesday… I wish…

Morning All… It’s been an eventful weekend of football, but nothing much Arsenal related. Despite the fact that I don’t really like Barcelona, I did want them to win on the weekend, and when United started so well, I thought it would be much tighter… but Barcelona cranked up the pressure and really put United … [Read more…]

Will Arsene Sort It Out This Summer? Maybe, Maybe Not…

Morning All… In the last couple of days, it’s been a little confusing to read all the articles on the net and all the newspaper stories about what’s going to happen at the Arsenal this summer. On one hand, you hear that Arsene is going to strengthen and bring in experienced players – something he … [Read more…]

A Summer Of Change…

Morning All… In the last few days, we’ve had a influx of players who have declared intent to leave. First Denilson stated his desire to leave, then Niklas followed suit and then Carlos Vela jumped in with a little announcement of his own on twitter. 3 players from the youth project, all ready to jump … [Read more…]

Fulham vs Arsenal… The Preview…

Afternoon folks… Today is the last day of the season, and we have just the one game left today – against Fulham away. There is a still a possibility of finishing 3rd in the Premiership – if Bolton beat or draw against Man City and we beat Fulham… although the possibility of us beating Fulham … [Read more…]

Arsenal’s Biggest Summer…

Afternoon all and it’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon here in North London. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, there are smiles on people’s faces…. and that doesn’t happen that often during a season – especially where Arsenal’s season has been one of embarrassment. I’m not going to start ‘aving a go… but instead … [Read more…]

Aren’t you glad we’re not West Ham?

Morning All… The last 48 hours has been pretty emotionless. It seems like Arsenal have really sucked out all the emotion that I had this weekend. When that first goal went in from Darren Bent – the way he just waltzed into our box, the way he wasn’t tracked, the way he then did it … [Read more…]

The Race For Fourth (Arsenal 1 – 2 Villa)

Last home game of the season, end of a disappointing league campaign, planned lap of appreciation… and yet yesterday, I sat and watched the game with total disinterest. Arsenal have let me down in recent weeks. I believed. I believed we could have won the league (and I still believe we should have done), I … [Read more…]

Arsenal vs Aston Villa: Vermaelen Starts!

Afternoon Guys, It’s Friday and it’s a scary, scary Friday… it’s Friday the¬†thirteenth… Wo ha ha [scary ghost noise] ha ha…. Okay so, it’s just like any normal day… but a day where Arsene announced that Vermaelen is back and will most likely start against Villa this weekend! Here’s a snippet from Arsene Wenger’s press … [Read more…]

Where did it all go wrong?

Today, I’ve woken up to the news that Alex Ferguson was very close to becoming Arsenal manager before he took over the realms at Man United… Interesting news, but for me, I think I’ve heard it before and in reality, it doesn’t make a difference now. It does show that we have decent pedigree when … [Read more…]